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no collusion says the u.s. house intelligence committee as it delivers its final report into alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election. three protesters are reported dead almost nine hundred injured during clashes ingalls hour on friday and the latest great march of return as palestinians protest against israeli occupation . and it's revealed the key witness in the russian doping scandal could it could erode king called fail to confirm a number of his allegations during testimony at the court of arbitration for sport . you can find out more on those and other stories. up next it's a new episode of u.s. political talk show the big picture.
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welcome to the big picture where we go beyond the headlines on this week's show arizona teachers are marching to demand more education funding in doric state wide strike to improve public education. how consumer boycotts can change the world in the age of social media but first a year after the women's march a record number of women are running for congress who are these candidates and what do they want i'm holland cook in washington you're watching r t america. this week all i. eyes are on arizona we're going to talk about that big teachers'
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strike later in the show and there's that special congressional election which pitted a well known republican state legislator or against an underdog democrat outsider an e.r. doctor with us scrappy grassroots campaign in this historically dark red district where donald trump won by twenty plus percent the republican won but by only five percent even with national republican groups pouring over a million dollars into the race which will be rethought in november tamborine borelli is a progressive candidate for washington state's tenth congressional district and she joins us from seattle welcome thank you so much for having me like a doctor tipper nanny the close call loser in that arizona race you two are new at this what lured you into the rigors of a campaign. yes so basically i was a part of the demographic that did not get engaged in politics at all before two
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thousand and sixteen and like many bernie sanders changed all that i threw myself all the way and i became a national delegate and you know i haven't been able to shake the bugs yet. bernie has inspired a lot of people like you many of whom are also running bare bones campaigns how do you compete with better funded opponents well here's the thing. i believe we need to do a paradigm shift in the way that politics are actually done you know we're living in a different age now where we don't necessarily need all of that fat of fifty million dollars we really just need to reach the people. and you know in this age of social media there's so many new creative and innovative ways to actually reach the people in these congressional districts that sure are in this so called guerilla marketing
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can have quick impact if offered would you accept out of state contributions or pac money out of state contributions from individuals every day people yes of course that are wanting the same things that we are wanting medicare for all debt free college expanding social security but we will not be taking any corporate pac money ever apropos medicare for all it's not an experiment they filled b. billion claims last year it's already up and running and you're very outspoken on health care give our viewers your elevator speech about health care well listen there are so many other countries that are doing it and doing it successfully it is appalling and embarrassing that we here in the greatest and most richest country of the world cannot give our citizens. the feeling of.
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security relaxation yes the curity and within that security is a feeling of being relaxed where you don't have to worry about going bankrupt because you have some kind of health issue six hundred i believe it's. six out of forty three thousand people go bankrupt because of health care issues and medical bills it's. called for we don't need to have that and you know i think that this really is the time if there was ever any time for this to come about a couple of quick policy questions president trump wants the wall to you. no i don't but that's the short. how about a ban on assault weapons you know that's probably a subject that will take much more time than we have. you know i do believe
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strongly in our constitution but i believe that there needs to be greater. care in regard to a for instance what we have to do for a driver's license you know we have to be educated and we have to take a test we have to prove that we are being able to function this automobile that could kill people so i believe that there should be some aspect of education and training but you know. my concern is that if we're talking about by ending assault rifles and automatic weapons i do concern that those in authority also have them you know there's no reason why police need to have those type of weapons especially dealing with everyday people we need to have peace officers good news and good luck knocking on doors you're part of an historic
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moment in the country and we are watching thank you temporary and perelli candidate for congress in washington state's tenth district. lots of house members are leaving washington one who hopes not too is nine term congresswoman susan davis a democrat who represents california's fifty third district her opponent is republican morgan murtaugh who at age twenty five would be the youngest member of congress if elected she joins us from san diego welcome morgan. thank you how are you i'm good and thank you for taking some time out from what i gather is a busy campaign i notice on your resume that you have been an older driver so you get to talk to lots of people what is the mood in america today. but i think that people on both sides of the aisle are kind of fed up with career politicians so i think we can all agree on that one but yeah the mood that i'm mostly getting is
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tired of the same old tired of people who've been sitting in office for too long and just keeping the seat warm like my opponent susan davis how often do your passengers use the term the swamp. well when i wasn't it were driving it was in the swamp. more often than you would expect like so many congressional districts yours is thought to be a safe seat for its incumbent the last republican who carried it was arnold schwarzenegger in this twenty zero six reelection for governor is this daunting how are you going to win there it is it isn't i've been running a pretty moderate campaign because i am a very moderate republican and i don't i'm not super far right and i'm not left by any means so i've been getting a lot of good feedback on both from both democrats and republicans alike
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a lot of democrats of told me i'm going to be the first republican that they have or voted for so that to me is very encouraging and a sign of the times all right let's talk issues president trump wants to build the wall to you. yes i do it but in theory so i have to take it back a little bit i did two border tours with san diego county border patrol recently and i saw firsthand the negligence it's going on at the border on the federal level and i'm not talking about the border patrol agents there is a lot that needs to be done at the border with regards to infrastructure and what the border patrol agent was telling me was the president it's less about a wall and it's more about infrastructure the president isn't just putting one size fits all wall across the border that's not how it's being done the president is going to each and border patrol station and saying what do you need to secure your
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border and and that to me is a sign of his his leadership that he that it's not just one size fits all he doesn't pretend that he knows everything and he is going to the border patrol agents and saying what do you need what will help and i think that that's as a great sign of leadership candidate donald trump said he could solve the water crisis in california and he said there is no drought there and president trump calls climate change a hoax agree disagree. so i'm pretty pretty environmentalists friendly i don't i'm not the climate denier by any means born and raised in california and think we need to do a lot more to conserve our environment the way that we need to conserve is want to conserve and purrs serve our constitution for a future america offered to future generations a great america for future generations we do the same thing for our environment so i would say that i'm a little i don't align with the president completely when it comes to the
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environment california is among a growing number of states that have legalized medical marijuana yet we need remains a schedule one drug something former house speaker john boehner now working in that industry says we should change what your position. i think that it was good that we legalize marijuana i think it should be federally legalized i don't think it's a little far less harmless than alcohol is and i i'm proud that california did what they did and i'm proud that other states are doing what they're doing it's not i'm more i guess libertarian in that sense i don't think we should be telling people how to live their lives and in a way that and we doesn't harm people people have been smoking it for a long time and i'm sure that a lot of people you know smoke and you don't realize it do you support a ban on assault weapons. so define assault weapon the type of weapons we've seen in these terrible mass shootings they all seem to be the
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same gun. so they're rifles that's that's one thing that you know people can't agree on what defines assault weapon so if i am going to agree to ban anything i need to know exactly what that entails most people can't tell you what an assault weapon is they just say a scary looking gun right so i so i can agree to anything of that how about the bump stocks. the bomb stocks there are necessary items and necessary accessory i mean i own several guns myself i own a ar fifteen myself and so i i have been shooting guns since i was nine years old and i know how to do so effectively i don't think that up stock is necessary so i. fifty fifty hey i've got about thirty
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seconds but i got to ask before you announced your campaign you had a picture in your mind an expectation of how it would go how is this campaign different than what you expected. it's not so i'm just doing i'm just living my life and doing man and throne and running for congress in the mix. thank you morgan republican candidate for california's fifty third congressional district and good luck with your campaign america is watching care. thank you. wash your bible as i remind all this like the three little piggies right the day you know no one lives in a fiance alistair house is blown away by the huffing and puffing of the big bad
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feel wolf and then taking number two you got countries like india they're like one step it was step bad we had our sector household sector has all the gold there the government doesn't exactly and then the big best deal will often fall to the people the problem is that to survive with the government has blown away then you've got the countries like china and russia that have said ross twenty four carat gold bullion and the big bad theo walcott the pup and it didn't blow their house away. los angeles the city of luxury and fame but also an alarming number of people living in the streets. the simple fact in l.a. is there's just not enough shelter even if people on the streets right now decided to come in there's no where to come in and it's been a struggle. running into this man found his own response to the problem and constructed dozens of tiny homes for people in need of shelter when you have
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nothing in order to go. you know having some like this may as well be a castle but do the authorities accept such solution to tiny house on a city parking space is not a solution your craft to have someone wanted to ring the site otherwise it will be a free for all and is there a better alternative to end the homelessness crisis. arizona and colorado public school teachers are on strike it's the latest in a series of protests and job actions that began in west virginia two months ago two weeks later all state employees there including teachers get a five percent raise and kentucky teachers and the republican governor are fearful that an underfunded pension plan will collapse and oklahoma teachers are back in
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the classroom after striking for nine days and winning no concessions the average colorado teacher's salary is about twelve thousand dollars less than the national average arizona teacher salaries are roughly the same but they're looking for more than a pay raise emilie patton and jenny buettner are both arizona elementary school teachers welcome. i learning. you first your governor doug do see has proposed a twenty percent raise by twenty twenty and says he has no plans to meet with striking teachers or to address your other demand side to feel about that. it's just not going to cut it at this point his two thousand and twenty plan is not sustainable he has not identified what where the funding is coming from and most of his most of his twenty twenty plan is not actually put into place by the next
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school year so he is banking on future legislators to fund the plan we get nine percent this year five percent the following year and five percent the following year you can't bank on a future budget to guarantee funds for education and we have learned that in the past so have twenty twenty plan is not something that we wholeheartedly believe is something that's doable and the bigger problem is not just teacher salaries that's part of it but the bigger problem is funding our schools we're missing a billion dollars in funding that was there in two thousand and eight and we need it back we need it back for textbooks we need it back for our facilities we need it back for certified staff are classified staff it's bigger than just teacher salaries clearly it's not just about salaries and the genii drill down to the next level of detail what else needs to be funded there what do you come up short with. so i teach first grade i have twenty six and sometimes twenty seven students in my
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class this year because i have a special ed kid who is pushed in for specials who is i am responsible for these class sizes are ridiculous i have to be able to teach a six year olds how to read in a small group setting and i have seven kids in small groups and so there is that aspect there is the aspect of. not having adequate supply it's the fact that we. prior to ten years ago had educational assistance who were pushed into our classrooms to help us. work with the kids who are struggling and we can't afford that anymore and it's i mean that's and that really is the bigger picture is that just across the board it's been cut to the point that the kids are really suffering and were crammed in our classrooms i appreciate you talking about what this means to the kids because as we've covered this story around the country we hear a lot of pity party about the dire circumstances of teachers lives and that's
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a real issue but i appreciate you focusing on the students talk to us about your situation via i have a second job you're driving for how do you make ends meet. i have quite a few second job i will teach summer school in the summer i'm also a nanny in the summer so the first half a day of summer school the second half the day i manage for a family but i've been manning for about the last nine years during the school year i have an eight hour a day job every sunday that i do to make and i mean i also regularly tutor and i nanny during the school year as well so i'm working with about four to five consistent jobs throughout the year to make ends meet i'm a single person i live in a house that my dad had to buy because i was throwing away my savings or renting an apartment so the reality of working multiple jobs in the year is what i do all the time and it's just what has to be done in order to make ends meet ok themselves you
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to journey and as for me yes exactly i i tutor monday tuesday and twice on thursday after teaching all day i drive for a lift on the weekends and i would same thing during the summer and my husband is a teacher this year he changed districts and you know in the business world when you get a new job that often comes with a promotion when you're a teacher and you get a new job and you change districts that isn't the. jason so our family took a ten percent pay cut this year when dan changed to a high school district and and he coaches and he works for our school district doing technology like a dating computers and stuff all summer long so yes it's nothing but second jobs after teaching all day long well you and all of those cohorts dressed in red behind of the big crowds we've been seeing on t.v. your all voters what would you like to tell your governor. we'd like to tell our
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governor that we're not pleased with the fact that the legislature was adjourned yesterday after a half a day of work until monday we need action to happen now and we don't want just your two thousand and twenty plan we need fully funded schools and not just a chunk of change for certified staff we need to include classified staff and we need to include money that's going to make it to our classrooms and we've seen the aerial photos of the crowd there and this is a movement they are certainly but what you're doing we're seeing play out nationwide and this is a story we're going to be following best of luck with what you're doing and jenny thank you for joining us on the big picture. as long as there have been bull horns there have been boycotts but social media really changed the scope and volokh city of protest the target t.v. and radio advertisers this tactic as we now know it really came of age beginning in
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twenty twelve when rush limbaugh insulted sandra fluke and ever since cable news and radio talkers have learned the hard way to choose their words carefully or have they and with bullhorns outside that philadelphia starbucks store and that company in damage control will they to suffer let's ask michael harrison the publisher of talkers magazine michael welcome back to the big picture great to be with you holland thank you very much laura ingram has lost at last count twenty seven sponsors cinci dissed parkland school shooting survivor david hog and sean hannity who has been targeted by and survived several advertising boycotts has caught heat for defending the president's lawyer without disclosing that he too is a client then came this starbucks thing in philadelphia what are the talk radio callers telling you about the boycott as
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a protest tactic. well the callers don't like the boycotts because the callers are listeners and they obviously they're very very active listeners they like what they're listening to so they're not the complainer is most of the people who complain about what's said in talk media and controversy old political talk media especially are people that don't listen to it or don't watch it on television but they hear about it in on other platforms platforms that in many cases are critical of the program that's being contested so the callers are very supportive it's the larger audience out there that hears it secondhand and then says oh yeah they should be taken off the air hosts themselves who are boycotted allude to it on the air or the callers that you talk to when the callers you hear on the shows impacted vocal about that on the air do they speak in defense of the host. they do speak in
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defense of the host we're in an era right now where talk media tends to preach to the choir that. the the debate type of a program the general type of a talk program where you have an audience of liberals and conservatives democrats republicans moderates that doesn't exist anymore the targeting of audiences has created like mindedness terms of each universe each bubble so the callers are against anything that you know threatens the platform that they love a thought leader in an industry fuel by partisan rhetoric yet just as consistently you have criticized boycotts as stifling free speech it's not a first amendment it's not a first amendment issue because the boycotters aren't the government but are not the boycotters themselves exercising free speech by flexing the free marketplace.
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this is a very interesting aspect of the first amendment and most people only understand it to a point and that point is where they don't agree with something right the first amendment guarantees you not to be censored by the government with a few limitations here and there but basically the first amendment gives you free speech separate from government control and government censorship it doesn't provide you with a soapbox and it doesn't guarantee that other people can't express their free speech rights and protest of what you've said so the boycotts are a form of free speech however because commercial media today is so dependent on advertising revenue as its life blood it may not be an infringement of the letter of the first amendment but it certainly is an infringement of the spirit of the first amendment it's hitting below the belt it's gouging the guy in the eye when the referee isn't looking and it's part of the game but it's playing. very
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dirty and it does threaten free speech in america because so many of our vehicles of free speech are dependent upon advertising how do you grade starbucks response and what can media talkers learn from how they're handling this. well kevin johnson who is the c.e.o. of starbucks he's he's performing as if he's from central casting i mean he's just emotional he he is completely owns this issue and seems extremely sensitive to the problem and determined to solve it however if starbucks had a policy that you can't use the bathroom unless you buy something and we see this everywhere all across the country in many restaurants where they run the risk of having people coming off the street and using the restroom so it was posted so the problem with this story as it's being depicted in the media and callers and
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commentators alike are saying what was said what part of this story don't we know there's a whole missing component to this story unless you know since the time i came in this studio something is broken so this is one of those stories that we're talking about racism we're talking about how african-americans are treated in in public restaurants and public places but we don't specifically know what happened at starbucks so it's almost as if starbucks is reacting to something that we don't know whether they did anything wrong even the police department the police spokesperson or chief was is an african-american this is a very murky issue and i personally think it's going to fade i don't think that starbucks is going to have a crisis for a very long thank you as always michael harrison publisher of talkers magazine thank you. between these public school teacher strikes and the boycotts it's clear that america does as we say on our t.v.
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question more and when we recently spoke with two teachers from oklahoma they took us beyond the usual well intentioned discussion of teachers' dire circumstances what they called the pity party and they talked about how we got here fundamental public policy decisions any parent should understand that was our april sixth show if you missed it or if you want to share it you can where you'll find all our shows you tube dot com slash the big picture our t. watch any time anywhere on any device you can also find r t america on direct t.v. channel three two one and dish two eight zero holland cook in washington i'll be back next week and on twitter in the meantime question more.
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for twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers available to us but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. you guys i know you are nervous is a huge start a month and the huge amount of pressure you have to be the center of the chapell with you and the great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get the ball going let's go. alone. and i'm really happy for joining us today for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia. this special one was also appreciated.
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