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hope that good food from russia sampled in viet nam will leave a lasting impression as well ron. capable of producing chemical weapons syria's u.n. envoy gives a warning about extremists in the country but russia's fear of a false flag attack is brushed aside in washington. another false flag attack is being prepared to try and hinder the anti terror operation in egypt going to be as a seen that before when you try to put the blame they try to put the onus on other groups and we don't buy into that. coming up to this video of a young palestinian girl scaling an israeli built fence to get home in the west bank goes viral we speak to the activist who filmed what went on there. france's president outraged with the country's opposition figures after manual mccraw told his own citizen the french goal for resisting is economic reform. we meet outspoken british rock star roger waters who's currently on tour here in
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russia he's got plenty to say about the world's biggest issues and where he gets his news from. the guy was producing the record producer this record started telling me about how far to how hard it was. just pure propaganda nothing but a pack of lies from the church. and a welcome to you too for joining us thanks for choosing to out international seven pm here in moscow my name is kevin owen here with the next thirty minutes of latest headlines for you starting with this one potentially big story brewing a crucial battle is looming in the last rebel stronghold of the syrian province of idlib the u.n. special envoy for syria says that there are around ten thousand terrorists there and that the group is capable now of producing chemical weapons meantime parallel
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to this russia's foreign minister has warned indeed that another terrorist false flag attack is being prepared to sabotage the liberation of it. they should in there that they put a look at another false flag attack is being prepared to try and hinder the anti terror operation in egypt with the facts on the table through the ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of defense we gave a clear and tough warning to our western partners not to play with fire but it could have huge ramifications this let's get the latest go to a correspondent double quarter why all this gearing up now the. while the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov he says that the preparations for a staged chemical attack are going to be an attempt to maintain al nusra as a force in the region to be used as a counterbalance against the assad government now the u.s. is ignoring these warnings that terrorists are gathering for a chemical attack and the state department said that they just flat out don't buy
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into it. the russians are claiming now and this one another group stockpiling chemical weapons and planning an attack and you know i think that's more false flag reporting any time going to be as a seen that before when you try to put the blame they try to put the onus on other groups and we don't buy into that. but that's still comes as a bit of a surprise because the u.n. special envoy to syria says that the estimated ten thousand al nusra fighters in the area are indeed capable of using chemical weapons and producing them. issue of avoiding the potential use of chemical weapons if indeed crucial and would be totally unacceptable we all are aware that both the government and have the ability to produce weaponized chlorine. now with regard to the
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syrian government's capabilities of producing or using chemical weapons lover of questions how that could even exist because of the fact that the u.s. u.k. and france just last year oversaw their destruction in syria yeah i mean has there been any official response from the syrian government what are they saying about this yeah well actually the syrian foreign minister said that the western the west's aggression came actually from dissatisfaction with the direction of political tides inside the country. you will. see in the u.s. the u.k. and france are not satisfied with developments on the ground therefore they make every possible attempt to impede progress in the political process in particular they are trying to protect on this for insurgents and they want the crisis in our country to continue. now all sides of this conflict are aware right now that this is a critical point in the syrian conflict it's the last pocket of terrorist resistance
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and russia is warning that these terrorists will will use the chemical chemical weapons as a final attempt to gain support from the west and perhaps gain a foothold in the war once more now damascus and moscow they have already sued for peace but the islamists have made it abundantly clear that that's not what they're interested in and with a zero with a zero sum game like mindset like that it's hard to see why these hard line terrorists the last holdout wouldn't use all the tools at their disposal to turn the tide of the war. these next couple of days maybe this next week going to be crucial real to the books that thanks for the update general code of we spoke to former pentagon official michael maloof he says a false flag attack in syria indeed should not be ruled. the united states doesn't believe that the rebels have that capability whereas there is tremendous documentation to show that they do have the capability they've probably been
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storing it for months if not years in the province and they have used it in the past they have that capability and it is a last ditch hold for them so it cannot be ruled out and it's not it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the u.s. is trying to get assad out they're going to continue trying and and even though donald trump wants to. get the u.s. out of syria there are elements within the u.s. government that don't want that to happen meantime sort of foreign ministers revealed to the controversial group the white helmets of reportedly kidnapped forty four children this came in couple of hours ago damascus has suggested the youngsters might be used as part maybe of a possible false flag attack in italy province moscow also believes the white helmets resisting with a large supply of chemicals being moved to it the white helmets would ship proclaims itself to be a rescue group has been accused of having links to extremists in the past it's
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something they didn't know i political activists know spoken british rock musician roger waters from pink floyd who's long been a vocal critic of the white helmets shared his thoughts with us at length he's currently on tour in russia he spoke to sophie shevardnadze. if there is a grassroots body called the way home and it's of volunteers. separate for the people who actually started in istanbul it was it didn't start syria was started by an english it soldier. inestimable but if that body exists. and they and they go and help people. in a salad or the russians or somebody else to stop bob's them then i support them whole heartedly with every fiber of my being. but
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all the evidence points to the fact that that is not the reality i don't know if you did you did you see the the documentary that won the oscar. i mean have you ever seen anything so obviously scripted and carefully shot. now facebook and google and you tube and whatever the way that most people get their news and they use those. social media in or in order to educate themselves or find out what's going on nothing but it's being it is being the content is being censored by the corporations that earn it. so so so it it won't be free and it's not free now but it's and they're very are targeting i wouldn't be surprised if i disappear because i'm anti war.
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when i was making this this record i just made this is the life we really want. the guy was producing the record producing this record with me started telling me about . how archie was. just pure propaganda nothing but a pack of lies while i worked churchy so i guess you can't see a documentary about fracking on american television because they weren't interested in it in time and telling you anything about anything it says well it's a real good view if you want to see it i can see when it's all exclusively here on r t international the stuff in co show roger walker's talking to us it's airing on september seventh we'll keep you posted. video of a young palestinian girl climbing an israeli security fence in the west bank has
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provoked outrage online simply trying to get back to a home after the i.d.f. closed off. campaigners say this is happening all too frequently for palestinians he spoke to from the hebron freedom fund who filmed what was going on there. never the army closes the gates the you know do that every day and the restrictions are there if the students from their their neighborhood use me in. a few minutes on leonor to the school we have a give the school a boy to school only one or two three minutes far from the neighborhood but a solution policy and the situation policy. of this is really cute petion it makes them. walk around and sometimes climb. the gates and they climb the fences. let's bring this war to life so to speak bridge on the map to get a handle on its journey in the west bank in hebron so old city area israeli
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authorities have put up basically hundred fifty metre long fence there we've marked it in blue on the map palestinians living there then of only got two ways to reach their home to get across it first is the main entry exit checkpoint of that fence and the second is the gate you saw being scaled by the girl in the video we asked the idea of why they felt closing off those routes was that all necessary and they replied that the fence was closed for security reasons after an israeli man was stabbed to death in the area last year but last thursday that specific gate was again locked for several hours israel claims it was full repairs after palestinian sabotage to the i.d.f. also stressed residents were still able to pass through the other main security checkpoint up the road a bit it's not the first time that gate there was been a real flash point back in may israeli forces kept it close for six days then as a punishment for stone throwing as they put it. there. was.
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this. was the. car. was. against has palestinian families are facing segregation and inequality in their daily lives because of that barrier. fence. neighborhood around seventy seven families from the schools from the. from the universities from the other neighbors we call the gate and they're all. equal because that road. from the main street is really. close they walk on the i mean. they walk on the side of the road you know we have twenty two checkpoints one
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hundred movement in one kilometer square in the city center of. the president francis describe some his own citizens as being stuck in the past a backwards micron said so called french calls for preventing positive change while praising the danish economic model on a visit to copenhagen. these looser and people who have lived through the transformations of recent years not exactly who are resistant to change well those comments by president mike gone after not gone down well here in france with opposition politicians from across the political spectrum telling him exactly what they thought saying that he was showing contempt for the french people and they took to twitter to show their angry reaction as usual he despises the french from abroad the girls will be happy to respond to his arrogance and contempt. the contempt for mccraw for the french is unbearable and reveals his disconnect with the people of france we are in twenty eight d.
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there are many on yield ingalls who are attached to social progress who still fight against regression it is inadmissible to hear the president of the republic caricature and despise the french from abroad when many french everyday citizens also felt the hum from those comments from president unhappy yet again while he's abroad he's chosen a venue outside force to criticize what he sees as being the french resistance to his reforms but what many people thought as being a jibe of contempt for the french people let's not how president might console it in a press conference on thursday he defended his comments saying that he told the truth and he said that while people in france don't like permanent adjustments we are a country when in serious moments of our history we can be transformed to present my own had been praising in denmark the danish system which means it is easier to
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fire people from a job and it also means people that quit their jobs can have a social security as a bit of a buoyancy eight and those are things that he says that he wants to emulate hey in france with his reforms reforms which over the last year and a half have seen roof resistance over and over with many protests of people coming out to the streets to say they don't want my calls for foreigners to proceed. was. yet again president micronor has provoked fiercest reaction with his comments at home while he's made them abroad and many people just can't simply believe the core of
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the president. reporting for us there from paris after the break spot between america and india over delhi buying a new russian missile system will bring it up to speed on. you know world of big part of the lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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and trump you know it's all about detente and getting along with the greatest ally and friend russia there is no play good for the kids and you know if you open up but there's other things in here while we proceed here in the first half i'll just see what what go on. the us is born in the or it could be facing sanctions if delhi goes ahead with the purchase of the russian s four hundred missile defense system the sanctions act was signed by donald trump in twenty seventeen. it's set to impose penalties on russia iran iran and north korea it also follows moves rather against any country
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in gauging with russia's defense or intelligence sectors but the new u.s. defense bill now allows the president to waive sanctions against some of washington partners like india like indonesia and vietnam if lifting would benefit u.s. national interests well india is now in the final stages of signing off an on a six billion dollars deal with russia for the s four hundred the technology can engage up to eighty targets at a time with a range of four hundred kilometers it's been described and west of major as one of the best air defense systems on the market but it's that vast sum of money that is simply become a target for washington sanctions are now while india continues to stress it isn't violating international law by going ahead with the deal carrots is not a un act it's a us act we have spoken about the as four hundred for years now just a day now the warning from the white house comes just
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a week before american and indian top officials are due to meet in new delhi india is not the first country to come under scrutiny for its dealings with russia because since twenty seventeen turkey has been under pressure from america for wanting to buy this f. four hundred system but chris promised it would retaliate against any penalties coming from washington sickos watch this space regarding turkey let's talk about india and what india is going to do joining us now is. is dr charlie an international affairs professor cerf think you should be with us much appreciated so washington's firmly against any country dealing with russia when it comes to military could india be an exception here it says on the face of it it's going to go ahead sanctions or not is that correct. well you know kevin i don't think that india is going to bow to thread pressure of blackmail or bullying i think very clear on this s.
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four hundred triumph is the best surface to air missile that war geo strategic needs for our self defense in terms of the length and the width of the space that it covers in terms of the security that it provides as there is no substitute for f. four hundred anywhere in the world the americans have been trying to push us to buy the patriot missile system our our turner dives where frankly there is none and we've explained to them and we will do that again i think the threat is more to do with fears that the s four hundred gets mixed up with the f. thirty five the american fighter jet which we are looking to acquire then the secret to the military secrets will speak louder and become part of belief will come up so i think the main levy is a commercial grudge that the trump administration is pushing and we are not up for it we're looking at it from a you know security point of view and russian made their missiles work for us so we listen to backtrack on this even if it means sanctions well the last time this
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action goes twenty years ago when we conducted nuclear tests they have been threatening us on iran as well and as you mentioned turkey is facing a similar pressure so there is a you know culture now of trying to brought everyone into falling in line with unilateral american sanctions we're not buying it as you just quoted our defense minister if it's the united nations thing it's a different fact if it's a u.s. unilateral one sided thing we're not going to abide by the russians of defense partner and we're going to stay with them yeah we did the state department we're saying regarding turkey there was a compatibility issue here they said you know we can't have one of our nato partners say using a different missile system or a russian what is not compatible with our nato systems is not the same color value where they are using fear as well in india. well well no you know we're not the member of nato and we have heard i would say fired supply of you know providers of high tech equipment and we're not really reliant on
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the western models and certainly in fact if you if at all there's a compatibility issue it is the long history of russian surprise and which you have maintained our defense capabilities and i don't think the americans are. challenging the fact that we have a legacy issue with the russian defense supplies and equipment what they're trying to do is displace russia and get in to go over the so-called world's biggest arms market if s. . i want to share of the pie and there are all kinds of arms and we just lost the line to your doctor you keep coming and going steady bit more you're back on the line so regarding sanctions is america going to follow through with this other girl impose sanctions if india is as it seems it will go ahead with this purchase do you think they're going to go that far or not. i think this is a negotiating tactic of trump administration we have seen this many times they try
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to apply maximum pressure and then they concede and backtrack because they do realize that they have other geopolitical goals in the asia pacific for which india should be out there in the central player and if they are going to india for the sake of our russian missile defense system in other words shows that they lack a grand strategy in asia if at all prompt administration wants to contain china as they see then they need india on their side as they see their better treaters with dignity and respect and they cannot give us these insults and veiled threats saying you know we are not rid of the sanctions i think it's a bit of most cheering and they're trying to play hardball but eventually india has never succumbed to these threats when it comes to our national security and our core interests we'll never compromise with buying or oil from iran or buying weapons from russia we're not going to back down on this we're going to find a way through this and we're determined to stick to our traditional defense partners so just as
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a final footnote to this where does this latest relations between india and america at the moment are the real low point or is it something you can work through. well we are passing through a very thorny phase that since donald trump has taken the white house because he doesn't seem to have their grand strategy for asia pacific that we had expected from earlier american administrations so it is also forcing us to rethink our approach to china and to russia you know to take it far more seriously than was the case even two or three years ago simply because we need to have our own counter pressure points in order for the trump administration to understand the importance and the value of india that we are not a banana republic that can be pushed around blackmail and threats of sanctions international first professor thanks for breaking india's point clear on this as you see it much appreciate it expand live with us thank you for watching as to this is r.t. international it's coming up to exactly twenty five minutes past seven in the
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evening kevin knowing how to go over to for the rest of the evening maybe see again tomorrow. when the whole make this manufactured consensus public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round be the one percent. whole middle of the room sick. real news room. for maneuver sitting in a car when the fifth gets shot in the head. all for different versions of what happened one of them is on the death row there's no way he could have done it there's no possible way because the list did not shoot around a corner. greetings
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and salutation. this week on a late summer sunday in jacksonville florida described old twenty four year old opened fire on a local video game to. in a moment and shattered an afternoon on the competition the gunman david katz of baltimore maryland shot down two fellow gamers and wounded roughly ten others before turning the gun on himself and taking his own life. there wouldn't be it seems another weekend in the united states of america without more violence more crazed madman another round of ludicrous theorizing on just what to who is to blame for another terrible tragedy naturally the political left immediately point immediately pointed to the gun than the killer's hand as the ultimate culprit but it was the right the political right because servitude was the found
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a new enemy of the people to blame for all the violence in our society and they chose. video games q fox news and retired political science professor carol swain who proclaimed on the martha maccallum show i think that playing those violent video games clearly influences behavior and we know that in the military they sometimes use video games to break down people's inhibitions and so there is no way our children are not being affected by violent video games and movies that they watch so what was this horribly violent vicious shoot 'em up game cast was playing the clearly rotted there's brain to the point of violent rampage. why madden n.f.l. nineteen and american football simulation video game wasn't call of duty wasn't doom wasn't even grand theft auto yes he was playing a video game simulation of the n.f.l. the same n.f.l. that is featured every sunday on fox t.v.
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i wonder why martha maccallum and our panel of guys didn't blame the violence of n.f.l. football as a reason for the shooting. in the. video games have long been the perfect target of politicians religious leaders and others as the bane of morality for our children so today. let's find out just why video games have taken center stage in the blame game as we start watching for. you. what would you look like a real this is what. the bottom. line what it looks like you know what i got. it. wrong or what it was in the dark side i'm sorry robot
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and i'm top of the list and i just want to state this that the video games that she's talking about that the military is the most violent the ones that actually if you were going to say have any kind of connection that are first person shooters an entire category of video games by the way the first person shooters the ones that they're talking about that the military uses are things like ghost recon call of duty black ops call of duty modern warfare ghost recon advanta war fighter but one thing about what these all things and that have in common for most of the game you play as a u.s. army soldier or a marine or a navy seal or a special forces assassin out to. take down somebody and so by and large the bulk of the most violent video games are our war games that recreate world war one world .


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