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the period of the. soyuz rocket failure forces a two man crew to abort their launch just a few minutes after takeoff. all right i'm a fugitive. russian cosmonaut alexi of cheatin and american astronaut nick cave both arrived back in kazakhstan baikonur doing well after that in the sea landing. and it's been a real emotional roller coaster for relatives have already embraced their loved ones again while other family members are still waiting to see the two crewmembers
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talks exclusively to the wife of the russian cosmonaut about her experience he was emotional but got killed if you can be ready for the. cosmonauts are prepared they get trained but the wives just stay down here and warry. it's eight o'clock and you're watching all t. international live from almost goes to jail with me in a day or two to welcome to the program. from kazakhstan rocket to malfunction has forced a manned soyuz launch to be aborted just minutes after takeoff the two man crew had to make an emergency return landing safely in that capsule seven hundred kilometers away both russian commander of chin and and u.s.
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flight engineer on the cake a said to be in good condition. well you could. write him a she did a. developmental disorder good. russia's investigative committee says they are looking into whether a violation of safety rules caused the size mishap we can take you through the failed mission using actual footage and animation here's what happened. to take it. easy.
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to. please take me to the. pentagon. earlier the crew landed back at the baikonur cosmodrome where that dramatic journey
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all started this they to they will be true. supported to the gun on cosmonaut training center install city outside of moscow and if you thought things were going horribly wrong ninety kilometers above the earth would cause a panic apparently it didn't for this command. the. the. the. the the cream members remain under medical surveillance they're resting up in a due to arrive back in moscow on friday donald quarter reports from baikonur the events off to the accident. i'm standing here right now in baikonur cassock stand where earlier today cause may not aleksei off chin in and astronaut nick cake had to make an emergency landing outside of the site use m.-s. ten rocket launch that was supposed to make it into the eye s.s.
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now there was some trouble with the rocket and they had to make an emergency capsule landing a military parachute was deployed and emergency services arrived at the scene within ninety minutes of their landing and let's take a look at the timeline of events that led up to this.
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when we were at the launch site doing live coverage of so i use m s tens blast off into the cosmos earlier today and at the beginning things seemed according to plan we saw the rocket go into the sky the tourists that were watching friends and family other journalists they were taking pictures smiling clapping congratulating the crew on their successful blast off into the sky but then. we started getting signs and unconfirmed reports that something was wrong we heard that military helicopters were dispatched to emergency services we even heard several helicopters from the launch site we saw a military vehicle behind us several of the radar dishes were moving around in
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a way that we hadn't seen before so and then we got confirmation that both the cosmonaut and the astronaut had to make an emergency landing in northern kazakstan and for something that hasn't happened in over thirty years it's really a miracle that these two came out on injured and alive donald corridor r.t. baikonur a number of experts we had folks say space flight still carries serious risk despite an fonts in technology. i think this is a launch to say you know this launch today is a big lesson the engine is kind of us they need to really assess what happened with this or why it failed and how they can prevent this from happening in the future no doubt. tests will be made to make sure this won't happen again you know not a lot of pressure i believe on us to make sure that things like this don't happen it was a manned action which couldn't risk life so this is something that needs to take
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into consideration and many other space agencies will know from this is all to make sure there's something to them of course we need to learn the details of what exactly happens and how they safely got away with it but i i am assuming that a major part of that has to do precisely with the fact that they are well prepared to even though all the show you say it's been one of the most reliable rockets around and for many years nothing has happened it remains a risky business and if you make for example the comparison with aviation which is much safer if you look at the statistics even there the few times that something may go wrong the crews are excellently prepared so i'm i'm pretty sure that's what regarded the investigation and when you look back at the history of failures on the russian side we always work side by side closely with the russians as they perform their investigation they give us the insight we need in order to be able to go through our own process here our own readiness review process that that culminates
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with a flight readiness review the head of russian space agency has hired to coordinate actions of the international rescue team saying they help the crucified catastrophe . but what we're really appreciate the actions of the group they remain absolutely coup had i've heard conversations between the operators they state they were professional and who had the all together that actions have led to have to ending the other conclusion will be late and. my colleague kevin how inspired to leave. retired nasa astronauts and international space station commander he went say what could have caused it and the experience but those onboard. a lot less to flush through your head when you had that big engine trouble here. oh absolutely i mean of course i flew on to the space station aboard a soyuz rocket myself came back in a small used capsule on my fourth mission and so you know kind of be back to what
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it's like being in that vehicle and imagining going through this kind of an emergency aboard but as you heard from the transmissions the crew was very calm for professional and they did everything to actually writing so first and foremost of course we're all very pleased that the crew is safe and hopefully they're able to walk away from the from the landing site and now it's just a matter of the investigation term and what happened what corrective action taken in and recertify the vehicles for launch even though it's early to speculate based on what i saw on the replays of the launch coverage right after the four strephon booster separated there seem to be more debris coming off suggesting perhaps that one or more of the strap ons may have hung up and may have cost some kind of a structural damage to the core and then as soon as you heard soon there after the it war was declared and. the crew was instructed to use the hand controller to
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engage the ballistic mode in a case of this ballistic you don't know where you're going because you know you didn't predict when you're going to have a problem have to abort and so that's why you just go in with a spin mode this ballistic mode and you just take what you get you generally know the circle about where you're going to land and they kind of have some helicopters staged along the way for this kind of contingency and that's why the helicopters were able to get to them pretty quickly and get them out of the couch. with. an exploration team to at spice. application services welcome to the program diego now. we do know you know obviously obviously they have to go through an awful lot of training but what they don't account for is that the incident actually happening and it's happened doesn't and what kind of last thing psychological effects do you think will happen for the space can you know. well. what happens when the. least you can treat is that your body gets exposed to our
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extreme. g. we do extreme levels of gravity so your body and so waiting eight times what it normally weights on earth are so probably the effects might be small physical effects maybe some some some bruises but the crease very well trained it is trained in centrifuges that exposes them to. similar levels of gravity. they lead to well they're not even if i don't believe them or up to them when it's needed so probably there's not a great deal for her psychological consequences given their experience and training of the crew has gone through just on a small fish caught consequences. if we look at what happened what about the second stage boosters. being damaged by the first stage on this day in a separation can you explain the. well i do what the.
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incident happened during the separation of the first. station. during the worst you could see from the e.o. there were some there was an anomaly once it happens usually happens very symmetrical very nice to use what's called coralie of course they separate very symmetrically and that didn't happen so you could see something. what's wrong there but it's probably too early to to know exactly what happened there's going to be an investigation to coos what happened here. if we go back to the likelihood of survival after an emergency situation like this one what what what is the survival rate what they excrete need lucky or is this to be expected that they did survive nearly unscathed. so there have been such
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a such incidence in the past. and indeed. nobody has died but. they end of the in the really really fruits it really. is like a it's like a roller coaster of people describing a scheme if you know in a car crash. but this survivability you're off the seat and. pretty high yeah ok diego urban exploration team leader at space applications services thank you very much for coming on to the program and explaining a little bit about what's happened thank you you thank. politicians
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. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so we want to express entry. for some who want to be rich. but you'd like to be
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but what before three more people are. interested always in the waters of our. friendship. when it comes to policing but google thinks it knows what's best for us company called the good sense outlines how it's on more of the in starts. reading facebook on twitter all grappling with how they sense the content and not it's done for our own good has the details free speech on the web. ok google will you click like or is it a dislike i'm literally asking their bosses right now there is no way they'd turn their back on the solemn right for freedom of speech you'd think well some of what the guys at google have been busy with lately has been leaked.
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the report with a bunch of guidelines at the end is called good sense or get it they're really discussing censorship for our own good and point out that the concept of free internet i mean the online world as we've known it is utopian white why one of the reasons is the popularity of a german opposition party alternative for germany and pretty much the whole ride gig once controversial voices have been voted by like minded individuals and making their way offline so google is a platform for everyone could be a utopia too now the trend is to create what they call well order spaces for safety and civility with little regard for free speech. in which people are starting to realize that private companies control whether or not their speech stays up or comes down the report comes with
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a few visuals this one tells you that tech giants used to be neutral and now they've shifted to being politicized editors and publishers well you asked ford you didn't yes you did it's all in the report governments would also love tech giants to get more responsible among other winners advertisers who'd be protected from anything controversial you post with a flag any of my stuff is controversial i haven't posted much since my college days how far as the next web evolution step when users will be told what to post keep reading the report and. you'll see it coming companies should put their foot down when it comes to users this is the type of speech we would like to see here and you are part of a community when you join us google bosses once promised to come up with a way to make politics better just after mr trump made himself mr president i
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certainly find the selection deeply offensive and i know many of you to think that so it's worth be very vigilant and thinking about all these issues what can we do to lead to. maybe a better quality of governance decision making and so forth we had our tea wrote an official ok google request on the report they didn't confirm or deny the document existed but gave an update on their commitments committed to free expression supporting the free flow of ideas is cool to a mission. well we have developed our own content policies we enforce them in a politically neutral way and so seven out of ten americans think tech giants do censor political views hate good sense or google they're just not buying it i'm not surprised at all this is pretty much confirmation for many of us who have been talking about google who consistently engage in a censorship of conservative viewpoints the piece the document that was released to
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pretty much outlines it all is lot of opinion in there things that they consider to be are right extremist are simply just normal things that average people talk about a lie but you see the political bias states in google they say one thing publicly but obviously they do different things privately is all about who is given a platform who's allowed to be heard and those that are heard are the minority and they're giving they're given loud voices by google facebook twitter because google facebook twitter agree with their particular points of view therefore they will be the ones that are heard. that song is round up and i'll be back at the top of the hour with more updates but right now it's the alex simon show.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race off and spearing dramatic development only personally i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. the way to the united states is dangerous for most of the illegal immigrants. crossing the most hostile to the world a simple they want to become lost and i won the last post on this but many of them look for refuge in the so called sentries sides of the draft used to share information about undocumented migrants with federal authorities the best person asked bank of mom. mostly to point out how they are the best on the government on
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class and they want that. they can't water their options to stay in the country with donald trump in the white house all over political rivals. also be hard to see who can be bribed to do the job of the old affairs it struggles of many couples won't pull sorry the political political sparkles of you up of up to the fault of the. welcome to the alex salmond show and to the last in our series looking at the key issues raised around the party conference season today we focus on the subtle
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shifts in labor's position on breaks it and what that means for the upcoming and vital ports in both houses of parliament can labor succeed in forcing a general election drama out of the brics a crisis or come to the summit chief the impossible and secure the passage of a checkers agreement which virtually nobody supports with any enthusiasm whatsoever but first your tweets your messages and your e-mails and first up from arthur he says bravo alex and todd's one of the best amongst the great c.d.'s of shoes so many voices representative of our mortar nation of scotland's leading party and yes we've got best coverage on his own media the nation would have the claims it's historic into penzance already thank you at the very enthusiastic message people are says a lovely people are excellent alex i'm unsure about democracy and referendums i always enjoy listening to it and so do i have lots of praise for trisha in fact for last week valerie also says it's especially good to hear from to share mark so knowledgeable on catalonia just
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a car before could tell and that's of course just counterpart and the catalan parliament has been imprisoned for facilitating debate market says reacting to alex news comments absolutely in relation to using our own currency cullen hunter saying is get yourself dancing to some alba of course calendar funding to the prime minister's performance at or to any party conference with none of that on the alex salmond shoe and finally from body curricula funding to independent says we want it now before we are dragged out of the e.u. now by general consent the labor conference in liverpool strengthened jenny corbin's position although the polls are still no better than level pegging the tory party high command are set. only taking the prospect of a court in premiership very seriously indeed alex talks of the politicians who one commentator described as a biggest winner at the conference diaby labor m.p. chris williamson a man who not only thought every candidate he supported successfully elected to the new labor any c.
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or no it's and being jeremy corbyn successor was slashed from one hundred to one to twenty two to one. because williamson labor at a conference so his cheer for one is improper reference to the potential of staying and being on our ballot paper my friend a liberal towards our people's will our preference when we're talking about the people so it would obviously to be have a general election that's what we would like to see rather than this notion of a of a second referenda because the problem is where do you start with that and i my a real fear as well of course is that it would embolden the far right we've seen the rise of the far right across europe but also in this country i never thought see the day game where we'd have thousands of fascists marching on the street but earlier this year we saw that with the support that tommy robinson achieved and he's got over a million followers on the social media as well and i just think the likes of tommy robinson the extreme right in the conservative party would be strengthened by
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a second referendum it would be misrepresented and i also think just from. the insanity from some of the polling that the second referendum would be lost as well so it would be a kind of a pointless thing to do in the absolute pyrrhic victory if they were to secure one through the house of parliament if we ended up losing the second referendum and then what would they be saying we want a third referendum but there's a lot of polling evidence in the same polls which indicate that at least among labor members those pretty overwhelming support for a people's vote now you'd agree that labor members.


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