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they decided to make the maximum contributions to my democrats opponents in my campaign for u.s. senate in wisconsin. roundup of the news for now i'll be back at the top of the hour with more but first of all to international it's a documentary called hot race cult docs. anything . that is. a.
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little. child's seemed wrong but all quotes just don't all. get to shape out just because i took it and gained from it because of the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. camp chant is a peninsula in the russian east one of the nation's least densely populated regions
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. there are no roads in northern come and sponsor scattered villages can only be reached by l. by dogs. there is a dog sled race and it's different from others in this race professional athletes team up with working dogs that polkadot every day of their lives however the prize money they compete for is on a par with the world's most prestigious races where the winner gets roughly forty seven thousand dollars. a year what he did was driving me to court putting me on
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the not a lot of senior she said let me think just look at me about who these downs fluid leak was lonely guard. the road crossing come chance to go is two thousand one hundred kilometers long and it's a record claim is the world's longest dog sled race. they'll be twenty five stations every day they'll be all start on the finish. line and. fifteen sleds line up at the very first and most important start. well there are things.
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that are your sister. and your buddy you know i got if you do are. one of the favorites to win the race is the reigning champion valentino lefkofsky known as deal by me to be the manchurian wanker like you would have a vodka. for the court right there up and down the road before you know it for you to vomit on arms over here and. talk about walkers you're arguing are. mostly. just because of well she may give people who pushes you but would only duplicate us. if you thought you didn't i hope he goes when you. feel. it's my fault you don't have enough fuel. but i'm going to win or amount of the thing about five of them which. i do you want
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to go if you don't pay more or. they. just got us out. here it's about nothing. it's the first time alisa is chant guy has been in the race she's a student a four time champion and another favorite andre some ash can elisa is driving a team of dogs from her farm one she trained herself. most beautiful to be sure the engine. muscovite bitches loved him is a professional dog team drive us he's raised a lot in the central part of russia but has never experienced conditions like these you know we've. i do not think you're not going to. respond to what you.
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want. to thank you. probably when one is looking at the bottom or you're saying you should if you saw him closely do you didn't come on there. you could see he was more that was the booth you could have really that. you were going to go with.
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at. least i didn't want. the rules of the fed you know. when i was. working.
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that. very true i think that. don't you remember the music are. you. there you go and. listen to the course the news this is not about them we know this which they are that the washington see what we have this will tell them who it was then you didn't in your good nature need you to go thump woke up and if you and your friends went on to watch awful the blood at the dock these things if you knew what the also just a blanket piece of work up to so i'm not so fast i use my. you're black. you're going to practice with. your buttocks you know. that would be a good order to make you want to get this bad are you guys. done with it there was
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no. use corky. school here or there really if you go out there from google if you like. nothing better to get you she stopped watching you look but you didn't but you know this to you but willing to meet up with daughters lead you to say what. you feel that you thought were you it's obvious we sure. thank a load. thanks thanks thanks.
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for your particular. needs to. decide. when you. so she's not such a. more than you. know most of the words you appreciate you can be a successful lawyer going to you from my city of new york hello new school. thank you you thank. look you're sleeping. if you're when you want to hear about mozart found your eyes some are going to. the dogs assume he gets a raise that they have to be held back with us new might be a. cue.
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that the person we're going to. look. look look you i think i'm speaking with a special no not never did he. get it. i thought i'd. come. i.
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see you certainly don't. you. just lose your interest. pushing the snake he is coarse and up with what the builder did it was come to build mention that for the queer. mother when they chose cruz will call them chance as a chimney at the moment because i like anybody. who would. use them and it was the wrong it's a human being and you would. feel. i think. the partition was good for them fearful fathers. of the right.
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but then she spoke of neighborhood you're seemingly just about that look at the scene in the show the crowd of laughter and the use of the cars and also mugging the study also or. are awarded. the sum to a supermodel. monica point. while the. subject to preen currently in force is accompanied by his father from a dog team driver and participant in previous races it's. a moment in your sleep or a your personality should go in it's a pyrrhic tissue those options spoke with a pretty. much what enough quality that they're not. alone what you just. brought with me. more aggression but almost all of them who would years of what it
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. is longer wish to. remain the more interesting intellectual game and i like about. possibly give. a crap back what. you have done well that was a. brother who was supposed to talk about you. to put him on the commercial. or you would both of us begin you. own words literally a lot closer. if. i did not emerge. from a little one knowing. what the next favorite is how we're going to.
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be. in a world of big partisan movies and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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the floor. will be. there before. almost. put your stupid one. this is the dull stage on which drivers can get help from relatives and friends. because along to this stage motor ruds and only the maintenance team will follow on sleds the others will return home to point the skins communications and news.
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it was on this stage the dent you raised need a much. bigger down. no doubt is going to the ticket. you don't believe but it will. please everybody but nobody asked. you to get your. money. on. you which one of them are there for you if your. turn toward your car to go through our economic.
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if you're going to meet them or. more than a well please do so. option three. i should cross the plan then cook not one of their own but unions and so on. i would still have the moves as well you know i am not of the you could do it now but i think noble the will prosper. majors are worth about campbell my name and she's written me the key. she stood. for mean she's awesome i was a whore that we get rid of me so much who did this for you could no longer. fine.
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but if. there are fears are the fear. then was fearful for his near march. for the things that are. especially the little guy that is a. marvel shares. with the first thirty snatches of. shows typically has out but one of their long past a couple was. much has been you. just come to me just with looks of the morning will kiss new york for me. he caught on time so slow it's
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a time that. the case doesn't go to court. but the previous two one wasn't. bad he was no good come on poaching poor hog he was no good people might think this was noticing. it. we could actually show you but just what the question to mr brown was the way of
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sort of this movie that was the way freshly to and from. a manuscript you know due to some like you probably were yesterday michel when you've got a little bit you know sean penn risking initial persuasion used with pride you had to put up he was away on holiday and yet we knew him but it was in going through mitchell of course continues its build a graphic up if you ask you to ask a third and then again you have shown. to your viewer to screamy. with you which presumably is if you do that if you wish for that when you actually hear. him out at the dealer can i sneer smashed our number that's what the thing to put up or use a word but i'm losing income but it's absolutely reasonable. to spend the night they don't hold in the snow and covered them with a tarpaulin. i disagreed with them about.
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we didn't like wasn't. good for. you so i thought. it was a he or the national plan just lingo and what he posts he's going mostly with you which begins with what do you know what do you mean if you so when you want one tree don't you on those and what the rules work on those of course ring he will please you but the look where you live it is the seventy three story numbers. that this book would do doug i'm your man but you know if you. put up for it with a special look look look look. look it look all that good. news or not. because you. look trust me i must come from the welsh i will and you can read the full quote but you will pick is. not clear if you snip you know what i asked for the river. is that i don't know if you know the tone of. what you write.
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for going to force or not we're going to go through and complete its work on. settle. the reason. you're here. this second group is bank the one that had to spend the night twenty kilometers away from the main camp. for your theory you guys are doing their. own part for you well in. the process. are you are. welcome. back if you can't see the first shift and not for what i should be just to feel good it occurred to you don't like him i need more because of you but i knew it would matter at the bookstore he was. nice nice
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nice nice just in the us the bulk of the long steps are marketable to most because they know that has to be taught see nostrums number of years have been hard for him . to create the non-truth of bach you still have to take the dollars plus good teaches it's to give all the inputs get your some i.q. to disappoint you going to school. could tell the truth it's interesting i would mean how could he put it it's a bundle but. if it was give it to me give me a feature. because he must think. so but he wouldn't go home or with up is a news story quickly that we needed. a does more story you know you can book but want to skip a lot of strange to miss north america and say come on. the
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. scene with your smoke. was just lost do not stupid. sure of the church of course you wouldn't you know all
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of us are you talking to us not only what about us are most. given tonight up on the national page bitterly about that but yes a community of course much alike sheeple was. screaming which they don't you know. what do you mean. we curse the good we could be just a few inches before you should be looking from so much of the bushes that it is you know must have come over to me because you know. it's not for about money. try for the pretty music and we should work on the why is this teacher couldn't begin with the. oh. you know business would be ok. ok sure so must.
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we know you there's a pause to hearing that just that and what it apply do. you say you shouldn't share some of my problems or keep us movies about would probably stop at the wall you see so she's putting up with. that that you belong incision. thank. you. for. making recommend this i've been looking at the only almost posters in school with any only look at them almost back in those going on i suppose and they get this and you say in your question what if i come when he's asking go socialist for the one percent cut off his family i don't know about. we've.
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told which team. feel favorable has been coming here for a. year or two. or two that so to. speak to match them. so much will start. to two kids out of the ship not. really we were lucky to. still. feel.


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