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and shake. they did not shake hands with people of the opposite sex religious practice does not fall outside the law the constitution in equality between men and women prevails over bigotry the couple was said to showing a lack of respect towards gender equality laws and failed to prove their readiness to integrate into society however they do have thirty days to appeal the decision. a similar thing happened back in twenty sixteen a similar case took place in sweden that was when a twenty four year old muslim woman refused to shake a male interviewers hand when she go for a job the meeting was abrupt to was abruptly terminated but. jay wants thousands in compensation when sweden's labor court ruled it amounted to discrimination. you see if you're an employer in sweden like the guy who wanted to recruit a young interpreter and. interview disco refuses to shake hands she has difficulties to talk to him because he's a man because of our culture that doesn't work this guy doesn't fire her does not
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hire her and because of that isa blanche to pay four thousand euro to that girl one the swedes here that they say on off out here they have the lady in sweden smiled and made this question you have to know that even muslims should also add to their habits or to the customs of the country they're living under shaking hands a suggestion of respect to do with it but if someone is not shaking the hand but on the other side showing me that he's respecting me he's smiling in my face he says he's making a show like this like this everywhere so all we also take the tension of this discussion away and try to find a way how we could deal respectfully with each other except think each other talking to each other and maybe trying to change some of these things in positive liminal well you should stop talking about respect when they come to europe they
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have our. respect they have had respect for the top but they should stop trying to influence society to attain what their bigotry insists is absolutely necessary you should adapt muslims should adapt they have adapted for decades this form of islam is not welcome in europe that's the perception of citizens and it's not only populist i think it's something like seventy or eighty percent of the population who believes that there are some values these values that are spared that the freedom of speech the freedom of for changing their faith the freedom to talk to have my own decision how i live but also the freedom of believing and the freedom of faith so these are values that are in europe we should be proud of it and we should fight to keep them and not accepting anybody who is going to make any and dangerous for values and our democracy this issue with this young woman refusing to
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shake hands with a man this is so very much happening everywhere and it's not emotional the way europeans react this cannot continue like that either they adapt except the way we live and to live with us and shake hands like everybody else or else they can go back to that country and the problem is look at saying do run back to their countries and he can just imagine that muslims are europeans and they're living here maybe in the third or fourth generation so stop to talk to us this way go back to countries other countries the southwest but the sweden i'll come to could be belgium it could be great britain. next in the war ravaged iraqi city of mosul where locals are slowly but surely returning since islamic state was defeated there but for many painful memories still haunt those who survived the horrors of war.
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there this is the house the home we used to live in and i lost a child the d'orsay seventeen years old during the time of isolated patient we lived in dread and fear no one was free to move no children were allowed to step outside the house they were frightened. only ensuring the operations to liberate the city we were under heavy shelling so my daughter would not go out without her youngest sister for two days they would go out and come back together a monday the seventeenth of april twenty seventh jane the younger sister told the other one to go alone and she couldn't come with her when she left she was hit by mortar shell. on it in
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a. high priced air and found a covered in smoke and gunpowder from the explosion by relatives took her to the hospital but the nearest one turned out to be a hospital under eisel control. they told my relatives either take her back to die or that they could only shoot it and her life she stayed there without any treatment until she died the relatives brought her back from the hospital washed her body and took her to her final resting place at the local mosque. watching out international thanks for with the smalling still ahead after a break coming up we ask what future for greece now it's finally coming out of its bailout program and all those millstones of debt repayments is still a very much around its neck. the uk.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of the global wealth you long for the all for rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and point rose to twenty thousand dollars . china's building two point one billion dollars ai industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business
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show you can afford to miss the one and only. look at yourself like that i think. that's. right he says go slow way to scarborough. like that. but i still. claims he's been stripped of his security clearance after complaining about astronomical payments to pry the contract said that have questionable connections
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he goes down off. pentagon contracts are among the best ways to make big bucks and fast but even within the agency with a multi-billion dollar budget some deals stood out as outrageous for adam love injure an analyst turned whistleblower he reported them to his bosses and believes was punished for doing so by having his pay cut and security clearances revoked there's a lot of players and entities in the story so try to bear with me here adam levin joe worked for the office of net assessment a small but evidently important department at the pentagon. in twenty sixteen loven to complain to the management about two contractors one is
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stephan helper and the other is a company called long term strategy group will begin untangling this with a helper the pentagon tasked him with writing up policy sheets for problematic regions at least from the u.s. standpoint like russia or china or india this fact alone raised red flags for the whistleblower since the department of defense as employees tasked with just that while how her was an outsider what made things more suspicious is that helper was paid astronomically more than others. nobody in the office seem to know what hope or was doing for his money he subcontracted out a good chunk of it to other academics he would compile them all and then collect the balance and his fee as a middleman that was very unusual for this type of work the pentagon reimbursed helper with more than a million dollars in the span of just under six years and
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a stranger doesn't get this kind of money in washington allegations of undercover spy games around help or date back all the way to the reagan years while more recently he was outed as an f.b.i. informant scooping for dirt on the trump campaign working against the current us president makes helper trumps enemy and anyone who is a trumps enemy is hillary clinton's friend and clinton's name weaves into this story and now the contract to love and your flag the long term strategy group to him the company's stood out for an obvious reason see the head of this group and hillary clinton's daughter chelsea are best tease jackie and i are still best friends she was in my wedding and i was in her leaked emails from hillary clinton server indicate the then secretary of state actively promoted the interests of the long term strategy group with a deal d. d.
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a secretary clinton thank you again for all you encourage meant and how to deal we had a productive discussion about iran and developments in nato asia but also discuss going to the eagles and mapped out what we need to do so that you can go to work love injure wanted his bosses not only to look into the likely conflict of interest there but you also question the quality of the job done. on the issue of quality more than once i have heard our contractor studies labeled derivative college level and based heavily on secondary sources one of our contractors studies was literally cut and pasted from a world bank report but i just happened to have read the week before even the font was the same long term strategy group and the pentagon both denying that clinton's involvement had anything to do with the contracts the same people in the pentagon who compensated helper and the group had love in his clearances and the pay reduced to nothing months after his complaints citing official reasons that have nothing to
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do with the whistleblower yet levin ger is doubtless he's downfall is richie buescher for crossing the wrong people well could turn as a footnote to this we asked the pentagon and the partner justice to comment on missile of inches case of these allegations will bring you any reply as when we get it. big day for greece. future on the calendar greece finally exit the bailout program has brought in of the country's huge debt crisis under the biggest rescue package in global financial history the e.u. and the international monetary fund handed greece more than three hundred billion euro but it had a huge impact on the country's economy more than four hundred thousand people moved abroad pensions are down taxes are up and athens is still expected to be repaying those huge loans until twenty sixty the crisis provoked serious tensions at the time between greece and the e.u. it peaked in twenty fifteen when brussels provided greater austerity measures to deal with the debt mounted most greeks voted against further restructure in the
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reconstruction of the referendum yet the government still implemented them but it meant the e.u. unlocked another eighty six billion euros in aid in the end the bailouts took it countless protests over the years. i. was. in return that it wouldn't be in the drastic reduction of the decks to make it sustainable in two thousand and ten it wouldn't require a lot of restructuring in order to make the deck sustainable but at that time
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neither europe nor the united states or the world economy was ready to deal with their debts effectively and that's why people view morris date with some relief in the sense that they would not be under the same strong. as they were in the past eight years on the other hand greece will still have to continue with it nor stere which is going to make life difficult for the majority reeks. know best places we are seniors who so far this late monday morning in moscow my name's kevin i mean but with the next live update in thirty five minutes time for now then for me the rest of the team thanks for watching.
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but survival ecstacy just a call to start with but all these are. you sure you don't get it back. repatriations look at the rest of seventy years. ago of the separate kaiser report . now civil liberties groups will be talking to. the right to. the right a lot of what i think about tom honest good but i'm going to see him as are going to one of us up the money into the museum of.
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modern. states who. just. want to be made. for the good people. or something. like that. during his years serving his region his chief executioner jerry was here in the swear they were innocent. when you hear a person going to his death be sticking out that he was innocent. serene's going to
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his body he's taken out that he was innocent on his last words. give me something to think about as an execution and it placed some doubt. there was one young man in particular washington jr. he was trying to tell society back then that he was innocent to get no one really paid no attention. in one nine hundred eighty three earl was arrested in culpepper virginia and brought in for questioning he thought it was for a burglary he had committed. a question a in the by different crime. and up they use it at us as data. and they then know i want to call them out which call kept my will. was going to death penalty. after intense questioning police officers
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extracted a confession from her for the brutal rape and standing murder of a one thousand year old mother of three. at his trial experts testified that earle had an i.q. of only sixty nine and was extremely suggestible casting doubt on his confession. despite inconclusive evidence the jury found guilty and the judge sentenced him to death. he was taken to mecklenburg a supermax prison in virginia. he was scared to death he was tempted he didn't want to come out of so. he's mentally retarded he couldn't read he couldn't write i walked in to the cell and he needed in thing bangle door come see what you. that was earl the whole time he was on the road he was. scared to
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have it. out as they were for me my mom dating. a promise from serie. a movie was an aide to see the mom would i be. two weeks before earl's dated execution the guards came to transport him to the death house in richmond. a charity mob put him in a way say in handcuffs shackles and they walked him out. literally drug him out and everybody's banging on the door or that the cost of the guards. joe reached out to his caseworker marie deans to see if anything could be done. i called her in a panic and said i want. i want this guy dead or not but i don't think he did i'll break this god knows what's going on when early arrived at the death house he was
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handed over to jerry i received earl from mecum ber and when he came in i gave him a good turn into the infirmary he was given a complete physical. at that time we only had. death by electrocution chair so he didn't have a choice you could her you know you had led to the one through to your home and have a deeper hole we got with the he said he was getting really from. what i have been. and that became mother will no longer want me to go i'll go again you know my own away. working day and night joe and marie secured a rare stay of execution marie was convinced that earl had been pressured into falsely confessing my work with mentally retarded defendants made me know that this was a what we would call a coerced confession whether it was course psychologically or someone did you kill
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that woman no. but you told the police that you did. yes why did you tell the police that you did it. oh no no no no you understand then that you were being. accused of a murder. they didn't understand most. new d.n.a. tests proved earl was not the murderer he was moved off death row but he remained in prison virginia law at the time did not allow the introduction of new evidence. gerry heard little about what happened to earl his focus was on preparing for the next execution. one year after the boston marathon bombing and the morial service brought everyone
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together for the first time. when we walked. down the road to the site. ron and i and christie stopped at each site and said a prayer. a week later karen and ron united with survivors at the two thousand and fourteen boston marathon. they cheered their friend celeste in a symbolic run across the finish line. i am angry at what he did and when i see my friends and they struggle and i see other survivors. i don't want my decision to be based on how angry i get in those instances. that
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paul judge will tool announced the trial would be held in boston. and we have two choices we can either let him stay alive and have his interaction and have his joys. or put him to die. and have that be the end of it. they don't get to see their little boy playing baseball anymore or reading him a story at night and in this young man is in jail and he's reading stories that he likes he's got books available to him that he enjoys or he meets with his sisters and gets to see pictures of their children growing up and i just don't think it's fair that they have had their their joys taken away from them and he still is able to experience that. karen decided to attend the trial.
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i want to be there to see. justice. in philadelphia nearly four years after vicki instils daughter shannon was murdered the police got a lead. in two thousand and would there been a series of assaults started taking place in fort collins colorado they put out a report to police agencies all across the united states. so they sent the from shannon's case to fort collins. the d.n.a. was a match. the suspect was married and employed at an air force base. about eight o'clock that night twenty third day of april. two thousand and two this fellow and his wife walked into the police station and by midnight that night they
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had a full confession for the dozen different cases. the men they arrested twenty nine year old troy graves philadelphia's elusive center city rapist. graves was accused of multiple counts of sexual assault and one count of murder in the death of shannon schieber. the prosecutor was district attorney lynn abraham. the prosecutor in the city of philadelphia who is known as a pretty deadly d.a. in other words she put more people on death row then any other prosecutor in pennsylvania and probably any large number around the country. graves was found guilty and the district attorney wanted the death penalty but the she bers did not . it meant they would have to fight for the life of their daughter's killer we had said to each other and consulted with our very large families that what we
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do if they ever caught a ball we would stick to our present and off someone was going to want to put to death we were going to argue for a life without the possibility of parole. the district attorney voiced her disagreement and outrage. the district attorney there became very very upset she became very public with her and with her opinion and she said i don't care what the schieber said the death penalty was the appropriate sentence for their daughter's murder. why would they not want. for vicki in cill the answer was clear. we just can't let this anger this natural human anger and pain overwhelm us and make us so then full and hateful because it would just over time destroy us and we know that. vicki and still received piles of hate mail the cues in them of not loving their
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daughter. you know if you can't stand by your principles when it's difficult they're not your principles. several years past before jerry learned that washington was not guilty. it had to be like fifteen or twenty executions at that girl was it leads from death row that i found out that he was he was innocent as it were out as that's as close calling you know he came within days in how to execute an innocent person. our criminal justice system supposed to be the best in the world i don't think we make those mistakes and yet when you see a person like ariel washington. something happened there. in the aftermath of the oklahoma city bombing in one thousand nine hundred five congress passed legislation
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to escalate death sentences the result was a dramatic increase in executions by one thousand nine hundred nine jerry was putting to death more than one person per month. and the death certificate reads. death by almost i. you know i don't make sense i don't want to be consider person deaths committed almost i but that's what every. apple. sixty two executions and only kilobit ackerson was myself and i refused to look into the mirror. he nearly took the life of her washington and couldn't help but wonder if there were others. research now shows that for every nine executions there is one inmate found innocent and exonerated.
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one out of ten who might have been mistakenly put to death. look at yourself why. not write the easiest during her years his courage. to live through right now the rule rather lose. something seemed wrong wrong just don't all. get
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to shape our distinct. engagement because the trail. when something find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. but i. want to get to the phone and also to pick up what i need now hans a little bit on the album keep the point bottom. line and you feel you would be would it be that easy for the party found that out in me. plus.


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