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labor at a conference a huge cheer for one is improbable reference to the potential of staying in being on our ballot paper not after the end of our labor edging towards the people's will our preference when we're talking about the people so it would obviously to be a general election that's what we would like to see rather than this notion of a of a second referenda because the problem is where do you start with that and i my a real fear as well of course is that it would embolden the far right we've seen the rise of the far right across europe but also in this country i never thought see the day again where we'd have thousands of fascists marching on the street but earlier this year we saw that with the support that tommy robinson achieved and he's got over a million followers on social media as well and i just think that the likes of tommy robinson the extreme right in the conservative party would be strengthened by a second referendum it would be misrepresented and i also think just from. a bit in sunday from some of the polling the second referendum would be lost as well so it
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would be a kind of a pointless thing to to do in the absolute pyrrhic victory if they were to secure one through the house of parliament if we ended up losing the second referendum and then what would they be saying we want a third referendum but a lot of polling evidence in the same polls which indicate that at least among labor members those pretty overwhelming support for a people's vote now you know a great labor member past now is what you've argued for all your political life do you think you should listen to the membership on this basis the biggest cohort if you will now alex in any election over nonvoters and for me i think our route back to power is to immobilize those votes is give them a reason to vote hopefully inspire them to support the labor party and my worry is that if we start talking about second referendum many of those people in that cohort would be deterred a thing and i think it would be perceived as a betrayal of the of the decision that was taken into. the sixteen in that
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referendum will be as close as it was. the whole conference and they did the labor party as a whole and probably every member of parliament for the labor party is trying to get a general election but you and i both know that the procedures in the house of commons know make securing a general election extremely difficult it's not just a question of the conference anymore you have to get two thousand was your idea of all the. above possibly the general election under these circumstances some speculation even from within the conservative party that if the tories can't reach an agreement in the house that there are sufficient number of conservative m.p.'s who are prepared to vote in a vote of confidence to bring down the government now that's a bit of a tall story i accept. labor all labor m.p.'s are united and probably the one thing that unites sample of the vast majority perhaps of conservative m.p.'s is. the election so even if to these or me was to go as prime minister it doesn't
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automatically mean a general election it doesn't automatically mean that that's absolutely right but i think it would be a bit of an untenable scenario for a new incumbent to you know pick up the cudgels as it were given that they've got no democratic mandate i think you know labor going into an election slightly ahead or slightly behind would be in a very very strong position bearing in mind the strength of our movement now the the ability we have to use social media to come pain in the way in which we did in a very innovative fashion in the last election and we you know we have the biggest increase in nineteen forty five so that would be another reason why the i think the tories would be fine to shove it but this is a who knows i mean they'll get all tories are saying they are prepared to bring down this government. and we have to wait and the liverpool conference labor made up and i'm certain quite successful attempt to broaden the agenda beyond but. how is that going to be possible when you're coming into house of commons or sorts which is going to be made. on breaks the. day and daily or at least in this debate
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it can label get across that broader agenda when the political dialogue is still dominated by europe yes of course people do have an interest in it or but people are you know more concerned about you know the state the national health service than our public services in general or the kids going to be able to get a decent career jewish in fees keeping a roof over their head you know spiralling house prices and even getting a house in the first place i mean the average age now for the first time buyers around thirty seven or thirty eight these are the sorts of issues of the bread and butter issues i think that people are most concerned about the necessary society whether we are in or out of the european union. let's face it labor chomping at the bit to have a general election realistically there isn't any deal that these or me could come back from brussels that. would vote for them or you'd vote against everything she comes back with even if she walked across the north. well i think it's pretty unlikely to be fair i mean that's probably a fair comment you know my worry though is that there's
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a lot of tories inside and indeed outside calment who would be quite happy for there to be no deal because their intention in my opinion is to britain in a deregulated tax haven that would be you know in the form of from their perspective because in reality i think their main priority is representing you know the elites in society and you know we've we've already in this country even inside the european union workers in this country work more hours every single week there were more weeks in every single year there were more years of their life before they get a pension compared to the rest of europe and then they get one of the lowest pensions in europe so it hasn't exactly worked brilliantly well for only working people in this country over the last forty years and i think that's one of the main reasons why you know the vote went the way that it did and to be honest with you know some people. around sixty five percent of labor voters supported. remaining inside the european union i think the real fault lies with new labor and tony blair
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and gordon brown who didn't have a coherent or any industrial strategy to address the precarious employment that you know the housing crisis the difficulties that people are facing in the coal field communities in the old mill towns and textile towns and manufacturing towns or cities up and down the country and i think had we done that and given people a real stake then nothing we want to see in a very different outcome because nothing they didn't do in my opinion was to sufficiently promote post the benefits of any sort of your opinion or ever seem to hear about in the media only from politicians with a negative elements of the your opinion i think that was the real difficult and that's why we're going to in the situation that we're in today. for checkers like myself a keeper close political betting another phenomenon of the liverpool conference your odds of being the next labor leader went from one hundred to one to twenty. two no one ever called would you don't don't don't but don't vote i wish developing
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talking about bets and i poured a few bob on that journey called me when he was two hundred too warm for the busy group in the lead next leader the labor party john is going to go on for a very very long time is a vegetarian boarding on the beacon i've been a big of a forty two years so germs going to the leader for the next probably decade so that markets are just not talking about who's going to the next leader bought out some of the seven seats over this area this will have some thank you very much and some of. the most surprising standing ovation of the conference season was provoked by an unscripted to mark of labor brecht spokesperson secure starmer who said that to vote on europe should not be excluded from any referendum hardly a descending declaration of liverpool but enough to send delegates to their feet and some really kind of sprint for the campaign for the so-called people's vote this was followed by a full scale s.n.p. conversion with a commitment from first minister nicola sturgeon that the s.n.p. would back it in a commons fought with the liberals already in the bag alex asked my goals worthy of any chance against breck's it how much heart be taken from the party's conference
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this towards a people's vote by goes where we welcome to the excitement sure if the rector of religious against breaks but also if scientists for the other place where the shoes of the scientific community and the health community which mobilized your agaves bricks absolutely ninety percent of u.k. scientists were for remain in the reason is very clear where internationalists and the e.u. has been our team and the money that we co-investors with the other e.u. countries as well as the policies and regulations of all allowed us extra value for money than we get just a domestic investment so the e.u. is out competing the us at the moment for science because we operate as a team and that has been vital for the u.k. and the health service and the health service we are already seeing strain on our n.h.s. from bragg's it so because of the staffing issues caused by. the government not guaranteeing e.u. citizens rights we're already seeing even nurses leaving they used to provide all
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of the growth for nurses in this country say the government is creating a hostile environment the coin the phrase for most is a low to continue their hostile environment they treated the u. citizens as bargaining chips and this is what is driving them away as well as stopping them coming in and then there is the foreign pound which also strains on our n.h.s. to the tune of about a billion a year in terms of extra costs on the n.h.s. for purchases of equipment abroad overcompensating u.k. citizens getting health care abroad and then now they have to prepare for a no deal break that hospitals up and down the country thinking about how they stockpile medicines thinking about what they're going to have to do if the whole system is disrupted are you part of the people's will come calling for another vote yes vote on the details whatever police are made comes up with yes how encouraged were you by the conference season both the labor conference and then the peak of very encouraged actually so what you saw
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a labor conference this year is something very different from last year this year you saw those politics to break that stick is everywhere you saw a lot of speeches directly against bragg's it right throughout the conference you also saw well over one hundred fifty motions from local labor parties c r p's come into conference demanding this people vote a lot of them with saying an option to remain must be in there and then this all came to a head it was it was like a dam breaking with some of the labor leadership trying to resist it being called out on it and then rolling back and it really came to head with that care stump speech where he decided to go off script and insert those extra words which is no one is ruling out an option to remain and that really set things alight and that was the key moment from the whole. inference from the conference season you could argue that labor edging towards a people's vote there simply you know seem to be on board you've got the liberals
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already but one of the mechanics of actually securing a parliamentary vote on a second referendum under did do you have the numbers if you managed to get the vote right so the key thing is that the people's vote is like a backstop is like if everything goes to the wall if it's a mess then what do you do so the path to a people's vote is give theresa may a fair chance to go negotiate a deal and bring that deal back she brings back a deal that is rubbish as it looks now then parliament's not going to pass it and the public also don't want it or she can't get a deal or that can only go on for so long and so some point you say actually this isn't producing the goods what do we do now and then you've essentially got two things that you can do and both of those who get an extension from the commission one is let's have a general election in two new manifestos that spell out how they want to clear up the mess and another one is now let's not do the general election that specifically
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focus on this issue about bragg said do we want to go ahead with the deal that parliament of just rejected or something like it do we want to crush out or do we want to drop the whole thing because given what we've learnt over all this time it's actually not as productive as we once thought mike in the world do you have the numbers yes i think we do i think when we get to that stage we do well i don't know if i can give you the people's vote but i certainly can present it with the likes of and quit for appearing on the show really also thank you very much very much thank you piers you know the drill incidentally pushkin the quiff all of the sceptic of course and it was really an irish whiskey you know in this country. that joined us in a few minutes for a closer look at the lineup for vital votes in both houses of parliament this autumn can the prime minister pull off an unlikely break to triumph all the fun that there's no enthusiasm for checkers proposal by.
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it's easy to find and then in a way that a fault in areas where there. bangs much more difficulties explaining all things are once you stop telling. you my hate the banks by where do you put your money. you put them in the bank and what happens when the bomb goes on and don't see your money anymore these kind of reasonings will be much more i am fool to make people on the stand a vo dynamics there in why people auctions on consequences of prices that of post nobody wants. this is crude oil. so they need to actually physically hold it i'll grant you would
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have well well well well well. there's a lot of money with the oil and with that comes. a lot of a lot of people from all over the country. if you don't make a hundred thousand dollars a year. as a minimum there's an issue. here in the. things we're told sixteen hours a day of hard work for the workers not used to work and so they want to relieve their stress of how do they relieve their stress these men move back out like he's men that comfort these many. people have been murdered up here people can raise their massive drug issues up here. you know bill you have everything else that comes along with money.
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my. welcome back it looks as if things are finally looking up for the beleaguered prime minister two weeks ago her checkers compromise it like a dead duck now though the top european officials are all saying warm words were previously they were pouring cold water however critics within and without her party suggested actually the only reason that checkers might not be acceptable to
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brussels is that it is terrible for britain when it comes to a showdown in the commons secrets of people could prove vital first is that small group of labor m.p.'s to him finally securing breaks it might just be a higher priority than toppling the prime minister secondly the d.p. on whose favor is the government survival depends and who have warned that their lines on breaks that are colored and blood red finally they simply have moved into the equation with a conference declaration that they will undoubtedly vote for a second general pool or people's fault alex speaks to labor m.p. kilcoyne credibly treating the country with nigel david davis to keep the two bricks at flea burning thanks a leading democrat unionist sammy wilson m.p. and finally to the s.n.p. m.p. lisa cameron good toy is coming out. the labor conference and and if there are any attempts to leave northern ireland languishing in the stifling a pretty s.
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of brussels then we will not be voting for any deal which at that consists of an arrangement such as it would you say to those the salute would be appear very much the graph to choose between some sort of border between north and the other supposedly or some sort of border across the. prime minister i think drop the ball to very start because she accepted that there are there was a problem with the irish border and stead of kicking back and saying there isn't a problem there is need to be a problem we have to we can find ways of monitoring tree and across the border collecting taxes of that be collected in everything else but she she doesn't and of course that's why we're ninety and possibly our foster met me this week in brussels . famously as if you managed to extract a deal from dynasty is that everything miss your badly could say to you to do a deal with brussels i think the difficulty with. michel barnier as michel barnier
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non-o. he's got the the u.k. on the run i mean he has seen the u.k. government to be a soft touch and he is not going to he will continue. as long as we keep compromising and you look at many times the government has moved its negotiating position to accommodate the demands of europe and it's impossible then to do a deal with someone when you show such weakness on me i think that the prime minister has at this stage and i got to consider. our heels and does she even tear back some of the compromises he's already offered to the e.u. and say ok what we're going to fight a fight that's nine and you'll get the sort of i mean not in march you will finish up paying the consequences your german carmakers will pay the consequences france's french winemakers will pay the consequences the irish economy will pay the consequences because it will lose its me in market niche. b. and b. knight were up for a fight of their b. if you are famous for the negotiating strength it would just say to people is it
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lou when this comes to the crunch in the house of commons you are faced with either two of these amazing one or perhaps jeremy as the next prime minister then you're not going to risk a jet of a carbon government to say people say well you've got your own problems we will not be beaten and to accept our compromise which you believe a step or a mental two are part of the united kingdom and tonight king's i hope and finally samuelson as a something that the prime minister three survey could say to you know which would gather your support in the lobby is that sort of what you say it's a case of what is contained in the day and we have been saying the prime minister saying to the government let us see what the tax is if you're going to agree with the once we see that then we will make our judgment and you know we have given very clear guidance and don't forget we entered into this arrangement with the government in order to help deliver bracks and. that would not have got as far as what it's got
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a present not been for to you people because fifty percent of the votes on that legislation depended upon do you support without our support the amendments would have been made to the legislation which would in effect have killed. so so far we have delivered what we will deliver on what we promised on the agreement that we entered into with the government and not delivering something different strong words somewhere else and thank you very much. and i'm back in the studio i'm delighted to be joined by lisa common the s.n.p. m.p. for stephen and les vehicle welcome to the alex salmond surely sir thank you very much but is there anything the reason the can deliver the terms of a black suit deal that would persuade the s.n.p. benches to give us some support well if you're able to come from the e.u. i think deal said phil access to single mark and customs union then not might be. a situation that could be agreeable seems to be something she's not going to do and certainly her m.p.'s are not looking far in south the s.n.p.
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conference in glasgow earlier this week there was a shift in position towards supporting the people's vote as it's called how significant could that be but that could be significant because if labor on the conservatives divisions and terms of the type of picks that they would like to see then perhaps a big sit deal can't be agreed through parliament then it goes back to the people to decide what should happen but those in the party previously suggested look this is a dangerous precedent for the s.n.p. because it might mean the has to be a formative second referendum if there's another scottish referendum on independence. but at the same time i'm looking for a second referendum on independence so you have to look at both sides of that coin and that's my keen for the future so having a second referendum when there is. i think a distinct change in circumstance is the platform for that and that was set the
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precedent surely when do you think the smarter will come to absolute decision is it not until january that the absolute dead lying comes don't want to resume a huss to get the commons barking or she's finished as prime minister well that's very possible i think that the negotiations will go to the last moment and i imagine that those will be tough negotiations yesterday was the prime minister's questions i believe but to school after the party conference season four was your sense of the mood of course the parliamentary chair but there is a definite sense of there being a lack of direction in terms of government and its position on bracks and of course there's also a lack of direction on the labor benches so there's a feeling of confusion perhaps amongst in peace and anticipation for the big votes to come. alyssa carolyn mother of us can focus the future before i can say for definite as i'm delighted to present you with the alex salmond quick for appearing
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on the show thank you so much i don't have to tell you the true. you know full well the the uses to which a queer can be for yes thank you so much for giving this. trend in the future thank you lisa thank you well we've just been through a conference season where both the main westminster parties will be reasonably satisfied that under pressure leaders will seem to perform better than their detractors hope and a lot better than the advisors feared jeremy corbin sees the glimmer of the prize of a general election to these amazing is a glimmer of an opportunity that her whole of two frameless checkers compromise might last be attracting some support if only as the least worst option everybody's thought choice meanwhile the s.n.p. must be boiled by the huge numbers turning out to demand independence on the streets of scotland's capital the grassroots groups are certainly mobilized don't even do greater degree than in twenty four. as we've seen from kate hoey and sammy
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wilson the prime minister is not potential swing support among other parties for that position either neither case could not support be taken for granted and then neither case this it seemed to be for the prime minister's present position all of which means that this autumn we'll see some votes in the house of commons the prime minister steamy hope they'll all be over by christmas but on the other hand it's difficult to see how the checkers plan which few really understand and even fewer really support can possibly prevail. what is more sap will be back next week so if it does mean i mean all of the show is good bye for now i.
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want a loved one is murder it's natural to seek the death penalty for the murder i would prefer it be new in the death penalty just because i think that's the fair thing the right thing research shows that for every nine executions one convict is found innocent the idea that we were executing innocent people is terrifying there's just no really hasn't been that we hear even many of the times families want the death penalty to be abolished the reason we have to keep to get pell here is because that's what murder victim's families what that's going to give them peace that's going to give them justice and we come in and say. not quite enough we've been through this this isn't the way.
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it's been too many times where i've seen you know so to see each city's hospitals. seven libyans. terrorists you know attacking civilians has been terrible lately i'm more hopeful now than i was a few months back and they had little deal was a glimmer of hope and in the in the end all of this. in one of the most serious of space incidents in years a russian soyuz rocket failure forces a two man crew to abort their launch for the international space station as their
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capsule crashes it back down to earth. all right unless she did a. good six. russian cosmonauts alexina all the chain in and american astronaut cady both arrived back where their journey started in kazakhstan baikonur at.


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