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million bucks these are child hackers i mean contestants they tap their keyboards to prove that within minutes america's election systems are a piece of garbage thirty five out of the thirty nine youngsters taking part this year were able to do just that so how come there haven't been any warnings for a grown up specialists well actually there have always been a milling machine is a little different maybe it's extremely easy to get an advantage because this is mostly so they say you have it is magic little under two minutes. you don't need any toes to do that. and now i have. a full advantage it looks like you don't have to turn pro to be a meddling master and outsmart security efforts worth hundreds of millions of dollars don't bother guessing hole be the ones to take advantage come november
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we've already been told many times there's no doubt russian hackers ahead of the midterm they know it was arrogant and security of. the russians are targeting members of congress the us midterm elections are just around the corner and russia's attack continues to haunt the united states russian election interference in the twenty team midterms the russians have not reduced their hacking it's even the first thing the prodigy's at the conference will tell you right there which could also be a great excuse when someone asks the suits why the systems vulnerable to say the least by the way when the goodwill hackers look to back up their previous conference they wrote if russia can attack our election so can others iran north korea isis or even criminal or extruding this groups because let's face it if hacking an american election is child's play perhaps it's time the guys in charge
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did their homework on where the real threats are. new revelations of emerged on cia director gina hospital's past involvement in the torture of terrorist suspects the files were released by the national security archive and they date back to two thousand and two when has run a secret cia detention center in thailand they describe torture sessions run by psychologists working as contractures for the cia techniques ranged from physical and psychological harassment to isolation in a box. dittos included hooded confinement of machinery in the large box forced nudity adjusting his shackles and slamming him against the wall in panel interrogators covered the subjects head with the hood and let him on the water. shaking and asking god to help him repeatedly. interrogators were going to get the truth out of the subject eventually. one of the files contains details of the
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interrogation of an al qaeda terrorist captured in two thousand and two he spent four years in cia black sites including the one in thailand and the spalls watch he was subsequently transferred to guantanamo bay in fact that's where he is now and his case was highlighted back in twenty fourteen by the senate intelligence committee the committee released a report saying interrogators had obtained no useful information about. him this year he however when questioned by the senate before taking office hospital insisted that intelligence gained from al qaeda suspects had in fact proved vital the president has asserted that torture works do you agree with that statement. senator i am i don't believe that torture works i believe as many people directors who have sat in this chair before me that valuable information was obtained from senior al qaeda operatives that allowed us to defend this country and prevent
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another attack a former cia officer right mcgovern says war crimes were perpetrated that the black site that has been run jena has girl was not was playing fast and loose with the truth that her hearing insurers allowed to do that she was allowed to classify the derogatory information on herself before the hearing she says the virus on the torture of law to see the graphic senator tale don't run the in tears walling does nothing short of banging someone's head into a war in the water treatment that's waterboarding condemned by all manner of nations because it was practiced by the japanese during war two war crime and so to see this kind of thing revealed in gory detail the only shallow so to get from this is the fact that our system of law sometimes works and that is that the national security archive that did a freedom of information request for this got these details.
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germany's president trumps new trade tariffs on the e.u. saying that damaging the economy the u.s. has already increased rates on steel and other many and for europe and its key nato ally turkey we won't let washington dictate to us with whom we can do business this trade war is slowing down and destroying economic growth and creates a new uncertainties so the german economy minister the latest up in arms about this says go live to your correspondent peter all of a morning paper lot of anger towards trouble right now isn't there from all sides. yes well the latest to come out and say that he's not on side at all with trump's tariffs is peter altmire once referred to as the most powerful man in berlin when he held the position of head of the chancery between twenty thirteen and twenty eighteen for those five years he's now the economy minister and it's
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a not roll that he said it's no way will europe be to take dictated to over who they can trade with by washington this is after last week donald trump said that if you do business with iran you won't do business with the united states. this all comes after the united states under donald trump unilaterally pulled out of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal basically leaving that in tatters even though the e.u. is said that they are determined to try and continue the potential terrorist that could come in place where they would affect companies like the oil giant as well as the car manufacturers renato and daimler missed out my went on in this interview he gave to one of the big sundays here in germany to say that he was in praise of the deal that is being done between european commission president jiang claude younker and donald trump but did say that there are big concerns over the future of trade between the e.u. and the us and there were those are concerns that have been echoed by e.u.
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leaders. visit but. they were quick to flee and accept. the measures carries a threat of a spiral of escalation that will result in damaging everyone nobody wins in a trade war there are only casualties loving your response would be united is that it was we will take measures to prevent a mistake by the united states we are imposing on the fridge our tariffs for every two hours where the against can. well also in donald trump's tower of crosshairs is being turkey this is after they didn't meet a deadline that was set by washington of wednesday last week to release a u.s. pastored it's been held in turkey on what donald trump calls bogus charges the turkish authorities say that this particular pastor has links to both the band and kurdish workers party as well as has links to the those that try to overthrow
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president won in a coup back in twenty sixteen now that is seen tariffs of twenty percent on allen many i'm slapped on turkey and fifty percent on steel this prompted president to come out on sunday and say that should this type of tariff war continue the turkey may start looking elsewhere for its allies. we will respond to the one declaring world trade to the whole world by new markets finding new corporations and allies. but if a trade war escalates of course that creates more and more uncertainty and uncertainty well that's just kryptonite for business and economies all around the world you know real cat among the pigeons and they're all right thanks to the view there from europe are all over thank you think this is money as well it's just after eighty minutes past head of the mall in this monday ahead more allegations against police in the u.s. after an officer is investigating the threats to shoot trespassers more on that
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coming up.
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here now this new attempt at a global unit of account a global currency big oil that will be controlled by any subtle government that has the chance to do what it called fail to do to escape the keys of the subtle bankers and they will the economist. the big story brewing this morning the israeli prime minister is digging in over another large scale protest in tel aviv against the recently passed nation state law which arab israelis claim makes known jews second class citizens but he says the rallies underline the need for such
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a law the image should put this through. we received clear testimony of the urgency of the nation state law we saw palestinian flags in the heart of tel aviv we heard the calls with blood and fire we will redeem palestine many of the demonstrators want to repeal the law of return cancel the national anthem for the power flag and cancel israel as the nation state of the jewish people now it's clearer than ever that the nation state law is necessary we passed this law and we will uphold it saturday's protest was the second in as many weeks and saw tens of thousands of arabs and jews turn out in television they carried banners in both hebrew and arabic appealing for democracy equality and for them all to be abolished some signs said resist apartheid for this nation state law was passed last month it's similar to a constitutional amendment basically in recognizes israel as the homeland of the jewish people it also underlines the quote unique right to self-determination and
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it downgrades arabic from being an official language critics say the law not only undermines fragile guarantees of equality in israel then it also opens the door for open discrimination against non jews. this law is trying to incite in the state a war between brothers a war between the jews and the arabs and we will not accept it we have lived together and we will die together in this land we are called for equally for full citizenship and he quite right oh an individual and on that action i love. i'm not asking for rights i deserve to have these this is what i deserve a someone who lives in his country i'm not scared of anything but i fear that this law being a basic law will grant garden laws from which we will suffer discrimination be forced back door. and it's by you know this is the law is again to. be on a language. against priests against our future in this land. real
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people of this of this land we can't agree for this law here's how our guests view the controversial legislation. this law actually doesn't change anything for the citizens of israel who does not discriminate or take any rights through and the law simply says that israel is the nation state of the jewish people it which has been long overdue and this law is a basic law and that means it's constitutional which means. apartheid state for jewish people only well i think that what you just heard is the exact example of why we need it you have a person who is not an israeli citizen it is that my country in israel all citizens are equal under the law the third biggest party in the parliament is their party what i find shocking is that people who then the bare existence of the state of israel in any border are saying that we are in state which i think it will uphold
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this law says that this land is only for half of the population and half would be discriminated against it does not identify the borders of israel which means that the system of discrimination groups not only palestinians inside israel because of all the students in the west bank there's a sort of the right engine then scenario where sometimes people mistakenly call the west bank it's a you didn't run it's a jew free state as a jew not allowed to be there this law does nothing about you then scenario unfortunately. is really law in syria just doesn't touch it that's not true do you agree that we should have a palestinian state or not their family not but i think what we have come along using is that you want another set but you also are you working on right israel this is telling me i can't have citizenship but he wants to continue to occupy any my land and he says i cannot have a state and we cannot have a two state solution and yet he speaks that it is a democracy. a video of a police officer in the u.s.
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state of connecticut is gone viral the footage shows him apparently threatening to shoot trespassers. anybody wants to run trigger happy go lucky you know i could be that kind of money in order to shoot somebody not going to get. while the police are there examining the nature of sergeant steven burrows interaction there and internal investigation they say has been opened regardless of the context or the intent of those statements are entirely unacceptable and represent a fundamental disregard for the conduct we expect and the standards we hold ourselves to look at it from the perspective of the person on the other end of the field interview and to hear those words isn't just scary it projects an image of law enforcement officers who take use of force lightly simmers been a police officer for ten years is not to his first suspension from judy there apparently two years ago he was present when a handcuffed suspect was kicked despite that he was later promoted to the position
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of sergeant the former police officer dominick did so believes the police are being put though in an impossible situation these days. the problem is is that simply you get now we have this war on cops between the people of police and the public and capture people filled with emotion and you going to watch are you going to watch your r t v we're going to watch your any new news outlet out there and as a police officer who's a person you're going to be a motion triggered by what you see you know what is right you know what is wrong these men and women are taking this on the street and they're becoming highly emotional and they're sick of not being backed up they're sick of the media attacking them they're sick of the public being fed lies and believing lies and this is the end result of what's happening you're getting physical outburst you're getting verbal outbursts and you're getting people men and women who wear that badge not thinking and they're finally saying what they want and it's volatile it's not a good thing because it's going to be misconstrued and it's going to be used against them in the long run. fun arguments in the trial of donald trump's former campaign
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chairman paul manifolds are expected to be heard this week among other accusations is how he allegedly acquired tens of millions of dollars from full ukrainian president viktor yushchenko which we spoke to young coaches lawyer about the case directly. when ukraine there would be no accusations or charges against a poor man a fault the party of the regions would present any coverage but our legal team received an official statement from the national anti corruption bureau confirming this but so in the two years that we've been hearing about the manifold investigation there's been no record of any crime committed on ukrainian soil no charges and no case we have no official documents that confirm this facts and we're taking in the book but i wouldn't that's the roundup so far more of course from us rather clock at r.t. dot com or download our up for the latest news or straight to mobile device as well as keep in touch with all those headlines it's covered on your moscow said coming to ten twenty eight saying have a good day. i've
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been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten thousand dollars timestamping each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you long for the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm.
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the only numbers you need to remember is one one business showed you can afford to miss the one and only boom bust. america was never great was founded on the right in a murder. nothing changed so we said all response so these situations that we're dealing with. people get shot every day she is just people killing each other blood for killing children. how many times there was just no way that people are going to just sit back and allow children to see shot down by law enforcement. this country doesn't work
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for us it doesn't function for us. this is can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with why this is the reason i have to ride like this is the reason. hello and welcome to cross up where all things are considered i'm funeral of well all across the western world the so-called melting pot is melting down immigration legal and illegal is probably the most contentious and divisive issue energizing voters in italy for example the right and left have united on the issue in germany
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the government may collapse and trump has made this his signature cause can the status quo be sustained. cross talking immigration i'm joined by my guest john laughlin in paris he's a historian and specialist in international affairs we have roland benedict or he is the co-director of the center for advanced studies of your ex research and in her god that we have ralph niemeyer he is a german journalist and author all right gentlemen cross talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated and i think go to john first in paris and i just kind of kick this whole discussion off by an observation i've had over the last few weeks and months particularly with the events going on in the united states it appears that virtue signaling his replaced policy and debate because all we're supposed to do is to think emotionally about
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this and not use our heads and i think this is what the establishment media and establishment parties want us to think that way to address this issue and if we stop birches signaling maybe we could come up with some solutions your thoughts john. well there's a lot of propaganda involved isn't there i mean we've just seen in the events on the mexican border these very propaganda. pictures of children a supposedly being separated from their parents i'm sure your viewers will remember the picture of the poor little kurdish boy on a turkish beach the dead body of a little boy he was a victim of the migration crisis in the broadcast of his photo was used to elicit sympathy for the plight of migrants and it worked very well but when boy of the same age was killed in a terrorist attack in barcelona the policy was not to show his dead body out of respect for him and for his family so we can see that these images are being used to drive a political agenda and that is the problem the problem is that this immigration is
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being driven by a political agenda it is being driven by a political agenda of european states who are demographically weak the demographic pyramid is inverted there are more old people the young people and for many years and decades now economists and policymakers have decided that in order to rectify this demographic problem in europe we need immigration we need to bring in people from outside in order to pay our pensions and that is the immigration issue. and as long as that ideology remains in place as long as the ideology is believed by these people as it is most notably in germany then i'm afraid the problem will continue ok roland you know the thing is is that this this is approach with open borders but if you believe that there are open borders then there are no borders to defend i think that's the paradox of what's happening in the western world if you want to
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have open borders let people come in but then you can't defend your border when it's necessary go ahead roland. well look look there is no starts seeing like a political entity or a community without borders never in history and unique borders wide because you have to define delimit so it really did see a few laws and that is a lot to let these hulu traffic school you're going to have them are says what their system series says so borders to some seeing good or not something better when we had the in europe. city kids once very strongly leftist oriented political correctness really believed in politics on new phoenician of identity and for example disbanding group and ended the excelled of the european consortium on political research and in brussels would say today is that we need to
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define our identity as europeans much more in our european way right and in a less exaggerated cosmopolitan way because we can't live without borders because if you have no borders you have no rule of law and order finish and you know where you lost the valley and we're not ok let me go to you i mean ok we have a lot of consensus here the media is for open borders the political classes for open borders but didn't know what the voters aren't for open borders and we're seeing it in election after election i mean isn't it time that democracy be recognized again in the european union i mean we have the austrians we have the italians we have also a new car i could use term fifth column in germany right now that it's waking up to what voters want to and they're running on these issues go ahead ralph. yes of course it is true that bordeaux mirth i must say of leftists and i am calling
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myself of after. at stake because it takes a lot worked out. behind those people who already live in our country and we need to take care of them refugees said nothing to do with the fact do actions them up good enough anymore to do to privatization of the pension scheme or to vegas are not good enough or that the rent is too high for apartments those are not due to do refugee crisis but it came up with people are realizing that every left behind and they said hang on a minute. as well so this is but a leftist made a key mistake in recent years and especially given two thousand and fifteen happened mrs merkel once and called it a decision said be a shock unless you are going to manage it. people said why don't we manage with ourselves first of course there's a right wing nationalistic. parties are coming up because they take voter sentiment
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serious. to do that and especially to. have failed completely and that they still don't mind open borders like. there were no borders and no states which is of course not true there are states and beneath states of course and obviously i'm lucky that no one wants to live and i know you must think does this also go brainstormed america government because she lost control yeah the journey you know the the interesting thing is that with these waves of migrants or asylum seekers who are never term you want because it seems to me most of them vast majority of for economic immigrants here but you know they don't really come in on the layer jets do they to germany they don't mean they don't fly into airports they kind of walk through the continent you know that's what makes me feel really bad for the greeks in the italians ok i mean if germany wants those people fine but it's not being done the right way even according to e.u.
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law it's ok so i mean the germany cannot be that the decision maker of image. gratian in europe that is intensely and i democratic and against the rules of the european union go ahead john you know there's no doubt that the rules are being broken because indeed germany by saying that a million refugees are welcome and then by trying to offload them onto other members of the european union worlds indeed breaking refugee law and breaking the european union's own rules that's for sure i'm in strong agreement with what roland said about borders and the need to protect them but i have a different conclusion i disagree that this is a european problem and indeed i think that the or that this can be solved with european measures and i think that the the reflex position of european leaders which is to say that we need a european solution to this problem is precisely wrong it is precisely the fact
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that we have a european union with a borderless internal space the showing an area which has caused the migration problem in the first place i first visited the song at camp near cali in the late one nine hundred ninety s. the migration crisis that we're talking about now didn't start in two thousand and fifteen it started in the one nine hundred ninety s. when italy joined the schengen zone and from that moment onwards the borders of the mediterranean were on the english channel yeah and there is a direct relation of cause and effect and what we saw in two thousand and sixteen after hungary and creation and the other countries built fences to close off the balkan route is that national solutions are the ones that solve this problem not european ones and we are now i hope seeing the same result with the italians who are taking matters into their own hands nationally defending their national territory and it's only by doing that with because they have that the navy they
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have the ability to do it that this solution will end prior to the in. position of national solutions the habit was and it's a very bad structural problem in the e.u. it was that countries would simply let the migrants in like greece and italy and then send them north to germany in other words they were there were bigger the neighbor policies which is a structural problem in the so i think we need to finish with this idea that the solution is european the problem is european role in the the arguments that the left in the media have made is that it has already been mentioned this program think it was you demographics the need the need for workers new workers but i mean looking at the evidence i don't see a lot of these migrants particularly since two thousand and fifteen are employed across the european union they do take state benefits and in most of the country the european union have austerity so you have very large youth on him.


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