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when. we go on we've got it what was sweden highest ever finish the world cup their best place to live fifty eight again group against brazil in fifty eight . cause room when pelley but he had only just not the ball was there you know very well done in the next i would say that was the goal so there you have it the supporters of the three lions take it there but will their team follow suit on the pitch not long to find out you know we'll r.t. some are. passionate and find spencer over and has been documenting his world cup journey across russia has been sharing it with his two million followers so we caught up with him out of the game to find out whether the tournament's helped spawn some of the stereotypes about russia. even myself i didn't wear i wore the game i didn't wear when the first day out because we weren't sure what to expect i'll be honest i had some of the same thoughts in my head we'd been told for
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example every single person on told i was going to russia for the world cup in the build up to this said the same thing are you worried are you worried that i'll go and listen and within a few hours i feel very at home it's been fantastic you know we've had absolutely zero issues whatsoever i say to anyone at home that still trying to have the ability to get out just before it might be today been fantastic these challenges we're probably for maybe there's something before we get i was hoping court follows that we where i think we should have got to anything now and on top of that is a bonus right so because of the fact that we've got this route you know this route to the final which seems to say easy but i say seems like it's changeable. and we'll find out the lost so we find this today nine pm local time in sochi croatia go head to head with the host russia and millions of fans across the country are praying to keep that world cup dream alive and russia crush reached the quarter final after winning dramatic penalty shoot outs the first one. as of the tournament
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in fact. one of the tournament favorites of course russia already won a high waves that got the confidence off there when i can't spain. seem russia in the quarterfinals performing something just short show of america giving the fight to the mighty spain and eventually knocking it right out of the tournament that night russian fans rule. that. little gold became a thing after the two saves by the russian goalkeeper eagerly can fave in the final penalty shootout degree can fav himself already a star here at home became an even bigger internet celebrity at the time.
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now also drawing attention of course russia's head coach but he took the spotlight not only with these managing decisions and he's managing style but also with his emotions or rather the lack of them i should say a hint of a smile and a reservedly bold faced in triumph this is all that he allowed himself on the pitch . churches have some astonished have become known here in russia has them a stosh of hope another symbol for russian fans he's russia's traditional headwear caution so here in central moscow in the hearts of the football fever i decided to familiarize fans of other national teams with these two features although. russian
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fan culture. you know russia's traditional element of headwear. is in the. winter happy well. with the bald guy a bald guy i have no idea i have no idea it's. a staff that your kids fucked up to have this. you know what it was. it's this i mean yeah you know it's actually this isn't done for girls it's called cautioning bush yes question is right on have you ever wanted to become a russian. mine. just look so am i let's do this you you can kind of hold it all the but you know let's not yeah it is no different than. the idea behind this goes.
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to help you a little bit right really right. ok ok selfie time. yeah yeah tawfiq like a natural you look like a natural you have something to chew something else yeah we have something else you know the russian chico i don't know his last name but i know him by his face just bald the word. there must indeed and what i have for you here. i'm just going to give you this. do you think that maybe you could hold it like this and say if you was pretend you were a russian coach which in english or in english we feel the power of the stuff you hate he's here you know and part of me had yeah come on give me the speech. you've got you've got to get better over going to search for we're going to cope or to we have all the fans here all or nothing come on it's your country is so tall and you need to. make your own history come on do it do it brother she right she russian
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players please i you remind me of mexico buddy dear do you have a message to russian fans thank you thank you for the hospitality thank you for making it such an amazing experience continue supporting the team it's a wonderful world cup good luck for russia and i hope that they would do it in the world cup thank you for everything being very limited come on we were counting on you guys that was the plan russia mexico the final we give you a chance so if you give me a down i feel i am pleased when the cap. yes it is really a bit of talk about which has seen huge levels of support for russia by other countries people really appreciating the hosts but i think those numbers make a big difference i saw the game yes egypt here is a piece of the resort in spain having the whole stadium behind you it just gives an
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extra you know five ten percent romans up and had a fantastic game and you could see he was chasing every ball down and it just makes such a big difference for the whole nations in the stadium and around the country watching them behind you really spur you on you i mean i think the last time the russian team had a similar energy was back in two thousand and eight you know the one they had they reached the third place under this heading playing fantastic football and many russians went to the european leagues after that i'll shove and. let the north and central really making their mark. you know the russian team gets a lot of stick from found some of the a lot of the time you know finds a very critical of are you optimistic this is a level of support certainly i haven't seen in a decade from from the fans you know i think they're optimistic russia have come flying out the blocks nobody expected them to school that many goals a lot of people said you know in saudi arabia it's egypt they're not the strongest teams but people didn't expect that positivity i think that's really taken many by surprise you know they will tell spain for world champion you know you can scoff at that. these are big teams and of course they did lose that game to europe wide but
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you know they were resting many of the players so they'll be confident now going into the game to see if they not you know if they can continue to keep that shape to keep defensively tight they can you know they can to wrap up a police shootout win on the pill mill it will be tough though because you know. one of the favorites they've risen i think from something like sixty to seventy right up to the top five in steve rankings they've swept aside all the teams they've played for me they were the favorites to start with they've got that balance similar to france what we talked about the other day they've got a balance between individual try to last through that point of skills from the mall trench right to teach parachutes while having that very much coordinated team spirit that's going to be a pretty tough test russia absolutely and i think as well players like the commodity is key to keep him quiet if they can somehow find a way to neutralize him he's one of those players who doesn't get the big headlines at real madrid it's always. been some or somebody else who you know gets the
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headlines but that's not somebody who you know really keeps the to pull strings in midfield and this if russia can keep him quiet they stand a chance now how do things stand at the moment obviously we saw yesterday belgium into the semifinals and they'll be taking on france and the table now looks like this social resave the tournament looks like whoever wins today will play in this case between the sweden will then when play the winner of the back side between croatia and russia and as you said i've heard france is my favorite spot for the tournament you say croatia they could be in the final yeah absolutely and how about england russia for a semifinal how fantastic would that be now for the fans here and i was country to russia question game is a question of faith in their team like we just spoke about not least for russian hockey superstar alexander ovechkin you caught up with him. yes we had
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a russian victory of course and we will support it already done in making everybody happy and not far away from the final they need to work hard and i think the guys fully understand this and will do everything to make that happen. in a world cup that's been full of surprises perhaps one of the biggest has been russia making it to the last eight but can they go any further well fans have been making pledges of what they're prepared to do if the team makes it through to the last fall. was. basically just a brief adjustment for the last. this is you know station which you deliver the food all for the soup we typically expose all day now you. think it don't use time the season with the fico scores are still up because world goes by so.
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what is when you look at those and i say yes when you're sniffing vitalists and i thought i should go see one of the new stalls. shows more. stations movie yes that's part of that i suppose both and now. to the live show which is our standup the fish did not steal that we're not dealing synopsis of what we do to do lunch is one of the weeds you could tell but. if you would get us i might be able to settle you serious if you like. he should also should these people be feeding his of us but even. in the russian spirit say you have the questions though also called off but you know when the country's president has even been spotted among the fans. last time i
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was here was in october to visit with president putin and it was a different kind of visit i hope to have fun today regardless of the restrictions of the product because when i cheer for the team i like to do it in the way that sometimes can be delivered in appropriate in the v.i.p. lounge so it tonight i've been allowed to wear the national colors which is good and the russian hosts allow that it makes me happy however of course they will have to sit in my chair and not do as i usually do we went to the fan zone to watch your game with spain last time and we celebrated with your fans and the fact that we will be meeting each other tonight in sochi i think you have a great team i wish you a lot of luck and may the best team win i believe it's going to be croatia and i'm going to be cheering for croatia and i also have to congratulate you on the way that you have organized this championships because with the span i.d.'s you can not only move freely around but it allows for the level of security that i haven't
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experienced yet any championships so congratulations russia. for. sukkot told us why he's got his butts on his team. twenty years ago we beat the pro we beat for germany three i mean we don't if somebody on that wall you croatian team he can have big problems we can control the ball who control more the more prime time to score more prime to play when i visit my go players i saw in. hungary to be in. excellent world cup excellent program is. russia well done to russia for the. russian people and we saw the ice. so i've been in there for
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a stop near me some papers board luzhniki spartak stadium i'm talk with my mom every day you know house food house hotel you know money's all of the best for your son and of course i'm so glad and thank you and of course we will enjoy. if somebody asked three years ago russia he will beat spain think attack at the best players in the world in spain are winning a lot of throw for us everyone say no but football is it's the best sports in the world and that's why we like not always winning the favorites and that's why he's nice to be in the world cup in russia and that's football on fish can eat big fish once but not every day troll the world playing for my country that's the best feeling in the world and that's why kids please dream dream come through play for a national team play hard and give all. yes russia will be hoping that they are
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going to be eating the big fish today now the fans support to make the difference in any game and they're making themselves heard across social media to the latest digest from digital t.v. a supporter of france and belgium celebrate their teams making it through to the last four. or was. it was it was. the an.
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so on twenty five minutes played into the england sweden clash school nil nil bit of a scrappy game it's all so far that's the really big one setting down a bit into the rhythm no no real solves the ball all the penalty if you will probably didn't go through all that i just threw out the coming out was almost the final sequence of fun and games that i rushed in and sweden other goalkeeping golds got his previous michael joining us live from seoul so that lights bring his expert insight on the action so stay tuned for that in about.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to. let you go on to be pros this is what look for free in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the. city. my system is dying and so people are going to take me out here and see if they are intercepted and they're going to have to bribe to cheers they can put their attachment to obedience point which would be this china social networking score and hope to get more frequent flyer miles in the freeway being down of the danger or they can go down the bridge point which is individual.
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welcome back let's bring you up to speed on the world news headlines now the organization for the prohibit of chemical weapons has issued an interim report on the alleged use of chemical weapons in the syrian city of do money in april it ses of various chlorinated substances were found in some polls from two sites in duma yet the report also states no nerve agents although degradation products were detected there p.c. w. has not yet reached a final conclusion about the allegations and its work is still ongoing but chemical attack in question was allegedly carried out on april the seventh in duma
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a week later in france the u.k. and the us launched air strikes against syria accusing president assad of using chemical weapons against his own people russian military experts on the ground though failed to find any trace of chemical weapons used in duma but the attack by western powers went ahead regardless. chemistry professor james torsos the organic compounds the found at the sides are not necessarily related to any nerve agents. it means with a founder just to recall or getting compounds that would be present from an industrial cylinder it has nothing to do with nerve agents that are getting compounds that they found were seeded gases then try to say that those are the types of compounds that any any organic chemistry lab or industrial site would have those are used as skin treatment agents use work removal that has nothing to do
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with a chemical agent. or some western media outlets were quick to react to the report with the b.b.c. even claiming proof of chemical weapons use had been found though they have since corrected bear headline to reflect the fact that their p.c. w. has yet to reach a conclusion back in april after the alleged attack u.s. officials were also eager to jump to conclusions the united states has excellent intelligence gathering as we saw what happens with information that led us to believe that sarin and chlorine gas were used in this most recent attack we certainly had a lot of media and social media indicators that either chlorine or sharon were used what james tosser told us he's been skeptical all along about whether that chemical attack ever actually took place. just looking at the attack looking at the cylinders i knew that this was not a chemical weapons attack that anything there may have been some cylinders that may
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have been exploded but those were typical industrial cylinders of common compounds they had nothing to do with a chemical weapons attack and that's why the report has said that there are no no chemical weapons agents were found at all whether they be the nerve agent or chemical agents or mustard agents none of the agents or the by products the degradation products were found. that kind of a summit between vladimir putin and donald trump has taken a barrel of criticism from us democrats but the american president and doesn't seem if any people thought it and i might even end up having a good relationship i think where our president. you know person in this case he said this you know what put in stride. well signed with people well i believe that they are totally prepared i think the parents of this stuff my whole life they don't see. an addition to the recent
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comments from trump about the upcoming meeting we've seen republican senators visit moscow ahead of the meeting now there was a response to those republican senators visiting moscow from various forces on social media among them prominent democrats. russians who were in with the shopworn song repugnant as nails on the blackboard and a misson attacking us with trump praising putin talking to him regularly meeting him alone with g.o.p. lawmakers visiting moscow on july the fourth with republican surrendering to russia's cyber attack the no longer seems to be a question that the kremlin controls the g.o.p. but eight g.o.p. senators suspending july the fourth twenty eighteen in moscow terms preparing for his visit my working theory is the senate is making sure everyone knows exactly how putin likes to be serviced they also saw jim carrey the prominent and well known
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comedian getting on social media and seeming to insinuate that because this meeting may have taken place on july fourth that somehow this was an unpatriotic move and urging people to register to vote now it's pretty clear that there are some forces in the united states that are quite optimistic about the upcoming meeting in helsinki however it seems also pretty clear that there are other forces that simply don't look forward to a possible thaw in tension between the two countries. well american lawyer and journalist glenn greenwald is best known for publishing documents disclosed by the whistleblower edward snowden remote is currently in moscow for us live a security conference he says much of america's political cloth truly believe russia is the number one enemy. there's an obsession in the united states with viewing russia not just as an adversary but as an x. one to me it's permeated both political parties there's actually talk a lot now about how what they regard as the interference in the twenty sixteen
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election is similar to pearl harbor when the japanese attacked the united states during world war two or al-qaeda and nine eleven and so there's this sense that russia is now an enemy on par with al-qaeda or the japanese during world war two russia is often talked about this way in the sense that any kind of connection with or interaction with russia is viewed as inherently suspicious or even worse and it's extremely dangerous and extremely toxic and it's one of the reasons why i decided to come here this morning posted a picture of myself and snowden because i think it's very important to combat it to . the leader and founder of a japanese doomsday cult was executed on friday circa asahara along with six senior members of the cult were put to death for a deadly sarin attack in one thousand nine hundred ninety five the amish and rico
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cults was founded in one thousand nine hundred four and counted up to forty thousand members at its height around thirty thousand of the followers were in russia the cult is regarded as a terrorist organization by several countries including the us and russia it carries out a major sarin gas attack in the tokyo underground twenty three years ago. can usually use someone typically just because a cult is without
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a leader for some time that doesn't mean it ceases to exist shako as a howler and his closest followers were hanged but the count in japan is officially registered it's on the terrorism watch list so i don't rule out the possibility that the cult still has followers in russia because here is a good breeding ground for the organization to find followers. cycle as the her i visited moscow in one thousand nine hundred two and met with russian political and religious leaders the cult founder went on a promotional campaign giving speeches at the country's top universities and spending millions of dollars that succeeded in attracted in china and attracting many followers in russia.
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there are numerous victims of this there and at shelter. all of us and all of the help and with rights to help them and. also i think part of the trial which was held in russia i guess knowledge to go in the barents. in the very base you don't have a good big advance to the office a letter and a general. to start this process. actually didn't go get one hundred percent interview and then the upper hand and then of course that in that case and we have changed everything. but an update now for you on the england sweden game about thirty seven minutes into the game and we've seen her our first go ahead from harry mcguire that's his first goal for england bringing the school to one nil we're going to be keeping across this not sunday the second much of the
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day which is later this evening as well so do stay with us for that we're going to take a short break now and see you in a bit. in twenty four you know bloody revolution of you tube clip demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing the violent revolution is always spontaneous or is it you know we hear a pretty mean your list put did you agree with the new bill is that i mean you split needle the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty four g. and. those who took part in it invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these an article that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. the corruption is everywhere in our house as i do with you have hurried over the employment and we see have
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a lot of bitterness you know especially in the hinterlands so i would say that our success story is a house it's just tory once again because the political game the political objectives but we didn't we didn't succeed in achieving a good economy go. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and that's what mike was hoping the board doesn't want because. this is not the guns. going into this it's just a proprietary software you don't know. the source code isn't that it's such a security risk when you have a black box operating the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under cyber threat and not only that to think. that. this is an easy sell the only one of the the will to live through
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the the through the woods. with. these this is. often started on. your vision stop in the water to your own homes and from is up and describes of the fine. welcome back on friday saw more protests at the gaza border as part of the already months long great march of return at least one palestinian was killed and twenty four injured witnesses say israeli soldiers opened fire when protesters approached the fence israel however says a militant tried to throw an explosive device at soldiers near the border adding that the bomb exploded inside gaza and injured several palestinians as well also
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claims that it's the islam.


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