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the last rebel terrorist stronghold in syria is surrounded all parties involved in . what could be a final showdown in the seven year war. i i also had lines two days of violence on the streets of germany leave twenty people injured tensions boil over during counter demonstration over the plight of migrants in the country. the prison strike in the u.s. enters its second week in what could potentially become the largest in american history. with poor conditions.
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there what's your international law from moscow. today welcome to the program. syrian army troops have been sea moving towards the front line of the last stronghold of rebel and terror groups in the country in the northern province of idlib these are pictures you can see from the ground obtained by our video news agency soldiers can be seen riding on top of lorries also carrying tanks artillery other military equipment as well officers say their troops are ready for the final vital against militants so far though they're waiting for final orders they're not the only ones ready for what could be a decisive battle for the future of syria a lot of guys if you live there with more details thanks for coming in here it's shaping up to be as we mentioned earlier the final battle why is this so important in that seven year long conflict well it looks like it will be the end of final
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showdown between rebels. and the syrian military it is their last remaining srong hold and there is nowhere left to retreat tens of thousands of them in the most powerful faction is. rebranded and their defiant they've been cranking out propaganda ceaselessly. bear in mind many of them not even syrians these are jihad ists on an international jihad from china from central asia from the caucasus from morocco to baghdad and they've got nowhere left to go other than other than italy but the biggest danger here is
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a wider international escalation between nuclear superpowers for example out of the blue you have the united states stationing military assets we're talking about cruise missile delivery systems such as guided missile destroyers strategic bombers heavy duty stuff being rebase the dropping anchor near syria days after the united states as well as britain and france warned that they would attack syria if there are reports of acid using chemical weapons the russians have come out and warned that it looks like the use of chemical weapons is imminent except it will be the rebels using them the u.s. continues to expand its presence of cruise missile carriers in the middle east which is connected to the preparations for another false flag incident allegedly involving chemical weapons russian reports of u.s. military buildup in the eastern med and nothing more than propaganda it's not true that does not mean however that we are prepared to respond should the president
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direct such an action. the united states denies that it's building up forces in the area but says that is not to say it isn't ready to strike in syria if need be the good news is that russia and the united states they're now talking they've opened up a special channel of communication to try to avert any potential use of chemical weapons but the danger remains the worst case scenario an international escalation because militarily the rebels don't stand much of a chance against the syrian military what could save them is for example if there's a foreign intervention caused by a staged chemical attack. syrian armed forces have no chemical weapons and no plans to use it with a real because there is no military necessity for said this many times before sensible people will not use militarily useless means to draw the fire of three
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powerful countries upon themselves on the other hand after announcing it and waiting for a force like attack from militants these very same countries can start on bartman. now given the military buildup the we've seen the russian fleet for example off the coast of syria has a record size the dangers risks and stakes here much higher than what we are accustomed to for example last time when the united states britain and france attacked syria that was a limited strike a precise number of targets but this time you know no one can guess what will happen that is not to say everything is yet lost that hasn't begun yet there are still talks ongoing there's a conference set for friday where they hope they'll reach some sort of peaceful resolution and the russian reconciliation center on the ground has been trying to work out a deal to get civilians out to avoid bloodshed bloodshed on
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a mass scale but chances are looking slim the jihad is defiant. our weapons are the source of our strength and honor thinking about surrendering to the enemy and handing over weapons will be considered treason worst of all is that there are approximately two million civilians trapped in need live between rebels jihad the syrian military if talks fall through of chemical weapons they use the words this battle drags civilian toll will. that's not even mentioning a potential wider international escalation do they're at odds with the latest on the upcoming battle of talks for. the director of the not sauce think tank focusing on the middle east hopes the battle will be as successful as it was in the recaptured southern areas of syria. that
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a battle is imminent or an escalation is imminent how that develops we don't know whether it goes. very fierce in the form a very fierce confrontation between. on one side and its allies and syrian army and its allies on the other side we don't know we hope that it. as it went in other areas like most recently southern syria we're faction leaders understand that this is a force that they cannot. compete with or fight effectively and they see if they are people and their cities a lot of destruction and death in that case you know people could go back to under government control as soon as possible to normality basically as soon as possible and we understand that many of them. are hoping to achieve such a feat. some three thousand pro moderate activists of glassed in the past two days
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in a german city of chemnitz leaving twenty eight people injured their arrest was prompted by the arrest of a rocky syrian following the stabbing of a local man on sunday people of reports on the latest from germany. well the state of saxony in the city of cam that it's a firm the focus across germany across whitey europe an even across the wider world this follows. a night of violence that we saw on monday evening thousands more that were expected. right wing demonstrators took to the streets of candidates and they were confronted by counter-demonstrators now that resulted in some violent scenes there was. that on the scene as well we have seen after the killing does now have a place in the state governed by the rule of law we saw videos with harassment and hate on the streets was.
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just and i was at the demonstration in chemist's on monday and the scene there was alarming what happened yesterday is that over a thousand demonstrators registered but it turned out that there were about eight thousand protesters in kemet was . a decent tie. it was assumed from the beginning that there would be twice as many demonstrators as were registered but it turned out that there were about four times as many right wing demonstrators as initially planned all those scenes were all sparked following the killing the stabbing to death of a thirty five year old man encampments in the early hours of sunday morning two men in their early twenty's one from iraq and one from syria were taken into custody
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we've heard from prosecutors that they've ruled out self defense in stopping in fact they're looking to pursue a charge of culpable homicide in. case now the scenes that we saw they really left people in the city of cambridge shocked at what unfolded before their eyes between their people for immigration and. immigration. and that's a problem for our country or our thirty year i have never seen anyone once against refugees or have experienced anything like that. until the recent trends here fred situation my parents saved don't go into city stay at home came not from pantries so i was it came from our of course i came from tunisia and that is a problem and that makes the crimes of twenty people including two police officers
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were injured in violence we also hear from the police that they're investigating ten people for having given nazi salute during those clashes that is illegal here in germany. monday really monday night violence really bringing the whole situation in the splits in german society firmly in focus as the right wing and the left wing of german society clashed in saxony. inmates in the united states are staging what could become the largest prison strike in american history a peaceful protest which is now into its second week is planned to last nineteen days on the campuses seventeen states prisoners are demanding an end to what they call modern slavery and the introduction of a number of reforms. that
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. you frank.
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several american departments of corrections claim there have been no sign of any strikes and there is the solutions we have asked for written confirmation of this despite reports we have not had any organized stoppages protests or lock downs related to the strike at our institutions there are no strikes occurring in georgia the g.t.c. is prepared should that change we have been and will continue to monitor the situation only hide correctional institution in swan quarter salt protests inmates were allowed to hang banners from the inside fencing human rights activists . claim some facilities have used violent measures to stop the strikes. all of the prison i was organizing rare were taken to administrative segregation and when
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one of the organizers was shackled my ingle and rather crossed the prison as a message to the rest of the institution states like new mexico and many others what they did is they began. kept all inmates in isolation and there in their individual cell as the mechanism for stopping activity. palestine solidarity activist from norway has been hit twice by israeli rubber bullets in the space of just a week kristin voss was hit in the abdomen and the ankle during demonstrations in the west bank village she managed to capture one of those incidents on camera and says at the time she was holding her hands in the air. as you point you know she.
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was. a christian force joined protests in the west bank village of katherine its residents are calling for the reopening of the direct road leading to their farmland that was blocked fifteen years ago to allow the expired short of what the israeli settlement of ketamine villages have been demonstrating every week for around a decade. now the israeli defense forces told r.t. the woman who had been standing among rioters at the time who'd been volatile was them they said they will investigate the incident or let's get more details now from kristen force herself that norwegian human rights activist kristen facts for joining us good to have you on the program it's always the very volatile situation in the west bank the protests going on. did you realize there would be a big risk of going there when you join the protests. i've been
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to the protests five four or five on four or five previous occasions so i knew they would be firing rubber coated steel bullets and sequence which they had before but always stayed to the side or at the back of the demonstrations on there as an observer to to witness what is happening. but of course there is a risk when attending anything that's where the i.d.f. is. but on this particular occasion. it had died and died down the stone throwing scene it was quite only me and. my colleague. we were asked by an elderly palestinian man if we could accompany him to get his car back that the israelis had taken as an economic shield so they had
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it in front of them and as i said there is nothing happening at the moment so we decided to go with them and leave approaching the i.d.f. mian and with our hands in the air and the postilion man he walked a little bit faster now so he reached down and we held back and i think you can see very clearly from the shadow that i got my hands in the air filming and there's no one around me when they shot me and idea i really couldn't imagine that they would shoot. an unarmed human rights activist who clearly whatsoever that i did not imagine i mean for from your story from what you're saying it sounds like you were quite isolated there wasn't a situation with the big crowd at such as you so you had your your hands in the i mean in your opinion do you think you were targeted deliberately in that case. i think quite obviously. like i say in the shadow you can see that there is no one
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around me i think you can also hear it so it's literally just me and icelandic woman standing next to each other in the middle of the road the palestinian demonstrators must have been at least twenty thirty meters behind us up against a wall doing nothing and then. twenty centimeters in front of us when they shot me and they say that themselves they know very well that lance yes i am absolutely sure they shot me on purpose and just in terms of your injuries i can see a photo of you with your ankle in a cast i mean how dangerous are these rubber bullets that you were hit with. they are deadly. if they if they hit the head and another person from crawford quadroon he was hit and i had not so long ago and he lost sight in one eye and news also unable to close his jaw so. they can be deadly.
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they don't always a foreign ministry they've said it's ours the idea for an explanation do you think it will lead to any sort of response or reaction from from the audience. now and i was actually in an interview with n.b.c. earlier today and they told me the i.d.f. is now saying that i've been following rocks so. it's getting a little bit ridiculous really. just why are international activists like yourself joining palestinians in their protest despite the very obvious risks. is not that we're joining them but we are here to show solidarity and also they don't get any coverage just in case of guardroom things nearly one hundred people have been shot with live ammunition over the years. hundreds have been shot by these bullets that i was shot with they've been tear gassed and had skunk water into their houses but they're not getting any attention. here to witness what is
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happening and share it with the world and hopefully some someone will you know put some attention on them. because the situation for them mr unattainable they've been doing this every friday and now saturdays as well for seven years from seven years they're being shot at the being tear gassed the skunk water. if our governments aren't doing anything it's up to people like me to come here and told the world about it. krista well we're running out of time a brief just like to ask going back to that moment how did be your idea for react to your injury when they saw you were injured did you receive treatment did you receive any help with your injuries. immediately but from the palestinians i have not been approached by i.d.f. nor the israeli government as soon as i released the video their immediate response
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was to call me a liar. and that's it ok but you got help from the palestinian red crescent ok kristen force or norwegian human rights activist thanks for sharing your story today here on r.t. international. the hopes of a fresh lead in the trumped russia collusion probe have been dashed that's after the attorney for the us president's former lawyer backpedaled on his earlier claims in now says his client has no proof of any illicit connections are reports from new york. the attorney representing trump's lawyer michael cohen has been going around the mainstream media indicating that he's getting ready to release a bombshell about trump russia collusion now the press has been salivating like a hungry hound anxious to get their hands on the smoking gun the trump russia probe has been waiting for i can tell you that. mr cohen has knowledge on certain subjects that should be of interest to the special counsel and is more than happy
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to tell the special counsel all that he knows davis isn't just speaking in generalities he said he had information about the d.n.c. being hacked he also said he had information about the now infamous meeting between donald trump jr and two russian nationals supposedly about digging up information about hillary clinton now he says he's willing to share this information with the special counselor except now he's backtracking he says it's all a big misspeak i should have been more clear including with you that i could not independently confirm what happened i regret my ira now the attorney for michael cohen isn't just retracting his own words he seems to be throwing cold water on something that c.n.n. treated like a breaking news explosion sources with knowledge tell myself and call that michael cohen claims then candidate donald trump knew in advance about the june twenty sixth meeting in trump tower crucially these sources tell us that cohen is willing
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to make that assertion to the special counsel wabbit moeller the reporting of the story got mixed up so michael cohen does not have information that president trump knew about the from terror meeting with the russians beforehand or you know there's no c.n.n. stands by its report why let the truth get in the way of a good story but for donald trump who's been screaming the f word for months that word is fake by the way this fits his narrative perfectly michael cohen turn to. clarified the record saying his client does not know if president trump knew about the trump tower meeting out of which came nothing the answer is that i did not know about the meeting just another phony story by the fake news media so why is this such a big deal well if this story had panned out it would have meant that finally bob muller had some significant evidence it's been over a year and a half since the special counsel has been sent out to investigate issues related to
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trump and russia collusion so far he has uncovered some foul play from some former trump associates but nothing related to russia it looks like michael collins lawyer had everyone convinced that finally there would be some real evidence surfacing but alas it looks like we got faked out again still no evidence back to square one but it looks like the investigation has no sign of stopping. r.t. new york. and i when the latest development has been confirmed that cohen's lawyer was actually one of the main sources for a c.n.n. story about collusion despite the lawyer larry davis himself backtracking on those claims to a c.n.n. host live on air the network still defended the decision to run the story anyway. well set for myself and the team for this i would join us again in thirty five minutes for the latest global news of.
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have credible but you suspect that already he said whiskey and he thought of the thing of it but i think with you you're simply meant to carry out my thought aloud problem you just gotta go you know. what holds a sense to you sometimes people. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be present and. somehow want. to go on the beat for us it's like the full story of the more people that. i'm interested always in the mornings. were sitting. on.
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this is boom boss broadcasting around the world from washington d.c. i'm bart chilton thank you for joining us today is a visit day there's a bevy of big international business and finance news out today we'll get to it for you including looking at the world's largest companies saudi aramco and the stall the initial public offering the i.p.o. and we'll look at oil prices and more with david greenberger of greenberg capital plus molly barrows our legal journalist from the national trial lawyers magazine looks at which companies are benefiting from what some call slave labor in u.s. prisons and we pump start the broadcast today with breaking news on the bilateral trade deal between the united states and mexico from the oval office of the white house u.s. president donald trump announce a proposed new united states mexico trade agreement with mexican president enrique pena nieto mr trump has the mexican president on speakerphone to deal with these to
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be approved by the u.s. congress mr trump said we are getting rid of nafta because it was a bad deal for the united states president next nato said he hoped that now the canadians could join the price try party deal while the two leaders seemed at odds of the inclusion of canada what was called a framework agreement between mexico and the u.s. is seen as a for middle both feet for war we're joined by our to correspond at manila chan manila thank you for being with us you've been following this all day all day what's the latest well you know you've nailed everything there so far apart and of course where else did it start but on twitter the president's favorite outlet so the outgoing mexican president enrique pena nieto solidified that vague tweet president trying to put out this morning by joining trump on speakerphone before the press listen to what pena nieto had to say. if you're going to believe we can make a good plan b. you might be
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a good. movie or are you going to do the. thank you he. would be. going. to marry now it sounds like nafta is effectively dead in the water but not so fast president he's got to get congressional approval to move forward with any sort of replacement deal as of now he's calling this the us mexico trade agreement clearly canada not yet a part of this deal not being named president trump sounding a bit hesitant to bring canada into the fold given the recent terror spat and verbal sparring he's had with canadian pm justin trudeau now chrystia freeland canada's foreign minister said in a statement that canada would only join a new deal if it were quote good for the middle class adding that canada wants to continue working toward a modernization of the existing nafta deal now on this new proposal with mexico so
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far trump says there will be major changes in joint manufacturing of cars he says for cars to be considered made in north america seventy five percent of the parts must be made in either the u.s. or mexico and that's up from the previous nafta deal which only require them to be sixty two and a half percent of parts made here also the prospective new deal would also require that somewhere between forty and forty five percent of auto workers earn a minimum wage of sixteen dollars per hour so markets are already responding to this news but i think it's a little bit too early to celebrate there is no new deal as of yet because congress needs to see this deal through they need to approve it right now trump plans on sending congress a letter this friday a letter of intent and from there the clock will start on congress they'll have ninety days to make a move and review this matter before we can truly see nafta come to a sunset thank you for.


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