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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  April 28, 2018 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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flags all over the place which we can't work here the area is dangerous soldiers have come here set off two or three bombs and left this area behind me is closed off from the flanks trying to come home but they can't. the america's new secretary of state mike pompei or has started out on his new job with a speech at nato headquarters in brussels and then he fielded questions to you from the press do you think germany is doing enough to meet the two percent target now. what should germany do they should meet the goals that they agreed to or must compare their referring to nato as two percent target it specifies that each member state is obliged to spend at least ten percent as g.d.p. on the military germany before and behind on that one but now is apparently playing catch up pumping more money into military hardware including aircraft and drones but i think peter oliver looks at what's on the splay at this year's berlin air
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show. this year is an exploit is underway in the german capital poland thousand square meters of all things aviation from the commercial private and military sectors. that just next to me are some of the joints currently operated by the german military this is the current and if we come over this way this is the current t p that's the one that could be equipped with weapons now then made by an israeli company a joint partnership with the aerospace giant airbus and over the next nine years germany is set to spend a billion a year zero increasing the current fleet of these germany isn't just looking to buy . drones from abroad behind me is apparently the future it's called the european
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mail now it's a joint collaboration between italy france spain and germany and the developers all this particular unmanned aircraft told me why those type of drones are the weapon of choice for modern european armies this is now the next step towards a kind of independence in europe and that of course comes then along with. the push into. meaning. but also to well when it comes to the real ability and so on also on display is this much of the f. thirty five now this is lockheed martin stealth jet that's been touted as a replacement for the tornado fighter bomber that's currently operated by the german military and it's not just the professionals they get to sort through the air using this tactical simulator of a helicopter i can even fly
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a mission over this small german town albeit rather a bumpy ride with me in charge companies from all over the world to showcasing their wares and germany is in the market to buy the country's army chief is already called to defend spending by fifteen billion euro by twenty twenty one but opposition politicians happy with that direction all the pressure being put on germany by its nato allies to spend more on the military this is the wrong direction in the moment very. serious for education. system in germany for example. military. and if you look at the german population german population wants peace so i walk around in. peace so i think the government have to listen to the population and.
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just. you mr it just proves that position despite those dissenting voices it does seem that the german military set for a funding boost and without a load of new hardware peter all over. the world anti-doping agency has released a report on violations in twenty sixteen featuring some surprising revelations italy france and the u.s. were named as the worst offenders while russia which has been severely punished over doping allegations in the last couple of years is number six we gauge reaction in paris and new york to the revelations. if i was in the states the what country do you think was the number one. violated in two thousand and sixteen which country would you name russia russia maybe between america and russia.
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i would guess russia. russia china no russia russia so what would you say then if i told you that russia was not the top violated in terms of anti doping if they were even the second the third the fourth or the fifth but they were actually six in the report what would you say to that. wow that's surprising i for one of the top ones but i guess it's just what the reporters nowadays focus on this is news to them as well as you watch the news but i guess that's why you hear about maybe it's just a sort of western take on things trying to tame the enemy and i think there is a long history of us blaming them for it certainly it makes me wonder if you've got like a trust fund a newspaper was writing charlotte n.c. putting the questions there were just a couple of days ago it was revealed to you that gordy chunk of the main informant in the case against russia appeared to backtrack on some of his previous allegations he was testifying for the to the court of arbitration for sport and
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admitted he never saw the drug cocktail he'd concocted being given sports lawyer lieschen baloney things his mission there is embarrassing. piece of the baluchi east totally distorted so he was not able to convince the judges and that means he was not able to back out the mclaren court was withdrawn the basis for all these allegations all were all these years i think this is now a big defeat for i.o.c. . the fall of the fort mcmurray report icing it's a big big defeat it's really a mess what's happened and all these and glutes they are with team of a very bad management all of these cases and i think. one should see about bursting these folks who haven't suffered so much so it's comfy to
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sat here an hour to a russian lawyer who's meeting the team trump in twenty six thing did spark an outcry has reportedly confessed to having kremlin links will have a look at that in more detail and a couple of. her. watcher by gold as a. result but the big number one was
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a fantastic houses blown away by the huffing and puffing at the big bad wolf and then taking it over to your god countries like india they're like wants to. check your household sector has all the gold there. government doesn't exactly and then the big bad wolf often popped in the people of the promise not to survive but the government was blown away then you've got the countries like china russia that have said wow. twenty four karat gold bullion and the big bad wolf and it didn't blow the rouse away. welcome back now russia noisey caused a stir behind the scene with the campaign officials back in twenty sixteen is making the headlines again because the media now claims that she's confessed to having connections with the kremlin. the russian lawyer who promised dirt on clinton to the campaign worked with latimer putin's kremlin this is natalia vessel
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that sky as she was twenty sixteen meeting at trump tower acknowledging that she's a lawyer but that she's also an informant listen to what she's telling us now about her ties to the chief prosecutor of russia in fact a mark that at this hearing. them. even in front of what. they were down hawkins do is misty united this story a bit further down we've just listened to those reports in the western media they're sort of suggesting this plenty new here but is that actually the case well this story and it's all about the twenty sixteen of course that meeting allegedly between mr trump tower with the presence of trump. and pull money for trump's former campaign manager now the latest story or stories we heard comes from one of her interviews in which she claims she is quote an informant it's breaking in many ways western media outlets now what's interesting with this story is that much of this information came out last year in the summer of twenty seventeen when this
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first hit the headlines. began her career in the prosecutor's office that information is openly available it's something she made available in her testimony to u.s. lawmakers it's also common place for many attorneys before going into private practice she has stated that among her clients were many private individual citizens of multiple countries as well and legibly this information government agencies as well and she stated her links to the russian top prosecutor prosecutor general cheika are in a professional capacity known no official links she has stated also in an interview with us that this whole story was. connected with her personally as opposed to any sort of a governmental level or national level this is what she had to say earlier. my yes mine was a human story it had nothing to do with politics it did not have anything to do
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with russia it was more of an american story it is an american story that links to russian government organizations at least her representing the interests of those organizations in a capacity as a lawyer again came out last year take one report from someone twenty seventy which does say she allegedly represented the f.s.b. as interests that's followed by law and same as those of us in the us and it's gone as an employee of the russian government or intelligence services so she has been pro portrayed by much media as having these you know very close ties to links to the kremlin to the russian government and while she evidently is a very highly sought after well connected lawyer she has maintained throughout that that links to any government organizations or professional alone so significantly of course this comes out after that report by congress denying any links between collusion rather between trump and the russian government it's interesting to see now what impact this will have on investigation sure ok thanks dan i was there dan
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hawkins there with the day thank you. so the nice afternoon the israeli army has hit six hammers targets in response to what it describes as terror activity in the northern part of the gaza strip the strike follows a day of palestinian protests along the border. well three people were reportedly killed and almost nine hundred wounded during friday's rallies according to the palestinian health ministry the protests are part of the six week great march of return generous in the diary visited
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a local hospital after the latest on rest. we are in the central hospital in gaza strip where this hospital received all the injuries from the fat fans fans area from the five locations that are protesting that the fifth friday of the great great march of return this is up another injury that's came just right now from the fans there have been severe injuries in the had and in the legs. in the post minutes we received at least ten people with severe injuries to the stomach and they were doing in the minutes says are still carrying hundreds of injured people to the hospital so there is a lack of medicine and medical equipment in the hospitals in the crowd so as you see this is another ambulance just came just right now. from a look at your defense and as you see this ambulance has at least and for
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palestinians that have been injured what happened right now the fences that are at least two thousand palestinian protesters and try to interfere and break that the fence and what happened is those are your forces and i reacted there violently and they started to shoot yes i know these palestinian protesters were broke the fence at that. i think that. at least their twenty palestinians are in severe critical condition and can clear up their deaths in any minute. the israeli army tweeted that writers were trying to breach the fence and that its soldiers operated in accordance with the rules of engagement the army also added that its goal is to protect israeli citizens and that could not allow security infrastructure to be damaged the anti israel rallies are now into their fifth week over forty palestinians have already been killed and up to six thousand wounded with the i.d.f. using a controversial kind of rubber bullet doctors without borders say it's teams have
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treated more people this april than in all of twenty fourteen during the garza war these images from the ground do show journalists covering the rallies and shows too that they have also been injured the u.n. has also denounced the use of live ammunition by the israeli defense forces against palestinians. israel's failure to consistently prosecute violations committed by members of its security forces encourages them to use deadly force against their fellow human beings even when they present no threat in the context of an occupation such as garza killings resulting from the un for full use of force may also constitute willful killings which are a grave breach of the fourth geneva convention. secretly her accorded odio has revealed that the us democratic party's leadership pressured a candidate for a house seat in colorado to drop out of the race then he would like me to get out
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of the race. i know you're fundraising for. you guys or someone money and. we. i mean it's not democratic a smaller. sum of someone and then try to read the primary. but you were part of that process. they've been there supports a single payer health care system and equal rights for women and the l g b t community he was indorsed by the state senator in may last year but as we just
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heard there has been asked to drop back to the race the house minority leader however has defended their leadership's interference in the primary race i don't see anything inappropriate like. mr hoyer was engaged in a conversation about the realities of life in a race as to fluke. when the general election and it's not the first time the us democrats are trying to influence elections e-mails revealed by wiki leaks to show the party's officials tried to use bernie sanders religion against him in favor of hillary clinton both representing the democrats in the race for the u.s. presidential seat in twenty sixteen or over leaks also showed that the vice chair of the democratic national committee at the time secretly and inappropriately gave clinton debate questions in advance that was during the democratic primary the current chair of the democratic national committee however says incidents like this are a thing of the past but it we're moving forward we have to make sure that everything
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is fair and open then everybody has a fair shake and that's what we're going to do well the tape recording released by the internet put that into question journalist and author daniel is there believes democrats are becoming less democratic. there's a split in the party between the base and the and the higher echelons the elected officials it's totally undemocratic. it's smoke and mirrors the base thinks they're getting a choice but they really aren't because they've the real candidates or the side are chosen behind closed doors but the democratic party is in the danger of self destructing it's it's trying to think that will win in two thousand and eighteen if it passes itself off as root the republicans like to party. but that's a very risky tactic because of the risks the danger is all wind up on needing its base of support which will either stay at home or vote for green candidates or others who are challenging the democrats from the left so they're trying to try to
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walk a very thin line and i don't think they'll be able to to do it so that brings you up to date for this i will back with the headlines money speak in half and. that. was the little bit you put it was all about the story we are going to think i'm going. to do you know. what you did you know we're going to let you know we're not going to be distributed twenty i'm not going to do anything i don't know how you don't you told me what. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over one trillion
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dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars fine tempi each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the old for the bridge eight point six percent. market saw thirty percent raise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and we rose to twenty thousand. china's building two point one billion dollars industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember it was one of those you know four to miss the one and only. yes there are. yes yeah there are. you know
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where we're just the comedy show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents or year ago i covered how iran was threatening to drop the u.s. dollar in its dealings with foreign currencies i assume you wrote it down at the time all right there's going to be an exam and well just this week we found out iran has finally done it they've finally switched from the dollar to the euro the united states gets a lot of our power in economic might from the petro dollar in fact we have a funny little habit of invading and destroying countries that stop using the dollar it has been so life's you start to realize it's a bit of a trend it is good you know and i like if you have a friend who is like dating a stark raving mad girl with no sense of humor and you're like jesus christ what is wrong with her and then he breaks up with her new yorker are they gonna we're going
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to hang out again and then he starts dating another one exactly the same me like. yeah i guess that's his type you know it he likes women who probably understand his head and punch through. dry wall and that's his thing well invading and destroying countries that drop the petro dollar is starting to look like our thing. as the guardian reported in october two thousand rock insisted on dumping the us dollar the currency of the enemy for the more multilateral euro so not long after that the bush administration desperately wanted to force the w m d intelligence agency had to make it fit for innovation we now know the w m d's story was all. sewn large it had other smaller horse orbiting. so clearly there were other reasons the us needed to invade and one of the biggest
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ones was saddam switch away from the dollar but that's not all soon after libya began moving towards and african gold based currency and lining up all of their african neighbors to join them we invaded them as well with the help of nato author ellen brown pointed out this fact at the time of the invasion she says gadhafi initiated a movement to refuse the dollar and the euro and called on arab and african nations to use a new currency instead the gold dinar john perkins the author of confessions of an economic hitman great book he has also said that the true reason for the attack on libya was gadhafi has moved away from the dollar and the euro clearly it's all about the banking all right. ridiculous if you were about the banking then the rebels in libya getting help from nato and the united states would have set up some sort of new banking system after bringing down get down be actually that in way to
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celebrate and said several writers have noted the odd facts the libyan rebels took time out from their rebellion in large to create their own central bank. this before they even had a government. we had you know the brutal war to do list one torture and murder gadhafi in the streets check to kill a raccoon for dinner check three former central bank shack. for find somewhere quiet to take a. working on that point i'm sure does sound like it's all about the banking maybe the rebels had some help let's dig a little deeper most of you know about general wesley clark's famous quote about seven countries in five years i've played this pub on the show being announced check your notes will be an exam a chant. clerk is a four star general the former nato supreme allied commander and he ran for
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president two thousand and four basically nothing with his life nothing at all. he may very well be remembered for the fact that he told us the pentagon said to him in like two thousand and two we're going to take down seven countries in five years we're going to start with iraq then syria lebanon then libya somalia sudan we're going to come back get iran in five years most of those have happened and we've added some to the list of course afghanistan well they didn't have our money they had our drugs. twenty four. we interrupt our programming is the guarantors of this town a peace agreement for syria a meeting here in moscow right now on the instance of russia taking around and i'm holding a press conference let's listen in. but need solutions to the council
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but noted also that we will oppose such attempts to undermine our carburation stores that you'll see for months highlighting the fact that yes to that platform we put those on that issue its principle is a virtue got there is a perfect condition we will continue to use the solving issues which have to do with desalination the ocean graphic but actually that we're not sure that violations of these situations are still days we still see it like violations really haven't it's very moderate or a negative it will be already the problems start lots of consciously a new group as much as we look at it reinforcing the confidence is but it will decide on the ground rules that are in use and which is why our suit when you call me corrupt or you people are your operation is certainly unique the last of that cooperation we have that because i mean we sometime ago succeeded this is the first thing that struck. dealing a blow to terrorism and i says you should have the. numbers of thousands of syrian
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was a particular have a better life without any great terry and was catastrophes with which we adopted a joint statement will be circulated later on later reflects little trick a viewer miles there's decision we made today we let you go to support the school you know the idea that there is no alternative to the politics of a diplomatic what's with this resolution to the crisis by singapore the resolution twenty two fifty four when we come in they should all go through elaborated during the so should our to congress i would like to remind you that just so we should cause us which are still showing all the short. containers and politicians graphical groups logical groups city sectarian groups of syria could get all the creepy would you not so it's clear she would prince of agreed on twelve dollars as we got to have to do was the sad moment of the crisis and these stuff was initiatives put forward by step and minister a while ago but are you as bad as a break for a school to do this on the way to all the risk of the crisis because we for the
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congress and so would she but every attempt made to adopt these principles was limited to action and reanimator eugenio approaches were absolutely. sure those we've seen back in sochi we also succeeded in the helping of the bodies from syria agreeing with committee of gustatory shows that media is agreed on the basic principles for its foundation with the usual faults and its future operation could be held to get there by the special u.n. envoy for syria stuff and in a store or c. would new reports reveal today that we reaffirm these commitments is absolutely new pushed me also say again the days where you could no way lead you to admit you divide syria your conduct of the will change of use of the content of the stupid you will suffer the mistura had lost two weeks of your own you and your a. moscow got to have clean disgusted with literature ratio for the new meeting in
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our study to prove it you're absolutely which will be conducted in the may we just use the ritchie and then that will also hold who are you in this to as we agreed of which you go and meeting of the working group you on the liberation of. the prison of the war surges for those who ought exclusively have not been yet found unfortunately when you much susan yours as for the pleasure of greenish eate indigent you are talking and growing if you still believe it is highly destructive as way some do but it's the utility and we see. see this they went from we have a position. they say they're going to say out of the interview but would you go pro is that it's unusual you should involve certain because they should do that at the other churches simulation manta that they're in jeans should be changed to loosen the scope screws to be sure that issue of the stupidity of syria the government would and should be should sort of court as it is a looser violating the law and that circumvent certainly this period while the
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letter of it would be difficult for resolution but it will mix a world directly it's a. it seriously vibrant for the workable but we would like to start in order to renew the glaciation process to take into account the breakthrough solutions we achieved back in sochi what's on the deal look with we also but with you this you would in your put have real bernard unusual to see you continue. to lie more after the so used to help would you put a bullet to the people on the ground or will continue no way if you were to move the so that the so used to working as we were about efficient as was possible supposed to live a little better in the eighty's and the should with the help of the government position our dollars of united nations and international red cross committee and the syrian red crescent you guys asian and others other international structures does not hold this so it is of most importance that the international community would have a cause that we gave to help. support in the demining process of the risks of the regions which are coming back to normal life.


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