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tv   News  RT  October 4, 2018 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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stage. from the. dispute resolution to the vienna convention on diplomatic relations the us to withdraw. funding for the organization on the program. would be made easier if they. need to continue this next year. to the president and.
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pleading with him to help prevent a possible civil war. before the news team here working. u.s. national security advisor john bolton has announced that america is pulling out of an optional protocol to the vienna convention a move that could prevent the us from ever being sued at the international court of justice it is in fact just the latest of several international judicial commitments that washington has pulled out all from just this year the united states we withdraw from the optional protocol in dispute resolution to the vienna convention on diplomatic relations the united states is officially withdrawing from the un
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human rights council we will not cooperate with the i.c.c. we will provide no assistance to the i.c.c. baseless politicize claims are brought against us hypocritical bodies and institution i'm just prosecution by this illegitimate court the council ceases to be worthy of its name we will commence a review of all international agreements that may still expose the united states supreme court and binding jurisdiction dispute resolution in the international court of justice sees its americano now takes a closer look at the reasons behind washington's decision to quit this part of the vienna convention national security adviser john bolton tried to justify the withdrawal by portraying the provision as a violation of u.s. sovereignty citing a case brought on by palestine protesting the decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel of moves to jerusalem earlier pompei announced to the world the u.s. was leaving
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a friendship treaty with iran that established diplomatic ties with the country back in one nine hundred fifty five it was apparently a response to the international court of justice ruling that ordered washington to lift iranian sanctions on humanitarian goods which pompei are described as iranian propaganda. or as attempt to interfere with the sovereign rights of the united states to take a lawful actions necessary to protect our national security. iran is abusing the i.c.j. for political and propaganda purposes this leaves one question how will the us or any western country be kept in check without an effective international governing body it looks like this will revive a some of those discussions. i say marriage just mentioned there in her report earlier on wednesday the international criminal court of justice ordered the us partially to lift its sanctions on iran which were imposed in may and july tehran filed a lawsuit against washington demanding it drop sanctions and compensate the down nations cost to the iranian economy a lot is that roughly
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a video agency asked people in tehran what they think about the ruling of the international court to the people in your own world knows that the us is while late to the war they don't have the all know their own words they signed the nuclear deal and now they've changed their mind even though there are problems with our country excepted that this act is illegal to donald trump it's great really crazy what is is saying when he doesn't understand what his same. bush issues and even civilians say we should stand up against america's excessive. this ruling will not please mr trump and his friends and we will see their reaction but it will be futile record that in the us acted against human rights that he grew in is completely sound food medicine thirty was old go towards people slowly hoods they should never have to leave them which is. the executive director of the ron paul peace institute believes these latest developments are a case of double standards. well you know this is the another example of the united
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states talking about the rules based democratic order and expecting everyone else to follow it but when it comes time for the united states to follow it you know they just simply change the rules and i'm certainly not a fan of the united states being governed by world bodies unaccountable world bodies but the issue with the with the palestine issue and also with the iran issue was that the iran specifically you know we signed this agreement in one hundred fifty five agreed to be adjudicated by the international court of justice and then when they rule against united states we say ok we're going to take our toys and go home it doesn't look good it sets a bad precedent and it also makes the united states to look look look like someone you can't do business with overseas. one hundred twelve members of the u.s. congress have signed a letter to the secretary of state demanding he retract the decision to cut funding to the u.n. agency for palestinian refugees they say the move taken by the trump ministration in august threatens to destabilize the region now since the funding was caught the
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agency has entered a period of crisis protesters have been surrounding u.n. cars carrying its personnel are no longer receiving help ultimately prompting the agency to pull some of its stuff from gaza over fears for their safety and we discussed the current situation with the head of the un refugee agency in gaza. was . two days ago when i was meeting with some colleagues in the hotel here in gaza city because i count meet in my office and when angry demonstrators came and tried to prevent us from leaving that place one car stuck. by angry demonstrators for. fortunately the situation was resolved peacefully that you know very. fortunately no one has hurt or directly attacked what is leading to this. i think is the tactics of our
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union leadership and the demonstrators they seem to think that it will help their situation. that if they. prevent management from working and if they close schools and health centers that's the reason for these kinds of incidents it helps no one no one wins the u.s. says that it's been sharing a disproportionate share of the burden of the agency's funding and following the cuts the e.u. parliament debate on tuesday various options to help the un refugee agency. fair. and solution for that palestine. is a final. issue. only. to support of the international community the european commission proposed forty
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million euros for the un agency to continue supporting schools and the health clinics although the agency's head and says that the problem lies not only with funding. work would be made easier if they are stable predictable funding arrangements sold to countries that help does this year need to continue this next year and and hopefully we will get more and i hope that the old will do a bit more than they're currently doing to ensure that we can fully and properly function here in gaza the problem is not the u.s. and its government the problem is that the international community including the e.u. is from my perspective speaking on behalf of the refugees not putting enough effort into finding a political solution what is needed is not member states criticizing each other what is needed is member states working together to bring israel and palestine to
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the table to have a proper discussion and negotiation about a peaceful solution that is what's needed most. after examining documents from an f.b.i. probe the white house has reportedly found nothing to support the sexual misconduct allegations against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh scrutiny around the scandal intensifies questions about protesters putting pressure on republican senators to reconsider their support of capital have come to the surface on court and takes a look. since brett kavanaugh his controversial supreme court nomination we've seen a number of political confrontations in the u.s. by concerned citizens who have been looking to give their elected representatives and earful certainly mr mcdonald. what. are you. sorry you are walking on your back on it like that was the senator majority leader
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mitch mcconnell after his call for the senate to vote on kavanagh asap he was a likely target for enraged activists take another republican senator jeff flake who was ambushed in an elevator i'm going to. leave me i didn't tell anyone in your telling me that they don't matter what you want to tell you don't tell me that my husband doesn't down or don't want me don't think i think you're only doing these things. pretty awkward elevator moment there's also republican senator david perdue who ran for the restroom after he was confronted by the asian games project we're turning to how can you not talk to women who have been assaulted how can you ignore our pleas the thing is though these are not random incidents they were all organized by the very same angio the so-called center for popular democracy and its sister organization and harassing politicians isn't the
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only thing in their arsenal they've also organized a number of mass protests. that protest alone resulted in over one hundred arrests but liberal organizations aren't only taking direct action against their political opponents the man justice engages in similar activism making dramatic political advertisements he normally does. man to the u.s. supreme court accusing cavanagh of sexual assault when she tried to scream she said he put his hand over her mouth we can't let it drift kavanaugh decide on our rights for a generation enough is enough. wondering how they pay for all that well these organizations all have one thing in common they're funded by the controversial billionaire george soros styling himself as a so-called philanthropist soros has given millions to liberal causes around the
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globe and democrats at home in the us it's those to. me is that a good president his organization has already given over two million dollars to these ladies alone and hundreds of thousands more to the fund that helps make and he calls in our commercials donald quarter artie. i know of a story of a true hero an indonesian at traffic controller sacrificed his life to save others during the earthquake on sulawesi island but the man refused to leave an apple control center and instead helped the plane take off to safety.
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by that. i heard about the pollute earthquake here in memphis are around the month praying time and my wife told of going to one's grandmother directly about what happened in his grandmother was worried about his condition and called him all of the family here tried to call ago and many times again has two mobile phone numbers and they both couldn't be reached. i mean if you that. we didn't give up trying to call him and then call his father his father was a very calm person and said that a goon might still be on duty so that could be why his mobile phone is off you know maybe after he finishes again we'll call back so we tried to call
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a going all night but couldn't contact him. and at that time i told his mother she said that i'd gone had died because he jumped from the air traffic control tower she cannot speak anymore she's only crying loudly his mother never thought that one of the victims would be one of our family antonius i'm gonna want to go that way.
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right now out on a quarter past the hour here in the russian capital still to come on the program on naughty fraunces famous cuisine and it's book shows are under attack to the point where they're actually calling on the president for help for those details in just a moment. you know world big partisan movies a lot of things you can. it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race is on offense very dramatic developments only and going to exist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk. and. it's good to have you with us today for the program animal welfare activism under the banner meat is murder is becoming increasingly militant in france which has seen a recent spike in attacks on slaughterhouses. worried
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butchers have sent a letter to the french president emanuel in a bid to prevent more violence. this is the civil war this gang go on mr president should our workers take up arms to defend themselves and their businesses. meanwhile butchers have already gained some support from officials with the head of the republican party saying some two hundred thousand euros in compensation will be paid out to those affected so we got reaction from both sides of the clash. announcing the old valid. the incident happened around three in the morning i came down and saw that the door had been hit in three places that they also painted the still species it was here on the other medium. is
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what i bought i took pictures mediately the police arrived i will show you what you want that's what we're there is the picture of the damaged door. it is and these are the marks on. it is where it says species isms and these are the rocks they used to smash the glass. and i believe these people should be punished why did they attack large corporations that oversee the only attack small businesses because it's easy the people who consider why does everybody have to start eating vegetables only because these activists want that one everyone has their own preferences second we must respect the choices more. so. these activists think that animal rights must be protected similarly to human rights that is why they believe it's immoral to kill animals for food so it's not surprising that the attacks slaughter houses and butchers shops they think that morality is more important than obeying the law if the law authorizes immoral acts they may think
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what they do is justified in terms of morality anything that may stop the killing of animals for meat is acceptable but i am not sure whether illegal actions are the best way to promote animal rights the question we should ask ourselves is whether it is an effective way to raise awareness about animal suffering and animal rights or if it's a good strategy then we should do it but i am not sure about it at all. a russian hockey team is concern for one of its injured. email styles has resulted in a power to own goal for the pictures so hard posted a sexism raul the star herself doesn't see any problem. clear.
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cut. cut a little. later that day i'm going to know it came as a great surprise to me that this photo of a normal i'm sorry naked bottom the whole of instagram is packed with photos just like it i can't understand why it has triggered such response the whole keep up posted it because they admired my fat bottom the idea was
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a simple as that clear. cut from the truth to that very concept of sexism is not appropriate here despite our tired my child a little bit of sexuality to their predominant female team was the exploitation of my sexuality is approved by me people who like themselves often face a public backlash but what's the point of staying fit and good looking and spending the most part of my life in the gym if i can display it no that won't change. if you've been following the us media for the last two years or so you'll be left in little about who's to blame for the current deep political divisions in the country. has divided. play on.
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whether this could spill over into the streets however a new study argues that deep political divisions in america predate by quite some time and looked at the number of bills in congress that were co-sponsored by members from both parties and since the nine hundred seventy s. when nixon was in office and divisions were already bad factionalism has only got worse and this has not depended on who's in charge and we discussed the issue with political scientist horace cooper who claims that the term political division is currently being exploited by those unhappy with the outcome of the last us presidential election. the idea that america is divided the way that it is because president trump is in office is just simply not true what we see instead are a number of activist groups that are very disappointed with the election outcome
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and just as they were frustrated in the year two thousand even just as they were frustrated in one hundred seventy two these people on the left side of the political aisle. work with me to create the impression of disarray that group has been around for more than fifty years the only difference is now they speak openly thanks for sharing some of your time with us here at r.t. international plenty of stories for you still to come in about twenty five minutes hope you can join us.
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this is. a church secret indeed priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the i and then i think you'll hear that it used to see out and. it's felt. better financial while i don't buy any i prize on my future. think of the five day as a pacifier from the future cracker watch guys. the
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way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. but first a lot of sympathy i want to become lost and i want to ask but if many of them look for refuge in the so-called sentry sides the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities the best person to ask than call mom . i then had a best. western or what that. they have or what are their options to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all. the. affairs of many couples. put in the bundles or you got the.
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welcome to the alex salmond show and to our latest programme on how bracks that is overshadowing the party conference season last week labor seem to shift towards of people's vote while this week the tories split between talese amazed checkers minus and bought us johnson's kind of the plus consider then the s.n.p. who have not one but two referenda to grapple with whether to support another one in europe while promoting another one of scottish independence all of this while support for the independence of maine's a very high level and crucially the activist base as measured by the time note
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rallies seems much more mobilized even than twenty fourteen today we asked some of the key players how the s.n.p. should approach breaks it either as an opportunity to promote independence or as an economic disaster to be avoided at all costs fausto but that this mena if you tweet should emails and your messages. now we've had a great if not in some cases surprised response to alex's interview with it being a copy last week although granny says i've just caught up with this episode and have to say that i've amazed i've agreed with edwina currie on many points although i loath such are courteous head and shoulders above the current stories checa says most politicians give me high blood pressure will i know how you feel but today in your shoes simple honest facts were offered with civility during the eggs epidemic i was busy at work but today got the answers for me to be no carol says i tip your show weekly and enjoy this one so much i'll watch again tonight and i can post
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a study her over the top but fascinating peacock deck or more closely magically has message back herself to explain our decadent says this isn't our jungle room mads batty place paid for by the proceeds of twenty fourteen i'm a celebrity which of course if we know was said which we keep she says for entertaining on special occasions hence it on the grill or no i don't mean al examines it we nods judge it to speaks about alex's interview style says alex is counting on us the audience to use our own minds to decide what to think of these people and what they have to see he respects our intelligence that's like i love fish i thank you for watching janet jamie says that was such a good show can't wait for the next one so i hope you're watching this episode and finally paul says an open and honest interview from authority for the change well now back to backs it and we're delighted to be joined by alex neo member of the scottish parliament for eritrean shorts he voted for brixton the twenty sixteen referendum on the u.k.'s membership of the. you still say the spray volley for
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bruce lee your appeal issue in this broader sense is a big opportunity to push forward the independence cause absolutely so no one stray from in the independence of the european union in particular the prison bruce who actually used the power in the influence of the european union for them to do. in the who exactly the who case for a scottish independence if you have breaks it you do it how flood of semen catalonia as well just put the real attitude is of the e.u. leadership towards any country with a steet wanting independence i mean the we in which they backed up the spanish government for its illegally devotee i think is not a good omen for the e.u. being put to only prue independence or even staying neutral so your policy would be pro after the european three trade association will go to see the final deal to see what the options are but certainly i think the illogical position as things stand at the moment for scotland for an independent scotland would be to be
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a member of efta and the european economic area so that gives you the benefit of being in the european market with the don't side of being in the customs union a or an agricultural policy or the fishing policy no with a nice easy solution to this is still all one we all good and all bad but i think on balance that's a good way forward they wouldn't as the unionist parties would say would not cause problems on the scottish english bottle was so hard the government were working to the stop of a normal irish style backstop for scotland then the european negotiations would stances an independent scotland after welcome before phnom separately there wouldn't be difficulties and trade between scotland well i think you'd need to be a deal between scotland and england in terms over yuki single market but the s.n.p. policy at the moment is if it happens and scotland becomes.


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