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tv   Keiser Report  RT  August 25, 2018 7:30pm-8:01pm EDT

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it is hard because he's not he's doesn't have access to interviews he's not able to answer any of the exemptions that other candidates may make against him is not able to defend himself to do or the country which is what he really desires to be with the people and to explain he's a new ideas for the future of the country. that from russia collusion stories are again gathering momentum but now even a u.s. t.v. channel is under fire amid speculation it is linked to the kremlin too and hawkins reports we've all heard about trump russia election collusion you know the great scam that brought the u.s. president to power who's asian of collusion collude passably smelled a whole lot like collusion there was ample evidence of collusion where is the closure you know they're still looking for closure where if they don't lose your finds are gonna lose your little did we know the conspiracy goes deeper now it's in
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the media it started with a trump tweet on proposed land expropriations and alleged murders of white farmers in south africa covered prior to this by fox news president of south africa posed has begun and you may have seen this in the press seizing land from his own citizens without compensation because they are the wrong skin color that is literally the definition of racism it's a story that's been making headlines for quite some time in different outlets multiple countries but there's just too many coincidences here coverage by r.t. to that list throw in russia and things get heated i'm simply shocked shocked shocked that r.t. has also been pushing a story line similar to tucker carlson's about threats facing white south african farmers including this family they claim sought refuge in russia. thanks for pointing out i did know that threats to south african farmers was
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a major story on r.t. there must surely be a link here a fox news report trumps twitter feed our t.v. there's a clear pattern if of course we ignore the fact this shuttle has covered related issues in south africa for quite some time the south african parliament has voted in favor of new legislation that could see land from white farmers things because government has vowed to tackle violent crime a problem that it says plays as an equal threat for all races living in the country just outside south africa's capital stands the statue of the man who was behind the policies of apartheid it's a whites only enclave which allowed black visitors only under special permit but the discrimination of the apartheid in south africa has long canter net and all the evidence is obvious trumps been talking to the russians again and r.t.e. collude with fox or what to cover when and how it all adds up this u.s. of illustration just loves putin and next time you see
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a reporter in russian media that's also covered by other media that's also been tweeted by trump you although what's really going on. and hawkins there now at the migrant crisis is once again causing divisions within the e.u. with italy now threatening to halt its payments to the block it does come after italy refused to allow a migrant ship to dock in sicily while demanding the e.u. share more of the burden because the e.u. does not respect agreements and does not meet its commitments we as a political force and no longer ready to give them twenty billion a year. let's not engage in finger painting we also believe in constructive comments less alone threats are not helpful and will not get us any closer to solution while the boat at the center of the route here has been stuck in port unable to dock since monday night with one hundred seventy seven migrants on board they've now begun
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a hunger strike two in protest and with tensions growing even the un has decided to weigh in in its latest report the organization urges all e.u. states to take part in the relocation process in italy in particular to allow all the refugees on board the boat to disembark italian government in the meantime has now allowed sixteen migrants off that boat for medical treatment as well as twenty seven youngsters. the you needs to step up in the meantime we are about maintaining health and human rights standards on board the we have allowed miners to disembark . well professor of early modern european history paladin a teenager's side at the crisis in the e.u. has found itself in does go far beyond problems with migrants. going to the major identity because the been looking. and lives goes wow dion and the problem. we're all going on isn't. so big my only. correct link and
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a lot of incidences for some states are growing you're absolutely were something septa reproduce not on the whole group it's. very own group that is a part of it and fired up in such a manner because you got one partner is an underdog you made your bride says a lot of things are not going to have a round of value million people who read while. the poverty line is the few good. books that the more mike wants are and is the government. in a sensible way it's by going with the rule of the unions not a single one of them must be worked out and professional way i think if. you're watching us international celebrity this hour china has reportedly decided to wait and see what happens with donald trump before engaging in further trade talks with
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him well have a look at that story for service to just after the break. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to be right to be for us that's what the forty three in the morning can people get. interested always in the waters of my college. last question. when lawmakers manufacture consensus instinct of public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the final
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merry go round of lives only the one person. doing or middle of the room sick. to leave the room going to relieve. the work. welcome back now russia's defense ministry has warned that terrorists in syria are preparing to stage a chemical attack in a bid to provoke a western intervention. according to information confirmed by several independent sources terrorist groups to hear sham is preparing another provocation aimed at implicating the syrian government in the use of chemical weapons against the civilian population it live province.
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the provocation which is being organized with the active help of british intelligence services is intended to serve as yet another pretext for a missile strike by the u.s. the u.k. and france again state an industry facilities in syria we now see plans for the syrian regime to resume our fans of military activities and it would prohibit we're obviously concerned. about the possibility that it may use chemical weapons again if the syrian regime uses chemical weapons we will respond strongly i think washington is preparing for a strike in the region and for all the wrong reasons you know i think you got to
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look at the bigger picture of what's happening in syria america and from there is looking increasingly in significant i mean to use the term illusions is almost an understatement they don't really seem to have any real impact on the ground anymore with their biggest ally in the whole region the kurds in the last few days looking more and more like us are going to strike a deal with the assad regime so you've got a certain amount of embarrassment on trump's side you know people in america not just media but all sorts of people are asking well what is america actually doing there on the ground. now while recent tweets to suggest that donald trump is eager to engage in fresh trade talks with china it does appear that beijing is being a little more hesitant the talk of trump impeachment growing ever louder reports do you now say that the chinese might wait until after the u.s. midterms to see how things pan out for the american president market expects. frayed talks between the usa and china have failed again now trump would like to
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push all the blame on to beijing however the situation deal mess to clean might have more to do with it chinese state media is openly arguing the trump is using the trade wars and tariffs as a gimmick in order to win political support trump likely to fall into kuwait ahead of mid-term elections the meat term elections are one of the key reasons the u.s. has maintained a tough stance towards china made list to say china is not eager to play into trump's hand officials there and reportedly said that they are suspending the talks until after the midterm vote it makes pretty good sense for china to cancel the talks until after november why because if the midterm vote doesn't go in trump's favor it could be more than congress that's up for change i don't know how you can impeach somebody who's done a great job if i ever got a ph i think the market would pressure i think everybody would be very poor might think trump's playing with fire by saying i'm doing a good job don't impeach me especially when it's pretty clear that the i word is on
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everyone's mind you could say it's the talk of the town in washington d.c. could he be impeached with this impeach trump the idea of impeachment time for impeachment you could have been impeached in preachment is probably likely but there is i think a lot for the president to fear compared to the previous administration top seems to have done almost a one eighty when it comes to dealing with the people's republic of china we welcome. the peaceful. rise of china consistent with international norms that's good for everybody we are being taken advantage of and i don't like it so you have to ask the question those who talk about impeaching donald trump are really doing american business is a favor after all the idea that donald trump might be packing his bags after november doesn't really put him in a strong spot when it comes to practicing his art of the deal mantra the chinese have adopted if fairly strong if not hard line position for the time being the
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chinese feel that they have been betrayed and mr trump has not followed through on his word they had a joint statement and a consensus that north tariffs were going to be issued the china agreement are collapsed within a week and at this point of time there's just no trumpet nor trust in his word and i do not see. serious decisions and serious outcomes coming out from these discussions over the next couple of months china is holding on to beyond the mid-term elections and i think it's a very good strategy. finally barcelona's little messy and real madrid plus other club captains in spain's top football league are poised to go on strike but after the league's officials signed a deal with an american company to play regular games on u.s. soil spanish fans aren't through a leader at the prospect of having to fork out and fry out this election reports.
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shocker in spanish football real madrid and f.c. barcelona are not loved as much anymore by their home fans the opening games for the giants saw the lowest stadium attendance for both in a decade with ryall you can try to attribute this to a certain number seven leaving the club for italy but leo messi is men are not used to seeing dwindling support at camp now or maybe fans voted with their feet because both games kicked off very late quarter past ten pm on a sunday night madrid's german superstar tony cross could not hide his feelings on twitter to boot the timetable of the game so late ten or even later work to. us too late for the children league bosses have now gone even further signing an agreement with american company relevant sports to have at least one game between spanish superclubs played on the u.s. soil yes you heard it right spanish domestic league played in the united states in
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miami to be precise and i was there last year at a sold out friendly version of al classical reale vs bossa where tickets to what essentially was an exhibition game started at a whopping three hundred dollars that would get you a season ticket for all home games at most spanish clubs but charlie still eternal owner of relevant sports told me that was not enough as someone turned to me when i was three to two and they were still going back and forth and up and down he said maybe you should have charged more for this. while the company claims the move would boost popularity of the game across the pond many believe it will only line corporate pockets at the expense of ordinary fans. one of the. that's not the issue for you. and. you doesn't. they want to see it but the bucks are good. but
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all these are suffering more than that they only think about money and imagine if that game thousands of kilometers away is decisive for winning the league or surviving in it and the spanish fans are not exactly the richest in the world that's why not only them but players themselves have been outraged the spanish footballers association lumb bastid this deal in a statement and to add even more fuel to the fire the captains of all twenty league clubs you name is lee sad they could go on strike. we will go to the end we unanimously against it and when we complain it's because we believe that our rights have been violated so that's enough so we will go until the end of the deal found shock waves across the old world with many in england fearing that the f.a. could follow in the league as footsteps it didn't help that steely tunnel openly stated that he wanted to bring english football across the atlantic too and with
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the twenty twenty six world cup heading to north america you have to wonder what else is planned to raise the beautiful games popularity in the land of soccer let's see russia ski r.t. makes you think that's how things are looking so far today here in r.c. don't forget they've got plenty stories too including our plenty sports ones and a website and. join me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would
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prefer and it means to live the death penalty just because i think that's a fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict. innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying those just move the present and then we hear even many of the families want the death penalty to be abolished the case we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victim's families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way. finally in a duffel and also to pick up now how's it going to live on thousand people find it . funny if he would be would it be that easy to find
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a friend that i had in me. plus is that going to see the city people. getting. good odds that it might open up a little bit of a wonderful enough that i little bit out of the fact that that out of money coming over as much of the template for the mob not to get it but it. exists in london. lose. some boards of this. to see. if anybody will fold up.
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i'm after times when you're watching going underground while we're away we're screening some of your favorite episodes of this season coming up on this show cia sanctioned torture in major nations former cia man ray mcgovern who served under seven american presidents tells us about american black sites in europe and warns us about the new boss of langley britain may have to understand three hundred thirty million gods to get a postscripts a trade deal with the world's largest democracy we talked to india's former foreign minister yes under secretary general of the united nations structures for the rule that's all coming up in today's going on the ground but first the british house of commons witnesses defense questions today and what are you gay defense department
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it is here is its boss declaring some kind of war with russia. should go away i should shut up but to raise a major government doesn't just want russia to go away we placing a disgrace deportation scandal home secretary is this man who wants private corporations to help defend us from russia we will also increase our cooperation with the private sector. a someone with a private sector background myself i understand that government cannot deal with these kinds of challenges alone because anyone who banks or the build a bank or who has taken a privatized train in britain knows how efficient the private sector is and remember these for profit corporations are not necessarily targeting isis kara they'll also be targeting russian terror north course or we have mune to attacks by hostile states the attempted murders in sol's reward outrageous attack on our soil
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using military grade nerve agent that in itself was a brazen message from the russian state. we also know that the way that terrorists attacks on their planned and conducted has changed. people are increasingly being radicalized why their computers and smart phones yes terror from those radicalized by computers and smartphones a military grade nerve agent that doesn't kill a russian terror plot that has no conclusive evidence whatever is he going to do community policing to gather intelligence or a centralized police state there is approximately at the moment some three thousand subjects of interest to be a security services a city looking each day and there's also a further twenty thousand of what they refer to as the club subjects of interest previously investigated not any more of the twenty thousand i think there will always be that's a few hundred that although there are close subjects at
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a local level these agencies might be able to sort of help with them and maybe come with an intervention program of some sort yes there are twenty thousand innocent until proven guilty people who have done nothing wrong that can be pinned on them they're going to somehow be intervened on even though they can't be arrested information against them will be shared around people on the list won't even know they're on a list and will have no ability to counter miss identification or false information with russia being lumped in this will stop people like this cripples being poisoned thankfully the usa arguably remembers german coffee and those russia could detonate the entire u.k. at a moment's notice with or without terms i could do such a job ads secretly shared lists in fact the us system of checks and balances from congressional appointment hearings for the cia's new boss gina house ball to the senate torture report lifted the veil a month speakable crimes joining me now is
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a cia veteran ray mcgovern ray thanks for coming back on there whether you have that much faith in the u.s. system but what did you make of the european court of human rights finding with you when you're in rumania for hosting cia black sites i thought it was. good of course it came late we knew that the lithuanians and the poles and the rumanians and many other countries including thailand. had cooperated in the kidnapping torture and so forth. of these cia sites but it was good to get it on the record and people should take notice oddly it also indicates that gina haskell will probably not be able to land in places like berlin or paris without some trepidation that should be arrested on the spot under the principle of universal jurisdiction i have to say though that they haven't been direct connections with the new boss of the cia to that but you think anyway the united states will be that worried that alone there
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arguable proxies of a one hundred twenty thousand dollar fine seem to be. critics well i have to mention that china has bill is directly responsible for what happened to the shiri one of the people who was also tortured in lithuania when she was there onsite as he was water boarded in thailand the fact that she was able to dance away from that charge during this senate hearing was really unconscionable the judges according to some news outlets that she oversaw malk executions and rectal feeding of of it all right. less sherry well you know it was really gruesome you mention the senate investigation report four years in the making and released just before the current chair richard burr took the chair of the senate intelligence committee
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now the first thing he did was recall the copies of that senate for your report what does that tell you all right he was involved he was in the house and the senate intelligence committees when all this was going on they join. at the hip the overseers are not overseers they're over lookers and what they do is kind of take care of people like gina hasbro and instead of requiring her to answer the questions they let her go to executive session bus in fairness to gina hospital many people in the mainstream newspapers of record whatever they say say that is the context of the nine eleven and surely you're not suggesting nuremberg rules should apply the f.t. here the japanese own financial times said a hospital coworker said the torture was okayed by the white house the department of justice and the cia's had caught is not. you can't ok
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torture ok. the us is signatory to the universal declaration on torture the un declaration which says no no circumstances civil war emergencies of any kind exempt a party from the prohibition on torture worse still torture doesn't work no matter what president from says you know i go i was an army officer an infantry intelligence officer i know the drill ok if that's the case why do you think the recent twenty sixteen pew survey said the us public were kind of divided on this forty eight percent for torture forty eight percent forty nine percent maybe against torture well precisely for the reason that you would use few minutes ago and that is you said in fairness to gina house bill the media is saying that such and such. please don't quote the major media in fairness to jena has both the major media is
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a tool of the deep state of our country and the major media including new york times doesn't publish anything sensitive without checking first with the cia so you know why do americans believe that hollywood t.v. . they've been they've been brainwashed into thinking that torture works and the senate committee report that you mentioned four years in the making issued in december of two thousand and fourteen proves that all these techniques based on cia original documents doesn't work that nothing no actionable intelligence was acquired they could not have and was not acquired by other reasonable normal legal interrogation techniques and are now claims that you case is right now a sharing intelligence obtained under. the british shadow foreign secretary and lethal embury writing to the british foreign secretary lawrence johnson that this
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how dangerous would be the practice of sharing intelligence amongst nato nations of intelligence obtained under torture well with all due respect m i five m i six takes their cue from cia and the americans i mean what more do you need to juice but ambassador craig murray in east on he's in receipt of interrogation reports we which he knows on the scene are gain from torture ok and he says to the foreign office you know this this really shouldn't be foreign offices or our british citizens doing this and he says well if british this is our doing it sure can get in and followed it craig very quick to his great credit so you get a kind of a bureaucratic inertia here were the americans say it's ok it's so facto it's ok well it's not ok you are at the cia have been you police and i five m i six the cia or f.b.i. to not use an intelligence file that may have emanated from one of the united
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states is black sites around the world let's say all let's say you want to prove that al qaeda is hand in glove with saddam hussein to help justify a war against. adam hussein well you know what you can get that from torture we had this prisoner he wouldn't admit that there were close ties between al qaeda and saddam hussein so we sent them to the egyptians a friendly service and guess what they got into it at mit in quotes that yes he sent all manner of operatives up to baghdad to be turned to be trained in explosives and and chemical weapons and guess what that was used by colin powell it is speech before the u.n. on the fifth of february two thousand and three just six weeks before the war to justify what he called the sinister nexus between al qaeda and saddam hussein made out of whole cloth whether colin powell was deceived as he
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claims he was or whether re he was smart enough to realize what was going on that's an open question but it was right from torture and it was the case with the torture works you get people to say what you were to want them to say that's the only time it works and it only works with inaccurate information. you were of course at the cia under many presidents i wondered what you thought or made of the fact that britain's new home secretary sajid javid says that secret lists of people from m i five should be circulated in civic society to intervene on people to combat everything from isis to russia what he would do you think of that idea of secret lists secret lists you know what i remember of secret lists or one of the nazis came into the netherlands for example and each mayor had a secret list in those days it was on paid for ok the names.


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