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banks for example if china were to say hey you know what there's like three billion people that citibank doesn't control we want to have them on an financial you know jack miles company or some chinese company they've gives us incredible operating leverage in the twenty first century so you know we've overlooked we're obviously overlooking the trillions of billions of people in the in the global economy that china's failures is going to be a huge asset. if i may say yeah and the nightly news here by the way the cable news you would think it's all russia russia russia while we've been focused on first for twelve fifteen years and now russia russia russia like so much is happening around the world it's unbelievable that like how rapidly china is taking our place economically and you we can't control that we can't compete economically sun even russia it's russia nine hundred fifty five yeah but we in terms of this story that i'm talking about is we the united states cannot compete economically anymore
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against china so we focus where we can compete and we have the absolute moral authority to bomb and basically invade and sanction any country on earth nobody else can do that so that's why we that's all we have left after all these years of focusing on some guys in caves somewhere in afghanistan and you know in the meantime if that's the only model we we know we we know how to present any longer so china is then going around saying well i understand you might want to do a trade deal with the u.s. because there might bomb you but you know what we'll give you one hundred fifty billion dollars no questions asked no strings attached we're just one want to do trade so a lot of people are saying well that sounds actually a lot nicer and a lot easier than possibly being bonds if we don't do this so this is happened in the past fifteen twenty years this is what's happened and now we're trying to catch up look the mental gymnastics that americans had to go through dealing with the loss in vietnam the vietnam war that americans lost. it took so the us are so low
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to the rambo movies to reinterpret and revise that history to make it look like americans are the winners multiply that times one hundred and you end up with what's happened since nine eleven so nine eleven and every period you're just describing right now the americans are still in shock they're still dealing with the psychological damage of nine eleven they still need enemies they still are justified they still are having troubles working through it and meanwhile the rest of the world is old leapfrogging and yeah they're still in shock because the mainstream media are ratings driven and they're and the ratings give them higher ad revenue and they keep you in shock because that's a very powerful tool to get you to buy in to continue this very profitable bit profitable business model to the top one percent it's clearly if you look from two thousand that's when the real wealth and income gap just tore away from the rest the top one percent just zoomed away from the bottom ninety nine percent they were you know it's just like a huge difference but we've been
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a constant state of state of shock and constantly afraid of individuals one guy one guy in a cave in afghanistan one guy named lattimer putin that we're so we're so willing to give up all our you know our our in our self-respect our sovereignty or income producing assets anything to just for one guy you know of no mugs role let's roll let's keep it rolling into the second half they were and there's some very important issues here that need to be covered stay right there don't go away we'll be right back with much more coming your way.
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we have no idea what safe he's doing on vacation but she will be back on air in september.
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so think about it superman and clark can that's two sides of the same coin there ball superheroes fighting for truth justice and the american way as a journalist like we are and as a superhero. ok. seems so clear to me now that i've seen the light that journalism are a super journalist or super hero in their own minds well i mean on this show on r.t. we have a bias toward truth we're superheroes in a landscape of villains like rachel maddow and lawrence o'donnell imus and b c yet all the big news out there this is super news while americans have been of course. absorbed in superhero movies over the past ten twenty years that's all you see ever
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anymore superhero simple stories of good guy bad guy well over in the rest of the world you've had more nuanced economic power emerging and that is china so this is what we're talking about in the summer special to match our last summer special which was about the us a fading empire it could recover who knows maybe make america great again will work but who knows if it doesn't this is what we have to look forward to is china as a rising power so i'm going to look at one continent in particular and that is africa africa has basically not only given us humanity this is where all humans come from but it has also given us much of the wealth of the world whether through all of their resources or in america's case obviously their human resources in the form of slaves that were brought over and built much of the wealth of this country but here we're seeing. capitalism basically china having
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to seek out markets that other corporations around the world won't and to are the strategic entry of china's transition into the vacuum left by nokia and africa trans shouldn t. r a s s i know and it's a big telecoms company. that many in america i certainly hadn't heard of it until i read this article but they are a mobile phone manufacturer out of china trance in techno as manufacture has two other brands on the market i tell an infant x. catering to different price points in consumer segments what sets a company apart is that they are solely focused on the african continent and do not even sell in their domestic market of china this was a strategic decision as a recent article says and their rapid success very likely due to the vacuum left by
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nokia they've customized completely for the african market going as far as to develop cameras suited for local conditions something no other phone manufacturer has done on the planet they've built these phones customized uniquely for africa not only for africans it's excel fees they've enabled basically thirty percent more light to focus on the face because of the dark skin doesn't show up as much in selfies on a normal phone an i phone or a samsung or whatever so they specifically created technology in their phone for the african market they also have some of the longest lasting batteries so in africa electricity is very expensive so to charge your phone is very expensive so they're one of their mobile phones last eight days on one single charge so there are a lot of people especially the guys who have to you know walk from village to village selling. you know their goods well they want
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a phone that lasts for eight days and the chinese manufacturers have provided drilling into the collective unconscious so again to repeat its fortunes of the last century were extractive minerals and energy the fortunes of the twenty first century are mining the collective unconscious through these vast platforms and networks facebook twitter being good examples but here you have this chinese company saying look there. lots and lots of brains in africa that we can monetize by hitting that market specifically with products tailored to the market to be competitive and to capture that market yes and it seems as if europe and america when they dealt with africa it was just to extract the resources and us. corporations basically keep all the profit and probably this is why china that the rest of the market the building a middle class building
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a consumer class has been left because they don't care about that they don't want that essentially because of course then the middle class will want some of their resources as we see happening in saudi arabia or qatar or the middle east is like when they've developed a middle class and they start to compete for the oil reserves there that we just went off for ourselves so here the chinese manufacturers are are specifically targeting a more creative class innovation class and they go on to say that this company transition they've brought in local languages and messenger apps they've established a factory in ethiopia to show their commitment to africa and they've set a full customer care facility something glaringly missing from any other imported brands portfolio in my opinion they've done what nokia could have and should have done cater to the emerging markets across the developing world where they had originally begun connecting people so you know he basically the chinese mobile phone manufacturers certainly for the whole east africa they have money awfully on
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that market they're basically own that market at this point one of the trade would be the commodification of these high end products like the phone the i phone you know the as an extraordinary profit margin forty percent or so which is almost unheard of in the manufacturing business but as the market becomes saturated this type of product in this market where the margins are going to be thin they have a chance to penetrate that market and grab a. a large percentage of the market with a product that doesn't have the right high margins but it will have market penetration and these other big wigs like the i phones of the world they're ignoring these markets. until probably they lose that first mover advantage and they're going to be trying to cat play catch up at some point this looks like a long game is a short game to just like extract the resources and not do anything you're concerned concern yourself with the rest of a normal economy you just take the gold you just take the box say all bauxite all that sort of goods that are needed to manufacture mobile phones here and not only
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do they control much of the mobile phone and telecoms there they control the bicycles they have scooters made specifically for africa by chinese manufacturers as well so there's a huge market of all sorts of goods that they're targeting towards africa presumably looking for the same thing that the u.s. did during the forty's fifty's and sixty's u.s. goods used to be seen around the world as something that there was their first experience from mass manufactured products so here you have a huge continent the biggest continent in the world of africa and with a lot a huge population and young booming population so here china is targeting that also these phones usually come embedded with the opera browser or the mini browser as opposed to say safari or firefox or chrome which a lot of westerners use east africa is mostly using opera and the reason again goes
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to mother necessity necessity is that because of their energy costs and because of the lower income they need to make sure that they have a browser that uses less data and the browser the opera browser uses sixty percent less data than this next competitor so everybody is becoming loyal to that brand of opera and this also brings me to the next story. which is that bit main is entering the african market by of the opera browser right bit men being the dominant force in bitcoin mining. so the they're getting into this market in a big way and they're well positioned to do so because crypto currencies are becoming the currency of the unbanked as they're called and so they are going to leapfrog all the banking infrastructure that is not required just like a lot of the other infrastructure that one associates with advanced economies are not needed in your development or surely in the cyber space the intellectual space
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the mines fear you you don't need all that other stuff but the margins are very thin but so they've got to they have to have a deep market penetration to be profitable because the margins are like food you know if the grocery store margins are very very very small one two percent well but just like henry ford became the massive auto manufacturer that he did is by making his workers wealthy so he can sell more cars here they're creating an economy to sell more products a very good point they are enriching the local economy whereas the extractive industries deprived an impoverished local economy so as this next article here's the headline from michael kamandi and how the chinese africa's most popular browser in a big queen mining company are about to change african payments and you know it said of course africans themselves have innovated wildly their way more advanced than our economy in terms of financial services they have things like m. pace they've had they invented you know their own digital currencies before
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a big coin existed where they can transfer value you know credits on your your phone so now they have not however what's been missing is cross border transfers of the equivalent outside of the u.s. sort of banking system because that is part of the problem is that africans the average salary is very low by u.s. standards the u.s. banks there's a huge regulatory burden. that you can't let one bad guy use that financial system you can't want to let one bad guy use the u.s. dollar you can't let one bad guy use use your credit card or any sort of access the financial system so it has been worth it but to china i think they don't have that same sort of restriction that basically opens that entire market to financial services and incomes opera's newest investor for their one hundred fifteen million dollar i.p.o. was the best news on crypto currency adoption in africa i have seen in the last five years with far reaching implications on e-commerce trade and payments for the
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region than appears at first glance my choice of the header image above accurately captures increasing chinese influence on kenya and africa at both state and commercial level because maine is the largest miner of bitcoin mine more bitcoin than anyone else and they are multibillion dollar company and they're about to i.p.o. and it looks like their valuation is going to be fourteen billion dollars and these guys are you know they're controversial within the big client space certainly jiang wu is very controversial but the guy is smart and he hires the best and he does the best and he has a plan for africa and he sees that bet embedding through the opera browser a thing called open a and you can introduce cryptocurrency a frictionless market frictionless way to transfer value from kenya to ethiopia or you know tens and somewhere like that you're able to really. crypto in the u.s. are not high because there's no urgency but here there is urgency so the adoption
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rates in africa could skyrocket them for the rest of the world and be the cutting edge toward crypto adoption for the world yeah but also i'm saying like we don't necessarily know what is opposed to us world oppose us empire world is going to look like we don't know yet what china will do that here they're building up africa is africa going to be one of the biggest economies in the entire continent is the enemy an economic force. that it never has been in a thousand years a little why i mean that's what could very well be a crypto makes that happen economies of crypto are exponentially more powerful than anything we've seen in the history of economics could leap frog by a hundred years of very very quickly well it'll be interesting to see and that's our summer solutions for this we're looking at what china might do with the world economy and remember the seventy's also gave us disco well that's going to do it for this edition of the kaiser four with the max kaiser the superhero and stacy for
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another superhero and to reach us on twitter is kaiser report and it's all next time we must say adieux and good buy. faith .
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is a. church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it literally i like to call this the geographic solution . what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest says is appropriate is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard is not normal the highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that it does not get as the. lawyer that it used this judge in. this. case. join me every thursday on the alex salmond shill and i'll be speaking to us from
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the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then. twitter is accused of double standards of the banning of activists for offensive comments against black people even though identical tweets against whites went. in for was one of the most popular and controversial alternative news websites has been banned by leading social media platform for a speech. and ahead of a visit by the international chemical weapons watchdog to the english town of amesbury next week the media continues to speculate on the poisoning case claiming that the u.k.'s asked russia to extradite suspects.
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joining us eleven pm here in moscow this is r.t. and. change the word white to black or jewish and you could find yourself in trouble on twitter that's what one conservative activist in the u.s. confirmed does she tried to highlight the platform's alleged double standards and has the story. candace she's from turning points usa conservative organization in the usa what she did was she took tweets from new york times journalist sarah job and simply replaced the words white with the words black or the word jewish the response of twitter was to shut down her account candace owens says that twitter was right to take down her post and ban her for making hateful comments regarding black and jewish people she says however the outrage is that sarah johnson was not
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banned for making these comments about white people on the surface i actually agree with tweeter with twitter assessment i believe that what i said what i tweeted was wrong you should not be able to tweet about any race or any group that you want them canceled that they should live underground i don't know why suddenly people think that white people are excluded from that scenario that people can't be racist towards white people when in fact they often are the problem with the new york times essentially saying shinning her behavior is that they are signaling to the rest of the world that racism actually is ok as long as you pick the right race this was candice owens first statement to her followers after the ban twitter not only reinstated her account but actually apologized and said that it was a mistake for her to be banned now immediately there was a firestorm with people pointing to what they see as a double standard by the way as you go. tweets and replace the
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points with blank i'm in tweets of bones that i was double standard every time i see one of these i can't help substitute black for white candor so rude and stupid i will never understand the double standard why it's acceptable to so many now the wikipedia page of the new york times journalist is also in question now the page simply describes her as a journalist and has minimal contact regarding the controversy surrounding her tweets it appears that there has. now been added a small reference to it but these tweets the controversy surrounding them seems to be quite a big issue we could pedia seems to make efforts to minimize that lot of debate yet another example of how in the united states when it comes to issues of race and free speech and americans just don't see eye to eye the new york times issued a statement defending its decision to hire said she simply use the same language as online harasses they had to respond to them also her so that they were meant to be
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to recall the news of a twitter suspension activist candice owens was confronted on the street by protesters. breakfast with another conservative activist colleague when they were harassed by protesters demonstrators could be seen shouting abuse as they crowded around police were quickly on the scene investigative journalist dave lindorff believes if this is the way that twitter tackles hate speech it's not working. they didn't then one thing it banned another that was just the substitution of words and they look really stupid for doing it so. they made a hash of it. trained so all the problem that made it worse they really need to think this through and. jump in when there's
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a screaming match from one side or the other and they'll jump to try to stop it quickly with a stupid decision they need to really. think through policy and then operate according to a policy that is rational coherent and consistent and that hardly what they're doing right now. one of the most popular online alternative news channels in four wars to seen a major crackdown with facebook cheap apple and spotty file blocking its accounts and taking down its content on the same day in south facebook explained to me we have taken it down for glorifying violence and using dehumanizing language to describe people who are transgender muslims and immigrants which violates our hate speech policies. liberals was launched by alex jones back in the late one nine hundred ninety says videos have been watched more than one point six billion times many deem him a peddler of conspiracy theories twenty fifteen donald trump appeared on the
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channel and praised jones's work people on social media meanwhile have clashed over the ban. i don't support alex jones or what in four wars produces he's not a conservative however banning him and his outlet is wrong it's not just a slippery slope it's a dangerous cliff apple removing alex jones one in four words isn't some terrible form of censorship against conservatives he said sandy hook wasn't real he's seeing parents from the school he said the holocaust wasn't real his not just a conservative he's a conspiracy theorist herds people in four wars it has been banned by facebook for and specified hate speech regardless of the facts in this case their billets or facebook to censor rival publishers is a global anti trust problem. that's a contradiction in allowed and believes the decision could prove damaging for social media giants. whether or not you agree with alex jones i would be just the
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same amount of adamant that i think it's bad policy to ban people no matter what really no matter what i mean in the united states we have a concept of free speech that we love very much it means a lot to us now these are private companies they can do what they want to do i'm not saying they shouldn't be able to do this and i'm certainly not saying that government should regulate whether or not private companies can make decisions like this but i am saying i think it's a bad decision and i think that in the long run it will not pay off for these companies it is an extremely slippery slope i do believe ultimately that probably some conservative it t. will come up with competitive platforms for the ones that are doing the banning and the censoring and ultimately they will have stiff competition that may even relegate them to relative obscurity because of things like this especially if they remain so one sided. u.s. sanctions against iran which of just come into force have seen oil prices spike to
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predict the trend will continue with the us preparing yet more sanctions the e.u. around second largest trading partner that it's ready to protect european companies doing business with iran we are determined to protect european economic operators in legitimate business with iran this is why european union's updated blocking statute enters into force under seven of august to protect e.u. companies doing legitimate business with iran from the impact of u.s. extraterritorial sanctions we believe that it is and it has to be to the europeans in this case to decide with home to trade. the first round of sanctions prohibits around from using the u.s. dollar strix trading in precious metals but also includes limiting of rainy and currency flows as well as constraints on the car trade from u.s. congressman ron paul believes that the new sanctions might harm washington economic
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and. one problem is that the united states is still pretty powerful they have the currency for the reserve currency of the world powerful currency powerful military a lot of wealth and we can throw our weight around so even if the europeans feel put upon and attacked by these sanctions that we put on iran i think they they need to get some backbone bush see shortly whether the europeans stick to their guns if they backed down then they're going to be you know around for a while but if they stick to their guns i think the united states would have to adjust their policies a bit because how are they going to enforce that you know if china and russia and other countries and if they do business with iran what are we going to put more sanctions on russia you know we continue to do that but eventually that runs out of steam the other countries are going to not tolerate what we have done. now understand the still not been any proof presented public publicly at least of the
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russian attacks on u.s. democracy that we used to justify the sanctions bill how does that would how is it being perceived by the warmongers the people who want sanctions that they're really in charge with our media and they have really basic control you know in the congress just out of the clear blue they have no evidence whatsoever of their charges that they have made and you know i look at the world like none of us are perfect all the countries have their shortcomings but i think the responsibility for sure calm is a should be their own country this idea of just blaming other countries and it's all somebody else's fault and what we have to do is put on sanctions and then when they retaliate we think oh the world is coming to an end they don't have a right to do that we have to punish them i mean it's a very very bad foreign policy.


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