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what sort of don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics or coverage of facebook and twitter see our poll shows that are to dot com coming up we delve into the allegations that the chinese company may have hacked all of the recordings e-mails while she was secretary of state and that artie's actually banks reports on the rare guilty verdict the potential police officer charged with the murder of a young black teenager the state to the watching the hoax. because there's survival guide upstaging yes i'm all going to start sampling at pet all the service. cliches no no you don't get it back.
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oh heck no let's listen repatriations again look at the rest of seventy years. bill of the century it was kaiser for. kind of financial survival guide today was all about money laundering first to visit this cash into three different. goods is a good start well we have our three banks all set up here maybe something in europe something in america something overseas in the cayman islands it will pull these
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banks are complicit in their tough talk received a softer didn't fall and say ok i'm ready to do some serious injury ok let's see how we did while we've got a nice luxury watch for max and for stacey beautiful jewelry and how about. luxury automobile again for max you know what money's going to highly illegal. much nicer because. figures are being pointed accusations are flowing and denials are flying in washington after the daily caller dropped a bombshell this week reporting that a chinese own company operating in washington d.c. area in the washington d.c.
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area hacked hillary clinton's private server throughout her term as secretary of state and attained nearly all her e-mails now the daily caller it tributes this story to just two anonymous sources but that didn't stop us president from taking to twitter and drawing criticism tweeting out hillary clinton's e-mails many of which are classified information got hacked by china next move better be by the f.b.i. or d.o.j. or after all of their other missteps their credibility would be gone forever the f.b.i. countered the president telling reporters that the f.b.i. hasn't found any evidence that clinton servers were compromised here to help us suss out the latest claim a foreign government hacking in the potomac he said she said they said that follows conservative commentator dave miles. and i dare you to say that again we have been inconsistent i mean is that. they got there at once as it not just didn't it was because the daily caller you know kick started this incredible story but they are just source to go to two anonymous sources which any time i hear anonymous sources
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always make some time to raise you know why why should we believe the daily caller's claims why should we think that this is accurate information what they're reporting well you know you could take it all the way back to when the former head of the f.b.i. james call me said that no prosecutor would ever bring charges against hillary and take the case also brought up the possibility that yes. so there could have been bad actors that got involved and got a hold of some of hillary's e-mails as a matter of fact there's a fox has reported on an e-mail from may of two thousand and sixteen where peter strock of peter's truck was a counter-intelligence along with lisa page this story says that the inspector general of the intelligence division went to the f.b.i. with this information that hillary's e-mails had been hacked by the chinese and that they had all of her e-mails and that peter struck was one of the people that was told about it and did nothing and then an e-mail in that was back you know
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fifteen sixteen there's an e-mail reportedly from peter where he said we know that foreign actors got a hold of some of hillary's emails so that that we know so it all does make some kind of sense. look i was particularly taken when the donald trump said are you sure it wasn't russia i thought that was a great line and i want to do that three months but but but we know why shouldn't we believe this really i mean it's not beyond the the realm of possibility china was accused just a few months ago of infiltrating and hacking the navy and co and some some specific submarine anti-ship missiles and all that stuff getting the plans for them and all that so china we know is very active in the espionage i think they learned it from watching not perfectly honest they probably got it as fast hand such as kind of why this is a bad idea but what do you think if this indeed happened
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a chinese company that may or may not have connections to their government has access to clinton's e-mail during that time. what kind of fallout could we see of a security breach if it comes out is prevent of this size well imagine of hillary shudder or even saying it but imagine if hillary had been president a talk about blackmail i mean the chinese government if this is true would have had over thirty thousand deleted e-mails that nobody. never saw except her and her cronies in their possession to blackmail city so that's one thing as far as now i mean that if they have it it hangs over her head it could be leaked someone could hack into the chinese government computers or you could have some rogue person leaking it to wiki leaks or somebody so if this is true it's out there and all the classified information that hillary dealt in and let's not forget we have found out that baracoa despite his that his claims that i just found out about her
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server were in the in the media with everybody else he was one of those who corresponded with hillary on her secure server so we might if this ever comes out china might have that correspondence between barack obama and his secretary of state hillary clinton so there's all kinds of possibilities if this ever does become public if this is true you know it's interesting president trump you know immediately tweeted out this story after story right of the caller saw fox news reporting it which then you know obviously caused this brief war of words the tablet that was talking about mythos in you know with the f.b.i. and the nine accusations and making accusations is this war of words and tweets actually distracting us from getting to the bottom of this story and others because it seems like sometimes donald like immediately puts out the tweet and then everybody you know the mainstream and everybody focuses on donald this tweet and who he's fighting with rather than the actual meat of the story. well guess what guys and you know this nobody is talking about this really thrilled that we are and
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you are to go kudos to you for having me on to talk about this but there's this isn't a big story today they're not saying hillary's emails could have been hacked by china the media has no interest in that scenario in that story line it's not russia if this was russia maybe they would have given it some play although of course it's hillary so maybe not but china they couldn't care less who is spying on us they couldn't care less who is hacking us they couldn't care less who is breaching our national security if it's not russia they want us to believe russia is the only person who's gotten a fair use intent and would do anything to interfere with elections and is the only one spying on us they don't talk about us doing it to other countries and they don't talk about other countries doing it to us it's just russia and i think there's so much we need to and that's what i want to my next question comes to because i feel like we've gotten so caught up in this idea of nuclear disarmament
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in certain areas as if that's going to make all the the you know the change in the world and everything will be peaceful but really right now it seems to me that cyber security and cyber espionage is far more dangerous between learn from snowden and everybody else and the spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry actually stated that these accusations are nothing new and said china advocates that the international community jointly respond to cyber security threats through dialogue and cooperation on the basis of mutual respect and quality and mutual benefit russian president vladimir putin has also stated that it needs to be an international dialogue and agreements over cyber security so my question is just like with nuclear weapons just like we have with chemical weapons just like we have years every generation at some point said we need to get a hold on this why are we not having any international sit down in geneva with all the countries and say look we've got to. and i hand on this and make some rules about cyber and espionage and spying. well that i mean that's
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a good question and again i don't know how much faith you could put in any agreement that would be reached because governments could always use third parties and say we did we don't know anything about that guy or that company or that organization that's that's hacking into your government file so i don't know but i'll tell you what bothers me more is that when it comes to cyber security this country you know it really reached its peak under obama the eight years i mean think of how advanced we all got the whole world when it comes to the ability to do this kind of thing cyber espionage the threat to our power grid which is so vital because if our power grid goes down we're dead i mean that we're dead literally if it goes down for an extended amount of time no food no fuel no medicine no anything so i'm more concerned that we have not as a country done more to protect ourselves against cyber threats including the grid
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and everything else and shored up our defenses and yes would be wonderful to have you know what international forum where we all promise cuba but i don't think those could really ever be trusted maybe that's just the skeptic in me and i'm not well i'm a gent x. or so i'm very skeptical and i have you know i had a better and that i will say at man is my you know good hippie liberal that i am i totally agree with the honest idea that we know concept i think our government does nothing to think of what could happen in those things if we were in long range even diplomatic wars with countries where we can't get fuel we can't there are so many ways that you know people and it's always the people at the bottom the working class and the poor that will have you know extra bottled water and actually food to get them through the night of the first to suffer very interesting to consider whether he brought a good point i think we've spent far too much time off but we're looking at a security apparatus. in our cyber capabilities i think we spend far too much time and often rather the defense and i think that's
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a great point that you brought up and you know i think you touched on this earlier it's interesting to see how the how the mainstream media is just completely went to sleep on this story even even if it's true you know protect the bunker they've completely just not even really even gone in that direction or even asked about it you know why why is that why do you think that it's like why are we so obsessed with just one country hacking us or you know him or not at all like why is that obsession there we're out of the media because if china hacked hillary that doesn't in any way further the narrative of trump can't be involved trump can't be accused it's not going to get trump out of all this in the minds of the media it doesn't push their narrative in fact that it dilutes the narrative it confuses people and now you tell me china not just russia so they want to keep the focus on the bad guy the bogeyman that they've created russia and make it seem like it's only happened in this election it's only donald trump is to blame colluded it just doesn't do
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them any good and their goal is to get rid of trump it's been that way from day one after the election and saying china did something to hillary just they're not interested you know it's also interesting too because remember i think it was just recently we had reports of them feinstein for x. amount of your driver was was accused of being a spy for china so it seems like there's a lot of leaky holes in the democratic side i think is what comes out of china spies. you know a lot of a lot of leaky holes and by the way if i may i think every time on your show somehow it comes back to this where the hackers you have sessions trump said you think that's what he said what are the chances the justice department the f.b.i. will do the right thing here i say zero sessions has to go this is another thing that needs to be investigated he has no interest in it he's in hiding i don't know where that guy is but he does. along is the attorney general of the united states again we agreed to write to you i think but i think
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a lot of us just some seems to be distracted by going after you know medical marijuana and legalize it and that's a that's a big surround sound calm down and focus on the job he needs to do now and i'm like what it really is incredible and this is an incredible story and i'm very curious to see where it actually ends up and where it ends up going but thank you so much for coming on the day with us to discuss this always a pleasure having you on steve always my pleasure thank you guys appreciate it thank you. and finally today we punish with a verdict we rarely see in the story involving a shooting death of a young black man in the police here in the united states on tuesday a jury in texas found springs police officer roy oliver guilty of murder in the shooting death of teenager jordan at birds who was shocked by oliver after leaving a party with his friends back in two thousand and seventeen ortiz ashley banks says more on this surprising conclusion to a very familiar tragedy. were all over was found guilty of killing unarmed high
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school freshman jordan at words as the teen with a leaving a house party last year many are calling this conviction where an employee twenty nine twenty seven teen officers were dispatched to a house party after receiving a call of under age drinking for oliver says as he was in the home he heard gunshots outside and thought there was a shooter. he went outside and saw cars filled with by the unarmed teenagers including at what they also shot into the vehicle striking edwards in the head the fifteen year old died and stanley oliver later found out the gunshots were coming from the car but instead were being fired near i'm nursing home in the area oliver was fired from his position shortly after the shooting took place over testified last week and said he saw the car moving toward his partner and thought the officer's life was in danger however his partner testified saying he didn't fear for his life and didn't feel the need to fire his weapon and call
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out a rich family and friends were more than happy with oliver fiction and the words family attorney said quote this case is not just about jordan it's about samir writes it's about walter scott it's about alton sterling it's about every african-american who has been killed and has not gotten justice and texas governor greg abbott tweeted shortly after the conviction was announced this life should never have been lost oliver is only the second officer to be convicted of murder within the past thirteen years he faces the possibility of a life behind bars and washington ashley banks art here and that is our show for you do they remember what in this world we're not told we're loved enough for tell you all i love you i am tyrol winter and on top of the polish people are watching those talks have a great day and let everybody. it
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doesn't help us you know my back going to what. we have but i. just i go hide away laskas buskers you know that then you just gotta go with. any of those you buddy but that's honest i don't know if that is really a. choice you know part of us you're not. you're not just i mean what i most wanted i'm already but i respect. the law. if it up as well i must really feel that you will get us out of getting the rest but those were the odds they listed it will sound as though we're going to respect them all of this but of course. this battle is part of this i will ask him about my family fussy about my just but that already yes equestrian in the thought of getting up there calling us implementing.
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the good food russia brand has just been launched at the international food and beverage exhibition in viet nam several companies from siberia landed in the city to present russia's biggest competitive advantage and that's our get it and g.m.o. free food at low prices but. i couldn't find any natural milk when i went shopping here it be enemies in other imported dairy including milk powder having greed in slight amount and they recommend those things to children from three years of age with a general rising consumption and demand for a higher quality of life in viet nam the russians are confident that their approach is the best we know that russia russia however a lot of good products specially now russia surely can supply a lot of agricultural product with the high quality and then we look for the sea brought up in our supermarket as russian producers participate in the world's
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largest food exhibit thanks to the. russian expert center with its help intrapreneur and her new markets while foreign consumers get high quality natural products which it was important to present a new brand that we're introducing on the asian market good food russia we expect this brand to become a driving force for the russian products which will be marketing is top quality organic food these are real qualities by the way and we tell that to our partners overall the mission was a success it's hoped that good food from russia sampled in viet nam will leave a lasting impression as well r.t. .
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this is a decisive battle looms over the last rebel stronghold in italy province in syria the u.s. discards russian intelligence on a possible chemical attack being prepared by terrorists that. you know because there's enough for when you try to put the blame they try to put the onus on other groups and we don't buy into that a video of a young palestinian girl scaling an israeli built fence to get home in the west bank goes viral we speak to the activist who filmed the incident. germany struggles to deport undocumented migrants who faces over five hundred criminal charges as the issue of illegal migration overshadows chancellor merkel's call of africa. and we've made the outspoken british rock star roger waters in
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russia for a set of gigs he's got plenty to say about the. biggest issues where he gets his news. the guy who's producing the record producing this record with me started telling me about how far to the how or two it was. just pure propaganda nothing but a pack of lies when i worked churchy. by their thursday morning at nine here in moscow on column break with thirty minute world news update from going to start in syria this hour the united states is ignoring warnings that terrorists are preparing a chemical attack in italy a province in northwest syria a state department spokesperson simply said that they don't buy into that when asked about the intelligence provided by moscow the russians are claiming now and this one other groups are started by the chemical weapons and planning an attack so you know and i think that's more false flag type reporting from going to be this is
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enough for when you try to put the blame they try to put the onus on other groups and we don't buy into that russia says it has information on the delivery of toxic substances to italy province it claims it got there with the help of the self-styled rescue group the white house mates and is to be used in a false flag attack russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says it's aimed at keeping elmos for terrorists in the country to be further used against the syrian government. the chemical weapons prove a case in which is being prepared is aimed at keeping l. nuestra day counting on using it against the so-called regime as they call it following the alleged goot a chemical attack russia's warning that rebels will try to stage as similar incident in egypt to draw the us france and britain in get them to hit a sad again russia says an incident is imminent especially after the u.s. and the allies jointly stated that they would act if it looks like as had launched
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another chemical attack that's almost an invitation to do so says moscow it will sit. now when the u.s. is steering the situation around we want to know how can damascus have chemical weapons if the u.s. france and great britain destroyed them last year you know what the u.s. answer is we never said that france did it's do or dive for the jihad ists rebels nowhere left to run nothing left to lose and their sponsors the west the gulf which have pumped billions upon billions of dollars into a cause that's on its last legs the mascot's and moscow are trying to work out a deal to reduce perhaps avoid the bloodshed but the job just aren't up for it syria russia adamant these swamp of terror and zealotry has no future the. group which are this is the last place for the terrorists so from all points of view this abscess should be removed of course what everybody's fearful of is
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escalation given the us russian military buildup in the region everyone has a gun pointed at each other and given that this is it the final act of the syrian war the urge to shoot might just be overwhelming a former pentagon official michael maloof says the rebels have all the necessary means to stage a chemical attack and that the united states will not stop trying to oust the syrian president. the united states doesn't believe that the rebels have that capability whereas there is tremendous documentation to show that they do have the capability they've probably been storing it for months if not years in the province and they have used it in the past they have that capability and it is a last ditch hold for them so it cannot be ruled out and you know how quickly the state department spokeswoman was quick to turn off the question it's not it's not
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beyond the realm of possibility that the u.s. is trying to get assad out although it's really too late. but they're going to continue trying and and even though donald trump wants to. get the u.s. out of syria there are elements within the u.s. government that don't want that to happen there's there's the trump foreign policy and then there's the trump administration foreign policy and never the twain shall meet. next video of a young palestinian girl climbing a security fence erected by israeli forces in the west bank has provoked outrage online the girl is apparently trying to get home after israeli security forces closed the gate that campaigners say it's becoming a daily routine for palestinians we spoke to from the hebron freedom fund and from the video. but never to the army. you know do that every day
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and the distinctions are there if the students from the neighborhood use mean. few minutes only you know through the school we have a gives a school boy to school only two or three minutes from that neighborhood but a solution to all this the in the situation policy. of the patient it makes them. you know. walk around and sometimes. climb the gates and climb the fences. let's illustrate for you where all this happened it's in a district in hebron the old city to the south of the west bank where israeli authorities have erected one hundred fifty meter long fence which you can see outlined here in bloom the palestinians living there have two ways to get to their homes the checkpoint and the gate that you saw in the video now israel says that the barrier was put there for security reasons last thursday it had to be locked
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for several hours for repairs when a number of palestinian sabotaged it the i.d.f. says that the residents were able to pass through a nearby gate just a few meters away but back in may israeli forces kept the gate closed for six days in a row as a punishment for stone throwing as they put it. again describes what's happening as segregation. you know it's a lead the neighborhood around seventy seven families from their schools from the war from their universities from the neighbors we call their gate and their role is
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to get it and i think we're all because that road is really one of the rooms from the main st louis jewish sit. on the i mean we. are living they walk on the side of the old you know we have twenty two checkpoints one hundred movement in one kilometer square in the city center of people on. the issue of illegal migration is shaping chancellor angela merkel's tour of africa and germany sheltered a vast amount of migrants and is now struggling to resolve the problem of failed asylum seekers because many lack identification papers are europe correspondent peter all of a report. migration policy in germany is firmly in focus right now but what to do when it's been decided that the person doesn't have the right to be here and should be deported well at the bizarre end of the spectrum is the case of one man in frankfurt who the city's office of public order confirmed to r.t.
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its how a whopping five hundred and forty two criminal investigations against him the man who doesn't have a passport can't be deported because the authorities can't prove which nation he originally comes from oh and by the way this has been going on since ninety ninety eight over the last twenty years most of his offenses have involved drug charges driving offenses driving without a license and violations of the residency act but who year is remains a mystery we have a loose biography that suggests that he was born in one nine hundred fifty nine in north africa in the past he said that he was from morocco and also from his from algeria it could be that he is from one of those two countries or he could be from somewhere entirely different opposition figures say that this case shows the flaws in the current system in germany but i'm not surprised this is the most extraordinary case the most ridiculous case so to speak it's
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a failure of system it's a failure of the government i think if the government really wanted to extradite people so they could do it but they don't dare to do it because they're afraid of the left wing media they would protest and there are a geo so-called human rights organisations they protest against of even try to prevent physically the extradition of people the most recent statistics for this year show that more than half of deportation orders were carried out the most common reason for this is that when authorities turn up at the door address where somebody was supposed to live. if they're not there and they can't be found however this year we've seen a sharp rise in the number of people who've avoided deportation after they physically resisted repatriation of people that don't have the right to be here in germany is on the list for angle and merkel the chancellor makes her current tour.


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