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israel blocks a us student from entering the country over her political views and leading academics worldwide are demanding she be allowed. to head on the program claims that a number of british fertility doctors are illegally letting couples choose their child's gender for a fee sparks a debate between ethics on choice. people really me only want to pull away and should we be forcing those people to have got out by rejecting. on the basis of that six and i think that six discriminates and one step closer to space age health care a russian scientist at all for the highest in a few hours equipped with
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a three d. printer capable of producing human issues. from the world this is r t international my names you know neil very warm welcome to our top story political terrorism democratic not so u.s. based jewish groups palestinian officials are describing israel's treatment of an american student of palestinian descent laura arrived in tel aviv a week ago with a valid visa but was held on arrival after being accused of israel sentiment here sure mideast correspondent paula slayer. this is the closest we can get with the comrades shooting going in the international airport which is just behind me for more than a week a twenty children old american students are all the same has been held here share
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rife with a valid student visa but was stopped at border guards and asked if she had if it even a member of the boycott disinvestment and sanctions movement the media is now she said she hadn't but according to israel's strategic to face ministry she was an active member and because of this in line with and is raiding the oil that was inactive last year she has been misused to treat back all states that any foreigners he topic to knowingly participate in boycotts against israel can be refused entry and they're already fifteen people who have been denied entry under the sole lot of filed an appeal in the israeli judicial system but the court ruled that who refuse all of entry was valid she then followed a second appeal and the israel district court is due to begin hearing this on thursday these raids have repeatedly stated that she is not being detained and is free to return to the united states and in each time she can fly back to the united
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states whenever she likes she decided to appeal and has been held in the facility for those refused and three the longest says not only was she not a member of the b.d.s. she would not have applied to study that in this training to make institution if she was she's also promised not to do so in future now out of the israeli university people knew that where i wanted to she was supposed to study a mosque just to green and she were wise has also come out in support of her and a number of universities kids have written the literature the strategic ministry saying that if they default to open fainted from entering this what only vote make it to be for the country the issue again highlights the ongoing discussion over how is welfare and bill's critics against her want to see you are seen. site television of the usa as it is aware of laura's case it values freedom of expression but that it is for israel to decide on who is let into the country law professor from
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jerusalem hebrew university thinks israel is jeopardizing its international relations who says improper use of the poles of the released this case of these homes could doom you are. very serious if you will not register after his removal cities because if they participated in the demonstration or if they did this or if they do this there would have to reconsider their decision to come here and then on the top of many people trying to do so polices that would stop cooperating with israel because they want to cooperate with a country that would meet the joys of free exchange of ideas we this isn't restricted israel to continue and i think is really a carbon tax on this case. to take very extreme events including a straight to the decisions being overly. lots of reaction on our next story now i britain's for to lety regulator is to look into claims that
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a number of doctors are being secretly allowing couples to choose their baby's gender for a fee the practice is illegal in the u.k. unless it's for medical reasons we are confident that the vast majority of the u.k. is for to it equinix do not recommend sex selection either of whom or brought how they would take allegations of sex selection seriously and will investigate any specific cases brought to our attention. or newspaper reports claim that some couples have paid up to fourteen thousand pounds for the illegal procedure several senior doctors allegedly set up appointments of private clinics in the united kingdom before arranging to complete their medical treatment abroad in countries like cyprus greece and the. well we get the thoughts of josephine quinta valet and he's the founder of comment on reproductive ethics and political activists kate smith wait. there are medical conditions which either only affect
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boys or only affect girls and it's actually fairly standard practice in lots of places around the world for couples who have a family history of those kind of conditions to be given i.v.'s from given the opportunity to select the gender of child that is less likely to suffer from those conditions i think we would all take steps to try and make sure that children were less likely to have problems later in life in all sorts of different ways the idea of just choosing the sex of your child based on a whim i think you know i think to me it sounds horrifying but what we should be asking really is the question what kind of cultural reliving it if people have a really strong feeling if people really really only want to call should we be forcing those people to have a girl do we want a girl raised in a family that really only wants a boy and in a culture that evidently values boys much more strongly by rejecting the embryo you don't want on the basis of that six and i think that six discrimination give women the vote i believe in women's rights etc i think women are quite capable of
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accepting a pregnancy and do not need to go into this nonsense of i want a boy or i want to girl you can suggest i might like one i have five lovely sons i might have at some stage four wouldn't it be nice to have a girl i've now got four lovely granddaughters you know boys and girls in my opinion are absolutely equal and i don't think you should do anything deliberate to make. a choice because the price is that you need to do is to discuss the embryos of the wrong six when i say after is done it is absolutely standard to create more embryos than you intend to implant the spare embryos are normally kept in a fridge freezer or whatever to be used in the future if they're wanted every year lots and lots of embryos are discarded because people that have i.v.'s from actually don't want to have ten children they want to have one or two children it's absolutely stan that if you are against discarding embryos then you are against i.d.f. and you're welcome to campaign. on that front person i think it's
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a very fantastic process and it's brilliant that it's available to couples and couples have a strong feeling about what the woman does or doesn't want to be president and want what she wants to go on and it is inevitable that they're going to fall off when you're choosing which embryo you want you're going to analyze which is male which is female you're making a choice and this is what i'm saying i don't accept that because in choosing my eyes i'm not going to even get into forty on many occasions these issues come to light because some conditions pass through the mail rather than the families that are hard to me to go down the ice. in order to to to see how they're going to solve that problem but just in a purely basic choice position you cannot just randomly choose one without discrimination you. know sure
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where inspirational quotes fill up many people social media timelines but choose your words wisely one prominent astronauts has learned that lesson the hard way after referencing british wartime prime minister winston churchill in a tweet apologizing for his apparent offense only seem to make things worse. because the of looks into. scott kelly he's one of the few men whose name rings beyond our planet the u.n. champion for space a man who has in lightened thousands and through his fascinating experiments his charisma his achievements helped keep humanity's passion with space alive so imagine his surprise when he quotes winston churchill about the need to be kind forgiving when you win and is virtually stampeded with objection and criticism.
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groucho forgot his decision to know india's pride in fighting the famine during his administration because of indians to die on the street to have stealing them in space yuri gagarin blasted off on vol stock one into orbit now this rocket behind me right here is called so i use m s ten and it's set to send this year's cosmic crew as well as russia's first three d. bio printer to the international space station. three d. printing technology is hardly new it's already being used to print anything from weapons to houses three d. bio printing in turn is being developed as a way to print human organs and tissue research that could save the lives of millions of people but why send the technology to space well scientists growing artificial cells on earth say they don't take on the same structure as they would in the human body but in reduced gravity the cells have
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a more natural shape so sending them to space could produce serious strides forward for the medical community back on earth earlier we got a demonstration of how the technology works with us to the mob a point to go to or going off to. actually doesn't look like a classical last three d. printer because we will not find here x. y. platform all of that causal so you will use magnetic forces for mothers of cells or call them teachers for hours so i'm going to do it through them but on the two of them side of the pool and you will see the course of cells formation three more of . the crew members here at baikonur seem optimistic about their newest i assessed member. what kind of excessive successes do you expect to see from the use of the first ever produced three d. bio printer in a zero gravity on the international space station you know most of what you do it's going to be the first. so i do experiments will be this way of learning to divide
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it into two parts the first parts of the disk go from simple procedures to more complex ones the results will be back to. work through the material. things will be ok to continue working further to move complicated. goodbyes were said to friends and family with astronauts and cosmonauts ready to spend the next six months of their lives on the international space station that will be down at the launch site during takeoff starting at eight forty am g.m.t. and eleven forty am moscow time here on r.t. international. back here on earth a major u.s. ice hockey team is new giant furry must cost is grabbing a lot of attention this week but instead of it being all about his monster moves on the ice the focus is about how he's being hijacked for political ends.
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thanks. thanks. thanks. thanks . thanks thanks using greedy people greedy is a war crime not the liberals would know what work actually is going to use gritty to peddle your hate on the topic but feel the fan base we don't condone these idiots using the latest mascot as no longer thanks
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thanks. thanks. fighting for his rights to the very end the death row inmates challenging officials who are refusing his choice of execution by electric chair the details in a couple of minutes of plenty more besides thanks. thanks . and your. own pal. coming up that. i am told paul enough. to know more i might. add why even. in film there is a trade in young girls sold into an underground sex in the street sometimes but the
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people they trust the most. they come. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see that. you're back with international aid death row prisoners request to be executed by the electric chair rather than lethal injection has been denied by the u.s.
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state of tennessee and windsor gorski is no appealing to the supreme court faced with the choice of two unconstitutional methods suffix accused misters of course he has indicated that if his exit is to move forward he believes that the electric chair is the lesser of two evils ten to eighteen minutes drawing suffocation and chemical burning is unspeakable. well we know that's of course he was convicted in one thousand and three of murdering two men who had been expecting to buy around fifty kilos of cannabis from him he shot them cut their throats before stealing their money truck in tennessee lethal injection is the primary method of execution for death row inmates but if their crime was committed before nine hundred ninety nine touch this case then they're also offered the electric chair electrocution can also be used if the injection is all available or constitutional in sikorsky case
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prison officials say he needed to have requested the church two weeks before execution but failed to do so legal expert thomas ruff and to list the inmates lawyers appeal will likely be rejected. most of the people who would be executed would probably prefer lethal injection that is to be poison the deaf as opposed to be electrocuted lord before the deafening electric chair so this choice by mr the gorski is rather unique most people choose lethal injection i think the supreme court with this current make up would be likely to go forward to allow this execution to go forward unfortunately i think that's what will happen and there might be some question about the nature of the chemical mixture but that has been explored so much over the last ten years or so that i think misters of course case chances of being saved in that way are limited so on the other hand i think the more appropriate question is why would the united states in two thousand and eighteen still persist with executions when there are much more humane ways of
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punishing people. the white house reporter for america's c.n.n. news channel has apologized for a homophobic tweet she posted while at college kip in collins remarks were brought to light by a conservative group that the fens l g p t q writes the treats dates from twenty eleven before collins worked for c.n.n. they were aimed at a gay and lesbian friend now the spike the anger they know highlighted comments of course the news network say's it accepts or apology i'm a proud gay man and i'm a proud friend of caitlin collins but i'm disappointed she have used the word even as an immature college kids i can say with certainty it doesn't reflect her feelings towards the. community she's apologized and i accept that. well if this seems familiar caitlin collins isn't the only american news broadcaster to
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have homophobic comments come back to haunt them in april and yes n.b.c. presenter joy reid was forced to apologize for offensive remarks that appeared on her blog years old offensive tweets also led disney to fire james gunn from directing his third movie in the guardians of the galaxy hit from chinese legal commentator horace cooper sees media firms are being inconsistent. it's very disappointing that the double standard that members of the mainstream media including a well known highly regarded mediums to shun like c.n.n. it's clear that if it had been any other non liberal mainstream media type if any of their workers had been found to have made these kinds of offensive comments c.n.n. would have called it a breaking news story right now
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a few media organs are covering this there isn't any reason why this wouldn't be covered in the new york times or the washington post except for the fact that it's in that fair. that's how our thursday morning news update looks for you know i'll be right here in thirty minutes with plenty more but do stay with us dollar for a weekly visit to the alex sullivan show it's up next. when a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be to the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found
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innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying there's just no really hasn't been that we're even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep the death penalty here is because that's what murder victims' families want to that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite you know we've been through this this isn't the way. it's easy to find an enemy where there are fault and where their. banks much more difficulties explaining how things are once you stop telling people look you my hate the banks by where do you put your money ah put them in the bank and what happens to the bank goes on and don't see your money anymore these kind of
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reasonings will be much more careful to make people on the stand a video dynamics there in why people auctions on consequences of prices that of post nobody wants to. i am. i an exam. am. i am. i am i.
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i. am. i had an exam welcome to alex salmond she went to the last in our series looking at the key issues raised around the party conference season today we focus on the subtle shifts in labor's position on breaks it and what that means for the upcoming and vital votes in both houses of parliament can labor succeed in forcing a general election drama out of the brics a crisis or continue some a chief the impossible and secure the passage of a checkers agreement which virtually nobody supports with any enthusiasm whatsoever but first your tweets your messages and your e-mails and first up from arthur he says bravo alex and todd's one of the best amongst the great c.d.'s of shoes so many voices representative of our mortar nation of scotland's leading party and yes we've got best coverage on his own media the nation would have the claims it's
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historic into penzance already thank you at the very enthusiastic message people are says a lovely people are excellent alex salmond show about democracy and referendums i always enjoy listening to tricia and so do i have lots of praise for. in fact for last week valerie also says especially good to hear from to share mark so knowledgeable on catalunya just karma for cattell and that's of course counterpart in the catalan parliament has been imprisoned for facilitating debate market says reacting to alex news comments absolutely in relation to using our own currency cullen hunter said is get yourself dancing to some hour of course calendar funding to the prime minister's performance or to a tea party conference with none of that on the alex salmond shoe and finally from body of funding to the independent says we want it now before we are dragged out of the e.u. now by general consent the labor conference in liverpool strengthened jeremy
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corbin's position although the polls are still no better than level pegging the tory party high command are certainly taking the prospect of a corp in premiership very seriously indeed alex talks to the politicians who one commentator described as a biggest winner at the conference darby labor m.p. chris williamson a man who not only thought every candidate he supported successfully elected to the new labor and you see but although it's and being jeremy corbyn successor were slashed from one hundred to one to twenty two to one. because williamson labeled at a conference a huge cheer for one is improbable reference to the potential of staying and being on our ballot paper my friend i'm. edging towards the people's will our preference when we're talking about the people so it would obviously to be have a general election that's what we would like to see rather than this notion of a of a second referenda because the problem is where do you start with that and i'm real
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fear as well of course is that it would embolden the far right we've seen the rise of the far right across europe but also in this country i never thought i'd see the day game where we'd have thousands of fascists marching on the street but earlier this year we saw that with the support that tommy robinson achieved then he's got over a million followers on the social media as well and i just think the likes of tommy robinson the extreme right in the conservative party would be strengthened by a second referendum it would be misrepresented and i also think just from. at insanity from some of the polling the second referendum would be lost as well so it would be a kind of a pointless thing to do in the absolute pyrrhic victory if they were to secure one through the house of parliament if we ended up losing the second referendum and then what would they be saying we want a third referendum but a lot of polling evidence in the same polls which indicate that at least among labor members those pretty overwhelming support for a people's vote now you know a great labor member of passion that's what you're good for all your political life
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do you think you should listen to the membership on this basis the biggest cohort if you will now alex in any election over nonvoters and for me i think our route back to power is to immobilize those votes is give them a reason to vote hope.


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