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tv   News  RT  October 12, 2018 1:00am-1:20am EDT

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good. drama. space to force to me. following the failure of their launch rockets even relatives on the ground with a not just wait for news. you can. get trained but the wife just stay down here and worry. the post-war future controversial syrian rescue group the white house calls is the
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vision in diplomatic circles r t gets inside from an activist who visited its headquarters. three polish girls calls deep offense posting a photo making gestures at the ice which concentration we look at whether there's a bigger nationwide problem. live from our international news center in moscow this is our team wherever you are joining us from this hour a warm welcome you know neal our top story two astronauts are no died thanking their lucky stars right after successfully escaping the failed launch of the soyuz spacecraft on thursday the booster rocket malfunction just minutes into their.
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flight causing them to abort and return to earth russian commander alexi of chinon and u.s. flight engineer nick a big were expected to spend around six months on the international space station both men were taken to hospital near their launch site in baikonur for medical checks thankfully neither sustained injury they're due back in moscow in the next hour or so where they will be reunited with their relieved relatives an investigation into what went wrong is under way and part of the damage rockets already being fired rockets the of outlines what was a brief but no biting. baikonur cosmodrome food scene food see local time lift off in five fool. anyone and. lawyer but you will see it and you did not lift up.
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the law and she is always the most nerve raking part of the energy and stress involved the colossal rise of the respects and dangers this time of everything proceeding as intended for today's plight near the two minute mark the first stage boosters begin to separate something goes wrong. all right and there's no time to wait think one hundred twenty one seconds and merge and see protocols engage automatically the mission is compromised there are sick and still get the crew away with. the families of the crew the heads of course morse and nasa watch on the ejection system jettisons the crew module away from the rocket boosters the fool the tons of high explosive fuel detonate. and we have been
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a scape tower for this three years now jettison the ballistic trajectory their arm is rougher than anticipated the crew is shaken and battered but stay conscious with room for a little humor. three minutes in emergency systems function as intended they begin their descent back to earth within minutes a search and rescue operation is underway helicopters assume airborne powering towards the landing site while nick's families pray and hope. i watch the launch on t.v. and then i got the news from my neighbors so you can understand my feelings at the time it was hard there's no telling what medical condition the crew or even what we might call luck others would cool professionalism the crew trained for years for
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this the technicians who engineered the safety overrides the rescuers and medics who arrived in record time ross cosmos nasa teams wasn't that miracle but it was the next best thing when it comes through space nothing is left to chance there's contingencies for everything sail safes protocols and provisions as checks double checks triple checks and so is this track record the best in the world proves it says safe as can be but that only gets you so far space is after all the final frontier. all former us journalists we spoke to say crews are always well prepared for such emergencies and praised often in take further quick thinking actions i flew out to the space station aboard a soyuz rocket myself came back with us were used capsule on my fourth mission and
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so you know kind of brought me back to what it's like being in that vehicle and imagining going through this kind of emergency aboard but as you heard you know from the transmissions the crew was very calm very professional and they did everything right and so first and foremost of course we're all very pleased that the crew was safe and healthy they were able to walk away from from the landing site and now it's just a matter of the investigation to determine what happened what corrective action taken in and then recertifying the vehicles for launch just this was a situation that the crew were very well prepared for often it's almost impossible to believe that everything will go however most of the time everything does going very well we are prepared mentally things not going the way they're intended in this sort of event when there's no normally during the launch the crew reacted as they would in a simulator and practice their reactions multiple times in the simulator so they don't ask what's happening what do we do. and if we go into more global news this
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hour the controversial self-styled syrian rescue group the white helmets drew focus on a closed united nations meeting on thursday diplomats are said to be divided over the group's possible removal from post war syria the white helmet being accused of links to extremists working alongside the news for a terrorist group they deny those claims insisting there are civil rescue groups and associate editor from the news site twenty first century wire dot com visited the group's headquarters in syria vanessa billy will describe what she found on saturday's going underground here on r.t. . we entered a functioning white helmet and now what was interesting is the presumption by those white helmets was that because i was british i was sympathetic he shouldn't they have to realize they bear some responsibility if this elevates to violence after the senator's personal information was released online his family is on edge you
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know i felt incredibly threatened and frightened i had been frightened when rand left for d.c. that monday because you know if the new messages get in their face get in people's face but republicans are also out for blood to democrats to extreme too dangerous to govern they've gone wacko. matchups during our service and you don't give power to an angry left wing mob and that's what the democrats are. so civility just forget it it's likely that even after the midterm elections americans aren't just going to get over it divisions are getting deeper and r.t. new york. ok to another story generating a lot of interest poland is to investigate three teenage girls who caused widespread offense after posting a picture online of the making not see gestures at the former ice which
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concentration camp the later took it down but not before museum stuff took a screenshot all of it the details are from him. shocking and painful these are the words used by museum officials describe the acts of three young polish teenagers who made a nazi salute at a form of concentration camp in poland when museum officials discovered the photo on instagram they were quick to axe polish officials are now searching for the girls propagating fascism in poland is illegal and faces up to three years behind bars. we never again. we all understand that there's a huge gap between far right ideas and naziism but surprise if nationalist sentiments in poland house be making headlines just look at the far right protests held in poland on independence day last year sixty thousand people took part in far
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right violation while still to be one of the largest in europe so far below. zero and then there are there is pushing the boundaries even with a number of scandals shaking up the country. we will crack down on. activity and it must be eradicated. there was also outcry across the globe when poland's made as a criminal offense to accuse it of complicity in nazi war crimes particularly from israel. we have no tolerance for the distortion of the truth and history of denying
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the holocaust a few months all know and the law was decriminalized what was intended to defend the good name of poland will now be a civil. criminal offense and. then. donald trump has reacted to calls for washington to punish thirty arabia over the suspected murder of a dissident journalist by suggesting he's unwilling to take any actions that could harm the u.s. economy in particular the president made it clear that he intends to protect the defense industry and continue selling arms to riyadh. i don't like stopping massive amounts of money that's being poured into our country. i know they're talking about different kinds of sanctions but they're spending one hundred ten billion dollars on military equipment or things that create. jobs. for this country where we know the twenty two senators are demanding an
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investigation into the disappearance of jamal in turkey last week they want to see sanctions on saudi arabia if the nation is found to be culpable the fifty nine year old journalist was last seen visiting the saudi consulate in istanbul and is feared to have been murdered there it's a claim the saudis vehemently deny. most recently been working for the washington post where he had a regular column he's long been a prominent critic of saudi leaders political commentator lou rockwell says that the spite the outcry there is no reason to believe it will have any real impact on u.s. saudi relations saudi arabia is very important to the u.s. in terms of the reserves that us with all our young people petrodollar. they're tired and they're tired and hand in glove with them i really don't think anything is going nothing is going to happen the maybe people will be calling for something
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to happen nothing is going to happen. on the way double trump gets the helm puffed or india buys more russian defensive weapons we look at whether he'll go through with a thinly veiled sanctions threat against another life or reaction to. this manufactured sentenced to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. in the final merry go round of lives only the one percent. we can all middle of the room see. the real news.
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it's been too many times when i see in. cities hospitals. civilians being terrorists you know attacking civilians it's been terrible really i'm more hopeful now than i was a few months back and the deal was a glimmer of hope and in all of this. eighteen minutes into the program welcome back donald trump is keeping india in suspense after its sunday must have weapons deal with russian the us leader is deciding whether to punish new delhi for buying russian s four hundred or defense
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systems or give a presidential waiver either way he's keeping his cards close to his chest. but the current tensions are going to. india is going to find earth they. will see sooner than you think. russia is currently india's biggest arms supplier the meeting earlier this month between the two countries' leaders sold them even further striking a five billion dollar deal to supply india with the s four hundred nineteen missile defense system now it is one of the world's most sophisticated surface to air weapons the system has a range of four hundred kilometers i can shoot done up to eighty targets similar tenuously besides india russian s four hundred being brought bought by countries including china algeria belarus by turkey let's go live to new delhi for insights from international affairs professor dr. always welcome to the
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program sir donald trump's of threats they do appear a little vague if he wants to punish india what are his options realistically. you mean i think we have not seen the us sanctions on india in twenty years and i think this is more. trump's bargaining starting to interviews uncertainty and unpredictability and den you know brian you know our deal and that key thing to keep the other party down to hooks and then to see. i'm willing to reconsider this bar what will you give me a return so this part of this transactional diplomacy and i think he's looking at india buying more u.s. defense equipment for example he may also be looking at you know. opening market access to civilian american exports because there's also as you know
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patently a trade war that's been going on so the options i mean he really four feet a lot of influence and leave it. in this country if he does the unthinkable and actually slap sanctions on us and i think this is we've many of us who are we reading from believe that this is all you know part of you know an orchestrated routine that people forms many countries who remember that and the u.s. war on the u.n. vote on that shifting the u.s. embassy to jerusalem happened he checked in many many allies saying that i'm going to cut off my aid how do you who begins the u.s. interests but it turned out that none of them egypt or jordan none of them actually lost over me aid because of that water so you know there is a degree of i this it surely as well as a bargaining trump says these things so he has to return troll tel aviv criticizing the german chancellor it's after i'm glad merkel was pictured meeting all male a group of israeli tech specialists a few days before. merkel
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was here last week she met with future leaders was the name of the group and really it was a meeting about innovation and and future developments and she commented during the meeting on the fact there was not a single woman in the room. a photograph of parents all they want to relieve their stress of how do they relieve the stress. these men moved out like these men that comfort these men needs that. we've all been murdered up here people that raise
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their massive drug issues up here you have a bill you have everything else that comes along with money. in the. nineteen seventy eight. to ninety nine and i. executed. sixty. years. for that record the death penalty. if they had performed the execution i think
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that there. and live a different story all given a definite to do in one.


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