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former russian spy said his script while he was poisoned by a nerve agent in the united kingdom has since been discharged from hospital he and his daughter were admitted on march fourth of being exposed to a substance known as novacek in the city of souls brain was once a russian intelligence officer but he was stripped of his rank after it's revealed he'd been spying for the u.k. in two thousand and six he was sentenced to thirteen years behind bars spots he was released just four years later in a high profile spy swap and he moved to the united kingdom the russian ambassador to the u.k. says russia still being denied consular access to in violation of international law
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. unfortunately we don't have access to these people to sort through books for the russian citizens if they don't want or assistance for him but we want to see them because he put it to put to do what we just saw the pictures nobody heard their voices nobody saw with a lot we don't know surrogate script powell has been discharged from hospital we know that the medical team have said that he's going to be continuing his recovery outside of solsbury district hospital in terms of his location well that's a closely guarded secret we can assume that he has been whisked off to a safe house much like his daughter yulia square pile was back when she was discharged from the same hospital last month she's been kept well away from the public eye and out of the glare of the media and i think we can expect something very similar with a surrogate script pile to happen that in itself is very interesting given the
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massive scandal that they're poisoning spock's and the diplomatic fallout that we've had as a result between russia and the u.k. take a look at how the for the poisoning of the former double agent and his daughter has unfolded over the past two months. the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against and to the script. that can be no suggestion of business as usual in relation to our interaction with
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russia to speak of this action has happened against japan. the drop of a well established pattern of russian state aggression and in regards to where the novacek came from well the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander inventor was just saying in that press conference that as this story unfolds more doubt is being cast upon the u.k. government's continuous assertion that it could have only been moscow behind the attack take a listen. from for example from the from the czech republic from the president to a church group of this certain amount to follow the tour was produced to. cripple the recently that fuses throw this to reserve me that russia is the only country that was cuticle of great things. was wrong scotland yard has released a statement saying that the counter-terrorism investigation into the attack continues and that they're keeping the progress of it under wraps but perhaps most
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importantly what's interesting here is that despite the huge scandal and the political fallout that's ensued as a result of what happened in soulsby on the fourth of march and the diplomatic expulsions of the war of words with the kremlin and it is that investigators in this case are still none the wiser as to who the assassin was that smeared that nerve agent on the script aus door handle of their house in solsbury. german chancellor angela merkel is in the russian black sea resort of sochi where she's been meeting with vladimir putin a few hours ago the leaders hold a news conference and answer questions from journalists among them all to go. it didn't seem at all especially at the very beginning like two political wobbles internationally i mean we're meeting here and saatchi when angola merkel stepped
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out of her limousine vladimir putin was standing there with roses and that was just when the newly reappointed russian prime minister dmitri medvedev was walking out of the building and the chancellor wished him good luck in russian you get. the message then later during the press conferences both leaders kept saying how you know political differences can stop them and their countries from being partners if not friends fifty one sort of you we have strategic interests to maintain good relations with russia and maintaining dialogue is crucial i want to underline that if we want to overcome issues we need to conduct dialogue there are many topics where we're united. germany is one of our key trade partners we just started by german goods in higher volumes which supports jobs in germany cooperation common enterprises these are essential factors influencing the lives of
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germans and russians but the russian and german governments do have a whole lot of issues between them from the ukrainian crisis to even the script all cases and in one way or another all these issues were brought up during the talks or the press conference however since donald trump said goodbye to the so-called iranian nuclear deal berlin and moscow do genuinely see eye to eye at least on one issue no official you on germany great britain france and all our colleagues in the e.u. support the iran young nuclear deal and we are sticking to it we from the european side are discussing the situation with iran the agreement isn't perfect but it's better than none we should continue negotiating with iran and on that we are united . a lot of our protein and angola merkel promised to make an extra effort to make sure that the nuclear agreement stays in place now moving on to sanctions usually
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when you hear merkel talks the first thing that comes up on your mind is anti russian sanctions but so to say the season is different since economic sanctions and all other kinds of punishment you can think of have become the favorite toy or rather the political tool of the donald trump administration we've been hearing about all kinds of sanctions against iran against russia and even against european companies that deal with russia and those that deal with iran and in this case a joint russia german project called nord stream two for the direct russian natural gas deliveries to germany is now in jeopardy lot of our putin was asked about it his reaction was cause and he did point out that the issue of north stream two is one of the very few things if not the only thing where the obama administration and
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the donald trump administration share common ground. the u.s. position on the north stream project is well known in this case we say a rare situation of the white house actually agreeing with the legacy of the a bomb or administration there's no doubt that these kind of summits will continue in the future and possibly next time with the leaders of france and ukraine to sort out the political crisis in that eastern european country the so-called normandy format . and it was also in sort she were a meeting between maclin putin eleven years ago generated plenty of headlines because the russian president brought along his pet labrador lots of western journalists betrayed that moves putin trying to play psychological games considering that machall has a much publicized fear of dogs in a later interview though putin claimed he had never known lance and apologized for the incident since he found out as our correspondent and earlier though both
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leaders have a long history of coming face face to. the president the russian president likes to drink german beer and sometimes there is a possibility that we can exchange i have also gotten very good smoked fish. you know angela from time to time send me a couple of bottles of rather bugbear. a passenger plane has crashed shortly after takeoff from havana in cuba killing more
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than one hundred people let's go live now to a local reporter on the part of me no one at this stage what details do we know about this tragedy. well it's pretty dire pretty dramatic of more than one hundred people one hundred four passengers plus crew only three survivors by the way three women who have been a media that hospital here in town on this rainy miscible they hear and have an a terrible tragedy here neal as we speak only three survivors and a plane that was on a local flight from have an it will begin on the northeastern side of cuba. tourist resort but where lots of cubans live we've been told that the families. of those who lived in all of the victims are being ferried are being brought to have an a
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tonight they'll be in a van or helping in the identification of the victor. as we speak but i'm very very sad even in a country that does not have this kind of a crash it's very very repeatedly really neal and obviously it's early stages i know in the investigation has there been any suggestion been the cause of this accident. where people least one i wouldn't miss that has said that the plane he saw the plane take off then the plane appeared to stop and in midair and simply fell down head on and as it was taking off between of the terminal one of have an iced earth port which is local flight lights and the town of santiago the last big us in the very proximity there by the way falling over an empty field of farming land no
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houses which was at least. a plus in that very terrible event you know we've seen some pictures of the aftermath and the black cloud of smoke amazing from the way you described it to think that anybody might have survived this. tragedy from your experience as a journalist based out there than any other kind of incidents similar to this tragedy in the past. yes we've had several of these events the last in twenty fourteen and they've been they've all been pretty bad the three survivors who are like you said are women and are in hospital one of them was being operated on the others are being studied their cases being studied we don't know yet but we will know soon. they have promised a full investigation top cuban authorities were on the side on the scene of this
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tragedy the president himself president. which is just. we've been sworn into office he was there the minister of transportation was there everybody was there trying to help and figure out what happened it's a tragedy by all means it's a local flight a passenger flight that qubani airlines had leased from a mexican air company global air i understand is the name and on the crew was a mexican crew also. but a very very sad situation indeed a boeing seven three seven with more than one hundred people on board and then in two and finally one given where you are if you are given what you said about this being a local flight presumably this is going to have a tremendous impact on the local community a lot of people probably know someone who was involved. yes that's going to happen we have friends in all being there were very sad
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everybody this is this is a national tragedy and it is going to be treated as such and people are already sad when you look at everybody on the street is talking about this every face is solemn everybody has a long phase and have an of these days and an on top of that there's this grooming rainy day that's making their recovery work and the identification of the victims even worse neal but it certainly is a national tragedy and we will know whether there were some foreigners in there in the plane because. you know this will too being a made your. hometown in cuba an important problems is an important tourism hold center it's a major tourist resort with many will tell so there may have been some foreigners in there i'm sure we will know that any time now i imagine as the victims are being identified me. thanks for bringing us rather today from of our no that's local
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reporter one camino thank you. now the e.u. stepping up its efforts to save the iran nuclear deal will bring you more on that story after this short break. summit or no summit that's the question what korea's threat of
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a no show in singapore on june twelfth is a reminder to washington that north korea will not merely cave to american demands there's going to be an agreement it's going to take in patients. welcome back to the foreign back of the u.s. following washington's unilateral withdrawal from the iran nuclear deal european commission's triggering legislation to protect you companies doing business with iran from u.s. sanctions it would also allow you firms to recover losses arising from u.s. action as it's instructed the european investment bank to facilitate investment in or around the european union is committed to mitigating the impact of u.s. sanctions on european businesses and taking steps to maintain the growth of trade
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and economic relations between the e.u. and iran that began when sanctions were lifted. artie's and i guess the takes a closer look now at this hour in relations between the u.s. and e.u. and also the latest move by brussels. no arguing with it america and europe had something special a relationship unlike any other they did everything together condemned rogue regimes slapped naughty countries with sanctions they even wanted to get we have a very strong relationship with our friends and partners our friends and i said ministration we have a really great relationship low threatens life and this is this very special relationship this is almost too good to be true and it seems it was money trumps all now that america has unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear deal
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with iran it could start sanctioning european states companies that haven't the to do business with iran e.u. leaders merkel mckown others tried to change trump's mind with love. graduations and i think a great victory. thank you. except love has nothing on money europeans and facing american sanctions that's not very nice is it not something friends would do looking at the latest of president. bush that. europe has had enough they stand to
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lose cash because of america and they won't let that happen. is the european commission we have a duty to protect european companies. we now need to act and this is why we're launching the process of activating the blocking statute from one thousand nine hundred six. what europe is doing is using a statute initially developed to circumvent washington's trade embargo on cuba the law basically protects european states from laws or sanctions implemented outside of europe you can see a political resolution look at america's new ambassador to germany hours after being confirmed he threatens german companies as donald trump said u.s. sanctions will target critical sexes of ron's economy german companies doing business in iran should wind down operations immediately my advice after
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a long ambassadorial career explain your country's policies and lobby the host country but never tell the host country what to do if you want to stay out of trouble germans are eager to listen but they will resent instruction prompts bully boy tactics haven't gone down well in europe the block is finally showing its teeth so the new different to what we defend on this subject as all of us is the trading sovereignty of purity and what we demand is to be exempted without any conditions and limits it with new ones that you can't what do we want to be what a baby blindly to what american style new or do we want us europeans to say good to have an economic interest move want to have economic relations with russia what can you say every relationship has it's ups it's just that some bumps and in divorce we should not over estimate. trade with iran on the
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all in europe this is a matter that may be very crucial to specific smaller companies that for example have a large part of their trade with iran i mean the big companies of gold i'm going to choose. for the better and they're going to see our interests lie more with the us now with iran and they're going to not to risk these kind of sanctions where the real impact is going to be remains to be seen we should not forget that the e.u. and politically on foreign policy issues it has always been strong on words on symbols but not much on real implementation of. a program for italy's new coalition government between the euro skeptic five star movement and the far right party northern league has been unveiled and it comes after more than two months of political deadlock following the march fourth elections which resulted in a hung parliament our europe correspondent peter all of a has more. it's been called the contract for the government of change it certainly
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puts out plenty of change in both proposals now this was published by the five star movement it's part of their coalition agreement deal with the far right league and north party should they agree then world those two sides get to put forward a prime minister and it's up to the italian president then to decide whether he gets his vote or her or she gets his vote and they become the next prime minister if that makes sense that's where we are at seventy days on since it's really had an election it's this is the attempt to try and get some kind of consensus government now the preliminary versions of this agreement that had been leaked over the last few days while they were criticized in the media as being either you all pro russian we can now have a look at exactly what was in what is in the proposal so they will be no unilateral exit from the euro zone or the e.u.
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there won't be any referendum taking place on italy leaving either of those two they won't ask for two hundred fifty billions that you are worth of debt to be written off but there will be a real your go see a shin that will be attempted we're also looking at potentially a huge overhaul of immigration policy within the e.u. particularly the dublin treaty italy wants to see big changes there the five star and league ignored wanting to push that through should they get it ok in the go ahead on this government they also want to see the scrapping of sanctions against russia and russia to be viewed as a trade partner not as a threat now if we look at the the versions that were leaked previously that would immediately was in there it's worth noting that isn't in the official final version that published on friday and there's also talk of any universal basic income that would be seven hundred eighty euro per person living in italy that's going to see. seventeen billion euros worth of public spending but also and ask for cash from the
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european union have to keep an eye on that but this is certainly going to be if it gets the green light a government that goes head to head with brussels there's going to be collisions here particularly when you look at the ideas that are being put ahead to scrap austerity and to get back spending public money that is not going to go down well in either frankfurt with the european central bank or in brussels it eat you head office. appreciate you joining us this evening here on all to international news updates coming your way in half an hour. those out of fear you. thought that i
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thought that i was that shallow that a little bit homophobe want to be caught out that i'm i'm not is probably. the best snow you know it's. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be old for rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business show you can't
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afford to miss the one and only fool but. i can tell you i have killed thirteen people with missile strikes and there are one thousand six hundred and twenty six unnamed enemies that were killed and all the missions that i completed and i know that i know that for a fact and i know each of these persons was a human being they had a family they had friends they had lives and we ended them the possibilities are endless. in early february of two thousand and fourteen as the made crisis was getting more
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violent there was a phone call that was intercepted it was a call between the secretary of state for european affairs to toria nuland and the u.s. ambassador to ukraine geoffrey pyatt questions of credibility. private chats between top u.s. diplomats was leaked i think. you know what he me. on the outside i just think. you want to. probably. so you had this remarkable phone call. of the u.s. government apparently talking about a coup or how they were playing to restructure the government of ukraine. exactly
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i'm not saying the whole u.s. government feels that way the there is there is division on this but the neo conservative element wants very much to change the strategic dynamic in eastern europe. very smart people and they've been at this for a long time they came in around the issue of propaganda they studied how to create hot buttons for the american people they had this experience when they were getting the american people to get excited about central america back in the one nine hundred eighty. four. and they've been applying those same strategies ever since they remain very dedicated to achieving their goals they still want to get rid of certain governments they want a regime change in syria for instance regime change in iran. very skilled at this and they have a lot of allies now inside the news media inside the government and that means the . they can do a lot to control the narrative of any story so i think in america these days we
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have somehow told ourselves that there are a lot of ways of dealing with these problems other than hard power lattimer putin cares about hard power the neoconservatives can now demonize a leader of a country that sells with the american people so you don't just sort of argue a policy you attack the leader so the neoconservatives became very skilled at picking out leaders finding their ugly traits and then highlighting them yet a cold bitch you might say was a rather clunky political leader but you make him into a devil he's he's totally corrupt and he's evil and he wants to kill people in the made in these wonderful white headed demonstrators so you get a black hat versus white hat and then you keep repeating that basic scenario and it works with the american people and got to realize what vladimir putin is he's an old k.g.b. colonel it wants to restore the russian empire you make them into demons and the american people find that the way they can understand the world once that happens
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it's very difficult for a journalist or anyone else to say you know hold it that guy he's got more of a gray hat than a white hat or a black at and if you say that you suddenly are your unico which apologise for your acute an apologist and and then the attacks come on to the person saying it the journalist the academic or whoever. any good director will tell you that tempo and rhythm are the most essential components to hold an audience's attention . some are you know will get pretty mean you know with my them since they all of you must you suck it out of the news of. the chest to know will you. it can also be called a method of betrayal when the allies and followers are relentlessly thrown into the revolutionary flame. the idea is simple when the preparation work is done the trigger just needs to be told to.


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