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tv   News  RT  August 6, 2018 9:00am-9:31am EDT

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the backstory to this this of false flag operation all the obvious concentrate on the who paid to control these people to come from damascus to the cake well these people are only the two that you showed to the whole world you're sad they were victims of a chemical attack why don't you want to listen to them but i really have to rethink that it was me with alex who got me back to cyprus and one more minute before we go to the break here so it looks like russia russia russia is this going to be continued all the way to the midterms or in lieu of the mule the report go ahead alex yeah i think even when the mueller report is is finalized and i think we are coming to an end it's very apparent that the whole russia thing is just going to last until probably until trial either wins reelection or that's going to go on for another four years or until they get rid of trouble because if the russia thing is not dying down you can see it in the white house press briefing they're going to scapegoat russia for everything but the most important point to all of this is that
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the american people don't care we've seen poll after poll alex shows that russia ranks very low just real quick do you think paul manner for it will go to federal prison because he has good taste in clothes and. he definitely i think good taste in clothes and i think when everything wraps up he will get apart from trout i think that's in the cards for gentlemen to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news stay with art. first. of all the start. georgia shows don't go to all so diageo don't list first thanks.
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how much cost them. the student eleven if. the person. nearly. run a full boat around eight today due to leave it to most rigid. troops or some shooting because the shinner. world. was going. to neutralise look at it would you. go the wheels a bit surreal. if they were in. georgia i mean the one of those the who's in the us to whom he preferred. solution. smile laugh.
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when all the troops seemed wrong. why don't we just don't all. get to shape our disdain comes to educate and in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. i. have no idea.
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welcome back to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing some real news. ok let me go to erica now we were talking about this new senate bill that's going to sanction the russian economy and individuals but this is a pattern and you alluded to it earlier this is warfare by different means that it's sanction warfare and we see the u.s. applying it in particularly what's maybe what's nuanced here and the trumpet ministration that it's a good used against putting quote allies we could talk a little bit about turkey. the problem basically is that the global financial system since basically one hundred forty five has been very heavily dollar. and this was it was an it wasn't really a cup topic for discussion for a long time now more recently the americans have decided that it's easier to throw
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sanctions than to shoot weapons to let you shoot missiles so basically what they can do and they've done in the case of russia is cut off individuals from the control of their own assets some of these. were very close to the kremlin and others were very distant from the kremlin major russian companies have certainly been become unable to do business on the global market they can do this and they can sort of like using snipers they can take out people on the streets of moscow from a distance and it's relatively hard to fight against because you could say but also it's people will use the euro but the europeans. do the secondary sanctions so it's really quite hard to fight against and if you take countries like turkey they're doing the same thing they're not happy with turkish policy so they're sanctioning. individual you but you know this and this is but this is all very unilateral here isn't it isn't footnote not only people on the streets of
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moscow but awful their relatives yes because the law says the draft law says that you know not only the russian business men who have any relations with the russian government will but also their relatives this is really sinister coming back to the turkish thing you know it's the first president when vonnie to a country is playing sanctions against another unequal member country and it is doing that then that state is doing that in the framework of the so-called needs to just you know these two. minister sort in mind sort of the interior and the bill coming to good of justice they are basically sanctions they are attacked in the framework of that needs to be asked why because of that or that the parson from the united states who basically has been living in turkey for twenty or twenty three years who hasn't been doing anything in the united states but if you tell me if it's about freedom of religion i'm sort of i don't believe you know. absolutely
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agree with diem it has nothing to do about freedom of conscience and religion here it's really about changing the behavior of the ones regime this is a lot about iraq and it's a lot about syria and then and russia and the interesting thing is that the european union they will they will buckle and they will take a knee the turks are not going to take a knee and we're going to find this out fast and hard in november because they're not going to respect the sanctions imposed upon them by the united states visa v. iran go ahead alex. yeah i think i think that the united states and the e.u. are going to be very surprised to see a very strong air go on a very determined air they want to not buckle and what we saw in turkey last week and we discussed this peter what we saw in turkey was a turkey that is exploring its options we saw that going to the brics meeting we saw china and russia all the brics members very happy to have turkey on board and
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we're seeing turkey now even examining even examining it considering its nato membership and this is huge is the geo political earthquake to see turkey it's like greggs it shifted it's like my friends it it's a brags that here it is flirting right now it's the in the bazaar right now because i don't see them leaving nato any time soon but it's planting the seed we have options we have friends that's already been excluded from the united states weapons program i mean it's syrian and all of that rhetoric between turkey and the you of was all full in the last few months so basically all of this adventure in the me there was that mr obama stopped it you know when he basically support that they insurgence against the syrian government it backfired terribly because what did the united states want to do from their point of view of the interest of the united states they wanted to take
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a small regime which was basically not anti american but which kind of brought peace to be syrian regime what was their net result they lost in march more important ally turkey in the process and they failed to all of the syrian regime but i just want to return very quickly to this very important detail about the magnitsky act let us remind our listeners and all of us what it came from you know in two thousand and twelve the united states' support that a rogue businessman bill browder. you know he's a lawyer a dyed in the russian prison and brawled it turned it again. there's a even dole there is an excellent documentary. going out on the internet on you tube but you have to look for it because browder and his people having it taken down left it just a few watts you know bro they came to russia in the nineteen ninety s. with four to six media is money he left russia in two thousand and five with two billion you know he you know paid taxes on the well paul matter for what is now
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being investigated for known play in texas on that and wallace which out von thought wasn't there won't that be able brought about by bill browder shared his u.s. citizenship on time so now we have. facing a possible sentence of three hundred years and broadly shared a lot more than that. i'm not a lawyer so careful here you know that it's stick with the turkish theme here because i think you know i brought up with alex here this is like a looming briggs it i mean everyone is a very difficult person to work with ladies but he's certainly sending very strong signals that he's not happy with the status quo most he has. never ok to be part of the european union he's beginning to see is up he almost got into a shooting war with russia we should forget about eighteen months ago they patched this one over very nicely mr putin forgave him for god. but the problem is if you
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look at russian policy russian economic policy russia has been able to defy the empire because they have been had they've had a very careful and very conservative domestic policy turkey has not the leader is forming like a rock. turkish business is very heavily indebted they have to refinance huge amount but there are far shin's aren't there not well i mean i would be a good guys and there's a good reason to join briggs when it would have access to international. not provide the kind of finance that turkey needs right now fires trying to provide state state finance they do not provide much private finance we member the r. and b. it's still not convertible the banks are scared to death of the american so they will not provide any support to any sanction the entity chinese banks they can't because they don't have a convertible currency yet but they have
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a whole lot of dollars go ahead but i don't think they want the chinese girl of probably china is not very happy with the united states know that not only turkey is not going to process yes you know why samoa process has just been tossed import tariffs on two hundred billion dollars of all sorts of chinese imports to the states china responded by a much smaller strike and tell me now who is hampering free trade here let me hold c g m p and you know the dollars for just one year ago you said this we must promote trade and investment lieberman is asian and precipitation through opening up and say no to protectionism and of course this is exactly the rhetoric that the united states has been using against other countries for fifty years at least right now that you're in the region where there is a we're waiting for the development of an alternative global financial system and
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because we want it we see it right around the corner the problem is this is a decade long process on this latest a lot of time and i mean global combiner these are priced in dollars most of global capital flows will go is so china can begin to replace leaders but they've got to do it in their own they're not in the other now except me and we've been we've already gotten a lot of examples here how the sanction warfare works but you know when the primary the hedge i'm on with the mighty dollar you started tag and i seen too many people at the same time yes then you know our politics is always about odd bedfellows ok you're going to have these odd bedfellows beginning to work together and this is going to be at the exclusion of the united states alex go ahead. yeah especially when you attack a nice leaders like air the one and we can't forget that after the coup the failed coup aired a lot made sure that he purged the military of all its power and he solidified his
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power and much like trump in the u.s. air to want it has has a base in the middle of turkey inside turkey that's very very loyal to him and no matter how bad the situation can get in turkey aired a lot can always turn to his base and he can make sure that he's going to stay in power and that's the problem that the u.s. sent taconite leaders that are very powerful that have a very strong base that will support them through thick and through thin you know well i think it's very important. it was used against turkey because what so what is it about the makings can't it is against western values people are included in that blacklist without them we would know we're going yeah without a trial if you know it's just an olive that the newark times or the washington post write something bad about this person right and until now these were russian started by this this now these are turks to morrow maybe chinese so you have you
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have a coalition against these kind of policy from the united states which is basically defending western where we all support it i think we can all agree is that the united states is going to eventually create a coalition of countries which are simply too uncomfortable with the system which has been shown to be very very dangerous to them and at some point the are going to begin to coalesce around china which is the elephant in the elevator now this is something that trump understood and trump was very much desirous of pulling china pulling russia away from china when we discussed this so many times i think of worst i think the first test here general we're almost out of time the first test is going to be in november what country. these are going to have a war on washington when it comes to iran's oil experts we are exports we already know that turkey is not going to honor it that's going to be is not going in the is not going to do it china certainly is not so that you know this is going to be very
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interesting litmus test at the same time we have a long hot and cold rhetoric coming out of. the white house when it comes to around so that will be a developing story right gentlemen to jump in here that's all the time we have for this part of our program many thanks to our guests in moscow and in cyprus this is the end of our broadcast segments stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember crosstalk. you know world big partisan. and conspiracy it's time to wake up
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to dig deeper to hit the stories that made history media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. by. the church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard is not know the highest ranks of the
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catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice center that is known as the end then i conclude that it is this is out in. this. case faith. on. woman. both. last time we chased. each one of them carrying twenty kilos of. first offense. they just stepped right. into the three
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we i mean. they have this is the this is for me. it's me. i don't know maybe i don't get a. break right. now well. i think. i don't think.
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that the. stories here when i see international we visit often three unified with families years off to the children who were taken from russia to iraq by their radicalized parents who went to join islamic state on the program you speak to their relatives i remember when the film crew and they showed me the footage i could not believe it i could not believe that it was possible that my goals could come back home she doesn't let me go anywhere. donald trump again outlines plans to create a military force in space though the pentagon appears less than enthusiastic about a possible star wars program or indeed about some of his other plans for the military as well. also warned about deadly chemicals one year too late
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a british citizen sues the u.s. army over exposure to a toxic substance while working at an american military base in germany. a very well welcome to you from all of us here at the international on this monday the news team here rounding up the latest stories. it has been now one year since we first reported on a russian speaking children found in an iraqi orphanage following the brutal military operation there against islamic state after the report was we don't campaign to find relatives of those children and several people reached out to wast saying that they recognized some of them this allowed those orphans to reconnect with their families years after their parents left with them to join i saw a correspondent medina coaching of us spoke to those families to find out whether
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they've managed to move on after the tragic experience. so. they year ago two small sisters. were brought back to their grandparents who at the time lost hope after a seen them again these see the fields see here in this house the sisters behave play. any other child of their age despite their traumatic experience their playground is now the two rooms upstairs that were once home for their parents their grandfather on of our hasn't changed a thing since they left and now the girls play so rounded by things that once
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belonged to that if it works perfectly well the oldest sister is open and active fight scene is quite close to often seeking the confort of her grandfather. she doesn't let me go anyway she says her dad also left in the morning and never came back in the evening she tells me how the gas station where you work. tells me how the plane has arrived and they have all been left. and are often speaks about the day in aug twenty seventeen when they discovered their beloved granddaughters were sitting in my life more than i could i thought. in may twenty fifteen both of fund our sons secretly left russia to join i so his al destroy took his wife and two young daughters and never revealed his true intentions. that is actually. about a week after they left i received
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a message from my son saying they are in turkey i replied what do you mean in turkey instantly i understood everything and felt terrible this sort of thing happened a lot of the time a lot of young people left some went to join militant groups others went to iraq or syria. often called his father but the last time he got in touch was when the fierce fighting began in moscow a short time after he and his wife were killed in a drone strike leaving her. alone weeks later they turned up in an orphanage in baghdad scared and traumatized they were among the group of children who could speak russian args he reported from that orphanage the story spread and the children were recognized. the series. for the years i remember when the film crew arrived and they showed me the footage i could not
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believe it i could not believe that it was possible that my goes could come back home. despite the joyous the long awaited reunion this past year has been difficult for the family of our sas it's only now that some of the girls fear is being left behind i do you just keep that easy remembers how difficult and dangerous it was to go to get water so when they are right it was a they were always thirsty i drank like five liters of water a day only in these past two weeks has not stopped and i no longer wake up at night wanting to drink there are hundreds of families across russia's north caucasus just like on mars searching for grandchildren mainly fear they will never see them again . if there is anything one message one sign that they are a lawyer you have to grab it run around fake ask for help there are good people in the world.
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i do not question r.t. reporting from russia's republic of dagestan this is the first in a series of reports on the fate of the children we found in the iraqi orphanage one year ago throughout the week here on our table bring you all the stories on how they are getting used to life after the trauma they experienced. it's not just iraq with foreign eisel five has ended up stranded in syria there are still refugee camps housing thousands of wives and children whose fate currently remain unclear.
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i was so afraid of islamic state because they could have executed me if i try to escape so i had no other option but to stay. because he's my husband was threatening me that if i returned home he would apply me to the muslim religious police i stayed in iraq are a few and they had nothing to do except wait for the kurds. but. if i am charged i have nothing to be charged for because i have done nothing wrong. and i'm about to start the army i would like to see our cases not drag on and i hope that the local authorities will be able to handle all problems concerning our patrick ration to our home countries.
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u.s. president donald trump has reiterated his plan to create a military force in space stressing that this new wing of the american military would have both defensive and often save capabilities. this space force think i was going to be great looks so much is happening now in space i mean your great defense i'm not just talking about mars and the moon i'm talking about tremendous defense capability authentic capability it's in space so we're going to do the space force yeah but not everyone is entirely enthusiastic about the proposed military space program the pentagon's lukewarm response to the president's plans is just one of a number of signs that there is a disconnect between trump and his military as ati's even donald explains. throughout his short political life donald trump has been taking an unequivocal
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stand that he is the biggest ally the u.s. military could ever wish for we salute their sacrifice and we salute the flag they fought to protect our great war for the men and women who paid the ultimate price for victory and for freedom. the women of the united states military these are our finest but just over a year into his presidency the commander in chief has been all but drifting further away from his million strong core right now the white house and the pentagon are squabbling over donald trump's initiative to create an additional military branch a space force. the pentagon was unimpressed about this a year ago the pentagon isn't impressed now is the space force it is for years
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we will you know if you're going to require legislation a lot of detail play i mean. we have not yet begun in the past eighteen months the pentagon started through trove of public embarrassment because of their want to be biggest fan for instance this march donald trump casually remark that u.s. troops would be pulling out of syria in bin nearest future the bomb shell decision the pentagon was not only unaware of but also disagreed with apparently will become a serial like very soon let the other people take care of it now very soon very soon will come and i've heard rumors of people talking about the trial but it's not over what is the announcement this week changing anything in that sense nothing actually has changed fast forward next month trump says he wants to deploy the national guard on the mexican border well let's just say the pentagon didn't have too much fun when it had to take the.


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