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tv   News  RT  October 11, 2018 4:00pm-4:24pm EDT

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here people don't raise their massive drug issues up here you're a boom you have everything else that comes along with money. in one of the most serious space incidents in years a russian soyuz rocket failure forces a two man crew to abort their launch for the international space station as their capsule crashes back down so we're. all right get a. good. russian cosmonaut alexy of gin and american astronaut nick hague both arrived back where their journey started in kazakhstan's bike and off to their near death experience. and it's been a real emotional roller coaster for relatives some have already embraced their
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loved ones again while other family members are left waiting six clue sadly to the wife of the russian cosmonaut about her tough experience. he was was not what got to listen you can be ready for the. cosmonauts are prepared they get trained but the wife's just stay down here in warri. it's eleven o'clock and you're watching all to international live from on the studio with me in a day or two to welcome to the program. we continue our coverage of thursday's big story in kazakhstan where american and russian astronauts have escaped tragedy in their launch for the international space station a rocket malfunction on the soyuz vehicle forced the two man crew to abort their
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mission just minutes after takeoff and the emergency landing left spectators and families in total shock. i don't. know right unless she did a inaudible. he would have been doing it with and we have been escape tower for this story is now jettisoned. russia's investigative committee says they're looking into whether a violation of safety rules caused the soyuz mishap we can take you through the failed mission using actual footage and animation here's what happened. to the. elitists.
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to. remain silent so you making their way to the international space station on a cake. when it was. told.
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to. earlier the crew landed back at the baikonur cosmodrome where the dramatic journey also. at two forty pm local time they later they will be transported to the cosmonaut training center in star city outside of moscow and if you thought things going horribly wrong one thousand kilometers above the earth would cause a panic apparently for this come on to. the crew members remain under medical surveillance resting up at you to arrive back in moscow on friday donal quarter reports from baikonur after the accident i'm standing here right now in baikonur cassock stand where earlier today cosmonaut aleksei off chin in and astronaut nick cage had to make an emergency landing
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outside of the site use m.-s. ten rocket launch there was supposed to make it into the i assess now there was some trouble with the rocket and they had to make an emergency capsule landing a military parachute was deployed and emergency services arrived at the scene within ninety minutes of their landing and let's take a look at the timeline of events that led up to this.
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we were at the launch site doing live coverage of so i use m s tens blast off into the cosmos earlier today and at the beginning things seemed according to plan we saw the rocket go into the sky the tourists that were watching friends and family other journalists they were taking pictures smiling clapping congratulating the crew on their successful blast off into the sky but then we started getting signs and unconfirmed reports that something was wrong for something that hasn't happened in over thirty years it's really a miracle that these two came out on injured and alive donald corder r.t.
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baikonur. and we had from dell to david brown who was at the european space agency's plant to mission he told us the crew had and lucky escape the g. forces they experienced significantly higher than the new zero four launch over re-entry because of the trajectory they had to take it can full speed away from vital organs that can cause temporary blackouts and there are a lot of quite severe consequences. given the conditions in the capsule is possible that they could have they could have come out of this much worse and i did i think we should all be very thankful that the systems which have been designed for just this eventuality have worked exactly as they've been designed today. while those involved have had experience it's hard to imagine what family and friends of
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the crew have been going through some of the relatives have already met with the cosmonauts while others are still waiting artie's daniel hawkins is at star city forest where the crew will eventually return to. name student we've seen today is of course very rare of the last one took place in lines of eighty's some sort of emergency landing which put lives at risk for the last one it does happen that obviously hits the headlines it becomes the top story of the day and it's also of course extremely stressful and tough for the families who are waiting hundreds of miles down below for but all clear there was only three cosmonauts and astronauts in such launches going up to the i.s.a.'s today those only two alexi of the russian cosmonaut forty seven years old a left turn and colonel in the air force reserve this was his second flight into space or rather second attempted flight into space and forty three year old nick cage american astronaut with nasa he's a colonel in the u.s.
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air force this was meant to be his maiden flight and what a flight it turned out to be understand there in good health they're having their vital signs monitored in a hospital in kazakhstan and has already met his mother who was at baikonur he was pictured hugging her earlier we managed to catch up with his wife who is here waiting at the space center for the eventual cosmonauts arrival. i watched the launch on t.v. and then i got the news from my neighbors you can understand my feelings at the time it was hard but the support of the team my friends my relatives they supported me so much you can be ready for that cosmonauts are prepared they get trained but the wives just stay down here and warry after an hour and a half i was able to talk to him he called and said that he was ok and we're going to see each other soon of course this is somewhat of a miracle but i want to see think you to the rescue team who designed the system
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thanks to that the crew returned alive and not injured. while we're about thirty five kilometers as we said outside moscow our star city here this is where the cosmonauts the astronauts will. a roy from kazakhstan it's about three and all four hours flight from that once they leave the assessment center once the medics subset them over and declare them fit to come but kid many felonies always in here will give you any updates of course as they come in all those astronauts cosmonauts condition as and when they land back in moscow. we spoke to leave a. retired nasa astronaut on the international space station and he went through what could have caused the failure and the experience for those samples but. i flew on to the space station aboard a soyuz rocket myself came back in this were used capsule on my fourth mission and so you know kind of brought me back to what it's like being in that vehicle and
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imagining going through this kind of an emergency aboard but as you heard from the transmissions the crew was very calm very professional and they did everything actually right and so first and foremost of course we're all very pleased that the crew is safe and healthy they're able to walk away from the from the landing site and now it's just a matter of the investigation to determine what happened what corrective action needs to be taken in and then recertifying the vehicles for launch. even though it's early to speculate based on what i saw on the replays of the launch coverage right after the four strephon booster separated there seem to be more debris coming off suggesting perhaps that one or more of the strap ons may have hung up and may have caused some kind of a structural damage to the core and then as soon as you heard soon there after the it war was declared and. the crew was instructed to use the hand controller to
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engage the ballistic. in a case of this ballistic mantra you don't know where you're going because you know you didn't predict when you're going to have a problem have to abort and so that's why you just go into the spin mode this ballistic mode and you just take what you get you generally know the circle about where you're going to land and they kind of have some helicopters staged along the way for this kind of contingency and that's why the helicopters were able to get to them pretty quickly and get them out of the capsule. the risks of spaceflight have been made all the more evident in my colleagues kevin and went over the possible faults of the incident in pica and what probably saved the lives of the crew on board. the design goes all the way back to nine hundred fifty seven that was the first prototype kind of working thing of a rocket that moved the first satellite man made satellite into space a groundbreaking event then through several iterations it became the way it is
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right now the current version of it was introduced back in two thousand and one and this is nothing like the original it changed it is it has changed quite a bit for example of the space the emergency module that saved the lives of the of those two men today was introduced only mind sixty seven i think so ten years after the initial design and knows no before that there was no escape no no no the first man you're a guy in fly you fly it when he flew into space there was. no way back for him so the emergency rescue system detaches fires of the rocket moves the crew as far away from the rocket as possible starts the ballistic descent on earth then it detaches itself from the capsule and the parachute opens. it opens and well that's how it sort of forces they hit the ground with when they when they get down it's no different from landing when they return from the ice says but during the old flight
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nasa told us the experienced g. force of around six or seven which is more than twice the norm but still as we've been explained as we've been explained by the as we've been explained by the former cosmonaut here it's nothing special really so it's not out of the ordinary so to speak because they are trained for this sort of this sort of you can even look remarkably well. retired russian cosmonaut alexander can give us his expertise on this i guess ten incident. when a launch vehicle lifts off the force is about three to three point five g. that's not too hard to handle when the emergency safety system kicks in it could increase to seven g. but that isn't too intense for a human we're prepared for about eight g. or even more talking about how they felt at the beginning the forces continue and then after one hundred twenty seconds the boosters broke at that moment they
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experienced gravity most likely in a second or two the emergency engine start working that's when the force increases rapidly the rest of it is quite routine a spacecraft is divided into modules and a casual land using its parachutes everything is pretty much automated the commander may not be in control of decisions he may not realize what's just happened as soon as something happens with the launch vehicle and it's a dangerous device it can explode at any time but automatic systems are reliable and can save the crew it's unacceptable to wait for human reaction to respond in this way the main rockets life in this case ended the moment the emergency system started its fall and it hasn't gone up enough to burn into the atmosphere when the boosters are being separated there are two possible options the first stage boosters either haven't attached at all or have to attach to and hit the second
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stage boosters i'd say the first scenario is more likely in this case they can't proceed with their mission. now says that representatives said that the u.s. space agency will launch its own investigation into the rocket failure but stressed that it will be in close cooperation with russia. from what the guard of the investigation when you look back at the history of failures on the russian side we always work. side by side closely with the russians as they perform their investigation they give us the insight we need in order to be able to go through our own process here our own readiness review process that that culminates with a flight readiness review. joining me now is dr bruce betts the chief scientist for the planetary society of space research and you thanks for coming up to the program let's talk about how dangerous the situation actually was what other survival chances in an emergency situation like this just. well it's hard to say with
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the exact percentages are but it's a very dangerous situation and it's. impressive. about the design and how they built the scape system that it works so very well but you're in a very volatile situation with lots of rocket propellant around you going very very fast very very high so things could have gone much much worse and it's just great that the escape system works so well you know i mean considering the impact that must have happened on these two guys it's is a miracle is that the space crew didn't require too much medical care. it really is and it's again a testament to the system and to the astronauts cosmonauts involved they spend so much of their time actually training for things that go wrong fortunately things rarely go wrong but they they've trained for all sorts of different
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permutations of badness and they saw one day and everyone responded the way they were supposed to yeah i mean they certainly did respond extremely well but despite all the training can you ever really psychologically be prepared for this kind of experience i mean they actually. yeah i don't think so but these are the astronauts again that's why they spend so much training so that hopefully when something does go wrong the training kicks in and whatever panic you're feeling in the back of your mind is overwhelmed by the the training in the intellectual part of your brain trying to keep yourself alive. if we look at the causes obviously in an investigation is underway we talked a lot about what could possibly have gone what are your thoughts about it. there are there consistent with the types of things you've been hearing that
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something went wrong around the time of the booster separation so either the separation didn't work right right or one of the boosters got hung up and slammed into the middle second stage core and threw things off so i mean the investigation will have to wait for that but it certainly seems to tie somehow into the booster separation going not quite right and then the systems determining that things were not quite right and they went into the the abort mode yeah how long will an investigation like this topic do you think have you got any predictions for that. i'm guessing but based upon some past events anywhere from weeks to months depending on depending on how clear the data is it's very clear that it miko faster but a grappling with how they sense the content and that it's done for our own good and
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has the details. free speech on the web. ok google will you click like or is it a dislike i'm literally asking their bosses right now there is no way they'd turn their back on the solemn right for freedom of speech you'd think well some of what the guys at google have been busy with lately has been leaked. the report with a bunch of guidelines at the end is called good sense or get it they're really discussing censorship for our own good and point out that the concept of free internet i mean the online world as we've known it is utopian what why one of the reasons is the popularity of a german opposition party alternative for germany and pretty much the whole gig once controversial voices have been voted by like minded individuals and making
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their way offline so google is a platform for everyone could be a utopia too now the trend is to create what they call well order spaces for safety and civility with little regard for free speech. in which people are starting to realize that private companies control whether or not their speech stays up or comes down the report comes with a few visuals this one tells you that tech giants used to be neutral and now they've shifted to being politicized editors and publishers well you asked ford and you didn't yes you did it's all in the report governments would also love tech giants to get more responsible among other winners advertisers who'd be protected from anything controversial you post with a flag any of my stuff is controversial i haven't posted much since my college days how far as the next web evolution step when users will be. told what to post keep
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reading the report and you'll see it coming companies should put their foot down when it comes to users this is the type of speech we would like to see here and you are part of a community when you join us google bosses once promised to come up with a way to make politics better just after mr trump made himself mr president i certainly find the selection deeply offensive and i know many of you to think that so it's worth be very vigilant on thinking about all these issues what can we do to lead to. maybe a better quality of governance decision making and so forth we had r.t.a. wrote an official ok google request on the report they didn't confirm or deny the document existed but gave an update on their commitments google is committed to free expression supporting the free throw if i did is cool to a mission where we have developed our own content policies we enforce them in
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a politically neutral way and so seven out of ten americans think tech giants do censor political views hate good sense or google they're just not buying it i'm not surprised at all this is pretty much confirmation for many of us who have been talking about consistently engage in this issue of conservative viewpoints the piece the document that was released to pretty much outlines it all is a lot of opinion in near things that they consider to be. extremist are simply just normal things that average people talk about a lie but you see the political by dates in google they say one thing publicly but obviously they do different things privately is all about who's given a platform who's allow to be heard and those that are heard are the minority and they're giving they're given loud voices by google facebook twitter because google
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facebook twitter agree with their particular points of view therefore they will be the ones that are heard. as i round up for the news for now i'll be back at the top of the hour with more.


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