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i. israeli pm claims that iran lied about its nuclear program and he presents a huge amount of supposedly secret data to prove it. why would a terrorist regime. and meticulously have a secret nuclear file does not use them in the mood. there are calls for donald trump to be awarded with the nobel peace prize of the he takes credit for progress on the korean peninsula. also a human rights organization accuses the israeli army of deliberately targeting the likes of protesters in gaza. i spent six hours in surgery and then one week in the intensive care unit and i did my leg would be like.
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good evening and welcome you watching international first this hour iran lied over its nuclear program that's the opinion of the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu has issued a statement presenting key data that he believes can be used as proof to discredit to iran's nuclear deal that was signed with world powers daniel hawkins the story. claims the secret service is a pain around fifty five thousand documents over one hundred eighty c.d.'s all the secrets of iranian documents supposedly proving wrong did have nuclear ambitions and did have a nuclear weapons program prior to that twenty fifteen deal with world powers he's called this a great intelligence operation the great intelligence and she went. this is definitive proof that iraq did continue to preserve and expand its nuclear weapons
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program after that deal he says that this is a malign interest from iran that the only reason they would have hidden this is to use these nuclear power these the commune knowledge for a aggressive purpose let's take a listen to what it to say why would a terrorist regime hide. and meticulously catalog secret nuclear files is not to use the mood of literary. now the timing of this is particularly salient given recent events of course donald trump is due to out soon just around to just on two weeks' time what he's due to do with iran nuclear deal he's expressed many times that it's a bad deal that it's terrible the fact that visit with the president might qualify earlier did bring some sort of perhaps continuity some sort of aligned interest with himself and the european leader but trump all along has been a critical business deal alongside of course netanyahu himself he's been an ardent
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critic of this already and deal saying that it's not good for the u.s. for all for the international community he's pushing trump to rip up that deal come twelfth of may this is what he had to say so this is a terrible deal. i think this dual is a. duel. should never have been concluded and if you do. president trump. will decide. on what to do with the nuclear deal. i'm sure you'll do the right thing. the right thing for the united states. the right to cruise rule. and the right thing. for the producer of the world. we have of course know what's in the highly secret covered by netanyahu there he says these are copies of the file of regionals are being kept in a safe place according to these very leader we don't know how much of an impact this
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will have on trump's decision either i think he's pretty much made up his mind what you will do come twelfth of may although he's keeping his cards close to his chest he said that this sends the right message and we'll see what happens is his quote regarding what will happen in two weeks' time the russian position the reagan position of course is that that deal has to be maintained larger that is the position of the other group of sue or world powers the five plus one group however this is another attempt by israel by the israeli leader to push for a cancellation of this controversial deal. going online now by hamad mousavi his professor of political science at the university of tehran very good evening to you the proof that we've seen so far there's a lot more to be divulged so many thousands of articles but what we've seen so far do you consider this to be proof from the israeli prime minister. well first of all benjamin netanyahu in israel are in no position to accuse iran of
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anything they're not party to the nuclear deal they're not even a member of the n.p.t. and in the nuclear deal it is very clear that the only party authorized to declare uranium compliance or noncompliance is the i.a.e.a. and since two thousand and fifteen when the deal was signed the i.a.e.a. has actually published ten reports all of them saying that iran has been in full compliance of the deal secondly the united states does not believe that iran is after the bomb either i mean just a few weeks ago my compare what the time was the head of the cia and as now the secretary of state told the senate foreign relations committee that iran was not after the bomb even before the deal so let alone after the deal and third we have to remember that the person making these accusations benjamin netanyahu is actually a serial liar we all remember the conversation between barack obama nicolas sarkozy
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in two thousand and eleven and the g twenty summit when they actually told each other that netanyahu constantly lies and they can actually stand there so we have to take this with a very large grain of salt in re also have to remember the timing i mean this is coming less than two weeks before trying to make a decision right regarding if it's the united states wants to stay in visual so absolutely no evidence so far when just looking at you know he says he's going to turn all of these files over to the. over with there being tens of thousands of them i just wonder whether they can get through all of that information prior to donald trump making some kind of decision if they saw all of the proof that will need. i mean again this is very suspicious the whole timing it seems like the whole psychological operations
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propaganda campaign i mean this is coming less than two weeks before trump's decision. we have to remember that this is not the first time that israel has it used the wrong of trying to build a bomb and the the prior evidence that they have actually provided has not held up i mean fake laptop stories as well as others and we have to remember that israel is actually really the only regime in region that actually has a western so for them to come and make accusations. i don't think that's acceptable to any. it's kind of slightly reminiscent of russia's treaties sometimes you've got this and iran position now where you know you've got donald trump saying around in israel saying yes they're very bad and we can prove it so it seems like some minds have been made up will that be enough to scrap the nuclear deal we have to wait until may twelfth to see what his decision will be but essentially
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of donald trump decides to come out of the deal then essentially that would kill the deal because it would be very difficult for iran to continue the deal with the europeans and the russians and the chinese and the reason is because the united states is saying that not only will we sanction american companies but we will also sanction any company including non americans from doing business with iran and i think this is what israel wants israel wants to increase pressure on iran regardless of the meaningless accusations they are making appreciate your time i guess a professor of political science at the university of tehran. the south korean president has reportedly said donald trump deserves a nobel peace prize for his efforts to deescalate the situation on the korean peninsula this follows a storage meeting between the leaders of north and south korea so the two sides
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pledge to rid the area of nuclear weapons before the end of the year apart from denuclearization the states agreed on friday to formally and the korean war that dates back more narva century and they found to sign a peace treaty agreeing to involve both the u.s. and china in the process don't trump was quick to take credit for easing tensions and his supporters and now also saying that he should get the nobel prize for his efforts in a recent tweet he suggested he's certainly more deserving the barack obama who was given the prize just have to becoming president and at a rally on saturday drums fans seem to agree the d. nuclearization of the korean war and it was true it was he knew. it was very large. so does c. really have a chance of skipping the award how he has done a takes
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a closer look. the nobel peace prize an award for human rights champions peacekeepers and presidents who would later drop at least twenty six thousand bombs on seven foreign nations in just one year the prize is clearly viewed as such a meaty addition to donald trump's track record that someone under a stolen identity actually forged his nomination for the award two years in a row supporters of the idea have named the negotiations between the koreas as trump's main qualification for real this time. what do you think. president trump had to do with it i'll tell you what i like about everything with and as we've been told trump has the best words and those he applied to north korea directly he is a sick puppy rocket man is on a suicide mission for him so obviously he's a pretty smart cookie we all saw that intricate game of diplomacy we will have no
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choice but to totally destroy north korea they will be met. with fiery fury witnessed trump a saying that whole quid pro quo thing we are sending an armada. for a pair of we have submarines very powerful and i will say this. he is doing the wrong thing is making a big mistake let's be frank those who call trump a peacemaker more or less share the logic of those who nicknamed vish gun a persuader trump style of making peace equally applies to iran big government that gives terrorists safe harbor financial back in i am speaking of course of around the rogue regime iran can sprint towards
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a rapid nuclear weapons. know where no matter where you go in the middle east you see the fingerprints of iran behind problems for goodness sake he appointed as national security advisor a man who just last year thought this was a good idea and that the c word twenty nine. here was. serious felt the full impact of trumps peace making if things keep going the way they are the country will be celebrating the annual tomahawk date sometime around mid spring but again maybe a nobel peace prize and trump do fit together at the end of the day after all what does obama get to have all the nice things. he spoke to journalist and author mike blumenthal who believes that the prove mint in relations on the korean peninsula
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has nothing to do with trump. donald trump's policy towards the koreas has been one of hostility sanctions and threats of fire and fury is defense minister jim maddest threatening earth korea with extermination and their policy essentially failed because nuclearization in north korea succeeded because kim jong un extended an olive branch to the south and because moon j.n. has been so courageous in this effort to reconcile with the north and so really cause for donald trump to receive a nobel prize really reflect how insular and parochial view of right wing is right wing supporters is donald trump has really not played a role. then it's around north and south korea. palestinian medics are struggling to cope with the number of injured after a month of protests along the gaza border the international committee of the red
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cross says that hospitals there only get around four to eight hours of power every day demonstrations be met by the heavy response from israel notably sniper fire the palestinian health ministry in gaza says more than two thousand people have received leg injuries lack of medical treatment is also fourth unnecessary and potations of the one palestinian athlete that meant the end of his career. but i go rushing about the soldiers were brutally shooting people and old man got shot in front of me he was protesting peacefully and not throwing any stones and he got shot with an explosive bullet i spent six hours in surgery and then one week in the intensive care unit and i didn't think my leg would be like this i couldn't feel it but i had fractured won't set my leg kept bleeding out to you because i wasn't aware that it would be amputated seems like my relatives told the doctors not to tell me i was an athlete i used to play multiple sports and i used to play
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for the palestinian union. or replying to a request for comment to the israeli defense forces told is that they did shoot repeated warnings to palestinians who were approaching the border fence they also cite their duty to prevent threats against their country for another young palestinian he dreamt of becoming a footballer his encounter with the i.d.f. was also life changing. during my food will career i hope to be one of the best players in gaza after this injury my football career is over these really response with life fire during the protest i was filming myself to post it later we sure have the right to do while i was filming a sniper shot me in the knee and it was dislocated i was targeted without warning that i was no threat to the soldiers and all of god helps me i will be able to have surgery and hold the palestinian flock in the european countries my dream is to
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produce a p.d. in the european league that human rights watch has expressed particular concern over what it says is the deliberate targeting of the legs of unarmed demonstrators by the israeli military the concern was raised by the israel and palestine director of the rights group here who we spoke to. we continue to see every week hundreds of people injured very serious injuries we're talking about people whose you know bones have been pulverized shattered as aid workers on the ground have described as x. rays and photos we've seen in our visits to hospitals have shown you have people that have you know large massive exit wounds if people are actually crossing a fence entering israeli territory every right to use non-lethal means for i.d.f. swords to carry out arrest if there has been you know criminal. crossing you know from border without authorization but using live ammunition right now using
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intentional lethal force is only permitted under international law in response to an imminent threat to life or limb and that's not what's happening here these are these this is using force to accomplish other objectives which are not sanctioned by international law you of mortars that are on their face on the lawful and really responsibility for these awful killings go to the highest levels of israeli government. has been a global backlash over the israeli military's response to the demonstrations in gaza since the end of march forty three palestinians die in protest during that period and not as included for children.
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in local elections living in the u.k. the alleged russian meddling saugor is taken in of the twist the sunday times claims that russian twitter bolts of try to influence the twenty seventeen parliamentary elections in favor of labor party jeremy cool but. it takes a look. the sunday times has provided us all with a little russian bought deja vu its groundbreaking investigation with swansea university has cracked the code on how the labor party did so well in this year's general elections and the answer is russian tweets of course research that just the was not destroyed at the time superbowl corben and to down the street by bombarding the public with positive messages in support of labor using twitter columns that were mostly created after the election was just that early last year so let's break down that research sixty five hundred russian twitter accounts identified by their primary language work to bash the ruling conservatives and
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promote the labor party in the run up to the election and a few examples are given as to how they achieve their meddling goals such as promoting stories condemning trees that may for cuts and police numbers and funding another point made in the article was the massive attendance seen at corbin's rallies but even if the scores of people who showed up were only there are things to bots re tweeting corbin's location does that somehow make them not true supporters other suspicious activity it was a push by the box on election day telling people to get out there and vote how dare they say the article doesn't provide a list of the accounts they monitored and said that many of them have been deleted or suspended by twitter conservative m.p.'s have vowed to dig further into the claims russian interference in the politics of the u.k. is a breach of election law and something we've got to act to stop whereas labor representatives have slammed the article as a classic sunday times smear campaign the labor party's people power do election campaign attracted huge levels of public support online we're not aware of any from
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our to me bot categorically did not pay for any not aware of any of our supporters doing so. other labor supporters have even chosen to embrace the accusations. now the report does not comment on who specifically was behind the campaign or how many people actually saw the tweets nor does it say whether or not the attempt was successful but the point is if a vote comes up with shocking results there's clearly no other plausible explanation apart from the russians did it but we have asked for a response from twitter and for the times to provide additional information about
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their research will bring you their responses if and when they come in in the meantime former british intelligence officer sean feels that the newspaper's claims are all just part of a clamp down on alternative views. the west does not like dissent it does not like alternative views and the internet offered people the old the chance of developing these alternative news and as soon as you have one of those alternative viewpoints in the west you must of course be working as one of putin's useful idiots or as a russian troll bottle whatever it is we saw this last week as well there was a report on sky news and they were accusing two accounts particularly on twitter saying that they are russia russia bots they were human beings and so sky news invited one of these people on the news and he came on to sky and argued that he was a human being strangely enough and it turned out he was the source seventy year old pensioner who was just angry at what was going on politically in the u.k.
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so it's really risible that they're trying to stigmatize british citizens who have an alternative view. the un has expressed serious concerns over the disprove this proportionate number of black people dying in the u.k. due to excessive use of force by police. the deaths reinforced the experiences of structural racism over policing and criminalization of people of african descent and other minorities in the u.k. well the accusation of racism came after a review of police data which found officers used force against twelve thousand people over three months last year one in three was black the proportion of black people in the population is vast smaller and attention to this she was highlighted by controversial incident in july when a black man was killed by police. in .
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britain's home office is found to investigate the allegations we discussed the issue with experts. the police a bit like james bond they have a license to kill with impunity and i say with impunity because whenever seems to be any justice i don't know of any policeman that has gone to prison for killing a civilian on the streets of london at the end the evidence doesn't go so far as beyond reasonable doubt i think is one of the most impossible things to do to prosecution officer and the only reason is the officers are there to protect us so
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it's quite a natural when you see a police officer in the dark in his uniform crime isn't driven by race crime is driven by socioeconomic factors or young males in inner london get involved in street crime and socioeconomic factors mean that there are more your miles are black in areas of an island than than there are of other races that's not the same in other cities and so when you look at the people involved in street crime in those areas the disproportionality is not that. finally this hour it child's imagination can run pretty wild but when a russian school boys picture of the stars was rejected by his teacher as being inaccurate liz father decided to take the matter upstairs. close you said the stars like that don't exist in space i need to
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a draw on them. we will close order for the photos we wanted to cheer him up and then we decided to refer this question to the most competent space authorities ross course most. closely because most of those possible sad that i painted everything the right one it stars do exist in different colors they can be red green orange and many other colors. and that's the lesson did you know that this was real or did it come from your imagination that's how i imagine the stars to be i like your page team if i was your teacher i would have given you and they plus even proper correctly engineering my speaking to the spaceship and your instrument nickleby should this hugely major need to you have expressed the mood and the state of the stasi.
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ok you know what you're not international appreciate staying with us i'll be back with more in may or often our moscow time. six guys or financial survival guide. customers go buy your supplies. then else well reducing our. that's undercutting but what's good for market is back here to the global economy. look i. like you. i don't like.
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you know is there some sort of and i know if there. was a global. going on he said that what john mcafee done was thought someone had said i just knew that it would be with my office. one o'clock and it must be me that i might take it in one of the police to make money she had a bad day today again it can also be. thought of in the saddest but they'd be at the end. we this was to them a put i'm looking stuff one on the spot as a bit much for. me i sense a lower shifts in leadership i watch it with watch and get one pick up and i'm just looking. and looking as at what then was ahead. when i left that i sat next to.


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