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tv   News  RT  October 11, 2018 6:00am-6:20am EDT

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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy foundation let it be an arms race is on all sides very dramatic development the only really exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. just on one pm this thursday afternoon here in moscow you're very welcome to our international we begin with breaking news coming from the soyuz launch in which up and i run eighty minutes ago what you're seeing was lift off but shortly after the out a rocket mouth function during the last hour forced the two montreux to abort and make an emergency landing both men were happy to say
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a lot of reports coming in on this it's not verified or alive. hurt after landing in their capsule in the a vast step in that country. as you said two forty local time the booster rocket began to malfunction minutes after that to run to a half minutes the last video seen from inside the cultural it did show the men being shaken in their seats then communication was cut off with growing and control two people were on board russian commander alexi of chinon on u.s. flight engineer tyler haig who was on his first mission to the international space station there are three people aboard the i assess it would have taken six hours for them to get there no word yet as to when another launch will be taking place because of course people on board the i says will be awaiting. supply and
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more information on of course so these are quite dramatic scenes coming from the step as we say just less than. half go these are where all russia is space flights have been launched from baikonur it's the world's first that's laur largest operational space launch facility and indeed since the retirement of the american space shuttle program water run seven years ago baikonur has been the only launch site from the international space station missions. it would have taken as we sit six hours to get to that they would have been staying up there for six months until april twenty nineteen a lot of different experiments to be. on the fly with me here in this studio just before we get to really a timeline again just to show what occurred the what have been
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a lot of experiments going on here on the first of its kind in terms of biology and three d. printers it's all very exciting but it will be helping for a while oh no it won't but the one experiment i guess the did happen if i may say so is that the module the emergency module i mean for the first time in decades has had to weld to kick in action and odyssey actually talked to the head of the russian space agency of miter rogosin and speaking to us he said that this emergency module this emergency system has proven its incredible reliability in this situation i mean well the facts they kind of corroborate this thing because the crew is back on earth they were back on earth really in no time i think less than an hour on the crew merchant crews got to them quite soon the emergency crews got there very soon have been the medics have recorded no injuries as you've said on the crew so this is. so this speaks heaps really about the emergency the
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emergency landing system also if that's what they train for not just here in the cruiser grown but people on board as well that's something that we have putting a lot of focus in if something goes wrong what do we do yeah well play here so also goes in speaking to us speaking to the he told us that he is and groups to the location of the emergency landing of the crew so he's going there that's what we know also in terms of the investigation and according to reports we think that the investigators will look into the factory that produced manufactured this still use rocket and so they look into their operations and they will also check the other five rockets apparently there are the five sonia's rockets like the one that was supposed to take the crew to the today they will check them double check them again so and also we're expecting a media conference by the russian space agency to come very shortly that's
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according to nasa so that's what we know so far this is a lot has happened in the past really ten minutes or so yet just let's recap then those dramatic moments because we know that the launch was aborted minutes after takeoff when the booster rocket began to malfunction let's try and take a listen try and get an experience of just what was occurring opt out time and one hour and a half ago. right unless you did a. good. will when it became a part that there was a serious technical issue the live feed of the launch was cut soon after that
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reports started to emerge that the crew was attempting an emergency landing in their capture both men on board then made it back to earth as we've been saying confirmed by medics and officials alike all harmed not in need of any physical medical attention. the media chief for the russians lot of well a lot of information we're getting from reports which have to be which have to be confirmed so this so far most of them have been confirmed this one has not so again just recapping the situation the crew is alive and sound. the medics are on site they have already examined both the russian cosmonauts and the american austrian ordered the first flight for him i mean wow what of what i mean i can't even begin to imagine what he must have gone through on his well orbital debut but still no
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injuries they will still reportedly be taken to hospital just to make sure that they are absolutely fine. talked to the head of the russian space agency dmitry rogozin and he stress today's emergency has reiterate has kind of underlined the reliability of the emergency module responsible for the descent for this ballistic descent of the crew after the second booster failure or whatever it is i mean the investigation has only just kicked off and there's a lot to be learned about today's. to ation but still they will be reportedly looking into the operations of the manufacturer of the rocket in the russian city of simyra so there's that and also investigators will check all five this will use rockets that have already been produced to date just to
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avoid any similar situation like that also other reports suggested that all manned both cargo flights from baikonur will be put on hold at least for a while at least the investigation close and some results if we can just take a look. i'm up to really just the venue the location where these two men came flying back to earth off of those minutes going towards orbit it's around twelve miles east of jack has. this one of being the kazakhstan you know very sparsely populated nothing iran and that's one of the reasons the baikonur is being used because of its vastness well so essentially in the very center of the large central asian country is where the two men is where really you heard these emergency crews rushing to try and get there as soon as possible it
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was supposed to take about an hour and a half it took less than an hour we knew there were helicopter crews as well trying to get there yes so if you're in fact just joining us this is what we were waiting on throughout the morning here. in moscow on the program from baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan launch the liftoff of the latest soyuz shuttle to the international space station two and a half minutes after the out there was an issue with what occurred we lost contact ground control could not. communication with the two men on board a very anxious wait soon after that though confirmed by. space agency and also by enough that the two men on board were harmed physically safe with injuries starts to open up a lot of different issues here because the crew aboard the international space
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station with these two men were actually trying to get to in a six hour journey they were waiting for supplies i'm sure that be a lot of of buck up for this you know that it wouldn't be so vital that this actual resource laden ship gets there because there will be another one we know at the start of december but a lot of different things are waiting for the shuttle before that to happen it's a lot of a knock on effect here so one situation one timeline i'd of place you know affects the rest only indeed because like for example the russian cosmonaut on board right now is forgive was waiting for his colleague chin to do a space walk which is crucial in two weeks' time to. most likely will be postponed now also again the three d. printer that is q. that is capable of producing actual organs you know live which is an advanced it's
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a very subtle thing that we're not a whole would we did it we made a program like a fifteen minute program in russian about and we had a whole package on the printer like it's incredible it's something that has never been done before so we kind of principle twenty is similar tenuously the living tissue which is well this is groundbreaking i ask and i know you i know you are you might be into all the details of this but it's incredible just to think that this can help it is that if something happens on board that they can then you know if an injury happens maybe on a space walk or a fire happens we've seen that before that they can actually. do some medical treatment on themselves what is the point of it happening in space do we have any idea why that also as far as just to test the technology there because as far as i know the printer was supposed to. like produce to print an organ for a for a mouse to live or something so they have to test it there and i mean obviously this is
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a technology that has to because the the i assess it's the most remote thing like populated thing from out so obviously cosmonauts and astronauts when they get into the need when they get to get the needed medical attention something like that could be crucial for their health and speaking of their health really the crew that has descended descended on. unharmed and also we're being told that the whole everything in terms of being able to artificially produce human organs and perhaps eliminate the necessity for human donors all together we even visited the laboratory earlier where they're using this three d. bio printer and they said that their that their research was limited for them because of the fact that they couldn't conduct experiments in zero gravity until. until well what was supposed to happen today so we're going to have to see what plans they have in the future for that also what's what's going to happen in terms
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of their plan other plans on the international space station they had a two day docking procedure planned but one thing's for sure they the preparations for emergency response were well planned because emergency services were supposed to get from from there from leaving to the point in which they reach the point of of landing it was supposed to take ninety minutes but they actually got there quicker than that and we actually heard helicopters here there was communications equipment moving around we saw military vehicles everything was scrambled and it was. it was quite efficient and it's been confirmed that both the astronaut in the cars and on their a ok but when the launch happened we saw it clearly from here everything looked fine. the rocket ascended into the sky several was clapping taking videos but one thing that people mentioned hearing about
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a minute after the the launch was that they heard a sound that a lot of people were saying sounded like the rocket launch itself but far off away so perhaps that was that was them hearing the emergency capsule back in orbit we don't know but but basically that's what happened and so i'm donald korda reporting from baikonur cosmodrome in kazakhstan yeah i'm sure those witness accounts will be corroborated and really trying to get to the bottom of that from people on the ground there like you were double quarter thanks for and. just give us a sense then what dollar was speaking about the launch was aborted minutes after takeoff when the booster rocket began to malfunction. and you could. be. right on the she did a. good. well when it
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became apparent thought there was a serious technical issue the live feed of the launch was cut no more communication soon after the reports started to emerge that the crew was attempting an emergency landing in their cultural which did happen as we have been confirming both men making it back to earth on the harmed not in need of any medical attention. only media chief as well for roles cost one has of course been keeping the public opt to up to speed with what they know trying to get the information out to the families first and foremost and then to the public at large this is one of the latest remarks from the media. they all are alive and feel good they landed not far from. that's quite far away from baikonur around a day long ride. all right eager to that off is in the shooter with me as well
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keeping up to date with the latest updates the latest lines coming into this from a whole variety of sources one other aspect is caught your eye wall indeed one of the reports suggested that according to preliminary results and this is unconfirmed i have to stress it but according to preliminary results the emergency was caused by a hits one of the four blocks of the first booster hit the whole of the second booster and so was that caused the pressure to drop there and so emergency well emergency situations kicked in because of well the emergency situation again these are unconfirmed reports one of the blocks or one of the four blocks of the first booster hitting the wall of the second one so kind of physical damage some physical impact causing the drop in pressure this is the latest that we're getting now of course this has to be confirmed as to when it comes to the reasons of the crash but we do know that the investigators have already been looking into the telemetry data
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they were getting from the rocket like you know the technical the technical things like it's sort of like the story of the launch yet it is likely that you get from the black boxes when it comes to airplanes you know flight recorders so that is the thing with the rocket everything is being transmitted to live so probably this is one of the conclusions of the may have reached while. studying that information but that is of course just a guess so far and this is an unconfirmed report that will physical impact that's apparently what could have caused the just just to just to go through what happens in a case like this first and foremost safety of the crew get that sorted and then people start to think we've just been looking at pictures here of the launch. control essentially saying the cosmos will perform an inspection of the progress
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rockets space center where the soyuz rocket was and manufactured know about this when the big investigation as you're saying this going to be a lot of different theories about what went wrong here and all information now we've already been it's already been confirmed all information the russian investigation finds out will be passed on to the american side so nasa will know everything. everything as it happens really so they will know the cause of the launch and. their loved ones and you know you can just imagine how the minutes felt like hours for those family and friends watching this on full some in a very different environment you know americans coming to. and things like an indy prior to the launch we spoke with the wife the mother of russian cosmonauts alexi of chinon who described to us just want to feel it's like to watch a mission to go. are arianna moving in with the with the economic prayers only
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