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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  August 1, 2018 8:30pm-9:01pm EDT

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so yes we're stopping migrants have been expelled by police in this area many times philip tells me that despite this they come back and every time they do this situation becomes even more desperate from the beginning our mission was to serve hot drinks and bread and we've done this for twenty months every day during the last month we started questioning our mission as we day one i volunteered to be put in danger. who is to blame for this situation for not giving enough help to the migrants on the streets is this the mayor of paris is this the government of france . for us is both the state is responsible for people on the streets for taking in migrants at the same time the authorities in paris are restricting access to water taps in the summer is irresponsible they also have a responsibility towards the miners their miners who sleep on the street and in the camp of drug addicts me the state nor the parish administration is doing its job with the authorities not providing enough support the volunteers are giving up just
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a stone's throw away from haiti is an area known locally as crack hill that's also made things worse for those working to help the migrants felipe says that some of the drug addicts are also coming for food handouts and causing problems. by the drug addicts who evacuated recently but nothing was done to help them and they came back to the now come for a break for this too it creates additional tension they're aggressive including two of the volunteers so this is an explosive situation. while we're recording the the meet the food distribution point to. individuals approach us all move you guys or lambo media which serves. when i was here i was fairly. low margin so precisely. at the moment some of the streets. below me now we're not filming in the cities but they just kept up with the cameras. be
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letting people see it said. i. think. more people are coming nothing is being done about it and there are the drug addicts as you saw it's impossible to film people here it's becoming more difficult than before we think the situation is explosive and it poses in real danger by shutting up shop so legality me call will know that they are cutting off a vital lifeline for the ripple nicholas but as well as doing it out of concern for their volunteers they hope the move to prompt the authorities to stop ignoring the plight of migrants and force them to take action. skee r.t. paris. maria buthe made headlines last month after being arrested in the u.s. on charges of acting as a russian agent in addition to allegedly working about half of the kremlin to
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interfere in u.s. policies it's also being claimed she was trying to lure american money here to russia or to america has spoken to britain as lawyer about the case the full interview will be appearing soon on its you tube channel. well i think if you read the indictment of the case is alleged to be an agent over russia who failed to register with the attorney general and so essentially that means is they haven't charged with espionage and if you read the against or know the allegations or anything spy like about it the sense of the government is conceding that even under their own theory it should fall the piece of paper with the attorney general's office at the beginning of her trip to america everything she did was legal and so my point is this is more of a registration type crime than a crime and yet the media and the government some extent are treating it like an espionage crime. well i mean i think that allegation was particularly
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damaging to maria because it makes it more like a spy novel and frankly easier for the public to digest and so editors and producers like those kind of allegations because it seems like this is more like the red sparrow was an allegation that was set forth in a proffer by the government meaning they did not produce evidence to back up that allegation at the time we're still waiting to see that and we're not sure it exists or to exist in any meaningful form in the interim it's very hard to see your client kind of dragged through the mud like this which is why i've been trying to push back on that. ok moving on africa's ruling african national congress committed on shoes they two and mending the constitution to allow the state to seize without paying compensation currently over two decades on from the end of apartheid or racial segregation white farmers still on the line share of
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the country's privately held the n c had been buying up some of it for redistribution however opinion among lawmakers has shifted on the majority support taking it on without offering compensation but for the constitution to be too that's the mood president romney. wants to push ahead with he say's the amendment will help drive economic growth. the a.n.c. to. its position that a comprehensive land reform program. that and neighbor could have all access to live and. economic growth by bringing you more land in south africa to fully use and enable the productive participation of millions more south africans in the economy but the plan has been met with sharp criticism from
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white farmers who have called it catastrophic here's how some have reacted and we are going to live happily ever after south africa doesn't have a land problem it has a political problem this is disgraceful what an appalling situation in south africa where are all those protesters did you hear and see explain to you that you won't be all in the land let's move there renton it's from them won't it be for free. or we can go live now to benny. general manager of the transvaal i grow a cultural union in south africa welcome to the program to take the president's words there how is this going to help south africa's economy now not at all you know i do have a huge problem well betty and unemployment and for us this is a pity that they make these choices because no one will invest in this economy and we need growth to actually address the realities of south africa so we have great
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concern about this approach and that's first not the way to go how much call is there from the public for this change in the last surely by now a less direct kone in way to baal and somehow land ownership could have been developed. in no i'm had at this stage all the land that is transferred under the a in c. government by the owner at mclean's ninety percent go out of production and we cannot afford the s.p. that because of because of the marginal agricultural country comparing to other countries such as yourself so for us this is a pity that there is this and now at this public hearings the the you have one site a lot of emotions from people going there and we have to dance a little and black back to black people but there is no argument what are going to be done on that the other and the other on the other hand you have a lot of people who make something good so what can we do to make sure that we can
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run the economy greatly that we actually make use of to get our production fact this to make sure that these profitability in the occult will sit there so that we can i put security but the people that is most like that that were most at this meetings were there for their emotional people now they say the people want that but what will be their of their their reality afterwards when we are in this country that's the big question that should be answered if farmers oppose this which clearly they are going to do what is going to happen. well for sure we need now some rational thought in this country this is not the way to go and for us this is a pity that they are going to try and save themselves as a because from the beginning they run this country by means of promises and by means of fear and no getting up with the every day we have a lot of strikes of lightning strikes but people are not happy why are the things going in this country and now they still promise more and more things and that is not the outcome for in
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a future and the reality is at the end of the day the poor people will have more problems they will have more lives listings that they can actually both will in cells with each other we fight for many years over that they can get the people title deeds to help them to make sure they can make a living in south africa but at this stage of methane see start doing that they hope from the end see what they are thinking of perhaps would suggest is that it's going to get closer ties with other countries but such a tough measure on land ownership it could lead to the opposite couldn't it it could discourage vital foreign investment because property rights look to be not respected here you know that is quite right and i'm already a lot of foreign countries already contact us as an organization and say is that will be the case we are not willing to in this in your country anymore i can give you a lot of examples of people already stuck in this thing in south africa and that's a starting point of economic growth and you have going to kill that and that is
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what's going to happen if the ainsworth goes through with this it will be given state or this country do you think that white farmers or the white community when when in the past twenty year shut of perhaps tried to give more and men meant to the black majority so this would not have happened if you were doing it again do you think that the white community did everything correctly. so from our side. do thousand and five we've made constructive a proposal of the government how can we solve this problem and within eight years they will need goals but there's need from the table and until now it's a first and that they make this promises to the because they need for the legion i think the if he's busy jenin in their minds on the other two i can save himself and that is what's going on ok benny solid general manager of the transvaal i go
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cultural union in south africa thanks for coming on the program and you very much. ok twitter has again find itself at the center of the debate over a century ship the latest controversy comes after it imposed a twelve hour suspension on austin peterson a republican candidate in the u.s. state of missouri senate race for what it described as abusive behavior his suspension came after a writer for the left leaning sure blue website drew a link between peterson's acceptance of bitcoin for campaign financing and the alleged russian hacking of a democratic senator petersen responded to that with a gift featuring joseph stalin some users flag the candidates post. none of the subsequently deemed to have violated twitter's rules but the image was actually from the platform's own collection and can be found on its database or twitter say the tweets amounted to targeted harassment which it sais is often used to silence
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voices on the platform but often peterson claims there was more to the suspension. three different emails were sent to me about this saying that i had not done anything wrong mysteriously two days later the ban was issued it almost seems as though something had gone on behind the scenes and that this would this was an attempt to suppress my speech during a critical election and it is quite ironic because my response was a was a picture of joseph stalin which was meant to be humorous saying off the gulag and then of course they mass reported me as if i have access to a gulag here in the state of missouri that i could that could be a credible threat when mr peterson's bond comes out twitter brings together a special research team to come prejudice and promote what it defines as collective health and openness on its platform but the plan seems to be causing controversy with the assemble team already being accused of a strong anti trump bias. why
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don't we need an interim donna. something tells me a little suddenly started seeing more republicans in congress testing the waters and pushing back against. trump's twenty sixteen digital team and cambridge analysts say for how the russians figure out who to tell gates he's campaigned on facebook. well the team will work on other rhythms not retired incivility and intolerance on twitter how to assess the extent to which people engage with different viewpoints austin peterson claims however that the platform despite what it says' is actually making a concerted effort to censor certain ideas on talking points. we don't have free
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speech in the united states in order to be able to discuss the whether we have free speech in united states that we can discuss very controversial things i don't mind if a social media network has a bias i assume a bias but what i prefer is transparency about that bias twitter suppresses conservative and libertarian voices from being able to get their message out because they have a bias and it's deeply disturbing and a threat to american democracy. the united states is to slap sanctions on two turkish government ministers over the detention of an american pastor there he's accused of being involved in the attempted coup two years ago let's go live now to washington correspondent samir recount hi there similar yet it looks like relations between these two nato members remember are of rock bottom what's happened while washington sanctions target two turkish officials number one the justice minister
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a bill honeyed ghoul and the interior minister silliman solo the white house explained the decision saying that they did not find any evidence implicating pastor brunson calling him a victim treated unfairly by the turkish government but what do the sanctions entail exactly will sarah huckabee sanders explains check it out any property or interest in property of both ministers within u.s. jurisdiction is blocked and u.s. persons are generally prohibited from engaging in transactions with them. first some background on bronson he's an american pastor who was detained in twenty six teen under suspicions of having links to the movement who orchestrated the crew against compared to one in two thousand and sixteen he was held for twenty months twenty one months in prison until he was placed under house arrest amid u.s. pressure now the two sides didn't mince their words the u.s. threatened turkey with sanctions and turkey responded saying that they wouldn't bow
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down to any threat. to the president. and the turkish government i have a message on behalf of the president of the united states of america release pastor andrew bronson now or be prepared to face the consequences we will move down to any threats it is unacceptable for the united states to use a threatening language against to keep using an ongoing case as a pretext for us turkish relations haven't been so strong lately over the syria conflict turkey's a weapons deals or missile defense deal with russia as well as iranian sanctions so we'll just have to see if turkey does we'll tell you in washington d.c. breaking down that story for some your account. the state capitol of texas may have to rethink its name a report by the equity office in austin suggest taking
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a closer look because the city's named after a supporter of slavery it has long been a sensitive issue in a city that's considered to be among the most liberal in the united states. well austin's equity office reviewed all public property to see whether it has any ties to the confederacy's most controversial period and they came up with
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a list of street names on monuments stop should perhaps be changed to remove all the renaming the city is not likely to happen any time soon the issue has been assigned media priority now the controversy lies with the city's namesake steven austin the father of texas well secretary of state of the new republic in the nineteenth century but he was a prominent slavery advocate even infamously said that a month's a painted slaves would turn into a menace he had slaves domestic servants as well but today though naming the city after the state fund is common sense a media relations consultant austin resident john griffin. we've got this push in texas to try to you know be careful not to withstand anybody but texas is offensive because liberty's offensive but the fact that texas is named that its capital city is named for the person that started the colony in texas that became
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the state that's common sense the city council here in austin has made a few a few very bad decisions like banning it so the city council would rather waste taxpayer money on frivolous ideas like this then actually doing real work you are watching r t international donald trump's on the america first policy gets the crosstalk treatment next with peter and i guess stay tuned. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be all for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember one one business shows you can't afford to miss the one and only boom box. is no such.
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claim. hello and welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle on this edition of crossfire we consider one question is donald trump america first policy in contradiction to the washington consensus idea of american exceptionalism the answer to this question will likely define trump's presidency and change the world in the process.
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cross talking american exceptionalism i'm joined by my guest michael flanagan in washington he is president flanagan consulting and a former congressman in charlotte so we have david swanson he is the director of world beyond war dot org and in northwood we cross to introduce paul maher he is a professor of international politics at city university london all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated let me go to david first because he's written a book on the topic titled curing exceptionalism ok we have about a year and a half of this presidency i'm getting a pretty good idea what america first means in the mind of donald trump and i know very well what american exceptionalism is and i'm i'm not a big proponent of it. are is donald trump incompatible with his american firsts policies with washington's insistence. and digging their heels in very deep that american exceptionalism must be maintained go ahead david in charlottesville.
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i guess the short answer is no i don't see it i look at what donald trump does in terms of foreign policy in terms of continuing. u.s. imperialism and he is dropping more bombs he is building more bases he is getting more military spending out of congress demanding more military spending out of europe shipping weapons to more places including ukraine continuing to insist on the us right to do what it wants in places like ukraine and nicaragua and around the world he's not switching policies allowing the people of afghanistan or nicaragua or anywhere else to decide their own fate i mean the changes are all rhetorical and and in terms of mannerisms and style people in. people abroad outside the united states who see him as radically different because he blurts out things he doesn't act on like nato is obsolete seems to me as as
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superficial as people within the united states who say the people the vote in crimea to rejoin russia was the big threat to peace and stability in the rule of law of the past centuries. looking at actions rather than at. ment's i don't see it continuing us policy but the good points made there michael none the less we we have the reaction of where you are this the epicenter of the swamp they see trump is being very much a threat to the outlook that has been cultivated and enforced i would point out since the end of the second world war particularly since the end of the cold war so i mean michael is right on all these points here but that's not how the people that we used to run the show see it that way and they're pushing back against them in very very severe very peculiar ways and in using the media to push against him go
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ahead michael. yeah i think the swamp has a collectivist view definitely denies american exceptionalism writs small and that is america has the best workers in the world and we have an exceptional view of our future and we are we yourselves as is the shining light of the world and then you have experiment exceptionalism written large which is a matter of foreign policy means that we'll run the world. the i think writ small trump is a huge champion of that written large i think your other guest is correct is he's not he's not a big champion of america run the world in the sense that we will make foreign policy for the world but we will behave any way we need to to protect our security and that that is often irrespective of what nicaragua wants or what what anybody else wants and i think trump is definitely a proponent of that the swamp would rather have us collectively sit with the european powers basically you know europe almost exclusively and and discuss what
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we need to do around the world while we pay the freight and they make the decisions and i think trump is trying to bring an end to that by threatening nato not not as an institution like eisenhower did by the way in his presidency but to say that it's not an organization that we're going to support exclusively and move on forward with interchange a you know i think combined of what we've just heard from michael and david so america first in american exceptionalism we have to find the worst possible elements of both and there being can bind that's what i've gotten from this conversation so far go ahead and norwood northwood i don't think i would violate lee disagree with. the you just. i think american exceptionalism is a is a particular kind of nationalism and that nationalism as attached to it a great sense of the uniqueness and superiority and to a large degree insoles of that by what is behind certain times of the night. where
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president trump probably differs from his previous esas by president obama and george w. bush as well is that in a way he's he's rejected the rhetoric of values of democracy or human rights and promoting those kind of liberal values in favor of the kid up so i would say that that's the principal difference between those two there is also a strategic disagreement as well and i think that largely is around. the relationship that the united states or president trump is building with russia and the bigger geopolitical picture i think what he has in his mind possibly by and reconsider the home secretary of state about some kind of a possible russian chinese splits and i think there's a big disagreement about that but that's a strategic question of the overall united states continue to exert its up but i
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think the rhetoric around values i think president trump doesn't have any time he's much more about asserting who are or aren't up on the dollar or the of the trade of market access and of the american military ok well david i mean it i guess in a way trump is probably more honest than his predecessors because he doesn't talk about democracy promotion as you know but that it's always been a cover and i think only people in the swamp actually believe in that rhetoric anymore forcefully bringing democracy to the world i don't see where it works no one's ever empirically proven it to me but but so really it's the same thing. it's american exceptionalism with the just a different rhetoric i guess you know that makes a lot of sense go ahead david. that's exactly right the rhetoric has changed a lot more than the substance of the disagreement between the make america great again people and the america already has great people is not around the need for
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the united states to have double standards and a set of laws only for itself and superiority the rest of the world that is universally agreed upon in washington the disagreements around rhetoric around domestic policies and around russia and the demand from the from the democrats i wouldn't dignify it by calling it strategic it's more trying to explain hillary clinton's loss and hating anything trump does so if he threatens north korea that's crazy if he fails to threaten russia that's crazy you know it that the disagreement is is around this this mythical story of the evil deeds of russia and their gargantuan significance in the in the context of the good us law abiding behavior and their you know you can give trump credit for refusing to bow to the russia gaiters otherwise i give him very little credit for anything. as he continues disastrous policies that are taking this country and the rest of the world over
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a cliff you know again. the rhetoric is is certainly different and some of the actions are too i mean i don't think any of us really took seriously that there would be a meeting with kim so soon nothing much came of it and now he wants to meet with the iranian leader a days before in capital letters on twitter threatening and i mean michael how do you explain that or is that just expediency the midterms it's the here and now and worry about the implications later because i mean from the on the outside looking in this is very confusing and we're supposed to be experts to be able to figure this stuff out go ahead michael. i think one of the hallmarks of trumps foreign policy is that it's trump. it's not a collective view of the state department to weigh ins from d.o.d. and other places and intelligence it's trump. and these proven to be fairly adept at it so far however you may may or may not like the outcome.


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