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posts with lud say pics of your friend's cat and sideline all that politics related media stuff hop they say this lead to less views likes and comments under donald trump's posts move it on facebook has evolved from policing offensive content to policing news views ideas it can be anything apart from your friend's cat if people flag them as potential hoaxes we send those to fact checkers and if those factors that is provably false then we will significantly reduce the distribution of that content why do you want to just say get off our platform will look as a horn to some of this content can be i do think that it gets down to this principle of giving people a voice eventually though the get off our platform way to sort things out still prevailed ok and now it's time to meet the fact checkers journalists have found them in a tiny room at these guys h.q.
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got it at the end of the day facebook's not so happy with that online policeman's hat so zuck and co are outsourcing the digital share locks i'm being serious that's what they call themselves who are let me check where they come from. linked to nato with their help thirty two suspicious pages have already been sorted out the big ship is not turned around overnight. but i think that. they have now given the opportunity to work with them and i hope that in the months when we have at least three other platforms in that we will see. a willingness to collaborate with us to come up with was solution bravo and it's not just facebook for doing just as great one question though since already most americans head to social media to get their news when will freedom of speech ring a bell. well we talked to anthony bryan legan he's
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a political commentator and you could be censored if you have no liberal views feels like the only people they have the right to speak out are those who agree with the leftist principles if you are against lefties ideology any kind of way they find a way to demonize you they call you a conspiracy theories they say it is you're promoting fake news we're coming more under the control of big corporations and a lot of these people who are in government and corporations are kind of working together to colluding with each other any kind of extra regulation from the federal government will most certainly impact freedom of speech online there's going to be a battle to try and corral the internet back and kind of maytree media format where you get your news curated for you and you don't have any kind of dissenting viewpoints. now according to a new poll the reputation of news organizations is in decline found that more than a quarter of u.s. citizens think think the president should have the power to close media outlets
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thing to be behaving badly he's kind of took to the streets of new york to get opinions on press freedom. the american media just can't get over the anime of the people label first slapped onto it by donald trump a little while back anime of the people i think crosses the line i think it's reckless i respectfully ask that and this is a phrase that has a long historic provenance it goes back to the french revolution it goes back to stalin to mouth when the president attacks journalists we question his motivation at this point you could dismiss the comments simply as media oversensitivity or biased against donald trump however whether it's media partisanship or trumps behavior it seems pretty clear that public support for freedom of the press is stark now at this point less than half of americans say they believe the mainstream media is working hard to engage in honest reporting now what's more shocking is
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that twenty six percent of americans more than a quarter say they believe that the president should have the authority to shut down any media outlet that isn't gauging in what they call bad behavior now it's not surprising that most of these media haters are republicans and it's no secret what outlets they want to shut down. do you think that's surprising to you do you think a lot of americans agree that the media outlets should be shut down i do i think those smart if you're smart and you have a good mindset where you see different things then you would know things like that obviously should be shut down especially if they're not telling the whole story that's a joke that's a joke once again the school back to page one of the press led to him appearing to those twenty six percent mean that you know the constitution i'll be blunt i don't think the pressure be closed down but it doesn't mean we have to read it or pay attention to it i just block it out. i don't really know what their definition of
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bad behavior means if there is a clear definition of bad behavior and no maybe i'd agree with that. stephen moore of course. i don't agree with. walked more. in terms of shutting them down actually. it now seems that the first amendment is the first thing that many americans want to be amending. r.t. new york. the wiki leaks legal team has raised fresh concern over the security of its phone and. that after the us senate committee looking into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen elections requested that he testify we can show you that letter that was sent to the ecuadorian embassy here it is where saunders hold up inviting him to a closed interview it does say the meeting can take place at a mutually agreeable time place but as songes lawyers are extremely cautious as the
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u.s. is seeking to extradite him over his revelations here's a quick recap of some of the. i told. her. i i. still. owe her lucky to love my daughter but we're going to ultimately
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i'm safe collect any data from millions of those who are the ultimate wiki leaks walks like a hospital told us sort of talks like a hostile takeover of. what we discuss the issue with form and the five agent any mesh things in the us getting publishing classified information does create a dangerous precedent. i'm sure that after seventy years mewed up in the ecuadorian embassy he wants to give his side of the story he does know exactly what happened
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he must be absolutely frustrated about the. the lies and the myths has been created around russia gate so i can understand his temptation to give evidence even to a closed hearing which is difficult i mean the whole you know i thought ethos of wiki leaks is to be open and transparent and to bring information out to the public good so it's a difficult one for him i think but let's bear in mind as well that you know putting aside wherever this information came from wiki leaks is a publisher it is a high tech publisher but it is a publisher in the same way that the new york times the washington post and the guardian has been a publisher of similar stories so if they're going to go after him as a publisher of embarrassing information for the american government then surely they have to go after the old legacy media for publishing the very same information and this is what the old legacy media should be standing up and speaking out against and fighting against because if we can lease goes down because of these arguments then they are vulnerable to that is the end of our free media that's the
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end of our free speech. or tall or huge why do you have this in syria has been turned into a monument dedicated to those who helped defeat the terrorists local artists have carved out sculptures on the walls of the former hideout. oh. oh oh. oh oh. oh oh absolutely not. so to come as our new political party in south africa has banned whites from joining we'll have a look at why just off the back of. the
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book. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the laws. to get accepted or rejected. so when one of the first injury or somehow i want to be upset that i have to like to be first to see what the forecast for the morning can people get. interested always in the waters at my house. for six.
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well again you with r.t. now let's return to our developing story this hour from yemen where over forty civilians reportedly being killed by a saudi led air strike most of them children a word of warning you might find the following images upsetting the strike hit a school bus many of the victims were under the age of ten around sixty were injured and taken to a nearby hospital the strike hit the north of the country which is under who the rebel control the saudi intervention against them started in twenty fifteen well the saudi led coalition has issued a statement saying the attack was a legitimate military operation and was carried out in accordance with
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international humanitarian law the saudis also accused the rebels of using children as human shields saudi arabia is being assisted by the united arab emirates in its incursion. now in other news give back what you stole over a hundred years ago a tribal living on easter island one of the most isolated places on earth want wants to negotiate the return of a sacred statue taken by the british navy and presented as a gift queen victoria the statue ended up in the british museum where it's currently on display are. visitors there if it should be returned. hosting an estimated eight million objects the british museum is one of the world's best known collections of art history and culture and often the subject a fiery debate about whether all of chick sourced during the british empire is colonial times should be returned to where they came from.
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the latest dispute ironically involves a statue called vost or stolen friend a fitting name to the indigenous people of easter island or trying to recover a unique figure taken one hundred fifty years ago and given to queen victoria who then give to get to the museum this is reportedly being negotiated as we speak. the circumstances have changed and we hope that there's a possibility to discuss the stones are trying to chile with the museum and the british government the british museum attracts scores of tourists so it's not surprising the museum is putting up a fight claiming their better preserved under its own watch sometimes offering temporary loans as compromise but what do the visitors think let's find out sooner
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really speaking i would say it should be returned i think it's part of our heritage so it's just our history we've got over this whole kind of colonialist british empire thing and stuff. and this museum is very well operated and so i think like staying here would be at a fun take so you're leaning a little bit more towards just letting them stay here. i stand firmly on the fence i mean i can see the benefits of post to be honest i mean if they went away we wouldn't see them here and we would be able to appreciate do you think it's realistic to expect that a place like this would return some of the you know some of the most famous pieces are ones that were kind of brought here under question of rosetta stone maybe. now after announcing plans to change the constitution in order to strip white farmers of their land south african politicians are looking for more black
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emancipation in the country a new party has made headlines after banning whites foreigners from becoming members ortiz poor slip reports. after the death of nelson mandela there has been an increase in racial politics and incitement here in south africa and now as the country starts preparing for elections to be held at the beginning of next year one new party has emerged that only for black people the massive african congress says that its goal is to restore the ideals of african people it's gone as far as to say our membership is not open to anything that looks white this is a far cry from how mandela saw the rainbow nation you have to look to it in the cities and yes i don't think it's a good concept i don't think it's something that will work here though going backwards obviously by just like that to show in the low the news out of egypt most parties are fighting for is unity in south africa but not having a party that now takes only black people sort of like promotes racism it's become popular in south africa particularly among the white community to talk about
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reverse racism in other words discrimination against white people whereas once people of color were denied jobs education and political power the tables have now turned and many whites complain of being overlooked because of black economic empowerment policies ironically many south africans once felt they were not quite enough today there are those who feel they are not black enough policy r.t. johannesburg earlier my colleague spoke to the leader of the political party that was mentioned in poor sleaze report. south africa really need some kind of a social change especially the native people of our lives and decide the realities that. people in south africa still lend less this time they are people of south africa still. in time and we believe that south africa needs a massive shift from the colonial system that seeks to deprive
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a native child of the. long dreams like the. economy where we understand your country is about to allow a taking land from white farmers with no compensation it's not such a good idea because when you think about what's been happening in nearby zimbabwe the country began to decline after a very similar measure taking the land away from white farmers but then the people who the land was given to they didn't bother to work the land we believe that their government of south africa hasn't done enough to. pay to the native people of our land to where they live and also it should we should stress this point that land is not only about. understood mostly that should the people ownership of the land they want to work you'd their reality is that you for the colonization people used to feed from that land they used to plough from
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that lynn is just that we need to modernize our mentality our around our culture so that we can compete in the commercial space of our culture. it's been a fresh break in violence in the gaza strip between israel and palestine either night. israeli officials say their military conducted a series of air strikes against at least twenty hamas target similar tally ation right over one hundred fifty projectiles launched by hamas at israeli territories some local media reports at least three people were killed in the air raids. several pro-life campaigners have been detained after clashes with police in argentina's capital.
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out of. the arm rest followed the rejection of a bill to legalize abortion the country senate narrowly voted against allowing abortion in the first fourteen weeks of pregnancy under the current law they are only allowed in the case of rape and a direct threat to life of the mother and her child. ok let's go back to our developing story this hour from yemen moreover forty civilians have reportedly being killed by a saudi led air strike most of them children are warning there you might find the following images upsetting the strike hit a school bus many of the victims were under the age of ten around sixty were injured and taken to a nearby hospital the strike hit the north of the country which is under rebel
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control the saudi intervention against them started in twenty fifteen. the saudi led coalition has issued a statement saying the attack was a legitimate military operation is carried out in accordance with international humanitarian law the saudis also accuse heathy rebels of using children as human shields saudi arabia is being assisted by the united arab emirates in its incursion . we're going to get live reaction to that shortly for a moment we're going to take a quick break. never
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great founded on the rape murder. nothing changed so we said no response so these situations. people get shot every day people kill each other but. there was just no way people are going to just sit back. to be shot down. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function. this is can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why is the reason i have to write like this is the reason.
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for the again when experts in developing story this from yemen well over forty civilians have reportedly been killed by assad and strike most of them children a warning you might find the following pictures coming up upset saying the strike hit a school bus many of the victims were under the age of ten around sixty were injured and taken to a nearby hospital the strike hit the north the country which is on the heathy rebel control the side intervention against them started back in twenty fifteen when the saudi led coalition has issued a statement i've read this say that the attack was a military operation was carried out in accordance with international humanitarian law the saudis also he. the rebels of using children as human shields saudi arabia is being assisted by the united arab emirates in its incursion ok let's get some
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reaction to all of this with. a red cross spokes person in yemen very glad to say she's with us now thanks for coming on to r.t. this afternoon can you give us an update firstly on the casualties involved here because we were hearing. around forty people have been killed is that the same thing that you understand to be the case. so basically according to the numbers divided by i.c.r.c. medical teams operating and operating in the i.c.r.c. supported hospital in florida we have received twenty nine identified these are children up to fourteen years old. forty eight injured among them thirty children but for the over the top. this needs to be referred to the ministry of health and population of yemen. figure is the international committee of the red cross is giving based on figures given by their medical teams from
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their from the i.c.r.c. supported hospital and. the saudi led coalition has reacted to what's happened it says that this mission was carried out within international law what's your reaction to that. well the i.c.r.c. has urged and will continue to urge all parties to the conflict to respect civilian life by taking every possible measure to protect civilians and of course under international humanitarian law civilians must be protected during the conflict we are disappointed actually less then two. than a week. since the attacks in the data. we are calling again on all parties to abide by international humanitarian law protect civilians protect civilian infrastructure to on
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a broader point this war's been going on since twenty fifteen just how bad is the situation in the country. well the situation in the country is a humanitarian situation in the country is catastrophic it's a popular issue that has been brought to the brink of collapse the system is decimate the movement of population is growing because of. conflicts and hostilities going on so we really do think that more hostilities and you know the expansion of those hostilities with will exacerbate an already dire humanitarian situation even more and can you just outline forest and what further humanitarian efforts are required then to us help the people of yemen. i mean to have health care system is decimated the
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infrastructure is the weekend and would collapse across the country and the international committee of the debt could us has said that humanitarian aid alone cannot solve the huge humanitarian challenges in the country humanitarian organizations cannot feed millions of yemenis nor they can provide access to health care to millions of yemenis out of twenty nine million yemenis the number says that twenty million are in need. of aid so the international committee of that cross has always called on the parties to the conflict to. bring about a political solution to this conflict that has been raging since two thousand and fifteen in yemen in order to. worsening humanitarian conditions where you stand alone reality you see any chance of that happening. exactly as we said as i mentioned earlier. the i.c.r.c.
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would continue calling on all parties of the conflict to respect international humanitarian law we see violations cross the country and it's really sad to. issue or speak about civilian casualties in a matter of less than a week so for us this is painful and whenever we see civilian casualties we i mean. this is just horrific. ok sure is. your time soft and. red cross spokesperson in yemen thank you. canada and saudi arabia are in the midst of a diplomatic feud both sides seem unwilling to back down to with the canadian leader to stand up for universal values and human rights there our up did last week
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when canada condemned the arrest of two human rights activists in saudi arabia riyadh responded by expelling the canadian ambassador and also freezing bilateral trade it's also suspended flights to and from toronto the u.s. state department however simply urged both sides to use diplomacy to resolve their dispute it. we have had conversations with them about this as it pertains to canada but we would encourage both governments to work out their issues together reaction should be or what their response should be i respect the rights of individual countries to make their own decisions and speak for themselves. thank you. thank you thank you thank you we are here with a man who has become a friend of my prime minister justin trudeau there is no relationship quite like the friendship between kennedy and i did state the deep ties.
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or despite close ties between canada and the us relations between the leaders of the two countries could hardly be called friendly and his tweet from called trudeau meek and mild after canadian leader criticised america's tariff policy. we spoke to eric margolis foreign affairs expert he believes washington's reluctance to support canada is partly down to trump's dislike of prime minister just include a. new u.s. is his no interests were seasonal interest in getting involved in this. very there's very little sympathy for canada why should. the dislike. try to go. to the american left as well other ones so. there is no
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americans who are still unfortunate because the two countries are. neighbors in. the us. facebook could have closer ties to washington than previously thought because it's now emerged that the platform is relying on experts funded by branches of the u.s. government and also nato when it comes to tracking foreign influence with more his . how's that for a mark zuckerberg nightmare he or his team in front of a horde of suits go and sort these russian bots out sort out the fakes sort them out or did i just paint a good picture of the reality web giants of been facing lately in the past election you. we've seen how foreign actors are abusing social media platforms goes into.


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