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tv   News  RT  August 30, 2018 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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no possible way because they did not shoot around a corner. capable of producing chemical weapons syria's u.n. envoy gives a warning about extremists in the country but russia's fear of a false flag attack has been brushed aside in washington. you know because there's enough for when you try to put the blame they try to put the onus on other groups and we don't buy that. in other headlines this thursday a video of a young palestinian girl scaling an israeli built fence to get home simply in the west bank goes viral we speak to the activist to film the incident to describe what's going on there germany's struggles to support an undocumented migrant we've been investigated for more than five hundred offenses as the issue of illegal migration overshadows chancellor merkel's tour of africa. and stay with us if you can't because we're meeting outspoken british rock star roger waters who's
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currently on tour in russia he's got plenty to say about the world's biggest issues where he gets his news from. the guy was producing the record produced this record started telling me about how far to the archie was. just pure propaganda nothing but a pack of lies from what i want churchy. very good to hear a very good that you're watching is to it's six pm thursday afternoon a stroke evening here in moscow thanks to cheating to mark international and kevin o. first in the headlines the big potential developing story a crucial battle is looming in the last rebel stronghold in the syrian province of lip the u.n. special envoy for syria says there are around ten thousand el news for terrorists there that group furthermore is capable of producing chemical weapons meantime
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russia's foreign minister has warned that another terrorist false flag attack is being prepared to sabotage the liberation of it. they should in the middle of another false flag attack is being prepared to try and hinder the anti terror operation in egypt with the facts on the table through the ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of defense we gave a clear and tough warning to our west and not to play with fire but. ok was the words there let's go live to a correspondent on the court to. scaring up for why now. well as you said the stage is just about set for the battle of ten thousand terrorists have gathered there prepared to go head to head with the syrian military the russian defense ministry says that the jihad ists are preparing for a staged chemical attack to blame on assad's government and that they've already received several shipments of chlorine a core of the chemical chlorine but the u.s.
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state department has actually entirely ruled this out they say that the possibility of a staged chemical attack is just not possible. the russians are claiming now and this one another group stockpiling chemical weapons and planning an attack and you know i think that's more false flag type reporting time going to be as a seen that before when you try to play the blame they try to put the onus on other groups and we don't buy into that. and that actually in itself is a bit surprising because we've heard the u.n. envoy say that the terrorists there actually also do have the capability to be producing chemical weapons let's hear what he had to say. the issue of avoiding the potential use of chemical weapons if indeed crucial and would be totally unacceptable we all are aware that both the government and have that cup ability to produce weaponized chlorine. now the russian defense ministry is
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also saying that the purpose of blaming it on the sides government is to gain help from the west from countries like us the u.s. u.k. and france and turkey basically turned their disadvantage around at the last moment of this war damascus and moscow have already been pushing for peace in the region but the hottest have made it very clear that they are not surrendering so backed into a corner like this with the zero sum game mindset it's hard to see why they wouldn't use any tool on their belts to get out of this situation. place roy there's a double call to the top of the story today we spoke to former pentagon official michael maloof say a full fledged in syria should not be ruled. the united states doesn't believe that the rebels have that capability whereas there is tremendous documentation to show that they do have the capability they've probably been storing it for months if not
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years in the province and they have used it in the past they have that capability and it is a last ditch hold for them so it cannot be ruled out and it's not it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the u.s. is trying to get assad out they're going to continue trying and and even though donald trump wants to. get the u.s. out of syria there are elements within the u.s. government that don't want that to happen meanwhile the syrian foreign minister has revealed that the controversial group the white helmets has reportedly kidnapped forty four children that's new in this damascus is suggested the youngsters might be used as part of a possible false flag attack in italy province moscow also believes the white helmets are assisting with a large supply of chemicals being moved to italy the white helmets which proclaims itself to be a rescue group has been accused of having in the past links to extremists it's
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something they didn't really political activists know spoken british rock musician roger waters no less from pink floyd who has been a vocal critic of the white helmet shared his thoughts on this and other subjects with r t is currently in russia or on tour he spoke at length to sophie shevardnadze. if there is a grassroots body called the way home and it's a volunteers. separate for the people who actually started in istanbul it was that it didn't start syria was started by an english it soldier. in istanbul but if that body exists. and they and they go and help people. in a salad or the russians or somebody else or struck bob's of them then i support them whole heartedly with every fiber of my being. put
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all the evidence points to the fact that that is not the reality i don't know if you did you did you see the the documentary that won the oscar. i mean have you ever seen anything so obviously scripted and carefully shot. now for this book and google when you choose but whatever the way that most people get their news and they use those. social media you know or in order to educate themselves or find out what's going on nothing but it's being it is being the content is being censored by the corporations that earn it. so it so so it it won't be free and it's not
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free now but it's and they're very are targeting i wouldn't be surprised if i disappear because i'm anti war. when i was making this this record i just made is this the life we really want. the guy was producing the record producing this record with me started telling me about . how archie was. just pure propaganda nothing but a pack of lies while i worked churchy so i guess you can't see a documentary about fracking on american television because they weren't interested in it in time and telling you anything about anything. or just post about a lot more to stuart's on the current scene if you want to see the full thing i can tell you will be shown exclusively on this channel on so if you go on september seventh we'll keep you posted. video of
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a young palestinian girl climbing an israeli security fence in the west bank has provoked outrage online she simply trying to get back to our home of the i.d.f. closed off route is the story campaigners say this is happening all too frequently though for palestinians we spoke to is from the hebron freedom fund who filled what was going on there. never the army closes the gates to you know do that every day and the restrictions are there if the students from the neighborhood use me in. a few minutes on leonor to the school we have a go the school board the school only one or two three minutes from that neighborhood but a solution policy and a separation policy. of there is really creation it makes them. walk around and sometimes they climb. the gates and they climb the fences.
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let's get a handle of all where this is on the map bring it out and get a handle on it it's down here in the west bank in in hebron old city israeli authorities put up a hundred fifty meter long fence there right in the middle of it we've marked it off on the map in the blue sea can see palestinians living there basically got two ways to reach their homes the first is the main entry exit checkpoint of that fence and the second is that gate that's the gate is sore being scaled by the girl in the video so we're being penned in either way well we asked the i.d.f. why they felt closing off those routes were necessary and they replied that the fence was closed for security reasons after an israeli man was stabbed to death in the area last year but last thursday that specific gate was again lot for several hours israel claims it was for repairs after palestinian sabotaged it the i.d.f. also stressed residents were still able nonetheless to pass through the main security checkpoint it's not the first time that gates been a flash point back in may israeli forces kept it closed for six days as a punishment for stone throwing as they put it.
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with. again says palestinian families are facing segregation and inequality in their daily lives because of the barrier. firms. neighborhood around seventy seven families from their schools from. from their universities from their neighbors we call their gate and there are all. an equal because that road is really one of the indians from the main street is really. close they walk on the mean street and. they walk on the side of the road you know we have twenty two
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checkpoints one hundred movement in one kilometer square in the city center of people on. president francis describe some of his own citizens as being stuck in the past backwards emanuel micron said the so-called french goals prevented positive change while praising the danish economic model on a visit to copenhagen. people who have lived through the transformations of recent years not exactly who are resistant to change well those comments by president michael never not gone down well here in france with opposition politicians from across the political spectrum telling him exactly what they thought saying that he was showing contempt for the french people and they took to twitter to show their angry reaction as usual he despises the french from abroad the girls will be happy to respond to his arrogance and contempt. the
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contempt for mccraw for the french is unbearable and reveals his disconnect with the people of france we are in twenty eight d. there are many on yielding goals who are attached to social progress who still fight against regression it is inadmissible to hear the president of the republic caricature and despise the french from abroad while many french everyday citizens also felt the hum from those comments from president michael unhappy that yet again while he's abroad he's chosen a venue outside forces to criticize what he sees as being the french resistance to his reforms but what many people thought as being a jibe of contempt for the french people let's not how president might console it in a press conference on thursday he defended his comments saying that he told the truth and he said that while people in france don't like permanent adjustments we are a country when in serious moments of our history we can be transformed or present
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maicon had been praising in denmark the danish system which means that it's easier to fire people from a job and it also means people that quit their jobs can have social security as a bit of a buoyancy eight and those are things that he says that he wants to emulate hey in france with his reforms were forms which over the last year and a half have seen roof resistance over and over with many protests of people coming out to the streets to say they don't want my calls for foreigners to proceed. was. yet again president my corner has provoked fierce street action with his comments at
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home while he's made them abroad and many people just can't simply believe the call of the president. show the dubin ski reporting that it's just past quarter past six mos go talk still ahead paid to protest an unreleased al jazeera documentary reportedly exposes lobbyist footing the bill for times he published. the rest of the day's news when we come back. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to press. you to do like to be for us this is what the before three in the morning can't be
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good. i'm interested always in the waters of. course it. seems wrong wrong just don't call. me. yet to say proud just because that's ok and in against me because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. again it is really lobby groups allegedly staged an anti palestinian protest in the
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united states and a leaked extract from an unreleased al-jazeera documentary said to show people who were paid to take part in that demonstration we spoke to the investigative journalist obtained a video is what happened. if you happen to speak with any reporters just stay on message what is that message that's t.p. it's a secret you're going to know that all that shit is that has to be into arson. terrorism and. the protestors are on a fellowship program run by a conservative think tank called the things that you should just ignore the whole family and be out there these charities he's a suicide bombing at a campus and backstop such a fish out of here no pollack is at the center of
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a neo conservative prone likud political network in washington that represents the right wing of the pro israel lobby he has collaborated with neo conservative think tank in washington the hoover institution to basically pay fake protesters to make it look like people are coming out and protesting palace die and activity in washington d.c. my worst nightmare is not getting his photo to go on a high together and we're just like early identifiable and like all of us what traders are sold out to the jewish conspiracy her money how much it costs two thousand dollars plus benefits her way of putting out a house like house right now i don't this is utter utter hell this is actually the best possible yeah astroturfing is when corporations or political movements basically pay for grassroots support this is what is so revealing about the israel lobby in america is that they basically pay for
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congressional support for their donations they even are willing to pay low level people to go out in the streets that make it look like common americans actually support the israel lobby is goals. when they really dealt with. resistance. killers because they were. killed children they don't care about at any rate. i'm distressed to find that all investigation into america's approach is real lobbyist may represent the most important test yet over al-jazeera is independent of whether our network still has space to thrive in midst the unjust blockade against aka tare. as a footnote to this story i can tell you we contacted al-jazeera to ask them direct
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why that film was never broadcast and we also approached the emergency committee for israel and the hoover institution for their reactions nothing but yet we're still monitoring it as when we do get anything we'll let you know to brief you on it. and calls on an african trip at the moment the issue of illegal migration is shaping a tour of africa germany's sheltered a vast amount of migrants of course and is now struggling to resolve the problem of failed asylum seekers because many of these guys lack proper id papers are europe correspondent peter all over reports. migration policy in germany is firmly in focus right now but what to do when it's been decided that the person doesn't have the right to be here and should be deported well at the bizarre end of the spectrum is the case of one man in frankfurt who the city's office of public order confirmed to r.t. its how a whopping five hundred and forty two criminal investigations against him the man
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who doesn't have a passport can't be deported because the authorities can't prove which nation he originally comes from oh and by the way this has been going on since ninety ninety eight over the last twenty years most of his offenses have involved drug charges driving offenses driving without a license and violations of the residency act but who year is remains a mystery we have a loose biography that suggests that he was born in one nine hundred fifty nine in north africa in the past he said that he was from morocco and also from algeria it could be that he is from one of those two countries or he could be from somewhere entirely different opposition figures say that this case shows the flaws in the current system in germany but i'm not surprised this is the most extraordinary case the most ridiculous case so to speak it's a failure of system it's a failure of the government i think if the government really wanted to extradite
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people they could do it but they don't dare to do it because they're afraid of the left wing media. would protest and their. so-called human rights organisations they protest against of even try to prevent physically the extradition of people the most recent statistics for this year show that more than half of deportation orders were carried out the most common reason for this is that when authorities turn up at the door address where somebody was supposed to live. if they're not there and they can't be found however this year we've seen a sharp rise in the number of people who've avoided deportation after they physically resisted repatriation of people that don't have the right to be here in germany is on the list for angle of merkel as the chancellor makes her current tour around the hookah we have a situation now we're at our problems have been solved especially the british and are still a big problem but what the chancellor has left behind are violent scenes in the
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city of chemists this is after a thirty five year old german man was stabbed to death last weekend police have a syrian and an iraqi man in custody in connection with the killing and that has sparked angry reaction and pitched left against right over who has the right to stay in germany was i was peter all over r.t. the in. us military drills for south korea which don't trump surprisingly canceled after the north korea summit in singapore a back on the table. we will be stopping the war games which will save us a tremendous amount of money unless and until we see that the future negotiation is not going along like it should as you know we took the step to suspend several of the largest exercises as
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a good faith measure coming out of the singapore summit we have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercises the last large scale drills in the region were in august twenty seventh seeing them both ten days of exercises with about fifty thousand south korean troops and seventy eight enough thousand u.s. military personnel north korea for its part has repeatedly said it feels it's being targeted by these military games calling it a provocation the u.s. maintains though it's acting within the previous agreements we suspended several of the largest exercises but we did not suspend the rest so there are ongoing extras all the time on the peninsula the region you've not heard much about the mid north korea could not in any way misinterpret those as somehow breaking faith with the negotiation so we're going to go now we spoke to analysts about how difficult a situation could once again become then that part of the world. mr pugh julian has
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made it very clear if the publication of the drew will continue she would react if eight nuclear tests and i don't think peace is good direction at least from the point of view of south korea and i think it's the best interest of seoul south korea to stop the eve this situation continue to escalate and if there's a conflict what are you sort of saying is you better show me some steps which i can then say we're moving in the right direction is putting pressure on north korea he's also in a sense putting pressure on south korea because of course south korean president is due to meet. in september south korea wants to open a liaison office on the border once in a way probably to regenerate new economic contacts and so the warm a relationship in south korea and north korea has been a sense of positive aspect of trumps diplomacy but now of course it begins to raise
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the question of a split possibly trump want to go back to a more aggressive posture to pressure north korea and the south korean government may say we have perceived benefits from a calming of the atmosphere improve the atmosphere the pentagon was always on happy with any suggestion that it would scale back its maneuvers it wanted to maintain the military pressure of the military readiness of u.s. forces in and around korea. so that says trump has been moved to the pentagon position rather than the pentagon never really being happy with transposition there's some news stories from moscow this check out r.t. dot com for so much more.
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you know world a big part of new digs a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to get the
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stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. it's. just. this think when they're going on which a kid like it doesn't feel like you know say that the rules are simple and should be in full service and with that the only thing. is to let. them eat but their own problem you just go out to the media. it but their own lives that
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i came when not a model my thought in colombia. by the i mean in my tummy some eagles joy in my daughters i mean course there was a special on us about them which are special in us you know might see them acquitted all of us here. but i have. with a lot of political process will remain a school i got well lessons over it with a lot of political some odia. just a casual is not potable style. literary throwing sort of meeting. those people's ears tell another must join me at the main thing can reopen the must be hip hop yeah that's a similar thing i see and see magnetic or by the mouth out along with a twist it and we will see no idea in which i see the usual yancey misquote us but i'm not out on the federal style there's any town that has the interest.


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