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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  April 29, 2018 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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in the u.s. funded from not even a special relationship willing to resume a go at the full state visit and she is the one that started all this hand-holding business but these grave presidents of wars their relationship. with. the jury enjoyed a military parade for best deal day in paris last july so much that they held a joint in the syrian airspace couple of weeks ago using the assad regime for target practice but also in the western alliance. resist the cheese eating surrender monkeys of the iraq on loan from gulf times not for pushed hard to claim credit for sending one hundred million sold up to destroy one hundred thousand dollars worth of syrian warehouses was inside this relationship looks pretty strange from the outside in the night of the barrio in philadelphia eagles told. you won't be surprised with somebody taking it does not hold the two nations
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told them global security and hannity all burying gold in the gulf but that apparently other european leaders will not cross the trunk. because of his influence over the already was pretty some days taste adoptive french accent to play when he takes us at the end to send him home as bond over the middle east will not go in there is a minor issues of iran and trade and the imminent collapse of the environment the joke was that the show begins at the one. below that is too much. trouble but someone in europe not to take one for the micro and the home of the linebacker i'm thinking from the start of a beautiful friendship her use by the way you have syria.
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apart from the french president german chancellor angela merkel also paid a visit to washington the interactions between her and a bit more formal of iran nuclear deal that was one of the main issues discussed with the u.s. threatening to scrap the agreement a political analyst. thinks that while france might be coming around to america's thinking europe as a whole is not the trio nations in europe especially friends even more than germany and britain is trying to get closer to donald trump's aspirations and demands especially with regard to iran is not the only issue but there were rest of europe is a standing against any intensification of problems and tensions with iran they just rejected. by. european nations. to impose the third their sanctions on iran for its missile and regional activities so
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this shows that europe is not much willing to work with donald trump. friday so an historic meeting take place the first summit between the leaders of north and south korea in more than a decade. after
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hours of talks they reached a number of key agreements that could significantly warm relations i believe is they would seek the full denuclearize ation of the peninsula they also vowed to stop all hostile actions against each other and to gradually reduce their weapons arsenals additionally they agreed to hold talks with the u.s. and china to arrive at a proper peace treaty well donald trump praised the progress between the two sides
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following decades of tension it seems a final peace treaty could now actually be on the horizon and human rights attorney eric believes both koreas are ready. i think what we can expect is. exciting moment in time in which. south african history and hope could live if you have it. in a certain time in a certain slates and i really am hopeful that from these talks we can see the framework for a full peace treaty to finally end this conflict it seems both sides are ready and willing to do that if the south and north create the frame to give their own steps in self-determination then the us as it's much smaller will to fly if we can agree that and hold them to the notion that ending the hostile policy creating the peace
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treaty with the u.s. and south korea will lead to denuclearization of the korean peninsula. and you are watching at the weekly here an international barely half way through it at the moment still to come including tensions remaining very high along the gaza border this week where four palestinians were killed just on friday a more on that after a very. special position of some countries makes it possible for all opposition groups to use the chemical weapon. pretend that this is the fault of human governments because in this situation like today. western countries. do not see any investigation. in the for the. body.
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of water. sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles but don't. produce offspring to tell you that celebrity gossip the public bus files of the most important news today. in the bottom off of the back tell me you are not full enough and listed by their products . things are the hawks that we along with all those watching. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to grips with that have to try to be for us to see what the full spectrum of more can be good
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that i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. first city. good if you join us for the weekly here on r t thanks for doing so for people including a fifteen year old boy killed in the latest palestinian and he occupation rallies in gaza palestinian health officials say dozens more were left injured during friday's protests and they were just the latest in a series of planned a mass demonstrations dubbed the great march of which i.
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was ready for you. this is another injury that's came just right now there have been severe injuries in the head and in the legs and i'm just not about him in the post minutes we received at least ten people with severe injuries to the stomach and head the ambulances are still carrying hundreds of injured people to the hospitals there is a lack of medicine and medical equipment in the hospitals and they're crowded bob so as you see this is another ambulance just came just right now after
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a minute that your defense and as you see this the ambulance has at least four palestinians that have been injured what happened right now to the fence is that at least two thousand palestinian protesters and try to interfere and break that the fence and look happy. it is those are your choices every addict there violently and they started to see with these palestinian protesters what broke the price that according to palestinian minister brown at least there are twenty palestinians are in severe critical goodness it and they. declared their death and any minute. clashes along the israel gaza border erupted last month with palestinians demanding the return of disputed territory since then at least forty palestinians have been killed including four children i understand over five thousand protestors have been injured since the beginning of the demonstrations the united nations and the e.u. have condemned the israeli response so far to the protests. israel's failure to
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consistently prosecute file ations committed by members of its security forces encourages them to use deadly force against their fellow human beings he from when they present no threat in the context of an occupation such as gaza killings resulting from the use of force may also constitute willful killings which are of grave breach of the fourth geneva convention despite reports of the use of live ammunition against palestinian demonstrators israel says it has been using non-lethal force for example the sponge tipped plastic bullets however the ammunition currently in use is said to be harder and heavier than the older versions they have been linked to severe injuries and even to the death of a palestinian teenager and israeli human rights group recently released a video purportedly showing a group of soldiers in the west bank discussing the use of live ammunition.
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we asked of the israeli army to comment on the video and said the behavior shown in the video is not in accordance with what's expected of i.d.f. soldiers but they also pointed out the commandos demand that the soldiers act professionally and the i.d.f. also promised to carry out the necessary and relevant procedures over that incident but as mentioned young palestinians were among those reportedly killed in the demonstrations in a teenage boy allegedly shot in the head by an israeli sniper during protests along the gaza fence this week but an israeli general has described such incidents as quote the price to be paid to ensure the safety of the. untrue. to my great story
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sometimes when shooters and you intend to his arm or shoulder goes even higher and the picture is not a pretty picture is the price that we have to pay to preserve the safety and quality of life of the residents of the state of israel and that's the price. let me show you. the low i said mohammed was three hundred meters away from the fence and even if he was right next to it he was a peaceful demonstration he was just a child was he carrying a missile launcher was he shooting at the soldier who killed him why did they kill him i'll tell you what mohammed did wrong mohammed's fault was that he was demanding his rights. it's been revealed that the former head of moscow's anti doping lab grigori wrote chunk of key witness in the russian doping scandal failed to confirm a number of allegations against the country's athletes it came during his recent testimony to the court of arbitration for sport in february the court upheld the
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appeals of twenty eight russian athletes bad for doping but it's only now given some of its reasons artie's ego has died off earlier join my colleague andrew farmer in the studio to discuss the latest. byrne first and foremost in the past few years that we've seen the scandal unravel a should say it has been established that pretty much every single athlete in russia dope so it seems it was common knowledge at least that they had a special drug cocktail brewed performance that the swapped the dirty urine samples for clean ones through some hole in the lab walls so a lot of was said and was said by a man named grigori roche and of so he was the key witness he put forward the allegations but in the in the case basically during that hearing the court of arbitration for sports he revealed that many of the stuff that he said was best circumstantial first and foremost he said that he never actually administered the
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said cocktail which he claims he concocted to himself he says that he never saw anyone administering these said steroid cocktail he didn't know how the cocktail was smuggled from russia abroad because well you know to be used in an international championship it would have to cross the border and also he's never been a witness to the mysterious you know you're in the swamp dirty to clean one he did say that his allegations came from basically talking to his colleagues but that was it when it comes to these allegations and in the past two years his words were taken at face value i should say no one questioned them and broaching of himself was propelled to fame even starring in an oscar winning documentary about the doping problem in russia have a look. i was hoping to facilitate what it was a was deliberate employees in a sports history was aware of the existence of
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a russian doping system. level to the. claims were the foundation of richard mclaren's report which was then used for a blanket ban on russian athletes and he was speaking to was an e in this court case what did he say well indeed sir richard mclaren a canadian law who basically pulled put the burden on his shoulders to compile a massive report on the scale of the dopping problem in russia testifying in front of the same judge being cross-examined as well he said that basically while he did not shy away from mentioning athletes by name in the report in no way he said he meant to you know assume that they were guilty of something so basically being mentioned in his doping report did not mean he says that those athletes were complicit he also revealed he couldn't basically you couldn't explain justify to
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the court of arbitration for sport why he trusted roger and why he never questioned his allegations also he refused to provide the names of other witnesses of you know of turn it of sources so to speak he used to put together the report so the good news for those thirty say athletes that had their appeals up held but they would say well ok ok that is good news but the damage as far as we're concerned has already been done to our names well indeed because what happened back in february twenty eighth russian athletes they used to be banned for life they had been banned for life from participating in the olympics which means they were stripped of their medal as the future held nothing for them from that point no more achievements of just ruined the point of their lives so they have. revoked so they were reinstated they got their awards back and they basically the court of arbitration for sport said yeah they're good to compete and it happened literally
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a few days before the kickoff of the olympic games in south korea so just guess how many of those athletes were actually invited to participate many of them still you know pursuing sporting careers none zero none of them were invited to participate many of them would love to so there you have it you know mud sticks. more of the weekly at the top of the hour.
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when lawmakers manufacture consensus instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the financial merry go round lifts only the one percent told. that's nothing to ignore middle of the room signals. going to bring real news for the world.
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you never know what's around the corner you never know what's in the pub you're going to walk and you never know who's going to be there and it's the excitement it's that not knowing that's where the adrenalin must come short of thing. only going is a means by definition and extremes to all for your support because you're prepared to fight for the reputation and name of your football club. the violence is a part of it and it's almost a schizophrenia gang culture like it's a part time gang culture where you can do all these things and be
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a bad. i. believe in islam is that least if you try and evolves it's constantly evolving. to roll market off well. you know me through it all. despite owning three restaurants he still prefers to tenderize and grill me to
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himself it isn't just his stuff and clients who called him the shelf shelf is the nickname of the founder of the wise men from gothenburg one of the most violent gangs of football hooligans in europe. back down extremity and into heaven anyways . think it's ok to football you wanted a family and everything in stockholm about it and now it's all more violent supporters and for them yes it was kind of easy targets to top in doing trips over there risking pubs you know just to rest people and a few us finally had enough and like ok the flight back. from vienna is more like self-defense most of my view and sort of we've had to do this is that it is more office started going to trips abroad. i mean standing up i read stall or wrecked stuff a stabbing was there it started in the face of before is
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a small like old school fighting storming pogs closing each other you know rewards you know people are using sticks and knives and bottles and everything would you ever going to get your hands on chairs now it's more violent but there roylance was more respect and we didn't have any leads in actually want to kill each other. and andy and i die one of our guys actually died now it's more sportsmanship well for this fight. i don't i don't. i. i. thought i might. get together on haunted poses both stated tykes for on the throne sixty plus and. when a young you really have to show yourself you have to participate in all the fights you have to go to games. or if i think
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it's really important if you and i will be along you can play can blame oh my girlfriend don't want to go we had to go. i thank you thank you. for the unfussy fight maybe six times a year i mention the two i want to get away six times a year well. turning up these days you're going to have to train at least three times a week. and you won't see i got on my show you know i mean if you take out thought of trying to five the strongest try to sell me trying to foist on us by following the team so you don't want to have someone who's just hanging over. you. oh no no no oh well.
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almost everyone uses might show some training distanced. the center of the base is starbucks and saying and i'm in may and i'm going to we try to train together here in. grand point that we did i think we see on monday for when they come where they would go you know that's going to try to get to the number salute them move on with a piece and stuff like that so it's different every day. because sometimes we both are secluded gathering and sometimes we get that the. central time is the one before there may be. your duty but there's a one to fourteen times we miss the group but also. the best way to find out here
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is so if you're stuck. or just follow them to old or something like that to let them know before today most of the game it depends. we think there is still. the pub with another team firefight we don't bless us with on third person and usually it's the one two three minutes let's get into we. get them. on the ground or they run away or both they're going to save. and so tactical it's more about sceptical numbers feel some one on one end games yeah raymond bang and everything so if we stand up we will not tell. you got into that because there was an interesting. because of all of the on screen from scandinavia that probably the most crazy i think that any one of the
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most right wing firms. that's quite scary. similar extreme for. the wise men and badly boys set all of those guys it is all about the fight becomes about the confrontation clubs know every game but when you've got a local rivalry it will be if there is any violence it will be about who comes out on top.
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and. for the left it up a different game of the one in. the greek capital is divided into zones of influence between the greens and the reds and i goes into libya supporting hooligans. are just becoming a bit different. but. you know if they got down to long after for the months they come and where are the same difficult go.
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but i will make a start of it on the some of your limit on the cost of honest things if huntsman essential scott's only in the simple mosque on the board like you but i think it's a phenomenon one legs one and only. god we can point to become the focus of the law we should be paying for you all one must cause an essential that's going to last them off they've only got the wind out long in this last one that you know so long the. second i'm going to get them off you mind if you don't like saying if get a loss you know it's a confluence of the body's must. only do this and others like ike see so both become adults when you got to the side. of the middle of the only. one of the thirty no one know if this is. just what they look. after if you want to fix on just some of you it's.
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because all mexico thought about modeling that you. said gustus and go see this ever live this fucking about three months and. almost on a fair amount of her mother brought a bunch of. rivalry between the fans of two athens based clubs nothing like us has become a war of attrition that has raged for decades the conflict has seen dozens of young greeks mutilated and even killed. every ounce and still be provoked street fights in southern europe the fair play rules between hooligans are really observed the way a motorcycle helmets fight with sticks steel rods and often knives to.


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