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we're taught and that's indeed what the labor party has done with its code of conduct it's accepted the definition it's accepted many of the notes of guidance but it is argued that other notes of guidance are not useful in the form in which they're incorporated in that definition and if it's offered reformulations of them it is taking out of so much as a more seriously than the i.h.r. a and trying to provide a working document so it can be dealt with in practice and in order to do that one has to be able to distinguish between what is anti semitic and what is acceptable criticism of israel the i h r a definition makes it appear that criticism of israel is likely to be anti semitic and puts the onus on people who do not like what israel is doing is really government policy the racist foundations of its current nation state will use its semitic to do so roughly. forty five percent of israeli m.p.'s alone would be anti-semitic and the mass movement of people in
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israel on the streets protesting about the spill they would all have to be deemed as anti semitic why is it possible for us to have criticism of israel within israel regarded as legitimate debate and such criticism when voiced by jews like myself in britain as anti semitic or potentially anti semitic why should i have to prove that my criticisms of israel is manifestly discriminatory laws are not a matter of are not motivated by anti semitic belief they're motivated by a deep commitment to universal values to the gala terrorism to treating all people equally and within societies all citizens to be treated equally because discriminating against citizens and making some of them the enemy within that is a dangerous path and we know from the nine hundred thirty s. where that path can lead one because here there is a really good. why did the prime minister support this definition you have a problem with because britain selling. i don't think it's as simple as that but my
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feeling is they wanted a definition and this one was being touted it is not a good definition as i said before it was actually abandoned by the fundamental rights agency in the e.u. as not suitable for the purpose it's been drawn up for suddenly today it is now holy writ in the jewish tradition there is one book that is holy writ and it is not the i h r a definition which has to be subject to critical purview told me that is a criticism of the bible line by line paragraph by paragraph and the two is tradition is proud of its ability to take a sacred text and view it critically and suddenly we're faced with a text the i.h.r. a definition which has got to be regarded to separate scent and they one can voice a word of criticism of it to some of its causes some good some not very poor and contribute towards a restriction of our right to freedom of expression ironical ten of the european convention on human rights why do you think your organisation i'm old school was of
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others into the support gerry gorgons line on this and yet what we're being told on stage when they did media here and certainly all the press here little on the board of deputies everything all these groups are saying we represent the jewish community and your group seem to be much more silent in the political narrative about the subject our groups are part of the jewish community the jewish community does not speak with one voice the jewish community has never done so and it's important that diversity and plurality within the jewish community are recognised and encouraged and we would argue that we speak firmly within the jewish humanitarian internationalist tradition and that we are basing ourselves on jewish values of respect for the other respect for all religions agalloch terry innocent and not making the kinds of legal distinctions between citizens which is now occurring in israel this is not acceptable democratic. and jerry israel wishes
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because i look rule democracy it has to abide by liberal democratic found during the term is going to talk or see it can continue along the line it is going on getting germany organised crime is will be cowed by all this type of criticism of the less critical of those policies you dislike of the israeli government i hope that jeremy abel continued to be cherami can stand up for what he believes in and speak openly and honestly and pursue the values he has always stood up for international standards to kalak tarion values to midst of all anti racist values and standing up to all forms of racism including anti semitism which a group of thank you thank you very. well while the u.k. arguably debated food shortages after brics it brics nations wrapped up a groundbreaking summit in south africa last week what dangers lie ahead for brazil russia india china and south africa trying to forge a post imperial world free of u.s. federal reserve neoliberalism joining me from new hampshire in the u.s.
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is who else the former consultant lead to the u.n. the i.m.f. and the u.s. treasury john perkins author of confessions of an economic hitman the shocking story of how america took over the world john thanks so much for coming back on the show so back in your day when you were an economic hit man how would you have responded to this new kid on the block seeming to undermine or these threatening to undermine the i.m.f. and the world bank's supremacy you know i mean we had a similar situation through the soviet union it was on the same by anybody but there was a there was a balance so if we were to strive to hurt it strong i mean or untrue like let's say there were two or lundy or indonesia. their governments i turned to the soviet union. and force us to try to soften our approach and then after the soviet union collapsed in the early ninety's they roll back the iona and their sister organizations had a monopoly. and they really abuse that i think that's
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a shame and they use it to exploit other country to be even more now we've got tricks and we've got the. infrastructure investment banks and these banks have us our more financial power in fact in the world bank and it's just us and so in a way we're reaching a balance right think probably if i were at the world bank today and i think probably people who are at the world bank today are really having to look at how they need to soften their deals what they need to do to be more competitive against these basically chinese directives banks looking at it in august the more a shadowy way though the be in breaks brazil is already now run by a former cia asset its most popular leader of course is in jail news every day against jacob zuma flooding mainstream media there are other ways to attack this brics new. new future yeah it's difficult to stay
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exactly what the future will bring in this regard because the same time of course the u.s. government is having this competitive it's almost like as a tennis game a very but that very vicious with china with europe with north korea with russia over trade wars and trade deals and i'm sure that some people at the world bank and the other side to sions are being very much plato's cons in that game. i guess you have problems in tennis man talking about assessment yeah but then some a saying that as the the old policies a divide and rule fail to actually start to unite the perceived enemies of that. that paradigm as it was russia and china are arguably getting closer together in their relationship president putin and i was with him in st petersburg on
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a year ago at a conference there we were both speaking at night and a lot of time with his top economic advisor they are very very sharp they're very kind in a very clever and you know there's no world leader going to much experience a president who can at least on a world leader of a major country with nuclear arms and i think it was very obvious that in the meeting between putin and trump putin want you know couldn't just make trump look like an idiot so i'm sure that putin and china are really looking at how they come together and how they can face off no question that deserves huge rather gee lay crossed a sentient within the european union what supposed directed britain going to have to do to get closer ties with brics because apparently the pnd in moscow relations have never been lower and you think london can make these post break to deals maybe with the shanghai cooperation council that the whole bracket issue is there are open question right now. i think
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a country like england however really needs to look at how it can and does strike deals not only with the u.s. and other u.s. and european but also with russia and china you know we're going to this period where we got something that's called the silk road is connecting china through cazenove sound and many other countries with russia as i was in st petersburg i was also in conference on and president putin was there also as well as his chief economic advisor and this whole silk road idea of uniting that whole area is certainly got to be something your great interest to europe and to european and to the youth and just looking back on that seminal work of yours confessions of a hit on the hitman i mean is it does it sound like something of a hero i mean britain has failed to destroy say the assad government nato nations of the failed to destroy him
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a duro in venezuela. england trying to destroy putin that doesn't seem to be working and the days when they don't nations could destabilize countries. over now because of the differences in this century i don't think it's over all i think is still on a big scale the difference is. that there's been another factor that's coming in and that's a very strong militarism so about the time i was an economic hit man we were understanding that the war in vietnam was a failure on the other hand the overthrow of most adak in iran by an economic hit man was very successful so for many years the economic it francis and morris set into place as a way to respect and the global empire is really a corporate empire i think a big mistake was made in the round the year two thousand and later the bush administration the clinton administrations in the united states when the military
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industrial complex basically said hey you know. the world has been kind of taken over by corporations but we're not part of that we're going to get back into militarization and nine eleven provided a fantastic excuse for the bush administration to get back into the military process we're in that yeah it's lose and it's our working on the other hand the russians and the chinese are playing the game that we used to play which is really our economic hit man. and that seems to be doing quite well that's going to be six david. thank you and that's it for the show will be back on wednesday when we speak to one of the world's greatest social geographers professor danny dorling about his new book the inequality britain's ticking time bomb and nearly one hundred thirty thousand children to be homeless in britain christmas still that he would not write such a media he would see on monday forty eight has to the day of the death of suspected communist hollywood actor francis foma played by jessica lange and also going on in
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a front. that's a very rough terrain you saw it's rough climates and you have to fight to be able to plan. it was gunshots going tomtom and so many friends you would have been getting in there and i mean even not. having any you know i don't want. to see everybody in this world and it's good to participate in the good. old to me but when. you don't think about these things these soldiers are on the. streets like you know and their patients.
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the the the. the. the. british as a in the free fall the mid to purge of fake and suspicious uses while donald trump also blasts the platform for silencing republicans. as the response if i have still not made a single cent profit we look at how this puts their workers and even consumers at
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risk. elsewhere there are calls in the us to stop authorities using amazon's facial recognition tool after it wrongly match photos of members of congress with criminals. plus a palestinian teenager and two men are killed by israeli soldiers at the gaza border with eighty other protesters wounded a journalist working with r.t. was caught up in the violence. we just come from in. the netherlands. good evening thanks for joining us you're watching r.t. . tough times may be ahead for twitter shares plunged on friday with the tech giant admitting some bad news she has plunged an amazing twenty one percent that want to incredible six billion dollars of the value of the
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company and this comes after twitter posted a decline. in monthly active users from the start of the year the social media to him earth has now lost at least a million users amid efforts to purge fake accounts and even admitted that things could get worse adding it now prioritizes stability of the user growth but it's not the only thing overshadowing twitter president trump claims the company is limiting the visibility in its search results of quote prominent republicans the practice is known as shadow banning trump has branded it discriminatory hinting that it could even break u.s. laws twitter however as denied political bias are behavioral ranking doesn't make judgments based on political views or the substance of tweets we are aware that some accounts are not automatically populating in our search by.


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