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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  August 12, 2018 6:30am-7:01am EDT

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justice in the world the palestinians may know it better than anyone else expelled from the land with empty statehood promises for seventy years and now shot at and killed and asked for the sake of providing security for israel is that likely to prompt any international response beyond this condemnations well to discuss that i'm now joined by saber erica secretary general of the palestine liberation organization mr erica it's good to talk to you at this critical moment thank you very much for your time. now first of all let me express our deep felt condolences just as deeply felt rage a mass killing on the gaza border is there anything at this point that you can do to stop it first of all appreciate. your understanding of the situation and condolences to the people we have witnessed the. massacre sixty four people were. totally and i and in their land none of them across the
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israel and then there's really army sixty four and one dead two thousand five hundred in the west bank and gaza and the line the line that we hear from israel is that israel defend itself i don't know defend itself against what and against whom. and then the united states nikki haley then best i'm going to say it's really becoming to be the spokesperson of those really government and this american administration has really thrown this region down the bath of extremism violence and counter-violence and bloodshed let's not sort of diminish it only to you the united states is there israel obviously there is also an international community and you cannot say that it has entirely turned a blind eye to what has happened and number of countries have recalled their ambassador is the u.n. human rights spokesman called the monday violence appalling and deadly the europeans including the russians expressed condemnation do you think though this
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reaction is proportionate to what has happened as you pointed out more than sixty people killed on the one day and more than twenty seven hundred injured well first of all we appreciate the support of the international community to support those countries will stood tall and stood trial the to shoulder with the palestinian people in their moment of sadness and darkness it was too tall to condemn the masses are only massacres and war crimes being committed here and that i think the majority of the nations of the earth have expressed their condemnation of such acts then out of the condemnation what do we do about it. what do we do about it since march thirtieth to now we have hundred and four palestinian killed mostly women and children five thousand wondered what do we do to morrow israel feels immune and and the end of the day. we have done everything humanly possible as palestinians as
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leadership here to achieve peace with israel we have organized as a right to exist on the sixty seven lines we have accepted the two state solution we have worked so hard with the quartet americans are going to be an union and united nations to achieve peace but there is really government refused the two state solution and if you as the creation of palestinian state continue to build settlements and dictation on the ground and then comes the united states administration to support all the israeli more than steps and to dictate on us that's just throwing. international diplomacy towards chaos lawlessness and enter now mr erekat as i said in my introduction this is a hugely hugely unfair world and this is not the first time that these really sarah resorted to such disproportionate and in my view callous violence against your people but let me repeat my question again do you think there is anything that other countries can do. to change that what exactly you would like to see russia
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the european union china any of your supporters in the arab world to do at this point i would like or the people who stand with international law the countries that stands for different international like russia china the european union. organizations like the u.n. and other countries to hold israel accountable they cannot continue business as usual with israel they cannot continue receiving israeli prime ministers and their capitals they cannot continue that appeared with israel as long as they do these things. is a must be held accountable if any country on earth does this to its people and to the people to tip to the to their neighbors what would enter national unity do. now this government feels immune feels that people one statement condemning saying it's bad and then in this critical time we have an american veto in the general assembly we have
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a solutions that are inevitably meant it so out of if you want me to be very frank i want these nations because if to stand tall and hold the israeli government accountable now we have made it a fail for the international criminal court we want the help of the members of the international court criminal court to open to help us open an official investigation and this war crimes against the israeli prime minister and defense minister and others or officials we have a guest now in the human rights council calling for an investigation committee we won the support of the international community to send and compel israel to accept this investigation committee to begin its work that's that's what we need but then a view of feels that they can continue building settlements massacring palestinians and then it's business as usual and their occupation and their demolition of homes and collective punishment and then and then business as usual if i say there are people who tell me this is not realistic how can we be part of making peace while
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we treat as well i guess israel has a government that is one partner we don't have a partner in israel for peace anymore this israeli government is there to destroy the two state solution and to destroy hope for peace mr arafat you made it clear in a number of occasions that you don't do not see the united states as an honest or independent peace broker and i think many people at least in moscow would totally agree to that but with the united states absent who can possibly come power and this is i mean this is a painful question but i have to ask you who can't possibly compel israel to negotiate in good faith or even sees what doing what it's doing that's that's up to the international community that's up to the moral standards of nations if they want this region because who's who. benefiting now from such actions for israel and united states the united states is not only not a partner they cannot be a partner they are not a broker they have taken the seats of netanya they are dictating the solution this
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wrong in this region towards lawlessness extremists in this region have been strengthened and bravado demolition by this american is a decisions and actions more than time before moderates in the arab world people like me have been destroyed so that when the nations of the world if they can't get through security council if they can get through the international criminal court if they can do anything about that that means you're telling the arab people the only way for you is do is while and the only way we're for you is to support extremism and that's what we've been fighting against as arabs because we we want to live and let live we want we want to human rights we want to human rights women's rights democracy the rule of law we want peace but with such actions such fascism such up our side being exercised by israel and israel getting away with it i think this is opening the gate of hell in this region speaking about who is benefiting from it i think there is a deliberate effort on the israeli side now to paint all the gas the protesters as
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hamas which they clearly weren't having said that do you think there's any truth to the argument that hamas may find these demonstrations and the ensuing violence and welcome distraction allowing it to refocus you know the growing frustration with that same group in gaza into anger against israel well i don't you know this is this is the israeli argument all the time israel is defending itself how many israelis were on that on many israelis were killed how many israelis were threatened none how mass has nothing to do with this demonstration there are people from all spectrums of the listing and civic society they are your reporters are there the. you see a single palestinian and is the most nations with a gun with open with anything nothing women and children and men and all all from societies from all palestinian factions from all parts of the world but then
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israel's line is that you're on a mass has threatened destruction of israel they're destroying hitting syria they're hitting lebanon they did it killing the palestinians and then they cling. to be the victims and that's the irony that's the irony of fascism we have seen such pretext given by all fascists who want throughout this history israel is killing and destroying a palestinian civilian population under occupation under israeli occupation under international law civilians should be protected and the international community must move in a direction of providing international protection for palestinians mr arafat as he as you mentioned we do have reporters on the ground and most of them are attached to the very peaceful nature of this protest they say that given how many people have participated in the demonstrations they were actually surprised how by how placid those demonstrations were on the palestinian side but i also have to know
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that there have been reports of some young men bringing knives and fans cutters to the demonstrations there were also reports of calls over the loudspeakers to burst through the stands and. i just wonder what do you think would be the proportionate reaction from their israeli side to those kind of actions let's say that people who cross the line ok which by the way there is no line because there's a good lobby fine it's one of those a little bit here but you know there's a fans there and there are israeli soldiers guarding that fence the fence a self imposed self created israel has not declared its borders yet that's the question but when we saw that if it is coming from the middle east towards europe then as of thousands. did you hear of any people being killed and russia oland or in germany or in france or in britain yea if as palestinians across the line you can assist them you can arrest them you don't have to open gunfire
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and we have pictures of israeli soldiers killing our kids and our boys and girls and then celebrating grabbing. their happiness these are war crimes these are murderers i cannot accept any pretext other than saying that they defending how can they defend themselves do the pretext of such massacres i think the message is very clear i think the message is telling palestinians we're here to stay as you're occupiers we're going to block it we going to continue our control on the west bank we're going to continue our settlements we have the full support of this american administration that i am administration which is really throwing the whole world thought chaos and lawlessness and same ism and its actions and then those nations where there are one hundred ninety four nations on earth not a single nation without a problem in its social demographic fabric or geographic fabric so if we're going
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to go on the backs of lawlessness. that drumbeat is pursuing the result will be chaos lawlessness the rule of the jungle violence and counter-violence and bloodshed and extremism is that what we want is that what europe want what russia wants what china wants mr arafat this is obviously not what we want but unfortunately the world has allowing has been allowing this for for a number of years if not decades already let me ask you one very specific question on the on may fourteenth advance because the protests in on the gaza border let's call it border around the gaza fans had been ongoing for more than a month today there were victims and casualties before dozens of people killed and yet. the majority of the casualties occurred on that specific day of israel's founding and the opening of these reilley of the american embassy interestingly do you find these fact that the majority of casualties occurred on
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may fourteenth a tragic sad coincidence or do you think that these really army was tasked with being more forceful with using lie fire on that specific occasion well exactly the palestinians present come cambia as a fire and then he poured fuel on the fire then instead of being the fireman they became the arsonists and that's the meaning of the opening of the embassy and used the resentment like establishing a new settlement outposts. and then the message from israel ok we have the united states here and look at what we're doing we're massacring palestinians and then in the united nations there are two israeli ambassadors one named and one member haley and we will blame the palestinians. will blame the palestinians will explode fear and so on and i don't think that enter national community has any on and therefore
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head saying stupid because the lack of reaction of the international community is as any a threat is any under threat to the stability and security of all nations extreme blood would have would be it will breed blood violence will breed violence this petition will have to discredit apts and what israel is doing now and destroying a palestinian life social life economic life making people hopeless what are the it would be creating i'm a father of four a grandfather of seven i don't want them to be suicide bombers i want them to be allowed to your children in russia like their children it's written like the children and they're not states i want them to be a normal people with such massacres woodshop which such a crimes and as i'm getting away with that what you're doing is totally believing their way of for. they get soft headed to open in this region mr erekat let me stop
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you there we have to take a very short break but we will be back in just a few moments say chant. on. who. we have no idea what so if he's doing on vacation but she will be back on air in september. the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. crossing. the road
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a simple they want to take on most of enter and i want to ask some just about what many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides of the drug used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities the last person asked bank of mom. policy to point out. that a person i get i'm in a lot of class and they want that. they can't walk to the options to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house over forty couples. both of you have to be who to be that the government affairs the struggles of many couples won't. deal with the push to put impulse response both of you out there to do the bulk of the. wood nor make this manufactured consent to stick to the public will. when the roman closest to
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protect themselves. with the financial merry go round if suddenly the one percent. we can all middle of the room sit. in the real news room. welcome back to worlds apart but say barack and secretary general of the palestine liberation organization mr erakat there is some effort on the part of the former u.s. administration the obama administration to try to convince its european allies dissension . hold on for a few years and till trump is voted out of office you know this idea that one day
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in their mallets you will have returned i wonder if that is the perspective that you take as well that this current american predisposition which is clearly harmful and unfair to your cause that it is only temporary well look we we had meetings of the time administration and two thousand and seventeen thirty five times going in for some months between our president and president trump and i held personally thirty one other meetings with them as negotiations we give them a possible chance with their decision in declaring as a result of israel be disqualified themselves from any role in the peace process we will not sit with them they're not partners they're not only biased the adopting the israeli blue of dictation and not negotiations and you know once franklin d. roosevelt said the office of the white house is an office of international politics and offices international morality needs john statesman not real estate agents this administration cannot be
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a partner and of course we our only option is to stay on this land and to be in this land today between the level of jordan and the military and we are the majority as palestinian arabs bustin and christian and muslim arabs we're fifty point nine percent jews are forty nine point one percent what are they going to do with us other than creating extremism and then you know when violence spread and people are being killed and what side then israel would say all of these people have it in their d.n.a. they are terrorists and so on i have devoted twenty five years of my life in negotiations with israel save lives raise ample us any and to live and let live we have a good night there's a right to exist we have accepted a syrian state with the recent of skeletal to live side by side in peace and security with the state of israel and the ninety six seven lines. what did is a good return more settlements more dictations more killing more murders more siege more closures more collective punishment on demolish and all these all these
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actions are being done in two thousand and eighteen by a member of the u.n. and they call it the only democracy in the world this is it's fascism and in never in the history of south africa darkest hours of apartheid where blacks prevented to use roads what we're using to there are in the west bank and east jerusalem or do we cannot use us palestinians and such diseases as bigotry and racism once then inflict on underneath our skins of any kind of any risk for any religion we had it in this is a justify it sometimes we give sociological psychological economic sexual explanations and now as i was using the pretext security to justify its apartheid system being created and those bank is tourism and the gaza strip and this must stop and this we will stand up we will not depart this is our land and we will defend ourselves mr erekat let me ask you one more question i i know that the you believe the trance announcement and his decision to move the american embassy to jerusalem was
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essentially the end of the two state solution that's at least what you said on record and i also heard you say that trans decision will would force the palestinians to strive for quote unquote historic palestine from the jordan river to the mediterranean sea which is another way of saying that you too not only reject the two state solution but you actually don't recognize israel's right to exist on those territories i understand the emotions behind that statement i understand that but do you think it can bring your people any good in practical terms look what i said i said i said our only option our option is a two state solution our options to live and let live our option is for the state of israel which will be nice on the ninety six seven lines to live side by side in peace and security with the state of palestine that's what we said now israel. the nutter who as a person instead refused to stop settlements and so on so we're left with two options if israel is destroying that was their solution and benjamin netanyahu personally is in office for the last nine years destroying that was state solution
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and now to camp to hold them in order to be a two state solution we're left with two options one is needed now is option one step two systems up our side this will not be accepted to us the second option is one state equal rights for jews muslims and christians to live together that's a very civilized solution but the israelis will never accept it. so as a listed as a two state solution and of the option of a third is not doable for the palestinians and of the option of one state equal rights not the will for the israelis what will this leave palestinians and israelis with i think the this narrative of historic palestine is definitely becoming more popular among the palestinian officials just the other day mahmoud abbas said that palestine is for the palestinians it is not as the jews claim the land of their ancestors so he does seem to be questioning israel's right to exist on those lands and i wonder if that does not make it easier for israel to paint you as anti
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semitic rejectionists president mahmoud abbas went to the security council in february twentieth two thousand and eighteen and his speech last week of the palestine national council and iterated our commitment to the two state solution where the state of palestine with these duracell limits its capital will live side by side in peace and security with the state of israel and he called for an international conference and he was willing to come to moscow of and then present porton to meet with with prime minister netanyahu and prime minister netanyahu refused then present put in place not once or twice and accepted we are with a two state solution with organized israel and israel did not recognize us since one thousand eight hundred we have accepted resolutions two for two and three is rare and and since one thousand eight hundred israel has done nothing but to dictate settlements on the land that's obviously a palestinian state that's the reality that's a reality we never abandon that was their solution that's
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a two state solution as our line is our vision is to live and let live because we know that we realists this is the only way for palestinians and israelis is to have two states to live side by side in peace and security next to each other. now who's destroying the two state solution who's building settlements in the supposed to be a palestinian state on the hour every hour who's the stating that it was a limb other than from bennett and you know who is doing the collective punishment and military means can you solve the political problem with military means you can't you can't so all these things our position is that we have to win as israel and the stance israel refuses a two state solution present trump never mentioned two states he mentioned in the context that if both parties agree the giver of it and you know they did the administration's of the not steps in six seven considered is jerusalem as a territory now they said we're jerusalem as defined by the government of israel that means they have abandoned their line that is there was
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a massacre by predatory so what do you do in such guess i think i think this region is being thrown to the hands of extremists i think moderates are being destroyed and i think this is their intention their strategy so they can say israel can say oh we're the only democracy we had we don't we don't we want peace but we're going to have a partner for peace and nobody will ask them but you had a partner for peace would have ignited you since one thousand area and then a bush ended with you for twenty five years and you did not move one inch to announce that you accept the two state solution or you want to who knows the palestinian state or stop settlements or stop the collective punishment mr erekat we've talked about israel and the united states but i think it's also evident that one of your former strong backers in the arab world saudi arabia is also. well is no longer there for you if i may put it that way i'm sure you've heard about this leaked conversation of the crown prince saudi crown prince reportedly
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suggesting that they said the palestinians should take what's on offer or shut up what's your reaction to that. this is absolutely baseless this is not true last night i was with the president when he when he received a phone call from his majesty king so members of judges of saudi arabia he called for an emergency session tomorrow for a lot of foreign minister to be a push to fully support us they denounced and condemned the thumb decision and that's this is false accusation they're trying to shock to tell palestinians that you are wrong that's a lie we have a common our position i've made if i would it with each other over syria of iraq over libya over yemen but when it comes to palestine arabs are united the last summit held and riyadh. so amount of saudi arabia said it's the summit of jerusalem and condemnation of the times a decision that is the truth that's the truth there is no out of country that doesn't support us fully supporting us and that's the truth so all these lies being
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spread by at any hour that are trying to to say that if they see that geopolitics of the region that iran is the threat and that we join with saudi arabia and we join with the emirates with this with that that's totally got the lights netanyahu as occupation is this it stabilizing or other countries well mr arafat may have to leave it there really really appreciate your taking time to talk sass today and i also invite our viewers to keep this conversation going in our social media pages i hope to see here again same place same time here and also part of. our.
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and it is the. only. church secret indeed catholic priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do a graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard is not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that of that's known as the i intend that included use this out in. its path to.
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god. be god. the law that god must be fear of god out of how i don't.
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know. russia views any further tightening of u.s. sanctions as the precursor of an economic war after washington announces new penalties over the poisoning of russian double agents sergei st paul and his daughter in the u.k. . meanwhile as a new batch of u.s. sanctions against iran take a fact the e.u. scrambles to protect european businesses working with tara and. also this hour a saudi airstrike on a school bus in war torn yemen killed twenty nine children and injured dozens more washington reaffirms its strategic military partnership with the saudis. and we meet russian woman who faces imprisonment for terrorism after following her husband to syria where he joined islamic state.


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