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i don't think. you can. use it any further tightening of u.s. sanctions as the precursor to economic war to washington and new penalties over the poisoning of russian double agents. and his daughter in the u.k. . so in the stories which shaped the week a saudi or a strike on a school bus in war torn yemen kills twenty nine children and injured dozens more while washington reaffirms its strategic military partnership with the saudis. we meet a russian woman who faces imprisonment for terrorism following her husband to joint islamist. i told my husband that i want to go back that i couldn't leave them
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at the moment i started talking about it we had fights he told me if you want to leave leave but i will not let you take the kids away. with a top stories from the past seven days on right up to the moment developments as well this is the weekly r t international hello and welcome. this week washington a nonstick it will impose new sanctions against russia over the poisoning of former russian double agents surrogate script his daughter back in march moscow has strenuously denied any involvement in the incident russia's prime minister sees the further tightening of us sanctions on russia will be viewed as the start of an economic war and moscow will have to react economically and politically the u.s. measures will come in to the first places limits on financing and export especially
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on a number of national security goods the second wave in around three months time will have diplomatic relations as well as by king and imports and seti takes up the story. when it comes to global disagreement sanctions that the u.s. weapon of choice as russia's number two at the u.n. put it let us welcome the united sanctions of america well russia is being on the receiving end of plenty of them they stem from allegations of election meddling military aggression human rights abuses all cyber crimes take your pick and the latest well that's of the souls we're poisoning washington says it has determined that russia used a military nerve agent to attack form a double agent say scott powell and his daughter where are you getting the conclusion that for she's behind the screen poisoning i would leave it to others to characterize the current state of our understanding of the screen but others haven't given any evidence either just various grades of highly likely is highly
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likely that russia was responsible to the polls russia culpable culpable culpable culpable for the attempted murder and there's been uncertainty from specialists investigating the case. as she says the p.c. w.'s report i did to france the country. of origin of the agent used in this attack and we continue to see a sort of a series of corporate baggers here of insinuation that russia is involved which basically is a mood music which is feeding the population in the west with the idea yes it is the russians despite the evidence just a constant constant stream of this. people just accept oh yes it must be the russians therefore that's ok we have asked him point more sanctions it's time that we did get all the evidence but my suspicion is that as going to happen although that seems of little interest to washington which is found moscow guilty slapped it
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with new sanctions and strangely given its ninety days to prove it wasn't involved or it will ratchet up the penalties to a whole new level with even talk of branding russia a state sponsor of terrorism that regardless of trump. wanting russia as a partner in his fight against terror and the torso doesn't seem to matter that the u.s. itself has a long history of consorting with groups branded as terrorists for instance america's support for the movement which techie label to terror groups organizing and attempted. sooner or later the united states will make a choice either to. either the. walkers. or how about the american officials who they are a in extremis grip then wish i had the. bombs the headquarters of the islamic republic party there is a viable opposition to the rule of the. position is centered in this room.
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and let's not forget how america stood alongside the afghan wish i had been in its battle against the soviet union only to say that group to form into al-qaeda the people we are fighting today we funded twenty years ago. does america dealing with these five and groups amount to sponsoring terrorism while the state department has a good answer for that i will leave it to others to characterize the current state of our standing. the israeli prime minister is digging in over another large scale protest in tel aviv against the recently passed the nation state law which are a bit released claim makes jews second class citizens then human that say's the rallies are the need for such a little image. we received clear
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testimony of the urgency of the nation state law we saw palestinian flags in the heart of tel aviv we heard the calls with blood and fire we will redeem palestine many of the demonstrators want to repeal the law of return cancel the national anthem for the power flag and cancel israel as the nation state of the jewish people now it's clearer than ever that the nation state law is necessary we passed this law and we will uphold it. or saturday's protests was the second then as many weeks tens of thousands of arabs and jews turned out in tel aviv they carried banners in both hebrew and arabic appealing for democracy equality and for the law to be abolished some signs said resist apart and. well a nation state law was passed last month it's similar to a constitutional amendment recognizes israel as the homeland of the jewish people
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it also underlines the quote unique right to self-determination but it also dying grades are a break from being an official language critics say the law or not only undermines fragile guarantees of a quality in israel but opens the door for open discrimination against non jews. this law is trying to incite in the state a war between brothers a war between the jews and the arabs and we will not accept it we have lived together and we will die together in this land we have to go on for a while a lot of flowing through different channels and really quite right i mean division one that actually not a lot. i'm not asking for right i deserve to have these this is what i deserve a someone who believes in his country i'm not scared of anything but i fear that this law being a basic law will drag out the loans from which we will suffer discrimination be forced back to. it's by you know this is the.
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language. against. real people of this. little. ok let's get live reaction now on this from ron barr yasha the deputy director of israel's core lead policy forum which campaigns for israel's future as the nation state of the jewish people a must have barghouti who is the general secretary of the palestinian national initiative party you're both welcome gentlemen ron can we start with you. we've just been listening to some of the criticisms there from big language the use of public holidays i suppose the point is how can non jews in israel feel anything other than marginalized by this law. well this law actually doesn't change anything for the citizens of israel who does not discriminate or
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take any rights through and know this it gives special rights to anyone the law simply says that israel is the nation state of the jewish people which is being long overdue the status of the arabic language has not changed arabic was an official language under the british mandate not under the state of israel so that is may lead to clear it of. most countries in europe have an official language what i find shocking is the fact that people are demanding for equality while they're holding another and it is flag in this case the terrorists. must of just dealing with some of what ron was speaking of there is this over the top reaction to what we're seeing i suppose in another way does the law really have any practical implications after all israel's declaration of independence insists on equality on rights for all inhabitants irrespective of religion or race. well i am really shocked that your guest calls the palestinian flag
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a terrorist flag i mean the palestinian state is recognized by one hundred thirty four countries of the world. and. israel concluded an agreement with the p.l.o. which has this flag so i don't know why he is using this language which is very dangerous but more than that he is right he is right in saying that it did not change much because actually israel has been a racist country and nationalistic chauvinist stick state that is practicing apartheid in the worst form of apartheid much worse than what south african apartheid system was. this law is not the only thing this law is a basic law and that means it's constitutional which means it makes israel officially apartheid the rest state for jewish people only it does not identify the borders of israel which means that the system of discrimination includes not only palestinians inside but also palestinians in the west bank and
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gaza strip which. since fifty one years also it includes syrian people who are living in the golan heights it also includes the druze community which is part of the palestinian population that has been cooperating with this israeli regime and now it is discriminated against this is not there's nothing but a serious violation of all basic human rights it's a very serious violation of the claim that israel is a democracy this is a confirmation that israel is a sure finished country it's apartheid system and what they have done is very dangerous just just one point it says now today there are six million palestinians and six million jewish people living on the land of historic palestine this law says that this land is only for half of the population and the other half would be discriminated. we will let you maybe. some of those accusations in a moment but i just want to also get your take and what benjamin. netanyahu said he
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said that without the law quote it will be impossible to ensure for generations the future of israel as a jewish national state what does that actually mean because by any measure the israeli government has by some distance doesn't it. well i think that what you just heard is the exact example why we need it you have a person who is not an israeli citizen these bashing my country in israel all citizens are equal under the law the third biggest party in the parliament is the air party and the arab supreme court judge then my jewish president in jail now injured then scenario where sometimes people who simply call the west bank it's a you didn't run and it's a jew free state as a jew i'm not allowed to be there it's amazing that someone that their government pays four hundred million dollars per year for terrorists is saying that israel is the part that say in israel every citizen has full equal rights we are saying that it's the nation state most countries in europe most countries that are members of
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the united nations are members states it means that you their story our nation states that you have an official language and fishel flag and family in most countries have these symbols including countries or members of the e.u. what i find shocking is that people who condemn the bare existence of the state of israel in any border are saying that we are an apartheid state which i think is just appalled we have to understand this law does nothing about you then scenario unfortunately we're up to me we would implement the israeli law area just doesn't cut it that's not true i guess with people who say that have not read the bill it's actually a very short bill it's only eleven short clauses that israel is the most vibrant democracy in that it was just one of finishes its most vibrant democracy in the middle east under the a what my colleague here is saying basically is. the world has it and i do and i do hope that we will stop the occupation the illegal occupation in gaza. and i do. you out okupe i do not like you but i
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was never a state mental health plans there's never a set goal palestine this is again you out if you are writing to be wary about people you know after twitter and you know you are ok but it is all he was the action by international i'm not occupied and you are either not on very little more of them or because you wouldn't allow you to buy in your little coming authority. and they want them to go out and it's so illegal to verify with what's their currency who was the prime minister what was going to be that there should be up in arms and there's also historical facts excuse me do i believe that we should have about the syrians getting it or not no i. would have an independent of other thing in that it definitely not but i think when we have a million using is that you want another step but you also are you going on right. and what i'm saying. yes exactly if you i do sing with saturday's game with a variable. but within israel all the city will say that so you cannot have
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a little right and at the same. ok let's go to mars by the way the reason why is the problem is a part of point you hold all that with a radio like that around we will get are going to. get back to the last of our observant jews as we've seen march together on saturday that march together before but there are those even in minorities in israel who have publicly stated i'm just looking at a piece opinion piece at the minute if israel's position as a jewish state is are rooted people living in the country would no longer get to enjoy the freedoms and security that israel currently provides to people who might not necessarily receive those protections in for instance nearby muslim majority nations you're say on that. listen we have to see to know the history properly there was a palestine in which palestinians and jewish people lived to go there in one state
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and the jewish people who had a very small minority then there were immigrations and there's and it was established after the displaced in less than seven hundred fifty thousand palestinians which were seventy percent of the population who became refuses to do that they are denying that i had to come back to their homelands palestinians and israelis that reached a compromise in one thousand nine hundred thirty which is called two state solution according to which would be a state palestinian independent list. including these do the limb and is there would exist as a country now israel is saying no you can't have two state solution we. even saying we don't have a homeland of our on the same time this is this this land is jewish only so practically the subject in us to our system of apartheid he says i am a person who was born in jerusalem i worked as a medical doctor into the saloon for fifteen years and now is that
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a liberal hits me from entering these jobs alone which is considered in their. capital of the state a little denying to me that i had to be in the city when i was born so what is that if it is not a system of the most important right here which would shoot against should understand if they killed two state solution the only solution will be one state one democratic state with equal rights and we will have the similarities. of every other place in this as it is part of historic palestine and if they want to say i want to be like iran be in jail it's not as simple as run run just back on this law the government has been working on the bill law for seven years is that not an indication of the depth of feeling from it looks across the board that the law is incendiary to his release from what we're seeing here all walks of life.
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oh no the exact opposite because israel doesn't have a written constitution our constitution is written chapter by chapter why don't we have it he wrote asking it i think it's like a civil. well i don't like it because they want to. find suitable to actually hold on. let you speak when you said complete nonsense with no historical facts so please let me finish. because they're within you know what i was arguing that run go ahead. can you tell me the current state of the border doesn't say that all the palestine going to tell me one marriage that lived in palestine you're a fake people that were created the nine hundred sixty four when israel had no control of dense america and jordan it was in charge of that area and the whole goal of the p.l.o. would have a palestinian state israel had left had been following us to have a plan to get it would have one state solution if they wanted to i think whether you could have had it like you have on a single thing you want to have let's get back that i got into it and that would be equality and for democracy and for liberation in talking about how he's
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a lot of black sentence if you sell your house. nor do i want to talk to me about it it will writes that he feels. i can. be saying that there is a musician in authority he said that he is being and is that a lot of this law was passed you have to listen all these always because the other stronger you want is the. third it's a death sentence if you sell your house to a jew the palestinian authority pays four hundred million dollars per year to terrorists let's can we get back to the topic and said oh come on or if you need something they tell you what out of the borders of israel according to opinion why is that it is the only country in the whole not a matter of not i didn't if i don't matter to you that has nothing why the bill but the answer your question i hope i hope that the borders eventually will also include it and sumeria unfortunately israel has not implemented the israeli loan out of me and see what he can see your arguments about it isn't actions that would we have equal rights as you know what i'm saying what you want saying and we. are
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going to nights. yes by the way if i would tend to him he is what i'd like ended up and. yes yeah and i know that i will get what i mean about israel that unifies you know what you know it's interesting i'm not allowed to do with it and i like going to my minister thought it was i would have them who would it be of well it's. so you were going to come in i think i was the only place you were going to not really having difficulty going to the razor that was here both of. us that want to put into you that if our job and peace in the knesset described below apartheid on racist and you've just said the same words do you think that is going to make conservative or right of center people in israel come more run to your way of thinking or simply put them further apart by using such language is it helping the case in any way mr. it doesn't help because let me tell you very well
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video. music and daniel barenboim was a respected all over the world for a long time he did use the word apartheid after this law he had with an article in which he said he is ashamed of being an israeli and he said this is a system of apartheid many jewish people demonstrated with us against this war because it is going to addictive to the future of both palestinians and israelis and as i said if you wants to annex and prevent us from having our own state we will be six million people in the land of historic palestine would have a majority in any democratic would that means he has to accept me as the prime minister of that country if i win the elections will he accept that no this is we will annex your land we will keep you took your patient we will keep the system of apartheid and we do not have equal rights to the jewish israelis ok this is apartheid i cannot find a different word to describe it as president carter did describe it before and he
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said this is apartheid is not my opinion this is the. right and you can but let me also put the point you can also respond to what's just been said there i want to just get your thoughts though because it hasn't really being clear on what do you say to jurisich release who believe that they are not lesser citizens in the eyes of the law how do you respond to their fears and concerns with today's development. it's simply not true and i'll say it again the law does not take any rights of any group of people regardless of any and any topic the thing is this one cannot say i want equal rights in a country and i'm not a member of another citizen of so i have an arab living in a mother who is the israeli citizen nor does he want to be in saying i don't have the same rights. as i let you say all of your nonsense so are you why you are occupying. yes it does and i'm not telling you because you're not there was never
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a state called palestine we're going to go back to the bill the bill is not implemented overjoyed then samarium in fact the whole concept of what they want out of me is they have anything to do with the state solution has nothing to do with it actually the only reason why the people you still control is because sometimes the israeli army is helping the palestinian authority otherwise hamas will butcher them like they did in gaza so that when the law they israel and i want to sit is not environmentally samarian no could you please let me finish my sentence i let you say all of your nonsense again and again which you mention a part that is a branding way of doing this you don't know what part of what i say you are getting none since i. was you know that the christians are not allowed to delve and it's the only place where you don't have to go. with what i. ever you have i'm sorry and i was going to have it and i enjoyed it immensely ron just i don't know you spoke you said enough son you said enough nonsense please let me finish two sentences number one under the set i get out of the call of. the law that i had
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to go to. it when you're saying a lot of nonsense under the israeli law all citizens are equal under the law it doesn't hinder it if you in arabic christian this is it doesn't matter people who are not israeli citizens nor did they want to be don't have israeli rights because they're not citizens but there's are two completely different topics one is a lie i don't think i was of the nation state bill. i'm not occupying you you are not really saying that he. doesn't. want to lend do you want i wouldn't mind again you said what i said before i don't mind implementing the israeli law over jordan's to marry and giving you fully equal rights but you keep ignoring that the thing is where you don't have israel sovereignty you cannot have them and i would know that i was going to gaza which is going to under hamas could you please stop interrupting me this is this is what will happen if you are going to tell you what i learned when we had the numbers and i'm going to give a shit there's a. lot of it. we're just running an audit and
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i'm just here on sentence go ahead be brief because i want to bring in a piece to most of the list if i just finish thank you just. one sentence in israel the fact that we have different the fact that we have different people saying if an voice is an israeli it's because we're a democracy you're on able to say different voices to express the different voices and different opinions under the palestinian authority or under hamas and the fact that there is such a process in israel just shows how much of a strong democracy we are were able to to absorb all of these nonsense like we just heard in this debate thank you ok mr what happened do you expect repercussions as and expect as a result of this law and would you would you say categorically that no violence should be carried out in its name. i am totally against violence an advocate of nonviolence i'm an advocate of popular nonviolent resistance which is successful and which but it is now
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a dog but what i am saying here is that this is telling me i can't have citizenship but he wants to continue to occupy my land and he says i'm going to. have a just laying on like on the air you know and realize that it is a democracy this is not a democracy a democracy doesn't have to mean that you have that i can is of the model see if you're another model for the rest me and you can do not have that i do suppress me and do not have that right to prevent me from having equal rights and this law is very dangerous for the future of both palestinians and israelis because it means this conflict will be protracted instead of a solution instead of two state solution you are solution you are advocating the continuation of occupation and the consolidation of a system of europe we are right you know it was time it's live us and. there it will be in a very spirited discussion of this we appreciate both your thoughts is that iran
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would be a good show and if we end its list of all we have to finish it there and we've been speaking to run bar yasha far from the call it policy forum mr barghouti leader of the palestinian national initiative party thank you both. thank you very much. ok moving on now it is twenty seven minutes into the hour of violence throughout the week in the israeli palestinian conflict as we have been hearing about let's go through some of what we saw both sides exchange heavy fire and at least three people were killed including a pregnant palestinian woman and her eighteen month old child a strike on a cultural center in gaza city also injured a further eighteen people. i. the israeli military a series of strikes on the gallows a strip the night before it was in response to palestinian missiles being fired
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into israel. or are. really defense forces reported that around one hundred eighty rockets had been fired from the i.d.f. it's retaliatory shelling targeting over one hundred fifty terrorist sites most of the palestinian strikes hit open spaces but at least two landed in this really injuring seven people and damaging. there's also been violence on the israeli gal's a border and ongoing demonstrations against the occupation of palestinian territory .
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i don't know what. was. coming up to half past eight this sunday evening here in moscow i'm back with more news in moment stay with us.
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the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. crossing their fingers just as they would of sympathy i want to become lost and i want to ask some just about what if many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides of the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities. grass band. was you know you know they are the best and i get i mean a lot of what that. they had or what are their options to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all over for the cardinals. the who could beat up to the government said sit struggle for many couples won't.


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