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but. a woman who was allegedly exposed. in the british town of. currently remains in a critical condition. in. upcoming tour of europe with protests also expected in the u.k. . the mother of a missing indigenous girl launches a six hundred million dollars lawsuit against canadian police alleging negligence in this and similar cases involving aboriginal women. correspondent goes to test the quality of women's football in russia. so i. pulled. out of moscow.
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the. clock on monday morning here in moscow all of us here at the international welcome to gold top story. and a grim development in the amesbury poisoning case one of the victims has died she had allegedly been exposed to the know. our correspondent reports. don't sturgis he was exposed to the never agent not be chuckin amesbury house died in hospital and charlie rowdy still remains in a critical condition the head of the u.k. counterterrorism placing said that this is shocking and tragic news that the thoughts and prayers are with the ones family at this extremely difficult time and the u.k. prime minister to resign may she expressed condolences as well initially it was
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thought that the couple had come into contact with contaminated drugs but only off to counter terrorism place confessions that the couple had actually been exposed to the nerve agent novi chalk and taser mines that of how the ames case has unfolded safe to people would be the surprise to the right to know the truth nobody can remain deadly for long periods exposed to the nerve agent no but chuck. he wanted a reason why you say to do anything if you're going to be safe if they came to be offensive scale ation we are good sturdy building bridges. or you know your poor children we're there are the parents of you live right here in the you know that was the thing to do they.
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let me. go with you starts running but there's no room to go. right so it's read very. very well but tells me my dead body face to face there's your. report. it is now time. the russian state comes forward and explains it so what is going on you know the offer is still that the russian state to try and assistance to tell us what happened we spoke to u.s. diplomat jim and john he says claims made by the british authorities on the media
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don't quite add up ever deadly as i say in the scruples were poisoned with some agent which the british authorities say is in all the truck which is a highly deadly nerve agent why why did they recover but these people who were exposed weeks after the fact didn't it was simply a residue left over after presumably the area had been scrubbed i think the first thing i would do if i were a british citizen is demand that their government come clean tell what they actually know little really expect anything from the british media broke the british media is even worse than the american media as it is being total lapdogs of whatever it is the government says and the mainstream media could be in for some rough times with a view was becoming increasingly skeptical at least of that's according to one recent poll conducted in the u.s. sees that but i guess dia breaks down the story just imagine you would kill bought
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salt for twenty four hours a day seven days a week three hundred sixty five days a year for two we year is preaching a simple message russia meddling in the u.s. election russia did metal in the two thousand and sixteen election the united states is still vulnerable to russian and political interference but the russians were not only meddling in the two thousand and sixteen election from a far and no one gives a monkeys in two thousand and seventeen this x. national security advisor pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. . miss kelly no steve was gorka no. michael flynn only the smartest of the smart get to be on jeopardy right so what does this little exchange last night say about the nation's focus or lack thereof on the whole more russian meddling in collusion investigation in calculable effort
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hundreds of millions spent on a simple message and people just don't get it and they stupidly what's worse they make fun of you laugh at you imagine you're a journal with the u.s. delegation visiting north korea and even the north koreans mock you as you board the bus the pool reporter traveling with secretary pompei you asked the north korean guide what pyongyang expects from the meetings his reply will have to see like your president says then he fired back with a question of his own asking in this van no fake news out to add insult to injury or injury to insult time is running out for the peddlers of fake nums says trump. twitter is getting rid of fake accounts at a record pace will that include the failing new york times and propaganda machine for amazon the washington post who constantly quote anonymous sources that in my
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opinion don't exist they would both be out of business in seven years let's be honest here nearly every major and minor media network gets its share of criticism deserved or undeserved and we're no exception in russia today which is the propaganda arm of the russian government the moscow controlled propaganda cable news channel russia today you know propaganda arm of the least consider the us intelligence to be a propaganda arm of the russian that all r.t. was in a propaganda arm of the russian government what's changed is that people increasingly just don't trust the media anymore society is skeptical take this poll sixty two percent of us adults believe that the news they see in the papers on t.v. on the internet is biased it's tricky you start with one side's opinion and people
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will ask why you didn't start with the others you report on rumors people accuse you of speculation you don't mention the rumors people accuse you of censorship but when you go all out on an intentional information crusade to smear sally and stain who only to get laughed at by the north koreans a whole that's cruel. this week donald trump departs on a weeklong tour of europe where he will meet his russian counterpart and his nato allies of the us leader has warned alliance members he might withdraw american forces from the continent if they don't pay up. i know what i'm going to tell you no you get to see page of bills united states had nato members might be worried by trump's tough hold but not everyone is keen on keeping the alliance up
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and running war activists in the belgium capital hit the streets on saturday denouncing the military bloc as well as trump's upcoming visit to brussels. well the next stop on it will be the u.k. and protesters there already to track his every move. looks at why trump might end up not particularly enjoying his stint in prison. when they are in iran travel to britain he is going to join a long line of u.s. presidents but the special relationship is real in order to get a selfie with the queen there is fair to say that he won't be universally welcome but the last thing that downing street and the state department wanted just for the donald to find out that he may be a little bit unpopular so we at i see my arm i have prepared a video guide for head of his arrival so somebody washington just turned off the office news for a second and showed him this and everything else but. mr
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president the people of britain are waiting to greet you in truly unprecedented numbers tens of thousands will line the streets getting loser any issues now because of how keen some people are to meet you this trip will probably avoid central london which also means bypassing all those knife wielding islamist terrorists so you don't want to be highlighted in the past as lurking on every street corner the queen will instead greet you told when there is state which is far more exclusive surrounded by very high rules and much closer to the royal protocol dictates that it is better if you do not comment on her majesty's of parents try to touch or attempt to grab by simon i'm not saying that now mr president last year when the senators emerged of you in a very compromising position with one particular woman you're going to have to meet again. this time around where mitigating the risk of any such leaks by having you
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meet mrs may that jacket is her version of david and again with the purpose of keeping you away from all those adoring crowds i'm pleased about addressing parliament like previous lose the u.s. president's lack of an invite has prevented the embarrassment of us having to decline it but sadly you won't have time to meet all positionally that jeremy corbin i shaved the. britain's bernie has expressed a desire to discuss a number of issues with you it's thought he has a lover. and you need to demonstrate your dedication to the job of being president this trip has been upgraded from a mass state visit to a much more noble. time has been allocated should you wish to carry out some of your. own either on your golf courses in scotland mr president believe me when i say that britain is waiting for you.
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so was it braces for a tough meeting with trump nato has gone on a bit of a p.r. offensive on twitter pointing out that all four remaining countries in the world cup are alliance members apparently ignoring features wish to keep politics out of the beautiful. thank you i thank. the remaining full fee for world cup for the primary two countries good luck small but. let's put it this way twenty five major conflicts are not let's play ball not politics played thanks why is this relevant to the world cup thank. people world cup teams are representing their separate sovereign countries and not
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make football and world cup out of nothing to do with the geopolitical and war mongering organization might nights. when suddenly love us to believe that if you join nato and subscription every year that in some unlikely and improbable and in direct way that leads to full force upsets it's an opportunistic chance to cultivate some popularity so i suppose they thought the opportunity of exploiting the fact that they're all for seventy finalists in. the biggest store second biggest sports competition in the world i'm guessing things will use the walk up to showcase. it does not exactly a crisis going on there be aware that there is
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a summit meeting this wednesday in brussels and the ten they've got something called trunk a very vocal critic of noto he says it's an absolute problem is very show and it's a sense of organization and he says it's. not worth the money so if he was given the opportunity to pull out you probably would. if i was going to allow him to the latest of the world cup the host nation may have lost on penalties against croatia but festivities here in moscow are carried on all week and the russian team has since returned from soft been on stage at the found zone near luzhniki stadium where they thanked france for their support. of the. ha.
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the out. of the. cause of that. he says the mother. who was in the out. well i'm here as well kim's back their heroes they may have gone out on penalties to croatia but the. kids in moscow has to save the day for one it will. be the head coach trying to stop. when he spoke this whole crowd was
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a fail at least silent he's a monster he's still here in russia has gone through the roof because this wasn't a team that was expected to do anything this was a team that was expected to go out to the opening round to what he produced and. well they created was a team that has really cool the hearts and minds of the russian people as we look at dusk to say she didn't link the church so the ends of. the if we look at the the big money talk i love the big model top if we look at it zuba he has really risen by opinion driven out so much and driven rushing forward as well. standing on the sidelines telling the funds to get up and support the team against spain one of those memories that will always stay with me. about twenty four hours for class with belgium in the semifinals and both teams are favorites of the tournament and then play croatia in moscow on wednesday all of this has seen many
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upsets and even more surprises and footballer. says that's what makes this tournament different. at this world cup all teams are equal we've seen almost all the strong teams make every effort to win their matches while those teams consider to be weak have been almost on the same level what them that's why this championship is so balanced with goals on the ninetieth minute on the ninety third this world cup is very different the opening game over this world cup was also by having bowl girls a correspondent check out the quality of women's football in russia. which team has the best. game of the world cup it was russia. saudi arabia wrong again. they found another player with every single pass the.
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world cup so opening there from a junior women's football today from a neighborhood. even by russian standards to get free moment at the world cup opener the teenagers won a contest against boys and girls from all over the world countries. so obviously. you. would see. millions would have to find themselves in the same boots. girls from this amateur football club from moscow not so many of those in russia for now. but calc them in you won't see them helping out at the russian world cup arenas but these ladies of f.c. girl power don't need special occasions to shine on and off the pitch their team
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can for one threw a party that would lure crowds of moscow's most hip party goers. for a bit of fun and all of the name of football women's amateur football football for everyone. is just like you get what you. work at the beat up on the hook he said look i was. here first thing you're a ten year old good so you get the good of you to let me. know about it. but i was just never shut up like. this give me a board with the guys just give a good what sunny. side yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah if it but it was a good thing that you. would feel this one you're right that it's
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important because i get worse when i see even worse the old you look at you get. that i cannot believe i agreed to this you know you're going to i'm not but it's an example both. pretty you know what the injury adam one camp was that i was sure you know downs should educate neighbor of the study he was the most thoughtful on yeah little boy. the rest of you who have to you know for fact that i asked. yeah i should see that now that it when i did propose to. call i mean since i am the bull that cloyd that because i was going to rush i was reason. when you lost the point of us but. we've come back. to fishing deal key these can you.
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show me. you have some of those were just the off button you don't. do all of the chop course the way you know and then i put on my full voice she knew about what i'm called those an all star you know my my man come down. on the football and. the little ball but the most negative thing was see the city itself. now that's what i call. good your football right out of moscow for trying to go first yes i did actually be on our team. still to come here on the program when i was here international interior. minister has tweeted that he will ask europe to close poles for international missions to save migrants libya's coast we're back with more.
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like the many flips over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school. about the passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money just killed and spending children twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else on it because i want to share what
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i think what i know about the beautiful just like great so with all chance for. the next minute. i could have you with us the mother of an indigenous a girl in canada they need to face the big ego who went missing in two thousand and seven as launched a six hundred million dollar lawsuit against the royal canadian mounted police she alleges the force doesn't properly investigate cases involving indigenous women die on a big old told us what happened to her daughter. all the sudden i heard a noise and looked out the window and she was getting hauled off by three men in a black truck my mike all my children that i was babysitting and her children saw
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that so i phoned the police and told them you know. i'll come and pick up my daughter what to do and when you're going to let her go. back home back home back our two hours the next day then they told me she wasn't there. and they never did anything like after i saw that i told them i think like good you guys took her i want to do with her and they were saying. she's not here so it couldn't have been ass. and i kept going back there and i i started accusing them you know are you guys taken girls because if you are you know i'm going to make sure that you guys pay for that meanwhile according to a canadian police report just in twenty fourteen there were suddenly one hundred sixty four missing indigenous women their board of twenty fifteen shows the number
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of missing indigenous women is growing back to the figure was one hundred and seventy four now the number of missing women has led to activism now the women's memorial marches held annually in different canadian cities to commemorate those murdered or missing by the events the goal is also to call attention to the problem and particularly to cases involving indigenous women and the mother of missing donita big eagle says that unfortunately indigenous women are attacked more frequently. it's a tragedy that doesn't seem to end. girls are still going missing women and girls. and that scares us i think they think we're easy prey you know where we're something they can just help themselves to like take advantage of and. it's got to be you know i can't i can't think of any other reason they must think or pray they want something to chase something tell her
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something to kill and that's us riaz to the royal canadian mounted police to comment on big eagles case but haven't had a reply yet laurel a williams who also lost a family member says that attackers choose indigenous women as their victims because they know that not a lot will be done by police. we're targeting no. credit or knowledge that. what. we know or that whether we would run. against all my life i grew up around my. how much we all were. all one my mom since no one saw that. so i know all the laws especially within our slammed by i'd by hard work. myself and i'm. aware of the laws are and were i mean there is another
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where you think indigenous women forward when the allegations against the court that raise the parliament and they said they were sex insults but nothing. italy's interior minister has tweeted that he will ask you to close a tally on imports for international missions to save migrants off libya's coast and the request was put on the table during a meeting of european terry of ministers and austria later this week outcomes after an irish navy ship brought a hundred and six migrants to the east and sicilian ford of messina this weekend italy as a popular destination of the migrants fleeing african countries for europe aid fears of the rise of populism and italy our sister channel r.t. spanish spoke with the founder of the italian five star movement. you're going to go you know every time i come to
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a meeting i have to spend the first five minutes proving that i won't jump up on the table or shantytowns swear words i have to prove that i'm not a caveman and that i have a great of intellect and everybody surprised about that whole foreign media described me as some sort of right wing populist with strange methods something like trump when in fact i'm proud that i'm a populist if the word people still mean some. ideologies have exhausted themselves such ideas no longer resonate with young people right wing or leftists neither of these massive for them anymore think good and bad i did they did not divide by right or left i'm an optimist because i see that part of europe understands that we need the europe that shares common values and there are still moral principles take olive oil and bus in from spain this is the problem with the whole of europe because it's necessary to negotiate the price in volume so europe is engaged in olive oil and boston but catalonia is already
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sort of the problem of spain not europe just unbelievable i would like to see an independent counsel load in the e.u. because the catalans held a referendum and made a decision so what kind of moral principles can we talk about. that are just running across the aisle here in moscow plenty more stories for you at the top of the hour this is the international. i think more to do good is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county for you to state this look at some of the before now and. mark was the day that when he was five that the lion. do going to spin the sheriff's most contentious critics say he is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in these were pretty much when i first started the corruption in palm beach county it's not something that you can smell it seems like it's a nod and
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a wink it wasn't what i wanted to do you know. who had more shootings in this county then some states have had collected to go and went to this website began featuring the comments about this family the sheriff like that so in your squash you like a bug you know we should stop then you should say animal. the stuff i believe what i'm doing ok you know it's your funeral boating f.b.i. raided p.b.s. and critic dude in this house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia where i've been a little funny. man they know as bad wolf. you know world big part of the law.


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