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tv   Sophie Co  RT  August 13, 2018 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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they work hard to approve budget grants to sort out election cyber security the one for twenty seeing was three hundred eighty million bucks these are child hackers i mean contestants they tap their keyboards to prove that within minutes america's election systems are a piece of garbage thirty five out of the thirty nine youngsters taking part this year were able to do just that so how come there haven't been any warnings for a grown up specialists well actually there have always been the milling machine is eighteen different states and it's extremely easy to get advantage of this time it's mostly it's a let me show you how quick it is that it was a little under two minutes. you don't need any toes to do that. and now i have. full advantage it looks like you don't have to turn pro to be a meddling master and outsmart security efforts worth hundreds of millions of
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dollars don't bother guessing hole be the ones to take advantage come november we've already been told many times there's no doubt russian hackers ahead of the midterm they know it was arrogant and security of. the russians are targeting members of congress the us midterm elections are just around the corner and russia's attack continues to haunt the united states russian election interference in the twenty eight hundred midterms the russians have not reduced their hacking it's even the first thing the prodigy's at the conference will tell you right there which could also be a great excuse when someone asks the suits why the systems vulnerable to say the least by the way when the good will hackers look to back up their previous conference they wrote if russia can attack our election so can others iran north korea isis. or even criminal or extremist groups because let's face it if hacking
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an american election is child's play perhaps it's time the guys in charge did their homework on where the real threats are. next story this morning for you need of relations of merge from cia director gina hospitals past involvement in the torture of terrorist suspects the files were released by the national security archive the date back to two thousand and two when housefull run a secret cia detention center in thailand they go on to describe torture sessions run by psychologists working as contract as for the cia techniques it seems ranged from physical and psychological harassment to even isolation in a box dittos included hooded confinement of machinery in the large box forced nudity adjusting his shackles and slamming him against the wall and panel interrogators covered the subjects head with the hoods and left him on the water.
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shaking and asking god to help him repeatedly. interrogators were going to get the truth out of the subject eventually. one of the files contains details of the interrogation of an al qaeda terrorist captured in two thousand and two he spent four years in cia black sites including one in thailand under gina house balls watch he was subsequently transferred to guantanamo bay where he is now his case was highlighted back in twenty fourteen by the senate intelligence committee the committee released a report saying interrogators had obtained no useful information from him. however when questioned by the senate before taking office hospital had insisted that intelligence gained from al qaeda suspects had proved vital the president has asserted that torture works do you agree with that statement. senator i am i don't believe that torture works i believe as many people directors who have
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sat in this chair before me that valuable information was obtained from senior al qaeda operatives that allowed us to defend this country and prevent another attack a former cia officer i am a governor spoke as by this he says war crimes were perpetrated at the black site that hospital. jena has girl was not was playing fast and loose with the truth at her hearing and she was allowed to do that she was allowed to classify the derogatory information on herself before the hearing she supervised the torture to see the graphic and to tale don't run the interior walling does nothing short of banging someone's head into a wall in the water treatment that's waterboarding condemned by all manner of nations because was practiced by the japanese during war to war crime and so to see this kind of thing revealed in gory detail lou only solace i get from this is the
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fact that our system of law sometimes works and that is that the national security archive that did a freedom of information request for this got these details. germany slammed president trump's new trade tariffs on the e.u. saying that damaging the economy the u.s. has already cost increase right some steel and other minium for europe and for its key nato ally turkey we won't let washington dictate to us with whom we can do business. this trade was slowing down and destroying economic growth and creates a new one so since who's to say cats among the pigeons is rather an understatement love to europe correspondent peter vallone all of a get the view from central europe there germany. this is heading for a full blown trade war here with trump what are the thoughts. well what we've heard from. the economy minister is i'm saying in no way with europe be dictated to or
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germany be dictated to by the united states over who they can do business with now this goes back to the. announcement last week by donald trump where he said that anyone that does business with iran won't be doing business with the united states that in turn was in relation to donald trump's decision to pull the united states out of the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal and everything that came with that regarding trade now what that would mean ultimately would be european giants like the oil companies car manufacturers like renamo and daimler who are currently operating in iran that they would be denied access to the united states market something that would be unthinkable what we've heard from mr altmire there is a statement saying look this can't go on we don't want to see this type of trade war escalate and the fact that we're hearing it from mr altmire should be taken is that this is the words coming from angela merkel the german chancellor is never want to
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come forward with a statement unless she really has to and if we look back on peace out by his previous experience between twenty thirty to two twenty eighteen he was referred to essentially as the most powerful man in berlin he was the head of the chancery so if he's saying it we can pretty much guaranteed angela merkel is thinking that as well and they aren't alone in europe about being worried over what a trade war could bring. they were totally on except for the measures carries a threat of a spiral of escalation that will result in damaging everyone nobody wins in a trade war there are only casualties loving your response will be united as. well in this interview that peter gave to one of the big sunday newspapers here in germany he did also praise the deal that had been done in july between john claude younker and donald trump for a trade deal between the e.u.
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. and the united states as well but still very much the warning single signals on for what a potential trade war could bring and it's not just europe that is feeling the pinch of sanctions are so a big part of tariffs from the united states turkey as well has been hit with a well a huge increase on tariffs of exporting its metals to the u.s. twenty percent on allen minium fifty percent on steel that it exports to the united states this is after turkey didn't meet a deadline that was set last wednesday by washington to release a united states citizen who is also a pastor who's being detained in turkey now donald trump calls the charges against this man bogus the turkish side say that he has links to the the band could ish workers party and he also has ties to the attempted coup that tried to overthrow president back in two thousand and sixteen now president of the one for his side
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says that if these type of tariffs keep being put in place then turkey may look elsewhere for its allies. we will respond to the one declaring the world trade to the whole world. new markets new corporations and allies. but if they strayed war deepens that dollar trade war that donald trump has been threatening the world with if this deepens well that is essentially kryptonite to business it creates uncertainty and uncertainty does no good for anybody's economy anywhere in the world mr riehl vicious circle is now as you say. coming up here on the program a part of it all the defense of a nation a new law in israel is increased fears of inequality in the predominantly jewish state that's just one of the stories we're covering after this break.
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here now this new attempt at a unit of the counter global currency big oil. will be controlled by any government that has the chance to do what they'll do
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to the keys of the subtle bankers and. economists. israeli prime minister is taking in over another large scale protest in tel aviv against the recently passed nation state law which arab israelis claim makes non jews second class citizens benjamin netanyahu says the rallies underlined the need for such a law though. we received clear testimony of the urgency of the nation state law we saw palestinian flags in the heart of tel aviv we heard the calls with blood and fire we will redeem palestine many of the demonstrators want to repeal the law of return cancel the national anthem for the
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power flag and cancel israel as the nation state of the jewish people now it's clearer than ever that the nation state law is necessary we passed this law and we will uphold it saturday's protest was the second in as many weeks and soar tens of thousands of arabs and jews turned out in tel aviv they carried banners in both hebrew and arabic appealing for democracy equality and for the law to be abolished some sides said resist apartheid the nation state laws passed last month it's civil it's a constitutional amendment and recognizes israel as the homeland of the jewish people it also underlines the quote unique right to self-determination but it also downgrades for instance arabic from being an official language critics say the law not only undermines for fragile guarantees of equality in israel but also opens the door to open discrimination against non jews. this law is trying to incite in the state a war between brothers a war between the jews and the arabs and we will not accept it we have lived
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together and we will die together in this land we are called for equally hard for you to differentiate equal rights i mean division and on that action i love. i'm not asking for a right i deserve to have these this is what i deserve a someone who lives in his country i'm not scared of anything but i fear that this law being a basic law will grant garden lost from which we will suffer discrimination be forced. by you know this is the law is again to. be on a language. against our future in this land. real people of this and we can't agree for this law here's how i guess few the controversial legislation. this law actually doesn't change anything for the citizens of israel who does not discriminate or take any rights through and the law
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simply says that israel is the nation state of the jewish people it which has been long overdue this law is a basic law and that means it's constitutional which means. apartheid state for jewish people only well i think that what you just heard is the exact example of why we need it you have a person who is not an israeli citizen in this bashing my country in israel all citizens are equal under the law the third biggest party in the parliament is their party what i find shocking is that people who condemn the bare existence of the state of israel in any border are saying that we are and which i think is just appalled this law says that this land is only for half of the population and the other half would be discriminated against it does not identify the borders of israel which means that this system is discrimination includes not only palestinians inside but also by the students in the west bank and those are sort of the. injured in some area where sometimes people mistakenly call the west bank it's
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a you didn't run it's a jew free state as a jew not allowed to be there this law does nothing about it in some area unfortunately for me with evil and israel are logged in some area just doesn't touch it that's not true do you agree that we should have a palestinian state or not their family not but i think when we have a new thing is that you want another state but you also are you going on right israel this is telling me i can't have citizenship but he wants to continue to occupy any my land and he says i cannot have a state and we cannot have a two state solution and yet he speaks that it is a democracy. final arguments in the trial of donald trump's former campaign chairman paul manifold are expected to be heard this week among other accusations is how he allegedly acquired tens of millions of dollars from former ukrainian president viktor and a covert code which is being tried in absentia in ukraine for treason we spoke with the former president's lawyer about the case and you watch full version instantly
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on our site. in ukraine there will be no accusations or charges against a poor man i thought the party of the regions will present any coverage but a legal team received an official statement from the national antique russian bureau confirming this but so in the two years that we've been hearing about the manifold investigation there's been no record of any crime committed on ukrainian soil no charges and no case we have no official documents that confirm this facts and we're taking about but i wouldn't. put it there but i would have so did numbers they said then you're still at this point we can say with confidence and we openly said during the proceedings that the court's hearing our case is not independent unfortunately it's been put under tremendous pressure to pass a verdict that the authorities want by a certain deadline the court refused to call witnesses who are currently in russia
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to the stand but even before leaving for the chambers the judges agreed with the prosecution that russia was the aggressor states this however should have been determined only after examining the case file in its entirety is another instance that proves that the court is not independent and proves that it's under political pressure or it proves that the court reached a verdict before hearing the case so from a legal point of view such a verdict will have no legal force whatsoever and will be overturned in other courts as a say more than outside r.t. dot com more from a in thirty two minutes time.
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wrong. to shape our. engagement because betrayal. find themselves worlds apart. common ground. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamping
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each dish. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be all for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need to remember is one one does not show you can afford to miss the one and only boom by. the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. crossing their fingers to us that's a lot of sympathy i want to become lost and i won the last post on this but i think many of them look for refuge in the so called sentries sides of the refuse to share
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information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities on the best person as bank of mom. policy to morrow i am at best when i get a man a lot less and they want that. they can watch as they all choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all over for the gravels. both of you what is the who beat up to the old i said sit stuff out of many couples won't. kill what chance of putting food impulse response both of you up of up to the fault of the.
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ergo it is founded on a rape in a murder. nothing changed so we said no response to these situations the killing. is sad every other day people kill each other black people kill each other so it was just no way sad people are going to just sit back and
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allow children to shut down law enforcement this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us this is can't me happening in america.
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whole. michael brown say his name. there by one better plea. to shooting. them are people are fighting. for three years you should pay as man. we miss you we love you you set off a revolution. put his whole country for his whole world. the thing about my brow was before that it had been several decades since america at uprising like that you know we got a missed opportunity i feel like with the ferguson situation.
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such. as again the people of all. brings us to put. god you've above all right gloria but. this day isn't for us this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. you can't talk what a machine as a machine so you can have a real conversation about real life and feelings in what people are going through what a machine what a robot. you can only do. surely a robot has got to be taken down and abolished when they made a constitution and all this but it really was in may for me.
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why people don't want to live next to black people and so they created so suburbs and small little time to fight for you so floorspace small them to exist you can see a lot of flats in this a lot of homes sold and stack poor people just back to back on top of each other. i live in the homeless which is lying in the light when the poor of his poor is in the state police don't call too often people get shot every other day kids get shot people kill each other black people kill each other always had a gun has something almost always drug related. samos or. black people have always been a target. in the mean
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time says it was a cool do you know he was serious and he loved black people. he loved this people enough to sacrifice his so he starts or going to ask people started to start his all organization attacks to try to fight so he spent the seals in the world no. the police were not allowed. to. see the culprit. she was something you may have a nice. school she misses you the fees she used the meeting want to get a few kids up on the phone this is semi should he come for money tree poverty creates crime yes anywhere you get rid of poverty you get rid of crime sample is
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that simple people are poor here this is one of the lowest minimum wages in the country cost them police harassment. the drug epidemic like it's a lot of different factors that you're dealing with heard that. white supremacy benefits from that the capitalist to govern the benefits from and we sit here we start so people look at us they think body just savages away animals what they have they don't want to do better is not that we don't have opportunity to do better. or worse.
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is a save to go here in field. hands on your belief in god the net and something that happened last year definite possibility. no guarantees in life as a. cyclist has probably more abandoned houses and any other city in america its size. people. with children they you know they move to the county they move to suburbs for better schools and. the streets and all that kind of stuff. it was a man. i was looking for you is a water how you doing that to keep you fit hold they have me i love that will keep you fit. we're going to bang. something good going to get you to you know when we
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get all the stuff just good to get to all to the south to sandwiches yeah oh sorry i have to start. with you go. this month past i was right he's a pretty good zoom and i do his big everything that he say and i'll try to live by will you one of the one of the advice to me is always do. it all here sometimes you run the people that you just really glad to see when you get out here that's what i was gonna this one of the brothers i was really glad to see him. hey joe. jones.
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believe that anything that happens in a person's life is not random. and that there is a divine design behind it. baptize a young man i was passing the church and we have to grow old missouri and i baptize him if watching bury him and seventeen. and i had to do his funeral and watch his mother his grandmother whom i'm very close to god started speaking to me about the violence then and very young eulogize a young woman who was shot in the head in broad daylight in a park in front so they had these things just kept happening these young people just kept dying who were in my sphere of influence and believe that god was speaking to me about going into the streets then and i decided then that it just made sense for me to go out where the vile.


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