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place in switzerland. in the middle of a warehouse complex a stone's throw from the border with france the geneva freeport. watched by surveillance cameras and surrounded by barbed wire fences this complex is traditionally a custom zone where merchandise is stored before being exported abroad. but today it has become a permanent storage site with sixty thousand square meters of space rented by the city of geneva to transporters or to private individuals to safeguard their assets . behind these anonymous double locked doors there is gold and diamonds. it is also the largest wine cellar in the world with three million bottles laid to
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rest. bottles worth five hundred thousand two thousand dollars quietly maturing and gaining in value at a constant temperature and humidity. these buildings are anti earthquake and the doors resistant to explosives. and to protect these treasures from fire a special room houses hundreds of extinguishers that can be activated at any moment . another reason the freeport take so many precautions is because behind its gates rest priceless works of art thought to be worth tens of billions of dollars it's perhaps the world's largest museum but a museum no one can visit. the geneva freeport is one of europe's best kept secrets. works by rembrandt leonardo. vinci and
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thousands of antiquities a treasure the size of which nobody knows the scale or the value. as i am not at best while the case all before say. that i mean cos i mean. another secret is the name of the owners of the works. don't. i guess he said. recently a number of cases have tainted the institutions name the looting of jewish assets money laundering tax fraud it's hard to say if it was hidden or not but it was kept very discreetly in the freeport. the geneva freeport is an eldorado for art dealers wealthy heirs and fraudsters it's where they do their business hidden from view. one man agreed to open the doors of the freeport to us eve movie with his managing
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director i'm on concise he runs the world's biggest company in the transport and storage of artworks that will see it was really sad to see a live. one street. and also at that. one street they did go after the. city although this is a it. it is from his own press reports your door for the pacific will go up. every day dozens of priceless artworks enter or leave the store rooms managed by eve bouvier's company. there's even a special workshop to pack and prepare the works for shipment. that lost it on the look on both on the. bus from exposes to an unknown greed dozens integrate. the ticket enough for me to sell music.
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well why do you appear. on the. estate would it be a sequence to. what degree and. just get out of the if. you know if informant you know forced him to come so they don't want to if. he does if i. look at the olympic example. in a poor public. look losing. jennifer about within the sun for the sake of you know sets a coffee also think of it to do the nickel for. either the watchword is secrecy. eve bouvier was originally a shipper but he transformed his old shipping company not to look cool founded in one thousand fifty nine into an art market multinational. it is now present in geneva luxembourg and singapore. the man
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nicknamed the freeport king had a great idea to earn client loyalty his company would not only pack and ship artworks it would provide in geneva twenty thousand square meters of storage space along with framing and restoration workshops. it also offers its clients special rooms in which to admire their assets or negotiate sales dealers gallery owners and buyers can thus meet in total discretion . today the former shipper has become a multi-millionaire. we meet him again in paris in the high class eighth district a stone's throw from the palace. eve movie the shipper of the geneva freeport welcomes us to his paris home. a richly decorated and furnished apartment
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. so i don't. want to. know you. just because you foresee a day visit but i want to hear that moment get the book been able to do and you will still get bob keefe is it the keeping it is said designing this anymore it gives. it to like a billion movies it doesn't feel as though it's one of the year because the double to keep your more. to stop is that. by storing and shipping his clients' artworks each bouvier gradually learned another much more lucrative trade as an art dealer. just because you felt sort of demanded alba's job quick witted pretty quick to leave office in the limo ship quick with the company functioning as
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a quick wit it is a restaurant though and it limited he's right there that it is his to get is a vehicle. he ever could. get to have almost with one of us dos your way given the us to all who care the the might just be you know what to take it. upon. for thirty years eve movie has been in the ideal place to learn the secrets of the market. for most show a little brute the shark. comments on them in the notebook at gmail so the it is awful mr weaver it is awful miss you so walk at the root of all. he's on a cute since you yeah so what did they do on the divorce rate in the two months just look at the awful mess you said. it was for. sort of all to do more good
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enough. thanks to the network he's built up the businessman has even opened a gallery on the cable ten the antique dealers district one of paris's most prestigious addresses he takes us there. he wants to show us how well established he is and how he buys and sells some of the most renowned names in painting and sculpture. and i have to tell you we hate it because if i bet i'd try to do. the gallery director greets us. the gallery house a significant and very expensive works this marble sculpture of eve is by or done it's already been reserved by an asian client.
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so. the it is when you have preserving zone. it. did a scapegoat or dealt with you on what is known. as you just this kid they will see to your diet it is good he said prison what about a lot of shit without this question. how to kill street to kill what it does then most of it is nominally father own more famous signatures and in drawing by salvador dali. a sure goal. he didn't. just sit and listen to him he. didn't go through. the region again. miscues usually six inches didn't get. superman in the cities only in disgust forcefully pretty. shawn can discuss the scout of
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this question. or fit of a bubble that they don't. even look at this and both can read on your list ever see a feeling of prophetic sit back keep all skip the truly piece of the show's key piece of. this gets us to go see. if you want it but if you see the fish out. it's almost by the knee deep in the community of us weekly. according to inside information these works are worth several million dollars. an art gallery with a view of the louvre quite a showcase. at it. but yves bouvier's good fortune is today soured by a series of lawsuits. in
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may two thousand and fifteen an article about him appeared in luke entitled. the billionaire and the cursed because. it was a look into some of the darker practices of the art market. the allegations made by low point were such that the magazine was found guilty of infringement of privacy. the hard hitting article tells of a violent clash between movie and one of the richest men on the planet a russian dimitry. seen here in this photo taken in his living room in monaco. right we're all set to start in five.
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it's all right to talk about the no fly just did it right after the mars explorers were moved to put up their meat. market. seriously. feel. ok let's. welcome to sophie and co i'm so sorry shevardnadze said today we're got lots to talk about in our program and our gas who've been locked out of. whether they have to as you would you go to one of the four so if you be in luck because. the bus. that's me might want to i mean i well me and nothing. but the fancy.
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boat that. when i was a. double the free movement. in school i'm. always the spirit in the freedom engine that instead of a watchman's of blood from a week from the.
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winter with a mint oh is that. and there have no you moved can you hear michel i hear him in action and then kratom with him. in a world of big partisan movies law and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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the story goes back to two thousand and three when eve bouvier met the russian billionaire a close friend of prince albert. is the owner of the soccer club a s monaco. movie and ribbon of love hit it off immediately. they are at a costume party on the billionaire's private greek island. for ten years eve movie help his friend put together an exceptional collection of paintings and sculptures as compiled in this catalogue. he acquired works by woody jani. go gung. ho down. good luck. and even leonardo da vinci. plussing some picasso's. in zero thirty eight works for the mind boggling sum of just over one billion eight
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hundred million dollars. but their friendship would come to a brutal end during a meeting in monaco in february two thousand and fifteen eve bouvier's attorney david b. don't explains. the amount of the many us obviously not all here. but we are where you are when that corkey. industry. they all do appear other people should see me through a bit of live in that you is sort. of ok said your superiors you know even though you're the king quite early fusion to mature a bit of leisure so corkers. they when they get there. after. the weekend. the russian billionaire had filed charges against he. used him of making exorbitant profits of a billion dollars and his own personal loss. claimed to have paid double what his
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collection was worth. take for example this painting number six by mark rothko. we managed to get a hold of the documents of the transaction. eve bouvier bought it from wealthy landowners in the border region for eighty three million five hundred thousand dollars. a few weeks later as this invoice shows the painting was sold to an offshore company accent delight which belongs to the russian billionaire. acquired for eighty three point five million dollars the rothko was sold for one hundred forty million. profit on the deal almost seventy million dollars. with this picasso flute player with a naked woman the profit was even more staggering. purchased on october seventh two thousand and ten for three and a half million it was sold on to dimitri the very next day for twenty five million
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a profit of twenty one million in twenty four hours. eve movie's profits were colossal. but his attorney sweeps the accusations aside he believes there was nothing illegal in his client's profits and that the russian billionaire should have been shrewder. whole pushed out. of each. given me all their so-called all call point or part of the world over this is sort of you did your anywhere you want i mean you at your level. it is of course . to stop gotta look at it. and if you stick with it if it is. possible. for them to post said i don't he she small do you view this is really. we trying to contact the russian billionaire dmitri ruble of love. preferred not to
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comment. it was indicted in monaco in february two thousand and fifteen for fraud and complicity in money laundering the investigation is still ongoing. but in the collection there were two other paintings that would cause trouble. in september two thousand and fifteen the billionaire posed with these two gotchas which like the rest of his collection he bought from eve bouvier the russian is beaming with joy. he thought he had done good business with these two portraits of checking because his last wife spanish woman with a fan and woman arranging her hair. but an unexpected figure came along to spoil the party. katherine. one of the causes heiresses jacqueline's daughter. she found a complaint for theft and suspected eve movie of being involved in the fencing of
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the two paintings sold to rebuild of love along with fifty eight drawings. a judge in paris issued an international warrant for bouvier's arrest. the art dealer was suddenly being sought by police forces all over the world. years gathering with pablo picasso and her mother. back then they lived in the south of france on the hill of an old farmhouse called note. because i lived in painted there for twenty years or so. in the fourteenth district of paris we're going to meet peter dupont. this former journalist was because i was confidant she wrote about their
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relationship in a book and she witnessed the scale of the artist body of work. of a total cook to decent then ended in that had to send them jam that so worship was a like a charge it came she may think that this. i walk limited pradelle because she could be identified and he yelled at is that he did back it then we'll have it. on the artist's death in one thousand nine hundred seventy three then on jackson's death thirteen years later almost two thousand paintings seven thousand drawings and one thousand two hundred sculptures were officially recorded. you know order to pay the inheritance duties part of the work was given to the state something known as payment. you. know this you don't play. dumb all the gloom all of. this is a while. ago it's
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a political. book. it just does not meet. the go you don't use of these old clothes. but i say i get on. to better than i shift just. picasso's body of work was enormous. some of his works went unrecorded after the painter died they were probably hidden away during the inventory for the inheritance. but that is what this report suggests by the director of the picasso administration who represents the families interests. it is likely that escape the inventory as they had been hidden by.
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this is the ought to be the case for the two disputed paintings. accused of being involved in the theft of the two portraits. defends himself and declares that he did indeed pay katherine you don't. apparently asked him to pay money not directly to the heiress but to a trust fund and offer a company based in a tax haven. close to understand shine. a little bit the. image i mean if it is if there's a fear of it. says. you know. the disk can support it because fer sure if yes it does on the promises you think we should chainsaw the cost. to prove his claims he shows us this document which is apparently the receipt
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for payment for the two portraits. m.-e. i invest bouvier's company paid eight million dollars to nobody oh trust based at the central bank investor who's capital of lichtenstein. the name of catherine doesn't appear. but investigators discovered that no below trust belonged to a certain katherine blake living at rouge black in paris. the address was no longer her residential address but play was none other than the married name of katherine you've done. behind the offshore company it was indeed the because so heiress who received the payment from eve movie and in front of our camera the art dealer went even further. someone does sophisticated good of what he's got a set idea. in society killed off before on a call over midday on demand for the long mariachi simply with no one to and who
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may turn out as i suppose they keep on a vote have asked though as you don't the second would initiate says off c. of almost without which then she also reset it off without a tough business up on anything just a pack of bin if she does it doesn't use f.s.s. it's time law said yup a systemic one organising play of the fed did such a terrible dipping following the supposed to go he's gonna be left with his gun. eve bouvier had to pay several million dollars in bail to have his international arrest warrant lifted. and still facing an indictment for fencing stolen goods the r.d.o. has made new accusations regarding the picasso heiresses financial scams. a very you know what i. modena. said. that mo is shall want to sit for the. drawing
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painter and his model to katherine. once again no mention of her name the money was paid to an offshore company in panama this time. well the drawing turned up at the geneva freeport. it. as a never before. did we. know what it. was busy don't want to. look out it. never. say never if that is not true and also i don't see.
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we contacted katherine utahns lawyer for response to serious accusations here is her reply. does not wish to communicate or to participate in any sort of broadcast . and. economists try to measure the impact of all for both pups and one thing that we know is that they make people they make people happy they will cope was intended to have a profit for the russian government is it's not a project and things approach some projects and things people will help in this instance i'm simply profitable because football in general is very profitable but of close if you would huge investment on the government side they do is that this will slow development of football culture in egypt.
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originally thought is drastic to us it's taken care of our cars just. you could function most of them from a complete different cards i would just. as static. the problem is that we kind of stayed within the state they called a nice it's not part of sweden. or like took some people have let. them know no but ok so what's the stop stop stop stop. cocobolo my culture it's a christian country and we don't do things like and we shall you if you do them we hate you. somebody hopefully you can do something about this stuff.
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we cannot be naive about cannot attract more gangsters rapists and these words actually mean that they are tearing down this city she wants to be a species currently and we want the people who live here to go back. to her.
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original. headlines on our t.v. the kremlin at the white house confirmed the first official saw me between donald trump and the flood i'm a poet and. well i'll tell you so number fourteen sol switzerland and brazil reached the last sixteen so there was a surprise upset in group had. twenty fourteen world cup champions germany went rushing out to solve the rio and while the koreans failed to qualify for that all counts that could not be happy.


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