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was in the piece makes. you believe. i. thank. you.
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as i remind all this like the three little piggies right the big one was in a fiance osterhaus was blown away by the huffing and puffing of the big bad feel wolf thank you number two you got countries like india that are like one step then one step back their household sector has all the gold their government doesn't exactly and then the big bad wolf the bottom the people the promise not to survive with the government have blown away then you've got the countries like china and russia that i said were. twenty four karat gold bullion and the big bad wolf off the pot and it didn't blow the rousing way. home i was one of the most controversial photos of all time it's a solar vegetable fan that's for sure. twenty seventeen production grew to sixty
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three million hits on that rabbit growth an international demand for cheap oil has led to the massive expansion of kamel plantations which and the destruction of rain forest. get into the zero a lot more than ten million had to as of unique rain forest has been destroyed and it's a process that just keeps going. again
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the political will and the focus on my job was the extension of the two
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can. be but it isn't a telephone a necessity to prevent dissent. had a clue how marketing may not be ready. just on the one hundred percent of how much you know he. talking about i think you know to think you know. if you just misattributed. him into town if google for skinny is a little bit hot model to be. sort of almost any sort of then he follows to me see the super slightly. out of the i want to see shocking millionaire cream on top of the no. i had a thought person going on. about it but the head of. midnight at. massey. even responded to slowly being more often carla and then about when i
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looked at what books are fairly sure you. get that one follows the end of the five hundred one he you know the cookie and have nothing more to the quality of the talk a little. bit mean the in the air and make a little out of the fellow. a little deja vu however should have an admiration. for the i wanna. be my good buddy. philos of. michigan allowed to hellyer here. yet you know how to do well in the end of the day. to come of it on a lot of books if all the hell. it was it has a value. if i needed all the spoon feed off i mean i want to be but. ok look.
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because. lisa look. at. my. body i know but there is this if you can prove that a machine please don't listen to nothing as a listener that. excuse me. i don't know. if that was about to look at that keep up with that stuff that the police.
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if you were told the regional religious people they were looking at me purely going to be we saw a little you'll be in the natural something for the drink yes channel i'm still. am still if you don't. believe that will be your world view and. you'll. be full of a lot of the basic thought that there was an end because there was still a share the blame didn't susie's there was a feeling in any of it from that because people. in your life then. i thought he looked the study hall meeting with the yeah no charge no doubt just over they should maybe question that you do it to figure. out. you
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know what is true. and you know it and that plans to expand their job this will move forward that a lot of other counties can see from the a.t.o. this week and did look at them and said your redesign for this room as as. you want it with them can you give us four months by i don't know to whom you'll see me just get your outlets up to. but if you want to help us if. we should believe these would be good if you're below the possible. he could even maybe you did should it be that you know maybe ms told me to get a seat ok the member will fit of the committee said to do it lobbying for you i can
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imagine this is in my capacity as selfish to him first the idea is i'm not sure and to me we can hardly. if you leave gets filled with stool. so. to give a little bit not a political is a lesson belongs to qalqilya that's of dollars from qalqilya bucks it. is a yawn see yeah. sure it's just that's the guy i think it's a little sis right that's what i'd be surprised if we have some influence but. i can fly i can fly. they. shouldn't be. so you can vote for. it was very unusual to get you to work in this area who can make these threats last year and i don't think you can go come didn't
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come to cancel possibility of change and this is broken maybe you can get it now it's a perfect fit for you but in my that i found in my political bit you know that. i'm hot i can give that's why i know that's when we can deal here with this book and you're going to make us is to make all those feelings and still can't you don't you know it's not for you to search. you think this may be this too perhaps this is a good take on you don't need me the whole thing therefore the logic goes victory or spanish because. then i will. see you this week you know.
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the first time. i believe something that. we have the local council to show the school. in my. was for that to change just. formally and he's. sixteen years. can divide. but money just come from very fast and go very fast. indeed go over and. saw. this is a liberal. if people start to understand you start on those terms of not understanding. believe so then to another to be with. you was.
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a very good mother who understand what i need but the minute i mean for the look in them for me. but some of the gun. the thick of. the thing. how it was that i think that that was. it. this is a. vision. pick a. point it is really. to do this effectively game if this is the work. of. the people.
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that. yeah it's me in the dungeon no down the public and international relations a few sather at qalqilya municipality in palestine here. is certainly a good. miss you think i want to ask you about the allegations of little do even as what about the loot is the news of our obligation. your. family.
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yes yes you see out of how we will be used by this visit. i love you too thank you for your influence in following. all i ask you kitchen. you see it is so far so good you are fortunately everything in palestine is that due to politics. but the box office is much nicer to those are muslims one of the this is a little of us all the good of the. visit none of them are going to go something. that is wrong. and that bad.
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of others. ok i'll. always. have before them and so on and so will. my some little hold and i said look here and he said you know that i say listen you have. to work through the. whole book along. how do you. see her why are you here if you had those her pleasure. how does it going to show
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how do you how the good of good will kids when you know with the things we're doing ok i mean if you just move on to canal to some kind of i don't know just one of them to suffer how about you plead with them to sit on the committee has them now come up the ethical kid and you could now do i wish you looked up the local equivalent to clinics and if you feel i mean you want to i have to jump in the back when i'm having it and i don't call me distraught and they made a comment i made it very back. to. sleep. sleep. sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep. sleep sleep sleep.
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sleep sleep sleep. thanks.
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in the heart of the swiss alps there's a place probably more secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better guarded than for knox customs are here permanently all the site is controlled by them and they impose the opening times. opposite it was abducted from his office the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe masterpieces by artists like pecans oh and modigliani i can't boards and sold inside this warehouse
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that's where the report comes in it covers a deals which are naturally discreet commercially discreet but also discreet because they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. the. no.
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further. another interview with the russian lawyer who met donald trump's campaign officials in twenty sixteen reignites talk of collusion between trump and russia r.c.a. looks to see if there's anything new. this comes as the u.s. house intelligence committee trying the allegations his presidential campaign was working with russia. the iraqi city of fallujah just struggles with the consequences of chemicals and radioactive materials used by the u.s. and its allies fifteen years after the war started. and as the new u.s. secretary of state claims germany's not paying its way in nato defense r.t.
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goes to the berlin air show where the country is shown facing its latest military hardware. it's not just the professionals that get to sort through the year using this tactical simulator of a helicopter i can even fly your mission over this small children town albeit probably be right with me in church. you know watching the latest headlines here at r.t. international thank you for joining us i'm kate partridge. the russian lawyer who caused a stir over her meeting with donald trump's campaign officials in twenty sixteen is again making headlines u.s. mainstream media now claim she's confessed to having connections with the kremlin and you hawkins explains. it started by the media as
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a smoking gun that would breathe new life into the search of ties between trump and the kremlin a crucial piece of the puzzle the russian lawyer who promised dirt on clinton to the trump campaign worked with latimer putin's kremlin this is natalia vessel that sky as she was twenty sixteen meeting at trump tower acknowledging that she's a lawyer but that she's also an informant listen to what she's telling us now about her ties to the chief prosecutor of russia in front of mark better this year. about them. even in front seemingly this now adds to the collusion case but what more does this new quote from an interview and what is said to be her e-mail correspondence actually add to the overall picture. well we know. a lawyer who worked for the moscow region prosecutor's office before going private she says she's worked on high profile cases in russia and abroad representing both foreign and russian citizens and when she hit the headlines last year the media was
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quick to point out her alleged links to the russian government from the coverage one could easily think she was on a special mission on the kremlin's direct orders back in twenty sixteen when she met the trump campaign representatives a year on she's in the media spotlight again except resolutes go herself has been open about these allegations in the past i now the general prosecutor personally in the course of my investigation i shared information with him is a lawyer liaising with the prosecutor's office evidence of collusion according to her any ties with government bodies revolve around her legal work in a professional capacity and the twenty six team trip was not sanctioned by moscow yet is the first thought i had to have that meeting as part of my job as a lawyer for a russian citizen in the us it had nothing to do with politics it didn't have anything to do with russia the latest chapter in the story comes on the. heels of the congress intelligence committee's final report albeit controversial into
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allegations of trumped russia collusion in which most such evidence was produced we don't yet know the full context of recently scores latest comments it would seem odd at least to reveal oneself as a kremlin agent having been transparent in the past about a role and correspondence what we do know is that eighteen months on from inclusion even if it's not the latest news can still make a good headline or rush our analysts martin mccauley thinks there's nothing special in a lawyer sometimes working the prosecutor's office this relation that the television . is a criminal agent doesn't stand up because as a lawyer she can give advice to the prosecutor general's office and meet members of the prosecutor general's office as a lawyer that's quite legal there's nothing there's nothing illegal about it and you can go to the united states and represent a client it's just another meeting and tribune you met her. and they said it only
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lasted twenty minutes they didn't speak about very much if the opposition of robert miller then can find evidence that they were conspiring together they were trying trying to undermine hillary clinton so it's up to them to do that but on the face of it we just know to bt. or will have to prove that it had other. rather objectives in the meeting and you find that very very difficult. to prove well the new allegations come as the u.s. house intelligence committee reveals it found no evidence trump's presidential campaign had been working with russia however the democrat story fused to endorse the findings and to continue the probe artesia jaclyn though there is more. if you've heard it once you've heard of a thousand times but here it is once more for those of you in the cheap seats the russian active measures campaign against the united states was multi-faceted they
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leverage cyber attacks covert platforms social media third party intermediaries in state run media the house intelligence report begins with a novel idea the american people rightly want to know what the russians did and how and what each section starts off with accusations of what the kremlin did where the evidence is meant to be there is just a bunch of blacked out text nevertheless the committee concludes that russia's goal was to sow discord in america and cast doubt on the democratic process that's apparently with point zero zero zero two percent of u.s. election related advertising on google and with an equally huge amount of ads on facebook twenty five percent of which were never seen by anyone that's in the report still the aim was apparently achieved and is the sole reason for the expansive divide that has grown in america since the election rush's active measures campaign achieved its primary goal of inciting division and discord among americans for more than a year us politics have been consumed by busy recriminations charges and
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countercharges about the attacks it's wholly unclear how russia's alleged actions are responsible for the political chaos that has ensued since trump took the white house it wasn't russia reporting that term's former campaign manager has connections to ukraine spelled out collusion one of the many theories that the report shoots down the charges against paul the for president tom's former company and manager or save more than seventeen million dollars in secret payments from a kremlin linked political party in ukraine but it was the american media that hypothesize that trump jr is meeting with a russian lawyer proved moscow was supporting trump donald trump son think he was about to get help from a russian lawyer with ties to the kremlin this is looking more and more like treason all these strange behavior from the president it's all explains now a stream of lee. by the intelligence community condemned by the report as damaging national security wasn't orchestrated by the kremlin who are also learning from your sources that intelligence officials they denied n.b.c. news is learning from intelligence sources u.s. intelligence sources tell c.b.s.
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news or even take a master kislyak half of team trump was accused of meeting with him and that's threaten their jobs but the report says there was nothing sinister there also there the controversial russian ambassador sergey look of course of the pictures of course is shameful picture where the united states press corps was kept out by the russians were allowed in there is an open question whether there was collusion cooperation between trump associates during the campaign and russian officials all of that discord was home grown so after a year of searching that included seventy three interviews nine hearings and briefings and the review of countless documents were left with the conclusion of no collusion and as much proof as we had before the report was released meaning little to none. talk of russian meddling often involves a mention of this channel as so called a so-called tool of kremlin influence and this time the apparent reason it's a growth in artie's popularity. well according to the committee's report moscow
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uses google and it services to spread propaganda. which also notes on tea has reached two million subscribers on you choose us lawmakers are also disturbed by the fact r.t. is regarded the same as legitimate news sources this lionel's things congress is mistaking an alternative point of view for interference. the only thing that we can maybe point to is that these people called the russians russian government russian actors people with russian names i don't know but these people that we will collectively call the russian. put a tweet and facebook story that did not encourage armed revolt by the americans is that what happens i think it merely presented allegedly the point zero zero to whatever percent of this but presented stories that other american actors and politicians and folks and and activists were alleging as
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well so it just so happened that this horrible russian a example of dissent or whatever was a story discord happened to me you are exactly the same thoughts and sentiments of actual americans who may have had a different opinion from hillary clinton it's the only story in town at the american public have been so habituated to this means that they want to hear more of it they believe there is evidence when there is no evidence no no i'm sorry to say this isn't stopping i hope it does but i'm afraid it will. it's been fifteen years since one of the darkest chapters of the iraq war the falutin massacre in two thousand and three american soldiers opened fire on civilian protesters killing seventeen and injuring more than seventy at the time the u.s. military claimed protesters had first opened fire at the soldiers however human rights watch failed to find any trace of bullet holes in the building way us to.


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