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the lord that circumvents not only the spirit will and the letter of the twenty to fifty four resolution but it will mix it world directly it's. all cheery it is levi mindful the word will but we would like to start in order to renew the process to take in account the breakthrough solutions we achieved back in sochi what's on the deal look with we also put to good use you would then you're prepared. to see if you continue. to lie more after the said use to help would you put a bullet to the people on the ground or will continue no where if you go to the so the so used to working as we were about efficient as was possible supposed to live a little better in the aids notion of the help of the government position our god is what united nations and international red cross committee of the syrian red crescent you know is asian and all those other international structures does not hold this so it is of most importance that the international community would have a cause that we gave to help. the poor during the demining process of the risks of the regions which are coming back to normal life without any politicizing without
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huge scale any political preconditions your scoop is noted and so you have a much thankful to my colleagues. for continuing our work through our castration and i'm confident that order to these the talks today and the outcomes you will be moved able to release would in the jointly but will help us consolidated with the further our efforts to you that have guided by the recession twenty two specific audience are critical so i think it would actually give the floor with them would you mr foreign affairs of iran germans or. the name. on holly on. ladies and gentlemen first of all i would like to think. of my friend and colleague so he loves rob well as the people in the government of the russian federation for their warm all. his regards the us
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going out on. a lot yes we launched sixteen months ago and this already told you so much. better. than even the sufferings of the syrian people in the settlement. i saw tonight she has. to go out how to hold the process all night in my eyes modest the damage done by the war in syria. and you. oppositions reach. a peaceful settlement it. actually a war has been going on for seven years in syria. never have. brought someone home to syria. the only proof you can how do you. do your own particular piece in and with other parties being at all
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this is the only process that can result in last. dialogue between the government and the positions that my. people run this through do you know those who have taken this responsibility we said from the very beginning that there is no military solution to the syrian crisis so it is necessary to meet. settlement and it is important to realize if you do that the whole world has accepted you so fast everybody should only have one. there is no way. and you. know you can't attack fish on national sovereignty terms territorial integrity of a country. under review it's going to cost pressure on someone or to. us of i think about it using to achieve your goals instead of
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a political settlement. in the suffering of the syrian people which has been going on for years the. very good. by all of the parties also assume in many. many. three guarantor states so yes no protests will have a meeting there to discuss political issues as well as humanitarian issues. and they were last to be meeting working group on the release of prisoners. how many but. so this is a step in the right direction as we have repeatedly stated she immediately republic of iran being. a victim of chemical weapons rejects any use of chemical weapons regardless of who when there might be any employing.
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in any way in any case we don't know. chemical weapons. as well as harm yes to photograph it's taken a covenant while he was countries who used to support iraq in using chemical weapons we have no moral right to. condemn the use of chemical weapons today. it is very obvious that they do this day for political purposes and this only slows down political settlement in. really so we're at home. active in the. international investigation on the ground how to catch him or shall i get your. call once your heart placed it in their own. your heart oughta be good if.
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you see double. play and actually run and that as well as regards to us going up and only. job maybe there is a decision to reach a minute or so cheap. this should be supported by the international community guarantor states of the us and i would like the leaders of these countries that the foreign ministers of these countries support the efforts. made us have a national sovereignty territorial integrity and independence of syria we also see . the syrian crisis to be resolved politically no indeed and i hope it. supported. that conclusion to do something all i can get out of your
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boss and the global community. people that syria. helping them to recover restore this country hostile us and we will build. well money activity for you that i get your me johnny down the. political demands this is a responsibility of the community and. these people have been fighting. isis hard and. they defeated these two extremely dangerous cruel. boss of yours would you have what you your. but again i so we feel definitely ceased whatever. market for the people of syria and we suffer once again i would like to think the russian people in the russian government for their welcome. to your institution. first and foremost and must like to thank. you
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for this opportunity. this meeting of the three. this is all third meeting in the last on the month there is a testament to the fact that we have a really good reinforced copper ratio between us and this. highlights. ordinator our actions in syria graciously or. in implementing. our agreements you know because of the meadows we have it allows us to use as many other tasks as well the creational and globally she's going on the course today we discussed the whole of. a matter of late into their lender syrian settlement also and i asked him after i was we were going to go to discuss our cooperation greater detail discuss things further steps should be taken.
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by the you all should. we stand on the respect to the integrity sovereignty of syria and we will be able i was ing and he put up various other efforts i see. why p.g. or any other group as for the moment they call their brain child for ration and we've cleared she would rather. be in the territory of four thousand square kilometers. territory has been liberated from terrorists. sued in the coalition it was in this way that we created a story in via. and it has all the displays that if you come back to work on arguments this insanity that carter is our goal is the goal we share is to create the necessary atmosphere for them to have normal lives to keep them here in a growing any. tensions between the groups of syrian people for us it is important
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to find. a political solution to the crisis we the three guarantor countries measuring the well you know the modalities we have the twenty two fifty four resolution of the un security council with whatever so we have a road map to achieve this goal is to be done and the biggest importance. the need for the syrian people themselves to implement visit agreements. so that carter's meeting was almost as solid and they asked. me one more step lucrece violence to reinforce the cease fire. and the memorandum on moderation of this commission has really been a success story in these. syria. we've been discussing the confidence building measures between the warring parties in syria
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going succeeded in making agreement to hold one more eating of the working group and all the children with george will discuss the problems pertaining to the business d.t.i. needs that was with us after the cutting we do hope that it will produce tangible results which is also most do not cut this all of the regime or leave it if you must say yes in the platform is the only argue that if international platform which has allowed us to decrease the violence and bring that garment and representation parties to the table for negotiation. this is the only act if and if we show initiative so far. to format the others to another to contribute to the rocks and factories of the ass in the former. because we look to me to some groups try to undermine the process and these attempts to undermine the war and it has
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nothing to do with justice and with genuine interest to resolve a crisis we all. also been waiting for and tangible results we produce that stand and let relation live to. say that we appreciate the work done in astor now no one should ignore this approach we work very actively on the sidelines in the form and on this but from what we do believe that it is important and it can produce even more. results we will continue work continue our copper ration. and the pledges the bans have been. highlighting of the need to have even a greater degree of cooperation has. passed and now is a very good. and useful instrument to put an end to hostilities we need to pay out
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most attentions to prevent this occasion from going back to work used to be. the syrian congress which took place in such a. further intensify they were. in geneva and we need to harvest the potential we now have and achieved tangible results in geneva today we discussed many matters relating to syria. saying wish to media representatives we need to find is solution to the syrian crisis. every stakeholder every actor should take more responsibility and contribute to the prosperity of syria and to peace in syria we need to. join our efforts and i address every actor in the global arena especially address those who try to therapy due process and this publicity i. say to you we need
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to be more reasonable are trying to support not undermine the political process. we need to apply. efforts. to achieve that the. caller. we all need to contribute and to. support syria implementing the obligations we've seen it embrace the process r.t. please join us to do certain. hard see you probably finally i have two questions my first question goes into for mr donald trump to speak you've said that he's vision the words the iran deal you're on the view or you has to do with the influence of iran in the region including syria he said that the forces might be what she was when the forces of arab countries might use that wasn't if there were be there as
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the u.s. forces are now as much as the bush and goes to the for me to get well at what stage are you now in terms of the negotiation with the us that you would so you want your smutty in relation to the mad beach area so do you plan to hold any military operation against a loser in aid lip or not. now. you know she was. played by the. iran and syria fighting isis. as well as fighting. and other extremist groups. that's what your role played by the united states in syria. it is counterproductive if the law for talk as we've seen in the recent. discord between the different groups one of. which on. groups which sat on of
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us out of was one of what this better you ph border that off it. used to care so you got more than that. for their proxy wars so. if there is somebody counterproductive in the region. it's honest its policy region is to. iraq to afghanistan that if. it has only result in further spread of extremism in this externally sensitive region most democrats public are wrong. always supposed. counterproductive. policies but this has nothing to do with. comprehensive action from the very beginning. that. short.
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order that you that i don't you know there are not many mission that you just let international agreement which is. supported by u.n. security council resolution back in. government. as one of the parties did i know she. this resolution so mr trump i love abetting dandan. violated this obligation now the ministry doesn't want to honor the commitments. made demands matter at all to learn except to for the people of iran and other members of other parties. and other members of the global community. stomach's your member. for that meeting and those under thirty and talk like that
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in an interview as for bland's you. could be afraid. that area twenty five percent of it is controlled by the white b.g. at the moment you could get sick and they change the demographic structure of their religion they are. a terrorist organization regardless of who is president syria twenty five percent of the syrian territory controlled by them and there is danger is that terrorist. poses a threat to our national security is a while and a foot in. other areas. these are the. places where i would feel that fred says these terrorist groups they should leave syria investors i says given our. meetings we do you raise these questions and today we see that united states they support these organizations is
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groups that should be starved. either must of course and that. was about. twenty sixteen day night it stays promised that the groups will leave to leave syria so what we discussed today is that they. deliver on their. they need to make these groups leave syria once and for all leave these areas so these areas will be loyal to the people in. other areas as well. minus of the demographic structure of the population should not be changed so that it remains as it used to be. territories in aleppo well. not only syrians were living in the territories terrorist also left iran arms in hand and we went to. over two point five million people.
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can't live in the t.v. is controlled by terrorist groups so what is the way out of that. how can we bomb a hospital civil infrastructure the following places where civilians are living and the fact that. we need to systematically already kate care isn't there what. is in the queue. is what we will be doing as for. the missing we need to be very. question of eradicating the roots of terrorism there we apply joint efforts to achieve that goal. is one of the deescalation zones as you know and certainly we take out most interest in ensuring the ceasefire e g. without any bombing so really
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a thing we're open to corporation. and agency please. i also have to replace both question within the law goes to mr lehrer of. problem was the reason regime or the problems with the. forward to get citizens is still here well do you do you scandalous murders have you discussed them and. when will those see the real results of the talks on these a regime. that you look at on me and my circle of the question goes to the foreign minister of turkey so what are your expectations from brush in terms of traded corporation a serious element to it you know your personal assessment is that it's who do discuss issues related to through a visa for small to sion let's use them. ok we're just listening there to
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a joint press conference by the foreign ministers of russia and around they were talking about the istana peace agreement to syria all three reconfirmed their commitment to the a start peace process it did stress that it can only be a peaceful political solution there is no room for a military solution they stress that syria should remain an independent country and not be divided up and they also said that the international community needs to work together to help rebuild the country also a lot of criticism of the u.s. coming from iran and turkey there too but will be across that throughout the day and no doubt with more updates and analysis. now no collusion that's the verdict of the u.s. house intelligence committee which found no evidence that donald trump's twenty sixteen presidential campaign was working with russia the report further deepened partisan divisions in congress is the democrats refused to endorse the findings and
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have had to continue to probe with more details is jacking the. if you've heard it once you've heard of a thousand times but here it is once more for those of you in the cheap seats the russian active measures campaign against the united states was multifaceted to leverage cyber attacks covert platforms social media third party intermediaries in state run media the house intelligence report begins with a novel idea the american people rightly want to know what the russians did and how and what each section starts off with accusations of what the kremlin did where the evidence is meant to be there is just a bunch of blacked out text nevertheless the committee concludes that russia's goal was to sow discord in america and cast doubt on the democratic process that's apparently with point zero zero zero two percent of u.s. election related advertising on google and with an equally huge amount of ads on facebook twenty five percent of which were never seen by anyone that's in the report still the aim was apparently achieved and is the sole reason for the
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expansive divide that has grown in america since the election rush's active measures campaign achieved its primary goal of inciting division and discord among americans for more than a year us politics have been consumed by busy recriminations charges and countercharges about the attacks it's wholly unclear how russia's alleged actions are responsible for the political chaos that has ensued since trump took the white house it wasn't russia reporting that term's former campaign manager has connections to ukraine spelled out collusion one of the many theories that the report shoots down the charges against the for president transform a company in manager perceived more than seventeen million dollars in secret payments from a kremlin linked to political party in ukraine but it was the american media that hypothesize that trump jr is meeting with a russian lawyer proved moscow was supporting trump donald trump son think he was about to get help from a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin this is looking more and more like treason all these strange behavior from the president it's all explains now
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a stream of league. by the intelligence community condemned by the report as damaging national security wasn't orchestrated by the kremlin they were also learning from your sources that intelligence officials they denied n.b.c. news is learning from intelligence sources u.s. intelligence sources tell t.v.'s news or even taken basser kislyak half of team trump was accused of meeting with him and that threaten their jobs but the report says there was nothing sinister there also there the controversial russian ambassador sergei look of course of the pictures of course is shameful picture where the united states press corps was kept out by the russians were allowed in there is an open question whether there was collusion cooperation between trump associates during the campaign and russian officials all of that discord was home grown so after a year of searching that included seventy three interviews nine hearings and briefings and the review of countless documents were left with the conclusion of no collusion and as much proof as we had before the report was released meaning little
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to none well talk of russian meddling rarely goes without mentioning at this channel two was a supposed to do kremlin influence and this time is no exception either the reasoning is apparently popularity documents that it's that moscow exploits google and its services to spread propaganda via r.t. accounts and notes too that he has two million subscribers the rule makers are also disturbed by the fact that artie's in the same manner as quote the new sources media analysts line all things that congress is mistaking an alternative point of view for interference the only thing that we can maybe point to is that these people called the russians russian government russian actors people with russian names i don't know but these people that we will collectively call their russia. put out a tweet facebook stories that did not encourage armed revolt
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by the american citizens i want to think it merely presented allegedly the point zero zero to whatever percent of this but presented stories that other american actors and politicians and folkson and activists were alleging as well so it just so happened that this horrible russian exile bill of dissent or whatever was a story just going to happen to me are exactly the same thoughts and sentiments of actual americans who may have had a different opinion from hillary clinton it's the only story in town and the american public has been so habituated to this mean that they want to hear more of it they believe there is evidence when there is no evidence oh no no i'm sorry to say this isn't stopping i hope it does but i'm afraid it will. remodel russian oil he caused a stir over her meeting with the trump campaign officials back in twenty sixteen is making the headlines again the media claims she's confessed to having connections
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with the kremlin. the russian lawyer who promised dirt on clinton to the campaign worked with latimer putin's kremlin this is natalia vessel that sky as she was twenty sixteen meeting at trump tower acknowledging that she's a lawyer but that she's also an informant listen to what she's telling us now about her ties to the chief prosecutor of russia in front of mark that are. them. even in front of like a west is gustus a bit further than you hawkins he joins us again in studio daniel looking at this if you look at those reports it seems like this is a new revelation doesn't it but is that the case or is this just sort of. well as the question this story of course they were back to twenty sixteen as we heard at that meeting between verse in trump tower between her and. that story subsequently hit the headlines in summer of last year much media reports are on the story as a smoking gun all rather one of the battery of smoking guns here in that russia
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collusion probe now. of course is a top attorney she's worked for the prosecutor's office before something which she's admitted in congress that's the million other interviews as well and she has stated before links or rather her contact with the top prosecutor general and russia with government agencies in a professional capacity as a lawyer this for example is one piece she gave to the wall street journal last year. i know the general prosecutor personally in the course of my investigation i shared information with him. now as we say diverse only skin has worked for the prosecutor's office she's represented clients from various countries nationalities interest groups both. perhaps russian government linked groups as well as private clients who have for the russian government in financial and criminal cases now she gave an interview to us also quite
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a few months ago in which she stated that her visit to the united states her meeting was in a capacity as a private citizen as a lawyer and in no capacity as a representative of the kremlin in any way shape or form this is what she had to tell us. is that i had to have that meeting as part of my job as a lawyer for a russian citizen in the us it had nothing to do with politics it didn't have anything to do with russia i think it's beyond a doubt here that there's a loose top attorney she's very well connected and she has come into professional contact it's fair to say with the russian top prosecutors with russian government bodies as she has in her role as you know as an attorney for the prosecutor's office at the beginning of her career the way this has been presented was she some sort of representative. coming on behalf of the kremlin to lobby to influence the election certainly that narrative has come under question of course the other question is why this is coming now.


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