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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 27, 2018 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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headline stone will trump doubles down on his latest claims against china telling journalists that beijing is maddening in america's upcoming midterm elections that softly he ratchets up the pressure on iran launching into a bedsit to rage against its leadership at the u.n. security council where the u.s. need to face significant pushback from our allies. in this local who helped.
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get this deal together she's trying to hold a deal together because she did it. washington's envoy to the u.n. is also pulling no punches she's issued a harsh word to the fitz to save the twenty fifteen iran nuclear deal accusing the bloc of egotism and pride. plus crossing the line the ones that britain spread coverage has gone too far off to the sudden newspaper dumps the. memo reveals austrian police were told to give less information to the media to help contribute to positive reporting. we have all those details those stories savor in our next hour my colleague will have the latest world news updates in a moment's time though it's crosstalk.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things are considered peter lavelle one of the most important if not the most important pillars of western society is the rule of law and the equal application of the law this is now being put into doubt we're told now it is the court of credibility that rules whatever that means is the kavanah nomination a game changer. crosstalk in the rule of law i'm joined by my guests jason nichols in washington he's a progressive commentator and democratic strategist in west palm beach we have dr gene allowed in she is a psychology expert and host of america trends with dr gina and in atlanta we have brian crabtree he is the host of the brian crabtree radio show or
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a cross talk rules in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate gina let me go to you first in west palm beach it's been floated around by specifically by the senator from from hawaii that basically it is now about the court of credibility i don't know where that court is ok i don't think anyone on this program or even watching it would like to be accused in the court of credibility what happened to the rule of law. it's a great question that i wish i could answer and we come to a place where we're literally examining the possibility of innocent until accused that's a very scary thing we've seen it throughout history where the politically correct a lot gets to decide who has credibility and who doesn't and that is a very scary thought if you look back at world history they are absolutely willing to thwart the rule of law that we should have known this about the rick. left
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honestly because they started down this path with the whole idea of illegal immigration which also thwarts the rule of law so this is a continuation of the dismantling of the constitutional governance of the united states and i hope that the citizens react harshly and and with everything they've got because there is no way this no way that a constitutional government can be maintained under such circumstances jason. brett kavanaugh wants to sit on the highest court of the land. and interpret the current constitution as he understands it but is he being given the protections of the constitution as he goes through this nomination process go ahead jason. absolutely and i disagree with your last guest i disagree. i think that what everyone wants is due process and that's both on the right and the left i think what we want is a full investigation from the f.b.i. and i think brett kavanaugh is entitled to that as his accuser they both have the
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should have the opportunity to have their case proven rather than just for things to be rushed through and senator chuck grassley said before that he wanted to move on which i think is a poor way of approaching this we really need to give everyone the opportunity to state their piece have a full investigation mark judge needs to go before the senate committee and actually have due process and that benefits of brett kavanaugh and his accuser dr ford ok brian i mean if you if you look at this whole sordid story with hardly any evidence whatsoever and evidence that there never will be that but the passage of time and the doubling of memories and it well i don't think it's a coincidence that all came out after the confirmation process here i mean what i see in reflecting upon what jason said is that the left keeps moving the goalpost
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here i mean i don't think they want any justice here they want power that's what they want bryant what the were power and that said they also want to thwart the will of the people the people that elected prop elections have consequences president obama told us that many times in europe the consequence is the left can't deal with the consequences no certainly hasn't been very good at dealing with accountability i don't think we should believe the women in this case in capitals operation we have a couple of women who says thirty some odd years ago while in high school teenage boys were acting like teenage boys and girls girls but we have dozens of women for the last three decades of known judge brett kavanaugh who said if i. man it's a good man and i've always been treated well by him and then we have additional women who are in that number who say that he committed some sort of sexual act he was never there or they never saw your during that time so which women do we
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believe do we believe the ones that are political narrative which are limited or do we believe the ones that what seems to me it be the truth which are numerous it to me the whole ization in the vision of the united states at this point in our history is chilling and it's an existential threat to our future because we're not interested in the truth of the new order we're interested in in supporting what we already feel and finding facts to delude ourselves into believing that that someone we don't like or don't want is somehow automatically bad this is this is very very structurally destructive for our country our future and this whole issue is disgusting you know it seems to me that brett kavanaugh is being made into every man he represents all men and you know i thought you know after everything over the last you know since the civil rights movement to the present i thought we were all treated as individuals and not part of a tribe or
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a clan and it seems to me that this is what this is all about it's not about him it's about politics and and making sure that this president cannot fulfill his duties as president i mean we you know look at all of the nomination process is over the last thirty years or so i mean it's very partisan the president gets the person in that he wants ok but not this time it would seem gina to him yeah you know they have a class of left has trivialized individual rights that are numerated in our constitution and there's a purpose for that they are interested in socializing our government they are interested in dismantling what is a constitution by. negative rights that's rights free from the imposition of government and all the while acting in fascist ways while calling the right fascists it's absolutely amusing but if i were just being very partisan right now i
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would say keep it up because middle america is watching this i don't expect the leftist elise on the coasts to see what they're doing to their own party but if you look the fundraising of the left is completely off it literally almost insolvent while the republicans are setting records this quarter i really think that if they continue down this course of trying to name the right as the same ones and this president as the same one while he's acted so levelheaded while having darts and thrown at him virtually all day every single day i really think that they are showing something about themselves to middle america and the middle america may not talk about it but i promise you this middle america will vote about it that's what we saw in twenty sixteen it's what we'll see in the twenty eight terms as well in the interest of saving time i won't answer the question i'll let him react to what he's heard go ahead. well there's a lot there number one and terms of the president being able to have
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a duty to to put people on the court mer garland was given that opportunity and republicans block there which actually was a very regressive for our constitution the other thing that i would say in response to brian is that if one person is nice to sixty five women but assaults one that doesn't take away from the from the one woman he assaulted and that is and i think it's offensive to say that sexual assault is somehow teenage. thing that boys go through i was a teenager i never sexually assaulted anybody so i don't know the last thing i would say what is this idea to hold all of that she was going on hold and i'm like jane i think this is my point i did miss my point it's two against one jason go ahead. you know and that's and the last thing i will say is when we're talking about voting number one if you look at things like texas which may flip better o'rorke has out fundraise the republicans we've seen this all over the country that
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the house is going to flip you're going to see a blue wave and also you're seeing a lot of more a lot more women running for office and we're going to see women are going to turn because they see how the republicans have truly sorry i don't want to talk about the elections guys i want to say on the cavanagh case in the rules brian go ahead in atlanta yeah i want to chime in on that because all of a sudden you're i feel like i'm in two thousand and sixteen around september we heard all the same arguments about flip being in trouble and i'm just going to lose you know we've got to win that same narrative and it's been going on the last three years that democrats seem to have not gotten it yet i do want to add to this whole discussion about women here first of all when teenagers are at a party drinking under age which i presume is at least in part what was being accused of cavanaugh and dr who are i took the time to explain all this to my nine year old daughter and i said when you're a teenager and you're at a party it's not right for a guy to sexually assault you but i'll tell you what it is right for you to leave
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a party where there is underage drinking or inappropriate drinking there is accountability in all of this was done after all but iranian women who are about to run out ground to destroy someone thirty some odd years later we don't want to have a discussion in this country not on that run about it out of realty but we should ok are right i gina let me go to go to that as a kind of mix and i friend brian there if i had gina go ahead and west palm beach go ahead yeah i was going to say kind of to my friend brian there for givin it held try old fashioned try there but we can't expect the regressive left to care about the rule of law when it concerns teenage drinking if we do if they don't care about the rule of law when it concerns an invasion of our country. from illegals and the their right of individuals to be innocent until proven guilty and if they don't care about that brand they're not going to care about underage drinking well let me not to be out there and he said it was let me tell you. let me stay with you before
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we go to the break jason we go to gina before we go to the break you do you do you want the f.b.i. to be investigating keg parties is out what the f.b.i. is supposed to be doing. and i don't think anyone said anything about the f.b.i. here but i know that i think it would be good if we could at least respect the rule of law and not ridicule when someone like brian says you know hey maybe if you're a girl you shouldn't be out doing this you know if nothing justifies any kind of sexual assault i think with really very careful they're green but we're not even talking about sexual assault this woman but it's your own celebrity what doesn't work either can the other woman and by the way and by the way i'm a woman and that doesn't give me any more credibility to talk about this than it does any of the three of you and by the way i have daughters and i have sons and i'm not just concerned about my daughter's not you know being stuck in some bad situation something i worried about my sons being accused of everything they did very good point and losing the right you know her jumping that's what's wrong i
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have to jump in here we have to go to a hard break after our break we'll continue our discussion on the rule of law stay with us. it's hard to imagine decades after the war a nazi don't it was still active. in the nineteen seventies croteau had as the chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery and auschwitz a german company gruntal develops and the demise of the drug it was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. i have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby anything. yeah she said she's just got. many so they don't mind victims have to this day received no compensation and never apologized for the
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suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. you know world's big partners to do things. and conspiracy it's a way to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. welcome back to cross talk we're all things considered i'm peter about to remind you we're discussing the rule of law.
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and we go back to jason in washington why should brett kavanaugh have to prove his innocence i mean isn't it really just turning the entire judicial tradition upside down on top of it dr ford's lawyer said that she wanted to have her client dr ford speak after brett kavanaugh well that is just a perversion of the system ok and again that looks like it's just playing politics here oh and she and she has all had ten demands i mean with since when do people that make demands about how something is going to be investigated kavanagh has been investigated six times by the f.b.i. and in this room near a story she spent days trying to recollect. did and then calling people do you remember what it was a pound and then she makes a claim and then the new yorker makes a fool out of itself i mean i think that if there's something to investigate then do it but there doesn't seem to be any they air there at all go ahead jason well
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again i think that there needs to be a full investigation and before i actually go into that i will say that you know based on what your last guest just said it sounded like they were blaming a fifteen year old girl for being at a party where there was drinking and saying that she deserved to be sexually assaulted that was that was frightening but beyond that you know that's not. the market i want to say anything else are struggling and on top of that i think you know you're i hope that's right i'm going to respond and hang on because no one can hear what you're saying because you're talking over each other finish your point jason and i will go to brian thank you. i think that we need a full investigation of these claims i think she was making. terms for her appearance in front of the senate judiciary committee and i think that that's not necessarily out of the ordinary i think she's just trying to look out for her
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best interest as any of us would remember this is not a criminal trial he's not going to go to prison afterward they just want to find out whether he has or this you know there's been an obvious need to expand i'm sorry to say saying you know look and you know jason the left is already convicted cavanagh and this is what makes me really really ok absolutely brian and convicted him at all right now brian going to be senator senator if i may go to brian let me go to brian in atlanta you know senator feinstein had this letter she sat on and then she talked to him private there were the the hearings the confirmation hearings and then all of a sudden all of this comes out and then to delay and to delay and then another person pops up and and these people have very strong political affiliations background does have substance here i mean this looks like just slow walking this to make sure that judge kavanaugh doesn't get his day in the court of public
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appearing appearance and it's all it's all just a smear against him because jason says there should be an investigation ok where's the house what's the address what was the date i mean what do you want the f.b.i. to do go ahead in atlanta brian you know let's remember the duke lacrosse team and the prosecutor yet longer has a license those boys were those they were accused of something that later was determined didn't appen and when we take this and try to judge a man thirty plus years ago that's the problem if these accusations were three years ago or five years ago or ten years ago they certainly are carry more gravity in my mind but not only have they been sitting in a box for eight decades they were. we're sitting on dianne feinstein's desperate three months waiting for political timing sexual assault allegations are not political timing they are reporting at the time they happened for prosecution thirty plus years later to me is irrelevant i operate on its you and your rule if
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the allegation is over ten years old i judge the man or the woman of the last ten years not what someone says they air quotes fifteen twenty years ago i'm sorry i don't care i care about sexual assault i have a daughter instead and i was just miss account after the break by jason i said i spoke to my daughter about this and if she's ever at a party under-age drinking is a current to lead because bad things happen that doesn't make it her all that means i'm preparing her to not be sexually assaulted it's called accountability on both sides and out of the knows nothing of that ok gina you know that the one thing that really drives me up the wall is this whole politics of victimization you know and i would say in all of this the rhetoric is also made kavanah a victim we will probably never ever know if anything ever happened but
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we have in the public sphere right now in parent that equally in kavanagh's file he was accused of this of these potential crimes here but again that that is not the rule of law that is smearing people and i think this is one of the things that really bothers me because it is so polarized the country and i think it hurts relations be the men and women should have i mean there is this heightened sense of a chilling effect as it were here that you can to be accused of something going all the way back to high school when i think most of us i'm probably the oldest one here i don't remember much about high school go ahead gene it. i think if you make a great point i in fact just finished a whole book on this shameless plug it's called mad politics but what i'm talking about in the book is the fact that the left is fine with tribal izing us they don't mind that at all because that's where they get their money and power if they can
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break us down a little groups and make us all angry and afraid of one another then they can control us and this isn't an american phenomenon this isn't a present day phenomenon this is something that leftists progressive's and totalitarians have done throughout world history so there's no reason why when they're admitting now that they're socialists we should be surprised that they're continuing to try to parse us up into little groups but you look at the movement right now most of my formerly democrat friends who are women think this is the most ridiculous thing they've ever witnessed and the democrats have exposed themselves in ways i know they didn't mean to in this and i would ask your guest jason you know he keeps saying that she should be heard that there should be an investigation as you pointed out and thank you for that there have been six f.b.i. investigations and this is actually out of their jurisdiction because you can't investigate a crime you don't have a person place or thing to investigate but i want to ask jason and this is my
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distinct question to him and i really want to go to the same service that i one or less a physically why or why not i didn't ask the lead. why do you know. we. jacen question gina and ask you a question please go right go ahead of us want to know why we should investigate this why based on what evidence because i know of zero evidence other than somebody making an accusation which could happen to you tomorrow and there was no police report. so there is some evidence of this number one. dr ford actually took a polygraph test and passed she told her psychologist that's on record i mean in two thousand and twelve so these are all things these are all things that i think warrant an investigation into these crimes and as a matter of fact there are other claims that are coming out you need to i think we should at least investigate and again hold on you're asking a question i'll answer if you don't want release the polygraph has it other than
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the l.t.a. said. i don't want to have your own going to lie because she probably wasn't asked pertinent questions so you're not you're not you don't want me to answer your question audibly you're going to answer your own quite ok i'm going to jump in and i probably have probably the only person liar as i'm probably the only person here that as actually taken a polygraph test ok it's not what you think it is it's it's a it's not it's not a lie detector it's a truth detector and it's all about the questions yes ask ok it depending on what you want to get no wonder it's inadmissible in a court ok and jason i have to say to you that most prosecutors and i mean most of these people in congress talking about this issue have a legal background i mean they really wasted a lot of money at yale and princeton if they can't get the simple principles of the rule of law together no prosecutor would go to court over these it's hearsay he said she said there's no evidence no forensic evidence here no one would take it to
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trial but you want to take it to trial in public but that's what it is this is a book opinion trial peter that's what it is go ahead jason. right peter but this is not a criminal trial like i said judge kavanagh is not a risk of criminal prosecution that's not what this is about this is about his fitness to serve on the supreme court of the united states so that's what this is about and i think i know i wouldn't want someone who was sexually assaulted several people to be or even one person to be on the supreme court that's what this is less i mean there you. go again so you're assuming it's true ok i think a lot of people watching this program would like to know what i didn't make that assumption and unfortunately jason we never know what that truth is for the many reasons that i've already mentioned on this program brian wants to jump in atlanta
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go ahead. we want to last thirty years of his life a good record a claim or he might agree with this is positions in the judiciary but he's got a good record for thirty years guy let's assume for a second he made a mistake something happened he has a he had a criminal activity when he was a teenager this any can never recover and be an integrated successful meaningful person in american society that means all of us know as qualified for anything any more we can't destroy each other on this point about something from the timeline that jason just mentioned back in two thousand and twelve mitt romney mentioned judge capital as a potential nominee for the supreme court were elected as president it was twenty twelve when we can all use your doctor who are rather went to the psychologist the irony of that is rather eerie was it a result of his name being mentioned publicly or likely the left bringing someone to the surface that they could concoct and produce a story that could block him potential conservative nominee for romney and they
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kept this under file for many years and now it's come out in his book and so i mean again i have. lived this more than they're willing to admit thirty seconds left jason. go ahead so i just wanted to say number one we've seen the right often times you know they're contradicting themselves number one we've seen one leader broderick brought out many times and that was maybe forty five years ago. and people are still talking about it and i believe juanita broaddrick had every right to talk about what happened to her and what what brought her out into the into the for was the fact that she saw this man becoming president it's the same thing here when you see somebody rising and rising and you see them more in the public eye yes i can do things and i know how many times i have this and i have to jump in jason we've run out of time to him but sure bill clinton was guilty of sexual assault
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that's all the time we have many many thanks to my guests and watching in atlanta and in west palm beach and thanks to our viewers for watching us here to see you next time and remember. the old saying you know we need to go back to by force on force that's the supposition that's also the position of the guy. that. we should do that. because in any case even though there's a number of agencies they've got to go back quite a bit to the to this country. but politicians to. put themselves on the line. they did accept or reject.
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so if you want to be president which. was something i wanted. to do right. that's what. you did that. interesting. as in the war. there should. be. the worst drug disaster in history would spread through more than forty six countries and produce up to twenty thousand badly deformed babies worldwide. but historians today single out one birth in one nine hundred sixty one the change the course of history in hamburg germany linda shoulder fillin age twenty three gave birth to her first child her husband wasn't with the time and it was quiet.
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and then lay back and was relaxed and some of the somebody whispered into my ear is your husband not all right but i was here white awake and i said. what what what has happened to my baby is anything wrong you know she said just. let's say. without any emotion oh yeah he's just cut short arms and i like a child would have asked possibly i said and aren't a calling anymore and shit this card grow this will be like it is now. and then i felt like i was beaten to death. a doctor gave the first time mother some friendly advice just get another child. like forget about him you know. i'm a way to get about shortly afterwards then.


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