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i don't mind so it's a view of life. after every my. nephew who competition that i'm in you feel like you can do it was to. just. you know you to. get good delegates celebrated because right. or to try to promote the fact. that anyone. feel that it's not. her period. it's. a family and my family's in serbia. sometimes you feel like oh and then you think
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you crossed and you miss them but on the other side the team is a really nice and even the theme is not so big and here in the team here some kind of. nice social life. move.
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the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. who want to know how most of us just a little simple they want to become lost and i want to ask some just about what many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides of the refuse to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities on the best person to ask banco mom. mostly to point out i don't have much time i get them in a lot of class and i want that. they have water they all choose to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all over forty couples. also be what is the who could be about to be. a since it struggles of many couples won't. deal with trump the push to put impulse response both of you up as
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a pua the hope of the. crazy conspiracy they're there they're all worthless there are all manner of the boss forget about the back of the bus a lot of love the fuss because we want. wonder bread and fake news so you die that's american. america was never great was founded on the rapes and the murder. and nothing changed so we said in. response to these situations that we do in the ways.
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people get sad every day she is just sad people kill each other blacks were killing children. there was just no way that people were going to just sit back and allow children to be shot down law enforcement. this country doesn't work for us it doesn't function for us. this this can't be happening in america we call from the streets we've got to deal with life this is the reason i have to ride like this is the reason.
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these next what's called a truly. i wouldn't say call. it could. put up a strip club or surprise like to. sleep on. board. oh you. know i think. you guys want i owe you money today not yet ok
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now some people and one of the. and i'm here looking for a place since i heard there was a parade said yesterday were very gunshot wound. to the shoulder who is here with. a little. fellow manic osa coming to see if either therefore it's the. same old life or the. should it shut up. in the night shift to try to ask god if you got stranded maybe he should. tell you. that he or. she gets
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a lot of good enough to. look at you won't get off on the end of the song so. if you don't just want to. transition a gauge. of any. tree any idea that most of us get medical ok gotta go off. say it's just. the conflict is not far away in the that and we don't rule out the possibility that could that be. has been attacked as not as a possibility that we're taking seriously and we have to plan ahead of its.
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we want to make sure that's actually in the first place would evacuate the patients with a minimum of staff staying in production until the last moment when indeed we visit not enough security guarantees for staff to stay there then will that i treat also . just michelle so she's going to do to make it from the phone to me was more than usual but as usual they were going to move during the fall to do it with only me and the bucket of soup one of them once and you could talk to more of them bush was appointed to the throne and just across from him and again we would you steve. by the moment i got i've been formed in the form of you're going to be identified because we have. some patience for so many vehicles wow ok yeah yeah.
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what was the story there is super bowl some initial carrier there were three of. those who were in the host were done do their bidding the first go did they do brad mansion or had a guy play seems pretty. thorough right near his grown nerf injury or is it was a home. still to show and so this on occasion next to just. play. with. it but it's not penetrating down to. a soft tissue namo on. the next one will be to set. fire to his mates yeah let's let's let's take a moment. why don't they when i'm not sure they're let's put this one i don't. know if you really believe. but like i was talking about the last ten dollars loan i made i went out and you know i try to help you but your idea will level i'll get
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one two three let's go slowly or come come come come come. come come come from i'll bring. your i don't i'm going to go ok. ok put him here and on this for the. good he's going to come. now but we have only two places for the stretches and i was. so this is new on this one you know we're going to model the future and. if he's in pain and all it can can ask of his. i imagine i get it going very well. i make you some injection here we live so if you don't feel his legacy will sitting quietly much more quiet. my friend was going to go to.
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the water and you know it's not for painful dawns on me but i think. that's also something. so they'll still be on the stretcher while we fly them no response you know yeah you'll be sitting so too will destroy just and that will go on that you're in the. big swing of nine seats at this point correct. yes ok kermit to that's what we got. actually we have so full house yet ok. it's needed a lot of same. mistake to make. sure. that. it was
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not. just the time they found. the hole restored from the trenches first pressure cooker ok let's put this let's. first talk with him on the flight you know ok. how can you not. see the one by one. but your head watch your head maybe what you look at and what kind of you're ready for one more. ok one more so go to the marble six nine for the sake of peace with.
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grammy and. can essentially be made of course we are here to share it i mean if you look at me here easy anyone is in the beginning oh yes oh not only are these. people down on the beach and desk here i'm up here and that is you know. maybe because you didn't get to be here. at
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the live in the night and yet again like ok can. we hear. the last. letter which defines the lame duck you showed of the game a lot so she wrote. that. you don't believe. the baby to be tied. to. a. job. made by. many. people so they arrived in december and then they're back to overcome many
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many problems. i believe myself going to. you know just give them time with your time to recover. because there we go in the mines the recount the recovering the bodies so just the continuing never give up even in this situation since desperately in the beginning.
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how. bad. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder when the carnage mean when the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing
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the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we more executing innocent people is terrifying there was just no way to present them that we were even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the get tell here is because that's what murder victims' families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in saying. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter to us as over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime champions each day. eighty five percent of global wealth you longs to be all for rich eight point six percent market saw a thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per
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second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point. billion dollar ai industrial plant but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business shows you can afford to miss the one in only. significant. up and up and basically. in the. house it will either be useful because those you are talking to. those that are going to. get it will only get it started. and that a lot of that aren't about to come out of a skid but i'm about the same as ours but a lot of us up the money into. his head of
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a long long long time like my son's college lead to say. that they are all right so there is a long. long way of pleasure being made by. other people more adult films like those on the go. live that. i believe feel. so. says. league. play
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it least. the rebuilding of war ravaged syria is underway and we visit one of the cities to witness the reconstruction process. palestinians are killed during a protest in the gaza strip where demonstrators attempted to break through the border fence with israel. encouraging tourists jump. into a swimming pool a dangerous practice that's already a number of lives. and
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now i just after nine in the morning here in moscow are you watching the international welcome to your stories. the syrian reestablishing control over the country a new war is being fought against the destruction that was wreaked by militants and terrorists the rebuilding of key infrastructure is under way and we travel to syria to witness the recovery efforts. much of the city of aleppo is still in ruins reviving it to its former glory is a task of gargantuan proportions and of immense political and economic importance the citadel of aleppo has become the symbol of the city's resistance.
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but our lipo is much more than just a maze of antique streets and attractions from history books. the militants of stolen computer units with chips for the machines they destroyed the factory on purpose they wanted to damage syrian industry as a whole and specifically in the street in aleppo reviving this that south. would. see one rebel control of this area they can feed and basically very dysfunctional hunker. down want to be immense but now that the former industrial have been slowly getting back on track things are
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finally looking up for the people the last. two years ago during the war we couldn't even open our shops the shelling snipers were everywhere you couldn't live under such circumstances we cover the roof of the building back then so that we could take cover it was unbearable when we took shelter for about half an hour whenever the shelling started we just locked ourselves in here thank god now we can work peacefully day and night we just hang around. just like the good old days the under joe hurdle the atmosphere is really good around here the weather is nice everybody is feeling safe and it's only getting better and you can see getting better day by day lana must lead them to it i was lucky enough not to leave my home high and this is the district the rebels couldn't get to about the time there was a blockade once but it was firmly lifted now same god things about her despite all those things that we're no better than her mother when you know it's safe and you
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can return home to feel that if your house lies in ruins you can still fix it the main thing is it's safe now. historically the city of aleppo has been the economic capital of syria and now with the world gone finally some traders are coming back to the streets. because dawn of reporting from aleppo in syria. meanwhile the u.s. state department says it will redirect american stabilisation funding plan for syria to other foreign policy efforts washington insists though this will not affect its humanitarian assistance program meanwhile saudi arabia has pledged to contribute one hundred million dollars to syrian reconstruction efforts but the money will only go up to the northeast of syria a region under the control of u.s. backed kurdish forces. and while some programs are cut others remain in place but the u.s. saying it will stay in syria for some time yet to battle terrorists. we're
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remaining in syria the focus is the ensuring defeat of isis we still have no launched the final phase to defeat the physical kind of fight this is actually being prepared now and that will come at a time for choosing but it is coming joshua landis a head of middle eastern studies at the university of oklahoma says there are multiple competing interests in syria. the united states does not want assad to become too strong and there you are hoping to keep leverage in order to try to push iran out of the country to get a better deal for the kurds and and of course they're also worried about what's going to happen if their products where there are very complex negotiations and and russia is at the heart of that so there are many competing agendas in washington and as long as president trump is not spending a lot of money there i think he's happy to keep a few thousand troops if that increases america's leverage the united states does
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not want to spend a lot of money and that's quite clear and many people have been complaining bitterly about deaths typically in iraq and other areas that have been quite badly destroyed they've been pressuring a saudi arabia which just said it would spend another hundred million in syria stabilization they've been pushing france and and european countries to try to get them to spend more money rather than washington this has been one of president trump's constant refrain is that others have to pay for this process. two palestinians were killed in the gaza strip on friday as protesters attempted to break through the border fence with israel the demonstration is part of the great march which started back in march this year of one hundred seventy people have been killed by israeli soldiers in that period tel aviv says the protests are for terrorists a gaza based reporter who was at the latest protest for. allah. the news continued
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to protest for this twenty first friday they israelis continue to fire tear gas canisters and live ammunition on the palestinian protesters. the situation now is escalating as the palestinian protesters are trying to burn you to burn some tires to bury the vision of those ready snipers that israeli forces continue to fly more to gas canisters on the palestinian protesters to disperse them and to keep them away from the funds at least two policy means injured in a very very critical condition as you see palestinians are are bracing the palestinian flag. throwing stones on by israeli snipers and this is how the palestinians have been concentrating their guys ready snipers and the israeli forces oh my god live many in this unit you guys come to search are now being fired that gun on the palestinian protesters and as you see it has to be fired on the
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part of student protesters where your gas canisters are being fired from and on directions as you see the place is filled with with lysol everyone is suffocating from the tear gas fired this is also one of the injuries are from the tear gas fired just right now. no signs for the first time i see this there is no fence where the palestinian protesters have that but if you do break the fence was probably dusters are far too bad nobody ever. tries that palestinians have that ability to break the fence dies or a force is not right in the shooting live ammunition on the part of protesters that we want is going back. meanwhile the israeli defense forces say the response of the troops to palestinians trying to break through the fence was in accordance with standard operating procedures so another protest was held in the west bank this friday by people marched peacefully against the demolition of
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a local village. i know. i'm here to support the people of the village i hope that people come from all over to stand with them so we can be sovereign in our lands palestinian activist i had to maybe join the protest and. a seventeen year old was recently released from jail after serving an eight month prison sentence for slapping an israeli soldier in december last year she condemned israel's decision to demolish the village israel claims that it was built illegally but has offered to relocate locals to a neighboring site. that. the u.s. department of defense plans to spend up to fifteen million dollars on enhancing soldiers' physical performance and insurance but as artie's killam often explains such programs have to be handled with care.
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actually did. hollywood science fiction often depicts the soldiers of the future with all the talk of a space force from donald trump and fighting robots across the silver screen our imagination has plenty of places to go i. now on the surface a new grant from the pentagon for extramural biomedical research and development doesn't sound so bad the object is to create soldiers who can withstand even the harshest circumstances take a listen develop technologies to maximize the physiological performance of s.o.f. operators including enhanced in durance enhanced senses tolerance to environmental extremes and enhanced overall fitness in order to maintain operational posture ability in high stress scenarios without noticeable augmentation and without hampering personnel.


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