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tv   News  RT  September 24, 2018 9:00pm-9:21pm EDT

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well if. it was you. that was how was i going to figure out how to our. the russian defense ministry publishes radar calls that a paid to contradict his vows claiming that his jets had left syrian airspace when a russian surveillance plane was mistaken me downs by syrian as offensive as the. president will preside over the security council i'm sure that's going to be the most watched security council meeting ever a lot of good things can happen. anticipation grows over donald trump's speech at the u.n. general assembly on tuesday with some hoping the president lose it to rebuild
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chances international relations. and the rate of sexual assault in south africa now ranks among the world's highest with new cases where we head from some of the victims. cultists of fear. to depression actually trying to commit suicide this happened so many years ago. but still i can get into you nothing would have been done. news and analysis twenty four seven this is our teens national welcome to the program. russia's defense ministry has released second by second radar data showing exactly what happened in syrian aspace in the immediate run up to the downing of a russian surveillance plane last week the new evidence appears to refute israel's
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claims that its fighter jets had left the area when the russian plane was. discuss the findings in the studio with. how does this newly released radar data correlate with israel's statements well it doesn't correlate with israel's statements statements at all because russia had an as four hundred anti missile defense complex operational as it always is at the base which is where the russians based and it recorded everything second by second it's got a very high resolution radar with great reach and they've presented the data that was recorded and according to it the israeli group of four f. sixteen fighter bombers they split up some of them went further out into the sea the mediterranean and one of them stuck around at the same height as the russian ill twenty aircraft and he stayed there then we saw the two hundred missile that
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launched by the syrians in self-defense they were being attacked bombed then we saw it go in for the israeli jet for the f. sixteen the an f. sixteen that was next to the russian aircraft. the trajectory was recorded we've got a second by second play through all of it and we see it a certain point these radio take up position at the same height in just behind the russian il twenty aircraft the missile saw a big target of more slow moving target with a larger radar cross section and changed to it so it really targeted the twenty impacting it schrade after the impact of the old twenty disappeared from radar as the israeli aircraft rapidly changed trajectory and height and basically flew away what this proves says the russian ministry of defense is that israel lied about its being in israeli airspace by the tide of the incident the data we have presented to
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you today is evidence that responsibility for the downing of the twenty lies entirely. the israeli air force so all clean israel about its involvement in the tragic incident that claimed the lives of fifteen russian service members. there are now that russia have revealed this data what are they going to do about this tragic incident or any steps already outlined taking radical steps that are going to they're going to change the rules there in syria around syria because russia is very angry russia says israel did this on purpose the israeli pilots the military or whoever commanded them did this on purpose they took cover and made the russian aircraft a target but first of all russia has now announced that it is sending three hundred missile defense systems which are an order of magnitude more powerful than anything
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else that syria has had before and they're going to give them to syria within two weeks and that is going to make any potential israeli forces into the area much more difficult we've already heard reaction from the israeli prime minister's office not to chuffed about that saying that. this could be incredibly dangerous of these systems fall into the wrong hands but let's not forget that russia avoided doing this avoided handing s. three hundred systems to syria at the request of israel since two thousand and thirteen so this is this is a big step that they're taking and they saying the rules have changed the rules on the ground have changed and pilots security overshadows everything the second step is that every syrian air defense command center will now be equipped with automated fire control systems what this means is that they're going to unite all of syria's air defenses so all the radars work for all the missiles it's highly computerized
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it's very advanced but this means that the syrians will be able to respond much faster to any air raid in their country. they'll be able to fire missiles much faster and much more accurately but above all this systems come comes with an inbuilt feature friend or foe identification hopefully avoiding any more friendly fire incidents and the third step that they're going to take and not the least is that they're now going to jam any aircraft or missile that is attacking syria from the mediterranean they go in to john their satellite navigation their radars their communications equipment military communications equipment and the russians have said that they're open to taking even more steps foreign policy experts robert naiman told us it's unclear how the west would have responded in a similar situation. the u.s. does sometimes. release such information one could argue is are
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so reluctant to do so as you point out partly because they claim you know this is classified sources that this is partly because the claim that their work should be good enough we should all take their word you know this it didn't make that we see over and over that they want. to get in u.s. public opinion. statements u.s. government officials and aides at face value not to root demand evidence because they want to preserve the ability to. have such authority such a question that's already in the future of well lead says some top diplomats like converging on new york for the seventy third u.n. general assembly where the main session starting on tuesday the general debate is the most notable session is seen as less of a debate and more a chance to make
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a keynote speech and it seems donald trump is playing the headline role with more heresy course than ours. in the global political circus trump has taken it upon himself to be the greatest showman or jest depending on what side of the fence you're on and on tuesday the curtains will rise in the spotlight for a long trump taking center stage at one of this year's main spectacles the u.n. general assembly he's got a couple major possibilities really to help illuminate for the american people what america's place in the world is president will preside over the security council and i'm sure that's going to be the most watched security council meeting ever well trumps the trickle debut at the u.n. g.a. last year provided a taste of what the u.s. president is capable of it is a massive source of embarrassment to the united nations rogue regimes represented in this body the arabian government regime caters here nicolas
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maduro the dictatorship in cuba a stabilizing regime criminal regime of bush. regime rocket man rocket rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself united states is ready willing and able to totally destroy north korea totally ready willing and able to destroy totally destroy north korea major portions of the world are in conflict and some in fact are going to hell his escapades divided many and left few were indifferent and in the buildup to this he is trump looks ready to outdo himself once again he will head the un security council meeting on iran that's while he's a lawyer shared this so i stated to the iranian government you must be truly afraid of being overthrown i don't know when we're going to overthrow them it could be in
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a few days months a couple of years but it's going to happen they're going to be overthrown juggling two jobs it seems. the president's the low end of freelance foreign policy adviser though at least he seems inspired by his boss's remarks threat posed by iran whose chief exports are violence bloodshed and chaos all nations of conscience must work together to isolate giuliani's stun triggered some emergency damage control protocols in washington how seriously should it take the iranians when they hear the president's close advisor rudy giuliani saying there's going to be regime change look the united states is not looking to do a regime change in iran at all that as the u.s. continued to bully tehran over the nuclear issue but trump insists he's playing the good guy and means well i look forward to being at the united nations next week we're going to make a speech we're going to have many meetings a lot of good things can happen the u.n.
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though could take that with a pinch of salt for the international body good things meant the u.s. ditching unesco attempting to discredit the international criminal court and learning they're not so close when it comes to freedoms the united nations is not a friend of democracy is not a friend or freedom it's not a friend even to the united states of america where as you know it has its home and it surely is not a threat to israel. and it's not just the u.n. that wants to get on the same page as trump it's also russia china north korea about the rest of the world really and on tuesday the u.s. president will have his best chance to explain that he's not just a gung ho diplomat. perth chorus said chest serai. told us she thinks trump will take a confrontational style towards iran at wednesday's if
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a speaking rubbish after a severe. bout of depression actually tried. starting to fit they. didn't destroy my life because. i mean us meddling still to this day. couple of friends and i took a trip to cape town dance floor. i remember took shots with some of my friends and . that's what i remember. walk up the next morning and there was. liquid that was not. mine that was on my body.
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and people have the right to say to me that i asked for it like who asked for something that is so painful and i think he also sees it like that where he said nothing happened it was fine we had fun we did our thing my friend are bad and give you permission to touch me. maybe i shouldn't have been so old. open and friendly and nice i should've gone to the authorities and spoken about it this happened so many years ago. let's get in. to listing. they are in a sort of a class of they aren't but the people from little class and lower class that are actually really suffering these rapes. and the sexual abuse may be onto a scene we also have a problem with but they say p.s. sometimes losing fouls losing evidence we've got that happening in the hospitals as
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well and we have a lot of people who find that our foundation can say that the cases didn't. because the evidence was lost. i think we have a problem with men understanding no. because the automatically assume that we belong to them for some odd reason no one should go through something that. the white house says donald trump made the us deputy attorney general on thursday after reports suggesting rod rosenstein is about to leave his position just days off to the media allege that he
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was proposing to secretly taped donald trump schools caleb maupin breaks down the story. well we're seeing reports now that rod rosenstein the deputy attorney general who is overseeing the investigation into donald trump for alleged collusion with russia parents offered a verbal resignation now that's some reports that we are seeing well we now have sarah huckabee sanders the white house press spokesperson coming forward and saying that that is not the case that donald trump just had a phone conversation with rod rosenstein and that once donald trump returns from the united nations on thursday when he's back in washington d.c. rod rosenstein and trump will be meeting in person now the reason that there was so much speculation that rod rosenstein and resigned or was possibly going to be fired by trump was in response to reports that he had had actually called for recording
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donald trump tape recording trump's phone conversations and other statements and then using the recordings to make the case that donald trump could be removed under the twenty fifth amendment of the u.s. constitution as a century mentally incapable of being president twenty fifth amendment lays out procedures for the president to be removed if he's rendered mentally incapable of holding his office now when those reports surfaced last week that donald trump was pressed about his reaction this is how donald trump responded when asked if you would fire rod rosenstein for suggesting that he be removed after recording his phone calls we're looking at it around oh it's very early we just read the reports you know very shortly very you know the various reports that came out and have been coming out and we will make a determination as and on down basically thing this woman is making it up these women are making it up it's political it didn't happen right that's basically what do you thing is it didn't happen and we know as
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a matter of fit to fix what high percentage of women are subject to some sort of sexual assault. sexual harassment and every single one of them most of whom like christine bloody ford did not talk about because they were embarrassed they didn't want their family to know they didn't want their friends to know this was as they were the subject of this and yet it was a source of embarrassment to them basically what the president and his cronies in congress are saying is you're lying or you lied to your therapist six years ago when you made this up why in the world would she have done that not knowing the right capital is going to be in nigeria. has a will there appears notes the therapist the therapist notes show that she claimed there were four witnesses in the room she says oh no the therapist took the notes wrong there were two so give me a break with what she told the therapist cory booker who is a senator a democrat from new jersey who sits on the judiciary committee in one thousand nine
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hundred ninety two wrote an article in a stanford college newspaper saying he groped a woman's breasts against her wishes keith allison who's the assistant chair of the d.n.c. a and is running for attorney general of minnesota. what is a cure was is accused by your girlfriend of sexual abuse and nobody on the democratic side cares one bit explaining that returning this is what we call what about is some you know other words if you have something that you can't really defend i say well what about this one what you know what i did although i didn't inquire well on the supreme court any time soon nobody nobody is putting keith ellison on a knowing person supreme court for the rest of his life rendering to someone who's only was there in court every at bat of america. the italian government has adopted a deck put forward by the far right interior minister salvini though make it easier
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to expel migrants and take away that's holly and citizenship salvini says that they imagines he measure is aimed at reducing the number of people arriving by boat from across the mediterranean is also designed to strip migrants with a criminal record of their right to asylum in crease the amount of time newcomers can be held in repatriation scientists salvini has held the adoption of the deck is a step towards as a step forward the italian parliament now has two months to discuss and amend the draft before it becomes evil. in my opinion this is not harming any fundamental rights because if i open the doors of my house and then once you're in you sell drugs to my children even with all possible humanity i'm going to spend your application and i'm going to send you back where you came from for more details on any of us stories you can check out where on social media to see you in thirty minutes time with more top stories.
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because there is no power in libya that is powerful enough to take over the country all of them. they can fight for whatever and they do it really over the last four or five years that's what they did they just kept fighting and fighting and fighting and nobody was able to win anything the only thing we have from all of this is destruction of the country is the killing of the young people and the innocent and the life of the good became so miserable to the country because of four. decades after the war a nazi doctor was still active rich in the nineteen seventies crittle had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery. a german company.


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