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the man they arrested was twenty nine year old troy graves philadelphia's elusive center city rapist graves was accused of multiple counts of sexual assault and one count of murder in the death of shannon schieber. the prosecutor was district attorney lynn abraham. the prosecutor in the city of philadelphia who is known as a pretty deadly d.a. in other words she put more people on death row then any other prosecutor in pennsylvania and probably any a large number around the country. graves was found guilty and the district attorney wanted the death penalty but the she bers did not. it meant they would have to fight for the life of their daughter's killer we had said to each other and consulted with our very large families that what we do if they ever caught a ball we would stick to our present and off someone was going to want to put to death we were going to argue for a life without the possibility of parole. the district attorney voiced her
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disagreement and outrage. the district attorney there became very very upset she became very public with her and with her opinion and she said i don't care what that heber's said the death penalty was the appropriate sentence for their daughter's murder. why would they not want. for vicki in cill the answer was clear. we just can't let this anger this natural human anger and pain overwhelm us and make us so then small and hateful because it would just over time destroy us and we know that. vicki and sil received piles of hate mail the cues in them of not loving their daughter. you know if you can't stand by your principles when it's difficult they're not your principles.
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several years past before jerry learned that washington was not guilty. it had to be like fifteen to twenty executions at that girl was it leads from death row that i found out that he was he was innocent as it were out as best as a close call and you know he came within days in how to execute an innocent person . criminal justice system supposed to be the best in the world. make those mistakes and yet when you see a person like ariel washington. something happened there. in the aftermath of the oklahoma city bombing in one thousand nine hundred five congress passed legislation to escalate death sentences the result was a dramatic increase in executions by one thousand nine hundred nine jerry was
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putting to death more than one person a month. and a death certificate reads. death by almost i. you know i don't make sense i don't want to be consider person deaths committed almost but that's when it really. at the. sixty two executions and the only kilobit that could see was myself and i refused to look into the mirror. he nearly took the life of her washington and couldn't help but wonder if there were others. research now shows that for every nine executions there is one inmate found innocent and exonerated. one out of ten who might have been mistakenly put to death.
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i can imagine. i don't know i wasn't there but i can imagine a russia defending its national interests in a way that doesn't help the hawks in the united states but couldn't has this image of such a hard guy. and i would only blame him for not caring about american public opinion anymore because it seems like no matter what he does there's an unfair response none the less what i'm saying is it's gotten very personal. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time but there was one more question and by the way who's going to be our coach. guys i know you on the us he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go meet the center of the digital with you and you show the all the great the great
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good you are the rock at the back nobody gets busted you we need you to get down there we have to go. a low as does i want to and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet the special one it was all to appreciate me to just read the review theology team's latest edition to make up as we go. to jersey. but. nearly two years after the bombing the trial was about to begin. karen left her home in new hampshire early to arrive for the opening statements. it was the first time she had scenes or niam since the arraignment. inside the courtroom karin and the other survivors were seated just twenty feet away he refused to look at them. the defense team would make the case that zone cars are
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najaf was unduly influenced by his older brother. the prosecutors would argue that he was fully responsible for his actions. many victims share their experiences including the father of eight year old martin who described having to choose between comforting his dying son and saving his daughter. over the next four weeks karen and other survivors relive the horror of the bombing. they reached out to each other for support. coming to court it was amazing how quickly and how close we all got it was where like a family. but her husband ron stayed away. since the bombing ron has changed and it's a hard thing to watch the man that you. struggle so desperately and be so angry he's just not the same as he was before federal jury convicted to heart
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and i have all thirty counts he was facing for the boston marathon bombing just eleven hours the jury found our native guilty of all charges now they would decide if he should be put to death. the survivors were divided. karen's friend celeste was for a death sentence. the richards not wanting to go through years of appeals but decided against it. it's a long tough process to really examine. why you feel what you feel. you really have to look at yourself. pretty hard to decide. as soon as vicki and sil learned the identity of the man who raped and murdered their daughter vicki wanted to know more. i want to i want to know why i want to
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stand what he did why was this going forward like that what was going on where was his background with what you have to talk to his mother and i can't stand how he was located troy graves mother and gave her a call we're on the phone together for many many hours in tears just tears sobbing with each other i said but just to understand what you are going there i want to share with you what i'm going through and maybe we can help each other. and learn from each other and just come to some kind of peace with all this because god you must be going to a terrible time to wash yourself you know and she says oh this is she or i. was mother blamed herself for her son's actions and i said i don't think and when he when he said she said it got more and more violent and i. and my kids would come to me and it's say please money lets go of this is
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a bad danny's bet i was telling them i can't i don't have a job i don't have you know education i can't support you oh my god how can i be angry. vickie began meeting with inmates on death row. she discovered a system of victims on all sides we could just hear she and say mom and dad now that you know about the system the terrible flaws in the bias the racial the geographic bias of cost cost issues the lawyers just all i can or not you know we're going to do upon. they began advocating across the country and quickly found that many people thought all victims wanted the death penalty. they say that the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this and this isn't their way if you lose chop or you die. hard and.
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so you have to you have to learn to live with this hole in your heart. either we can continue to do well on it and then of well up the misery and sustain that misery. that we incurred because of what was going on or are we can we can try and force things to change to the extent we can they countered their grief by sharing their story and providing testimony that would influence death penalty legislation. losing a loved one to murder it's a tragedy on imaginable proportions this all happened to her testimony helped maryland become the eighteenth state to repeal capital punishment i've told my daughter story now twenty two different states and i have seen the tremendous effect of this whole system on murder victims' family members. in an ongoing
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tribute to the memory of their daughter vicki and still continue their efforts to end the death penalty. in boston nearly three weeks had passed since our nail was found guilty but the federal jury had yet to make a decision about whether he should be put to death. karen went to the courthouse nearly every day. over the course of the trial she had become one of the main spokespersons in media contacts for the survivors. but for now there was nothing to do but wait. you mean suddenly a text from a clerk inside alerted her that the jury was close to a decision. they're going to be coming out of the verdict any time now i would
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prefer it be you know and the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing. is awful if that is. i think it's the just thing that's what i'm hoping. and we are coming on the air because the jury deciding the fate of boston marathon bombers are hard and i have has reached a verdict. they have sentenced him to death. news of the verdict traveled fast but know that there's still a long road ahead but right now it feels like we can take a breath and thank you. actually breathe again you know without even realizing all the crap. once the bird came and it's like now we can start here don't point. was son lives fate sealed karen began the long drive home. i don't think it
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evens the score i don't think that it teaches anybody anything. i don't believe that it's going to be a deterrent to the next young man who has anger but i just think that that's nothing no other choice in my mind that is fair. after seventeen years and sixty two executions jerry's time as executioner came to an abrupt end. in the midst of preparing for another execution he was subpoenaed by a grand jury and accused of money laundering gerry claimed he was innocent but the court found him guilty. the sunday after his sentencing gerry's long held secret about his role as
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executioner became public. they printed in the paper they said a man to carry out execution orders for this day to begin it was found guilty once i was out i mean i'm exposed so i gotta come forward i got a camel why is this in the truth about this fair. why me know all because i didn't tell you i don't want you to have to go through what happened go to. jerry served his time he learned that earl washington received a full pardon and after seventeen years was finally released from prison about four percent of the guys that have executed and they stuck out that they were innocent so in napa earl's case you know placed doubt here to find out that innocent people were there on death row. after serving his time jerry worked hard to rebuild his life.
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he began speaking out against the death penalty one of the few executioners to do so we need to do that we need to change and i didn't enjoy killing people so what can we do to prevent these things from happening. gerry thought often about her washington if i ever get to see him i want to say oh you know i'm sorry but i'm glad that things didn't go in a way there was plan to go and i'm glad to see you on a side because i can apologize to you at that take your life you know after i had biden that's it. i'm glad i didn't get it tested so i apologize to the name thank in a way i thought she was guilty. jerry decided to this era to talk with him face to face.
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though it had been many years jerry and earl swapped stories and quickly we discovered a shared custody it's all you know one day i was mad and i was in a fight. i want to ritual follow soaring through ok that's what it looked each year you know i wonder which we're going to you know went through your mind not doing it he was innocent oh mama he did the whole war and she aborted raise your blood get me through the kitchen just. this is a good thing that i didn't give it you know because. wet he didn't do anything wrong. and also isn't something that i would have to face. but to see him crossing that bridge in to meet him in hollywood is that if you have. him
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that. you don't know because you're not much you.
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yes i don't know. what was the last time that you went on the internet no i'm not. each of these village is it safe to say. are you sure there is new music or is there at all good to be sure the baby does a class of his that is but. don't want to believe. it is a death as part of that was a given. that was. previously yes they are being born in a very esteemed member of this is like the. let's.
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say five all the world cup it was an action packed with a england's laboring to a last minute to one win over to see it all of it was that's of watch the game for at. least it will give relief funds as they take home a victory revolt a relief to get into happiest of the stream away for the budget. to read it behind me. the other three game earlier in seoul chase the old belgium crush panama the reunion. hello and welcome to our special coverage of the
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world cup underway in russia anyone to have just beaten to near zero in volgograd but it was far from easy for them except until the ninety first minutes with hurricane of england sealing the win we've been keeping an eye on the game with our co-host denmark in manchester united goalkeeper peter schmeichel joins why our team you know neal. peter it was a nervy time england first achiness here daryn involved we were watching it first half they missed a lot of chances second half they didn't actually create many but got there in the end yeah they got the end and. i feel very very happy for the england boys because if they hadn't got there the next couple of days would have been terrible for them they would have been crucified by the that the british media and i'm not sure that they kind of go completely free the second half was awful the way they played the second half it's not. it's not promising grade four for the next couple of games in
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the tournament but in the first half as you said they created so many chances god on his own had four chances he's with us to this quarter all for. the hurricane as i said the half time now is the one guy you need to you think they need to fall for him if the chances falls for him they did and then he scores one of the things that of course we've seen in this world cup are the big guns not quite doing it again and did it they labored to a two one win but the got three points on the board that cannot be said for argentina it can't be said for brazil at a lot of other teams so when you put that into context it's a good win it's a very good win because at the end of the day it's all about get three points and send yourself up in the group so when you win the first cooking you have three points already which means when you play the next game in this case then when they play a pantomime the next game they play that denise and. then. of course they think they
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can beat kind of on the evidence of how panama played today and did not very simply have to play every ten dance not not a great team absolutely not but it just sets you up a different way maybe kara southcott could play one or two of the players that was working for him today. if you if you imagine they have. one today and and this then become a must win game against panama then maybe he's not brave enough to do these changes so now he has an opportunity but one man he did do what he was on the field to do was hurricane of tottenham let's take a look at his first goal in the eleventh minute at peter no messing around here no no this is actually a fantastic safe i had sent but the harry kane is in the right spot he understands how you know you know how this situation is developing and he's in the exactly that spot because he is that good. a little bit of criticism for the goalkeeper or not
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are just a good save and from the first place you and i you know you say it is slow get it out of the six yard box up but just the fact that you've got to wait until radical i mean this is an unbelievable say and when you make it unbelievable safe like that you hope that is one of you to find this a ball falls or i mean he could have done anything other than that i think unfortunately for him it was is his last involvement in the game because in an incident a couple of minutes before he got injured he got a shoulder injury and had to give up and come off the pitch at what happened after that thirty five minutes into it came in and found not happy at all a penalty given away kyle walker i'm not quite sure what he was doing no but. it was a penance and this there's no doubt about that yeah actually hit severe. in the way . that somebody would yell when you're off so that i clearly spot. and i think it's a really truly take and wait wait wait wait then you go people make the first move
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and then if it's an opponent that was really critical for it and it was one mon and you think you know what's going on here you know this is not the will of yes us is go the it's not this is not the way it's supposed to be supposed to be four five and up at this point and it's one one so both both of the england goal comes off a corner. and both of them ahead. on all in the first case from the from harry mcguire. so harry cain again finds himself in the right spot so you can see harry mcquire eyes as he had supposed. the car was ninety minutes and thirty seconds captain of the team captain of that scene and this is the definition of a big player when we talk about the big guns the ones that that really rules football world then we'll talk about players like chrissy on over and i'll do. that whether it's needed for the team they turn up with the goods. very impressive very
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impressive with very impressed with hurricane or so. enormous responsibility on his shoulders to not only score the goals but also lead the team and they know he's a fine away here behind it if we hear that the drums are starting so this this this was a massive game for him and in many ways i would think the carousel skate the england manager was using about playing him he knew the quality of him but is he ready to play in the world cup and today's show and then won their game volgograd peter all of our is done there for us peter just when we thought it was over a last minute winner how delighting in funds where you are relief which is i think as we can now see instead did the happiness people have very very pleased certainly england fans very pleased with that when it's reflected in the scenes we've seen here in belgrade just body of england found
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a louder strout of english fans was right behind that goal and it's behind the goal we hurricane school that went on in that ninety minutes this was a game they know what they were going to win many of the england fans i think they felt they deserved to win it as things started not to go as well as perhaps they would have wanted to his chances that didn't go when you felt that in the crowd you felt the atmosphere drop a little bit it became a little bit more tentative obvious. it's a disease on toughing very impressive very loud very vocal they will be a group to watch through this tournament attitude of their sons who i think has been absolutely brilliant while it being here when with you and her are really very sort of rotary there to those mark know hopefully the second helping of the second game professional it is on your best to look see it under the hat before the game the hard being there british media reports other media reports about a plague a fly in volgograd which a trend to the strip the game for players and also fun so like how bad was the during the day absolutely horrific you know during the day horrible i was swarmed
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with them i went for a room this morning and when i washed up when i went in the shower afterwards i think i washed about two or three thousand of them out of my head they died out in the evening thankfully i don't think they played any part in the game but here it is a time games and both because they could all be so little which i would. have done a paid not say that's the game in the bag next time paloma had expected to win but then it's all about belgian yeah and this is what we're going to show not a minute because belgium didn't start the best but they came out on top white easily in the end and of my not the best team have to settle a few times. belgium they did what i had to do today they beat them three nil yeah . looks comfortable at the end but i think they belgium didn't play well but then again both of them are one of the dark horses one of the maybe favorites to win this tournament people in general think that they have a fantastic squad and it's not about peaking and playing your best game in the
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first the first time i was forced to face one neil diamond switching here and you know that you know those kind of goals we haven't seen often and that many of that caliber we saw one today that was a fantastic goal and then obviously when sunil with luke ako. who has a lot of talk about the haka when they see what he's doing he's doing the. this is i have to say that i was the cuckoo in sixty nine minutes seventy five minutes he did not the way to long for his ex his second goal belgium's third love it didn't peter love the thing a great pass from eden has one of the better things that he did miss game and now he was on cell phone at all today and obviously if. it is belgium wants to have a chance or a shot at the world cup they need eden has to play at the very very eyes level and he didn't do that so this is how a group g. is looking after the first their game in the first run for then belgium on top
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because of goal difference and alongside that it's going to be a very interesting third game for both of those teams you'd expect him to be part of the peter you'd expect belgium to see often is he wouldn't you in the second round of funding from chinese in the second half they. got some confidence into that game they were trying to take the game to england. as we said before that with the game that but some of the best players are not even in the squad two sure injury so it was kind of feeling the way forward in the first they were all over the place they called organized so maybe just maybe it's a tougher test for those of that it was for a good today but belgium i mean that's a say one of the favorites to win the world cup they should be tunisia just own up belgium of never won a world cup are they the team at. the may break that duck and i actually add to that list of illustrious winners have won the world cup are they good enough to go all the way.


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