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basically couple of weeks ago using the some of these photography tests on the western alliance. the cheese eating surrender monkeys the beat and rob are long from gone my former first hard to get me credit for sending one hundred million dollars. to destroy one hundred thousand dollars worth of sirius. was inside this relationship looks pretty strange from the outside in the night of the barrio in charlotte thank you both. you won't be surprised by the lengths to be to . hold the two nations hold a global security and here they are burying god in the garden apparently other european leaders will not cry. because of the it. already was pretty silly save face the doctor and french accent the way he did us to send
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them selves almost as funny over the middle of her minor issues of the run and trade the imminent collapse never been lower limb by limb in the conquest and the show because let's be. globally. but they don't always have syria. the french president german chancellor angela merkel also paid a visit to washington though the interaction between them so from trump they were significantly more formal the iran nuclear deal was one of the main issues discussed with the u.s. threatening to scrap the agreement with list side mustapha course shift some thinks that while france might be coming around to america's thinking europe as a whole is not. the trio nations in europe especially friends even more than germany and britain is trying to get closer to donald trump's aspirations and
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demands especially with regard to iran's nuclear issue but there were rest of europe is a standing against any intensification of problems and tensions with iran they just reject the demand by trio of european nations resulted in closing further sanctions on iran for its missile and regional activities so this shows that europe is not much willing to work with. friday so historic meeting take place the first summit between the leaders of north and south korea for more than a decade. i .
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think of i. i. think of her her. but after hours of talks they reached the number of kid grievance that could
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significantly warm relations to leaders announced that they'd seek the full denuclearization of the peninsula they also vowed to stop all hostile actions against each other and to gradually reduce their weapons arsenals additionally they agreed to hold talks with the u.s. and china to rather take proper peace treaty donald trump raise the progress between the two sides and following decades attention it seems a final peace treaty could actually be on the horizon human rights attorney erickson wrote kimberly's the two koreas are indeed ready. i think what we can expect is a exciting moment in time which. as they said is south african history and hope could live if you have it in a certain time in a certain plates and i really am hopeful that from these talks we could see the framework for a full peace treaty to find a way to end this conflict seems both sides are ready and willing to do that if the
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south and north can create the framework of their own steps in self-determination then the us as it's much smaller role to play if we can agree that and hold them to the notion that ending the hostile policy creating a peace treaty with the u.s. and south korea will lead to denuclearization of the korean peninsula. the russian whistleblower at the center of claims of state sponsored doping has failed to stand by his allegations when in court to explain all of the. anything that interrupts free trade interrupt freedom and i think interest freedom is a reversion back to neo feudalism and we see that happening right now the united states and presumably here in canada as well as concentrator know if you're for your hands bradley ever heard of the risk of neil seattle is on the horizon crypto this is the
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answer in my view and it is an asset class and it is gobbling up market share and the u.s. dollar is all free up money is. for a world cup twenty eighteen coverage when you've signed one of the greatest gold peoples of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know. you are nervous is a huge tournaments and the huge amount of pressure you have to go to the center of the beach with all we with you and the great game. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we have to go. alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one. needs to just read the review the r.t.
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team's latest edition because. look. what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development is only going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. welcome back a four people have been killed in the latest palestinian and patient rallies in gaza palestinian health officials say that hundreds more were left injured during friday's protests and the latest in a series of planned mass demonstrations that were dubbed the great march of return .
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this is another injury that's came just right now there have been severe injuries in that had in the legs. in the post minutes we received at least ten people with severe injuries to the stomach nick and the ambulances are still carrying hundreds of injured people to the hospitals there is a lack of medicine and medical equipment in the hospitals and they are crowded so
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as you see this is another ambulance just came just right now. from a look at your defense and as you see this i'm liz has at least four palestinians that have been injured what happened right now the fence is that at least two thousand palestinian protesters and try to interfere and break that the fence and what happened is those are you forced is every active there violently and this time i did. i know these palestinian protesters were broke the fact. that according to everyone at least there are twenty palestinians are in severe critical condition and they can declare their death in any minute. now the unrest is taking place near a security fence to surround landis palestinians claim was stolen from the protesters have been met with a heavy handed response so from the israeli army and in four weeks at least forty five palestinians have been killed thousands more been injured the u.n. an e.u.
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have condemned though the israeli response to the protests. israel's failure to consistently prosecute violations committed by members of its security forces encourages them to use deadly force against their fellow unarmed human beings even when they present no threat in the context of an occupation such as garza killings resulting from the use of force may also constitute willful killings which are a grave breach of the fourth geneva convention israeli troops however insists that they only open fire at the main instigators of trouble who throw stones or molotov cocktails or at those who attempt to breach the fence but the non-lethal methods used by the i.d.f. still pose a significant threat for example sponge tipped rubber bullets the latest version which are said to be harder and heavier than previous ones they've been linked to severe injuries and even death while an israeli human rights group recently released a video reportedly showed a group of soldiers in the west bank discussing the use of live ammo.
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this is. with us the israeli army to comment on that video and they said the behavior seen is not in accordance with what is expected of i.d.f. soldiers but it ended that commander at the time had told his soldiers to act professionally the i.d.f. also promised to revise relevant procedures. young palestinians have been among those killed in the demonstrations and one incident was caught on camera showed a teenager who was shot in the head i'm israeli sniper last week the boy's father says his son posed no threat to the soldiers but an israeli general believes that
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it's the price to be paid to ensure the safety of the country. the low the low i said mohammad was three hundred meters away from the fence and even if he was right next to it he was at a peaceful demonstration he was just a child was he carrying a missile launcher was shooting at the soldier who killed him why did they kill him i'll tell you what mohammed did wrong mohammed's fault was that he was demanding his rights to my great sorrow sometimes when shooters small body and you intend to his arm or shoulder it goes even higher and the picture is not a pretty picture because that's the price that we have to pay to preserve the safety and quality of life of the residents of the state of israel and that's the price. and finally this hour a spiritual the former head of moscow's antidoping lama group called the road ching cough a key witness in the russian doping scandal failed to confirm a number of allegations made against the country's our fleets that was during his
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testimony to the court of arbitration for sport in february that caught up held the appeals of twenty eight russian athletes who've been banned for doping but it's only down given some of the reasons why does he stand offs joined my colleague andrew farmer in the studio to discuss the latest. byrne first and foremost in the past few years that we've seen the scandal and revelation say it has been established that pretty much every single athlete in russia dope so it seems it was common knowledge at least that they had a special drug cocktail brewed performance that the swapped the dirty urine samples for clean ones through some hole in the lab walls so a lot of was said in it was said by a man named grigori roche and of so he was the key witness he put forward the allegations but in the in the case basically during that hearing the court of arbitration for sports he revealed that many of the stuff that he said was best
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circumstantial first and foremost he said that he never actually administered the cocktail which he claims he concocted himself he says that he never saw anyone administering these said steroid cocktail he didn't know how the cocktail was smuggled from russia abroad because well you know to be used in an international championship it would have to cross the border and also he's never been a witness to the mysterious you know you're in the swamp dirty to clean one he did say that his allegations came from basically talking to his colleagues but that was it when it comes to these allegations and in the past two years his words were taken at face value i should say no one questioned them and broaching of himself was propelled to fame even starring in an oscar winning documentary about the doping problem and russia i was hoping to facilitate while those there was deliberate employees in sports history was aware of the existence of
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a russian doping system. level to the. chunk of claims were the foundation. richard mclaren's report which was then used for a blanket ban on russian athletes and he was speaking to was an e in this court case what did he say or indeed sir richard mclaren a canadian law who basically pulled put the burden on his shoulders to compile a massive report on the scale of the doping problem in russia testifying in front of the same judge being cross-examined as well he said that basically while he did not shy away from mentioning athletes by name in the report in no way he said he meant to you know assume that they were guilty of something so basically being mentioned in his doping report did not mean he says that those athletes were complicit he also revealed he couldn't basically you couldn't explain justify to
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the court of arbitration for sport why he trusted roger and why he never questioned his allegations also he refused to provide the names of other witnesses of you know of turn it of sources so to speak he used to put together the report so the good news for those thirty say athletes that had their appeals up held but they would say well look ok that is good news but the damage as far as we're concerned is already been done to our names well indeed because what happened back in february twenty eighth russian athletes they used to be banned for life they had been banned for life from participating in the olympics which means they were stripped of their medal as the future held nothing for them from that point no more achievement see have those bans revoked and it happened literally a few days before the kickoff of the olympic games in south korea none of them were invited to participate so there you have it you know mud sticks. rather today i'll
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be back at the top of the hour with more. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to. education. higher education is becoming just another product that can be sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you're good. to me. is the place of students in this business model before college was born.
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higher education the new global economic war. hello and welcome to the party after receiving a nobel peace prize just a few years ago at the organization for the broad vision of chemical weapons now finds itself at the center of a major military standoff which some fear may digress into. this obscure scientific organization tasked with holding
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a major international norm do its job without itself falling victim to geo political wrangling to. i'm now joined by a former u.n. chemical weapons expert in iraq dr great to talk to you thank you very much for coming over this morning. now just a few years ago very few people our parts from a narrow circle of specialist even knew what the o.p.c. w was it only started to appear in global media after famous or infamous barack obama's statement on the red line if it weren't for that statement do you think we would be discussing the use of chemical weapons today. the point is that right now we see that. the special position for western countries. responsibility for the use of chemical weapons to iraqi government. syrian government. makes it possible for all opposition groups
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to use the chemical weapon to pretend this is the fault of syrian government. because in the situation like today. western countries they do not wait for any investigation they assign the responsibility. for the chemical weapon use but when you say they punish both in this case with the latest strikes and in the previous case with the alleged attack on hunch a hole in. the response by the united states by its allies was definitely illegal from their point of view of international law but it was also a very limited and it's also quite difficult to understand what kind of military objective it could have pursued do you think the point of using this chemical weapons use scare is the point political or is it military is it to advance
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a military objectives or simply to you know malign syria even more. no we do not see any any real. military gains in these strikes so the this is really politically sure if this would be technical or military or something . it would require more than just accusations based on videos from the internet or social network but what's the point and i clearly they don't like president assad i mean they made that position clear seventy years ago so what's the point of pushing these red line that they supposedly want to protect themselves i mean it's clear to understand from a tactical and strategic point of view what could be gained from that of course. syrian government is an important issue right now we see that government with the
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support of russia and the iranians are gaining more control over syrian territory that was. state control previously and course all the actors in this area the understand their will get. everything and they would like to get their foot in the door to make sure that they still will be viable buyable players from what i understand russia iran turkey d. try to engage them in various negotiating for months it's not like i mean there is a talk about having a government of national reconciliation in syria there is talk about holding new elections so there are some political advantages that they can pursue and to the credit of both the russians and the syrians i'm interested by to hear but still i think they allowed many of the militant groups to leave the area which is by my
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account unprecedented in the more than history of warfare so these people are actually treated pretty decently and they. yes but you have to understand that one russians and syrians. bunches of opposition to leave. certain areas. you have to understand these are not just oppositions to syrian sources there was about seven hundred. western advisers. together with the opposition of course we're. finishing. the opposition area so there will be a risks some western advisers also will be hit from the intensity of allegations i think perhaps the goals that they are pursuing out far
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bigger deal not off not only the syrian government i mean in diet point of view it's not legitimate at all but i do you think that girls go father in terms of diligent i'm izing both russia iran and perhaps even turkey you can see that. it's a chain of events after. russia told the joint investigative mechanism we got a sudden statement. who said that russia. responsibility for the use of chemical weapons in syria that was a kind of trial and i mean that if there were similar statements of fact. but. she never did that. in her predecessor. the. united nations certainly blamed the russia for
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a very high civilian for supporting the son who used the chemical weapons but the direct blame in russia for the use of chemical weapons in syria there was very strange also very shocking because russia had very very high reputation in the world of chemical weapons let me ask you specifically about the role that the can play in all of that because unlike national governments unlike national delegations it is actually constrained by its own convention it has to follow the procedure all of these be seen as following the procedure. how much does god allow for political influences to be exerted on the. scientists serve with question. w. was. invented organization that would be purely technical. but . the structure or for office w. allow some politics so. consists of conference of state
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parties hundred ninety two countries the executive council and the technical secretariat there are people who do the technical work so inspectors. technical assistance and so administration administration but they do the work. executive council consists of forty one. state parties and that's exactly the area where politics could be brought the last events especially the situation is all bring in. a situation in the use of chemical weapons in syria brought more politics in the situation the difference from my brain every year between politics and science is that politics starts with a conclusion and science is supposed to be open ended when you go out to investigate something you should not have any preconceived notion about who might
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have done it. how does a balance itself out when it comes to the actual investigation so for example when scientists go out and collect the samples do they have enough freedom to investigate those samples and to deliver the scientific opinion on that very good question but let me show how the politics are digital from the technical issues. when russia. suggests that decision or executive council to support the mission or w. in syria the western countries. actually blog decision but she. wrote the request to. w. . mission specters to do if and w. did that so this is politics versus technical so
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how technically this work is performed the specter scam to. use of chemical weapons and they collect samples but they also work with the people they work with hospitals they talk with witnesses they see those people who. were admitted to the hospitals and take their biological samples and all those samples they brought to headquarters. in the hague and from. from the hague the samples are sent to the designated laboratories there are twenty two. years in the world at the moment and they analyze those samples. did have probes intelligent use of chemical weapons in syria before and i talked last year it's you had the russian envoy to the organization official going and he told me that some of those probs were stopped by the people by the specialist who
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turned to khan from their friends of syria group and that group obviously is very eager to see mr assad out many of these samples and many of the testimonies were provided by turkey which is also not the neutral player in that war so if how can you have so much confidence in the process right now when in the past it delivered the results that russia clearly didn't agree with that is a very good question but. look you can trust to the results. only in the case. to. according to the chain of custody. that means. an inspector. came to the site. put it in. not just close it but sealed it with a special seal. be broken and then those samples
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are delivered to. their opened in controlled. environments. records are kept this is exactly the. lives we now already have i think a very clear after it in the western media to suggest that the russia and syria used this initial delay in the ability of the o.p.c. double inspectors to access the scene that they use this specific lead to clean the area from a technical from a scientific point of view can the o.p.c. w. inspectors establish why that the scene was tampered with because even if they deliver clean samples in this case clean from the russian point of view the west i think would easily come out and say that. there is nothing there simply because the russians killed all the evidence. yes but.


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