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for the palestinians but i think also for many of us in israel won't would like to see the peace talks being received on the killings is big enough but what worries many of us in israel he's beyond me if we will not move though with peace talks again into a two state the loves state that will be created here they're tweeting clone about six and a half million jews in six plus million palestinians will be and not by their own state we don't want to live in a not bonded state in as you mentioned i was israelis danceable it to some country i was the israeli ambassador to les on monday or i was in south africa people as a little get into power i know all about the east it's horrible we do world. regina here so some of the the struggle is to say it's well all these possible and
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brutal about that situation so you reject what some jews protesting in jerusalem this week were saying that israel is already an apartheid state i think if if you will his goal or on what's going on here i think there is something similar or very close to our in the west bank were a minority of jewish settlers is in fact a wee bit by the israeli government or calling the lives of two enough in it by listing it is what it needs nine hundred sixty seven borders is little about its state with one million arabs living here it's lot of property curation but but if we include the west bank in our character isn't it we did that or left million palestinians with palestinians in they become israeli inhabitants. and we know make the israeli citizens then israel will be
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a look up at this is what. it worries me and many of us here how is israeli media been covering it the rest of the world as you say have. as been watching these images with shock and horror what about in israel do they know how bad what happened on monday was the everything is covered all the pictures here all the figures the israelis saw a freaking everything load only this was the main headline is in a day that the embassy was looted was a if you ask me about quality trees most of the country this is what is what has to do in order to deceive and so with the oh come on says that the organisation so a lot of new media i think most of the ease with the public is taking what government is doing a massive
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a thank you thing you after the break. as the us israel and saudi arabia contemplate war with iran the country's democratically elected former leader mahmoud lots of that cover thrown by m i six and the cia like you've never seen him before plus jeremy corbyn tries to get on his own breaks it but ends up getting attacked by u.k. prime minister theresa may for allegedly but the hatred of jews all the support coming up about to have going underground. trumps trade wars don't make any sense because the only way to keep these countries dependent on. dollars that they have to export to the u.s.
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in exchange for dollars because they need dollars to be part of the global economy and so when you go into a trade war and you cut that off you're killing you put a gun to your head and commit financial suicide by killing the dollar which is what the company ministration seems hell bent on doing my. welcome back prime minister's questions in london this week was held in the shadow of thousands of men women and children injured or killed by british armed israeli forces not one question was asked about the carnage in gaza jeremy corbyn instead asked about britain's possible imminent economic isolation from the e.u. whilst your government does the dutch government has now begun training the first batch of extra customs officials to deal with the reintroduction of customs checks with british goods a dutch borders in october the prime minister the facial spokesperson said h m r c
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. o two the right only general completes his question more quickly if member states show. the shouting couldn't have come from corbin's m.p.'s who are members of labor friends of israel who had to take down a pro i.d.f. tweet corbyn never even asked about the atrocities on monday here's how may replied they said they would tackle anti-semitism promise broke. it is only the conservative party that can be trusted by the british people to deliver a correct that is in the interests of british people to deliver opportunity for all of the britain that is for the future to resume their like his own blair identities using alleged anti semitism to clobber jeremy corbyn that after the leader of western europe's largest labor movement asked why multinational corporations were threatening to leave the u.k. over breakfast uncertainty last week. yes. their space
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contract will move abroad post rex's and the company has gone on to say it's considering its overall position in the u.k. because of the government's complete lack of clarity theresa may replied by referencing a forthcoming white paper of information she says will explain everything even even if i don't like page i don't know why it's. interesting though that corbin should have name checked abbott's leaving the u.k. because air bus was in the news that day because the w t o ruled it was illegally subsidized by the e.u. and their bus was also in the news because of its contract with the islamic republic of iran lives are lost so iran alleges because of sanctions that prevent iran buying new planes and parts donald trump though as ripped up the iran nuclear deal violating its terms russia's sukhoi company is reportedly already seeking to profit from the destruction of boeing's twenty billion dollars deal airbus says it
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will decide next week what to do in the face of economic warfare threats from washington but decades now iran is being threatened by nato nations in every conceivable aspect of human endeavor it even includes we went to the gallery in the constituency represented by one of jerry corbin's newest m.p.'s kensington and chelsea to speak to a ring in artists on benon back to his solo exhibition oneness wholeness curated by new number is at the saatchi gallery until the twenty seventh of may. so you're surrounded by all the late just all work here it's always about changing perceptions as an artist what about changing perceptions as an iranian you know it's just well this is something that has been very important to me over the past
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decades and one of the importance if it is behind my work has been to focus on changing this see man said this perception that people towards us as iranians iranian artists iran as a country because even media representation is of the end of the iran nuclear deal centered on the famous mural of death through america the statue of liberty but if anyone visited tehran they'd see lots of american poet say in the main tehran would look at you you can see pretty much anything in iran iran is just. let's talk about the capital city in tehran for instance if you go and visit all the galleries everywhere you will see works by pretty much any blue chip artists from you know asian americans to to any different european nation and everything that has been unfortunately shown and much media for the past. take
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a few decades and my opinion is a bit exaggerated in many ways and due to many reasons however us iranians and the. iranian artists our people are aware our population our country we are not dogs and it's very important for everyone to understand it's. our true identity lies in so many other things now i know one of your paintings is of mohamed morsy dick the democratically elected leader of iran overthrown by britain and the united states why why did you paint him and what's the significance of that well when i started painting a lot of portraiture one thing that was very important to me was to be able to connect on the human level to these people that i wanted to. put
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out there again for the world to see obviously all these profiles that were painted are important people to me and i think that's the world sure it. gets in there with them and that much serious and that much better way because people in britain don't even know who is they should know who he was and because because he he again on a human level he tried to. do something very positive for our country and our population however i would say probably the timing was it might obviously that's not the way the british government the cia or m i six saw it when they deposed and i believe. you're right on the subject. probably something to do with the oil you probably know that war is always been a close text since the revolution of when the united states and britain supported
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iraq against iran. because we former estate developer and us army colonel lawrence wilkerson says war is inevitable between the neighborhoods there are have been saying that war has been in the visible for a very long time but then again. there's a lot of things that's are being sides and i don't think that. we should take these quotes extremely seriously i believe in a dialogue i believe in other ways to be able to sort out issues between nations and i don't think going to war would be one of them and to leave it the reason to fight serious reason to find series is a very special and personal serious to me and i remember when i completed the body of work since two thousand and fourteen. a lot of people pods confused ideas about what i'm trying to do and what i was trying to simply show to the world
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and to our people as lots if it wasn't due to these people to this kids who went to war and and and everyone else today we would not be able to hold our identity properly iranians because it would have been overtaken by by saddam hussein's iraq at that time i don't want to get into details with with who was behind the country as well however the fact that our people protected our nation deserves. a lot of value and people have to learn that and understand that it's an eighty year old wall is not a joke i mean i was in tehran when this war was happening and we had bomb shells falling in our guard then and and we trim and it was a lot of suffering from every direction however the power in the strength of the iranian people kept us from being invaded by different nation and today i'm very
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proud still have a very comprehensive body of dedicated to this event and to the people who fought for us to be able to be here today too many people in nature nations only if they have heard of it may think this was a school building tween two warring middle east nations but those major nations were involved in supporting iraq against iran yes but i do know there's a for me and for the bodies of for the body of work a reason to fight the focus was simply on the iranian people who went against this whole system and to give their lives i mean when you have thirteen fourteen year olds going and killing themselves for for the sake of us keeping our land it doesn't matter what's what's what's at the time was this political situation our country this was this was out of the context everyone wanted to
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defend their country it didn't matter that we had a revolution in that amount or that we things were difficult at the time they talk to us we tried to defend ourselves and sign freely we're able to and today i can be proud of holding an iranian posture than my own and not in iraq you want but it was iraq is just as elections relations just a closer than ever but of iran interests of course we're talking abyss libya by the few decades ago that was a different story that time today i'm very. happy to see the evolution that is happening within the country and obviously we do have very good ties with them well the european union china russia seem to be supporting iran on the on the nuclear deal why do you think in the united states that it just isn't seen that way that one russian election is a now what has to happen again to go along fortunately we iran in america
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did not have good relationships for quite some time now which is a pity in my opinion because a lot of that is based on things that's. the iranian people should nonce should not be involved in and then unfortunately whenever you know the politics gets into play the people suffer you know office and foremost and what will the effect of sanctions be i mean i want to get to the same actions we in terms of artistic cultural into change but on the people of iran well. obviously the people will suffer first and foremost a lot of friends back home and i always talk to them during my business as well i see i see the difference they buy they obviously they go through a lot of pressure and stress and spend on going for a long time it's got to be better and i was going to be back on so that people will suffer the wrong an artist will suffer. they run the galleries will suffer and i do
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not think that. this would be a. way to go about things and one notes i would say that's i'm not where we are about the performance nor the outcome of all of our iran artists from your merging ones to establish ones. we we are a very strong community as iranian artists and i believe that we're only get stronger with time and this is only the beginning and if you're in britain you can go and seize us on ben and bucky has won this hold this exhibition at the sun gallery in london until the twenty seventh of may and that's it for the show but before we go violinist alex taylor is going to play us out with his rendition of australian poets banjo passes and waltzing matilda a song he played for julian assange outside the ecuadorian embassy in london before being forcibly removed by british on police until then keep in touch via social media we'll see you on monday thirty seven years to the day the u.s. senate approved a multi-billion dollar plan to continue the full scale production of chemical and
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nerve gas weapons.
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in twenty forty you know bloody revolution here to crush the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be freezing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it just the war hiccup or if i mean your list put video at three in the new bill is that i mean you explain you know to the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty fourteen. those who took part in it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. board
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across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies who feel it interviewed by the selfless local song alone events like company guess will elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us that all posts are allowed for mr garcia got on the plane might be cool by ben this is us to quote them out put up or offer some more you member of the lift hill brought up locals are ready to stand up for the. basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also. it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. words.
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was. i was. a homophobe want to be one of the i think. that is. that is still the. headlines for this hour two shooting incidents at u.s. high schools on friday with eleven of people killed. here who. think they did the leaders think and i let go of my. russian spies sort of his career paul is released from a hospital ten weeks off he was poisoned by a military grade. i was whereabouts unknown.
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passenger plane crashes in cuba killing over one hundred people only three on board are reported to have survived. and the party boys to form italy's next coalition government unveiled a political program but a type some of the e.u.'s most entrenched almost seems. like not midday here and now. this is r.t. international welcome to your main headlines today two shooting incidents at u.s. high schools on friday one in the morning in texas and another just hours ago in georgia in the latest incident one person was killed and two others injured after an argument broke out at a school parking lot a crowds were leaving a graduation ceremony at the time earlier a massacre at another u.s.
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high school left ten people dead and ten injured. i turned around and saw the kid who's in my food. i see him every day and i saw him with a shotgun. he was wearing a trench coat with combat boots have to kill to show its. people down to probably get out of. bed i don't know we're not. here to do. something for a god shot in our home and soon as the alarms went off everybody just started running outside and next thing you know everybody low and you know you're. just ran. to the nearest forest so i could hide my. we all took off in the back and i grabbed turned around the trees just you know i want to be inside and i heard four more shots and then we jumped the fence and some
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dude's house and then we ran to the car wash the. shooter has the information contained in journals of his computer and cell phone did he said that not only did he want to commit the shooting but he wanted to commit suicide after the shooting. so this is the. biggest of this. the shooter has been identified as a seventeen year old student to me to us by both sets he stormed santa fe high school with a shotgun and a revolver and later surrendered to police several homemade bombs were found at the scene but also at the suspects home as well but i just four weeks ago santa fe high school students took part in a nationwide walkout against gun violence in fact it was a part of the never again campaign for tougher gun laws started in february by
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survivors of the park land massacre that was the third deadliest school shooting in u.s. history but they have become a worrying trend. we discussed the issue with international criminal law attorney jennifer britton she says it's easy to oversimplify the problem of gun control you know we have one side going for more mental health issues screening wanting to protect that and the other side we have just gun control in trying to demonize things like the n.r.a.
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and i think there are aspects to both you know there are these gray areas which in america we're sort of losing when it comes to these political talking points so i think there are some gun control issues that i do agree with for example you know a lot when american citizens to hold firearms and to carry firearms was a self-defense method meant to protect against against an attack on a stick government a government to become oppressive against the people and that was to protect our families and self-defense they never considered assault weapons as part of that self-defense or some of these mass military grade assault weapons and so we're also looking at families absolute failure to protect their children their young ones who are who might have issues the parents would know best from getting a weapon that could kill people when the parents have the responsibility there we're just looking at a lack of responsibility on many aspects in us society here. from a russian spy is sort of is going to fall as whereabouts are unknown after he was discharged from the u.k. hospital on friday he and his daughter julio were returned weeks ago off their
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exposure to a military grade nerve agent in the english city of souls great guns dia shed some light. it isn't just the british we all love a story that ends well screwball case that was an ugly business a disgusting inhumane assassination attempt that thankfully failed it is fantastic news desk serug a script pal is well enough to leave salisbury district hospital that he yulia and detective sergeant bailey have been able to leave or soon after coming into contact with this nerve agent is thanks to the hard work skill and professionalism of our clinicians who provide outstanding care to our patients day in and day out fantastic indeed poisoned with one of the deadliest nerve agents in the world a mere drop of which can kill a dozen people and he's out of ospital in mere months and miraculous almost
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thanks to the good doctors this is a remarkable turnaround is that for us a remarkable recovery really it's amazing it's incredible how they were able to recover the public wants to see their hero as he leaves the hospital is that the scribble know maybe him no wait there's our man. old photo well that's anticlimactic there's nothing no photos no videos of him leaving the hospital but it's also strange strange because the british government was ok with taking photos and giving access to alexander litvinenko and was poisoned with polonium who was dying not recovering who was in a horrific condition mr litvinenko was poisoned in the pine by of the millennium hotel in mayfair in central london in two thousand and six and here we have missed
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the square pole who is far as we know no one photographed at the hospital we even wrote to the fore. in office the police the hospital for any information please see the gov dot yuki page on the fools bri incident thanks very much i'm afraid this cripples are not currently doing interviews but we will pass on your request and log your interest thanks nothing miss the script isn't available you know thank goodness he survived and recovered thank goodness the sended well but a pity isn't it that no one's actually seen anything. over one hundred people died in a passenger plane crash in cuba on friday night shortly after takeoff from havana there were one hundred ten people on board including six crew members as soon after the crash local media reported that four people had survived one of them however
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died on route to hospital a three others are currently in a critical condition as of yet the plane's flight recorders have still not been located or the plane that reportedly came down in a field shortly after taking off not far from the jose marti international airport that you can see here on our map it was heading ultimately in a south easterly direction to the cuban city of holiday inn which is just down here now authorities say that a full investigation into the causes of the crash will be conducted a local reporter one has more details. plane that was on a local flight from have an it will begin on the northeastern side of cuba. tourist resort where lots of cubans live. we heard a bang then there were a lot of police rushing by and when we came out here we could see smoke. there was a bang and a column of smoke then we sue police cars and fire brigades passing by and we've
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been told that the families. of those who lived in olguin of the victims are being ferried are being brought to have an hour tonight they'll be in a van or helping in the identification of the victims the three survivors are women and are in hospital one of them was being operated on the others are being studied there are cases being started we don't know yet but we will know soon. they have promised a full investigation top cuban authorities were on the side on the scene of this tragedy the president himself president. has just been sworn into office he was there the minister of transportation was there everybody was there trying to help and figure out what happened it's a tragedy by all means it's a local flight a passenger flight that airlines had list from a mexican air come.


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