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tv   News  RT  October 12, 2018 5:00am-5:27am EDT

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people have been murdered up here people been raped there are massive drug issues up here you have a boom you have everything else that comes along with money. a warm welcome for the two astronauts who survived thursday's aborted rocket launch arrived in moscow. right in the. early three minutes in. the quick thinking crew were forced to abandon their malfunctioning spacecraft before a nail biting the sent to earth also ahead. we are fortunate enough to win back the house and or the senate that's when civility can start again. action
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friction democrats and republicans fight dirty with voters deeply divided over next month's high stakes midterm. three polish girls cause offense posting a photo of them making not see gestures at the ice which concentration we look at whether there's a bigger nationwide problem. around the clock across the world this is our team international from the team and myself you know mail hello and welcome to the program. to the astronauts are thanking their lucky stars right after successfully escaping the failed launch of the soyuz spacecraft on thursday the booster rocket malfunction just minutes into their flight causing them to abort and return to earth after
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a dramatic rescue and medical tests there was relief all run from friends and family as they were welcomed to baikonur.
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yeah exam cases all run while the crew has no or rather the star city training center here in moscow that's where we find our teas maria flush the two i were here at the two men well the word expected to be back out that complex where you are now if we want another six months i think they're pretty happy being our after the excitement of yesterday but tell us what's happening there in. high union star c t o's vose new get a look in russian ease where russian cosmonaut alexy of team has been training for months and months to prepare rain for his second mission to the international space station that unfortunately never happened and now he and another crew member and american astronaut meet hate ata right now behind base wall at the world famous big
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are in causing the training center they will be checked there for the next forty eight hours we hear from the doctors. but both space men feel very well right now both physically and psychologically but their product will require is that their house condition is more new to the constant for the next two days at least but the question many now want to know the answer to ease exactly what happened on thursday what caused the incident a criminal case was launched an isp paschal fi profile state commission was formed to investigate the incident to shed the light on what happened on thursday. and we hear it that the heads of nasa and the european space agency already offered their assistance their help in this investigation we hear it that two weeks packed the first results by october twenty fifth but already now we hear that super ration
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system out function might be cause of collision again this is just for a limb in the real suggestion investigation ease and to go in let's now listen to what they had all meant programs at the russian space agency ross course most told us. through our ability to commission history roots wars which refers to rocket fragments have already been found and the results are expected by between two thirds of tuber our systems to help analyze the reasons for would have to move to a new. russian space agency ross coarseness has just reported that to us ease north go in to discontinue using russian services to fly their astronauts to the international space station and the good news for alexei of chaining an e k we hear from the head of ross cost me to the cause in that they
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will fly to the international stage space station and their flight is should build for spring next. this is what he told us. where american stars cd these guys will fly we planned for their flight to be in the spring of next year . and we know that until the cause exact cause of things today is determined all space flights must be suspended thursday incident became a real shock for all the people involved in space industries for both sides of the atlantic and russian american people course for crew members and their families and their friends but again for public jane you're all of russian space industry didn't see an incident like this in the last thirty five years this is why it is really very important right now to be careful and unser in the question what caused this model function back to you thanks for bringing us right up to date from a very
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a total looking star sitting rif an ocean of thinking. all the crew on board the international space station had more than a bird's eye view of what happened and capture the moment on camera take a look at this the breathtaking images were taken by the current space station commander alexander gersten he and his team were reading to welcome their colleagues on board but could then only watch helplessly as they saw the astronauts incredible escape they fell back to earth even four hundred kilometers up commander relief was palpable. i'm glad that our friends are fine thanks to more than thousands of rescue workers this day has again shown how great this so uses this by the fall start the group was safely brought back to earth space travel is stuff but we must go on for the benefit of humanity and of
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course every moment of the brief tense flight was being closely watched as the of can take us through what occurred. baikonur cosmodrome fourteen forty local time lift off in five four three two one engine and warrior by doing the engine that lift up. the low and she is always the most nerve raking parts of the energy and stress involved the colossal rise of the respects and dangers at this time everything proceeding as intended for today is quite near the two minute mark the first stage boosters begin to separate something goes wrong. all right and i cheated and there's no time to wait think of one hundred twenty one
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seconds and merge and see protocols and gauge automatically the mission is compromised there are a million seconds to get the crew away with. the families of the crew with the heads of course morse and nasa watch on as the ejection system jettisons the crew module away from the rocket boosters the full of the tons of high explosive fuel detonate and we have been a skate tower for this is now jettisoned the ballistic trajectory they're on is rougher than anticipated the crew is shaken and battered but stay conscious with room for a little humor. sixty. three minutes in emergency systems function as intended they begin their descent back to earth within minutes as search and rescue operation is underway helicopters as soon
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borne powering towards the landing site is wealth a mixed families crazy. and who. i watched the launch on t.v. and then i got the news from my neighbors so you can understand my feelings at the time it was hard this new telling what medical condition the crew what we might call luck others with professionalism the crew trained for years for this the technicians who engineer the safety overrides the rescuers and medics who arrived in record time. nasa teams wasn't that miracle but it was the next best thing when it comes through space nothing is left to chance as contingencies for everything sail saves protocols and provisions as checks double checks triple checks and so is a track record the best in the world proves it's as safe as can be but that only
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gets you so far space is after all the final frontier or former astronauts we spoke to say crews are always well prepared for such emergencies and praise the option for their quick thinking actions. i flew on to the space station aboard a soyuz rocket myself came back in a small used capsule on my fourth mission and so you know it kind of brought me back to what it's like being in that vehicle and imagining going through this kind of emergency aboard but as you heard yeah from the transmissions the crew was very calm very professional and they did everything right and so first and foremost of course we're all very pleased that the crew is safe and healthy they're able to walk away from from the landing site and now it's just a matter of the investigation to determine what happened what corrective action is taken in and then recertifying the vehicles for launch you just this was
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a situation that the crew were very well prepared for often it's almost impossible to believe that everything will go well however most of the time everything does go very well but we are prepared mentally things not going the way they're intended in this sort of event when there's no normally during the launch the crew reacted as they would in a simulator they practice their reactions multiple times in the simulator so they don't ask what's happening what do we do. ok to more global news this hour to news hour three united states midterm elections are less than a month away know what both the democrats and republicans appearing at least to go increasingly on the mated spoken a recent hugo poll shows a six percent gap in support between the two parties with democrats leading forty seven percent and let's see how campaign protocol is being torn up in the current political climate. i may not agree with what you say but i shall defend to the death your right to say it now that used to be the favorite quotation of americans
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but not anymore civility is passe just ask hillary clinton you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for what you care about if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and or the senate that's when civility can start again remember back when everyone hailed this motto when they go low we go high. well now barack obama's former attorney general has adjusted it just a little machine always says that you know when they go low you. know. they go low we keep it right. and some sectors of the us public are pretty clearly ready for battle.
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was going. to be. very. tough some republicans are now warning that the chaos could turn deadly i fear that there's going to be an assassination i really worry that somebody is going to be too and that those who are ratcheting up the conversation they have to realize they bear some responsibility if this and a face to violence after the senator's personal information was released online his family is on edge you know i felt incredibly threatened and frightened i had been frightened when rand left for d.c. that monday because you know what if the new message is get out in their face get in people's face but republicans are also out for blood. democrats to extreme too dangerous to govern they've gone wacko. matchups
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join arsonists and you don't give power to an angry left wing mob and that's what the democrats are. so civility just forget it it's likely that even after the midterm elections americans aren't just going to get over it divisions are getting deeper and r.t. new york where former u.s. congressman ron paul to be on the war of words republicans and democrats agree on much more than they think. the policies are very very similar and we who work in the free to move in the libertarian movement have said there is that there's a lot of bipartisanship when it comes to passing legislation like running up the deficits getting involved in an. excuse me. in foreign wars and being involved like this is there very much the same but i think the disagreement is more of a cultural thing and there's
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a difference is the. loss of the is not so much and we would like we as libertarians would like to see the discussion about you know like our federal reserve system and spending and deficits and personal liberties and civil liberties but there seems to be too much agreement there but right now there's no doubt there's a lot of hostility between the two groups and their very very angry. is keeping india in suspense. of weapons thing with russian the u.s. leader is the sighting whether to punish new delhi for buying russian s fourteen or defense systems or get a presidential waiver either way he's keeping his cards close to his chest but the current trends are going to. india is going to find earth day. you'll see sooner than you think. well russia is currently india's biggest arms supplier and that meeting earlier this month between the two countries leaders saw them even
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further striking their ego a five billion dollars deal to supply india with the s four hundred missile defense system. it is one of the world's most sophisticated surface to air weapons they this is the as a range of four hundred kilometers they can shoot done up to eighty targets tenuously and besides india russian asked for hundreds have been purchased by countries including china algeria belarus and turkey international affairs professor believes trump's threat is less about politics than business leverage i think this is more of like bolstering. trumps bargaining starting to interviews uncertainty and unpredictability and then you know drive you know a deal and that keep to keep the other party down to hooks and then to see. i'm willing to reconsider this but what will you give me a return to this part of his transactional diplomacy and i think he's looking at
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buying more u.s. defense equipment for example he may also be looking at you know. opening market access to civilian american exports because there's also as you know patently a trade law that's been going on so the options i mean he really four feet a lot of influence and leverage in this country if he does the unthinkable and actually slap sanctions on what's still to come concern in poland of a far right surgeon made ungar of a photo of teenagers making not seen gestures at a former concentration camp.
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the audience you need to let people decide what is the relevance of that you don't need to filter he self censoring so john rother self censorship self he believes he knew better he believes you do the work the needs were of these folks and that self-censorship which is such a step and this is completely wrong and this is why we have been sleepwalking into the next financial crisis how john author has been a gonzo journals that he's been a property journalist and he not self-centered himself as this next crisis unfolds people would be better prepared to deal with it but they won't be because of the failure of fake journalists like i was.
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just coming up to twenty minutes past may day this friday afternoon here in moscow welcome back to the program the controversial self-styled syrian rescue group the white helmets true focus on a closed united nations meeting on thursday diplomats are said to be divided over the group's possible removal from post war syria the white house have been accused of links to extremists and working alongside the nuestra terrorist group they deny the claims insisting there instead a civil rescue group an associate editor from the news site twenty first century wired dot com visited the group's headquarters in syria and. in full what she found on saturday's edition of going underground here in r.t. for none. we entered a functioning white helmet center now what was interesting is the presumption by those white helmets was that because i was british i was sympathetic to that course
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so the conversation immediately turned to their funding the fact that made a rescue. the head of the white helmet said turned off the funding to this group in the last six months funding previously by the way that each individual working for the white home its received one hundred fifty dollars a month that was information was given to me white home makes you laugh with the special expectation and by. led by israel uncrossed three taken a security fence into the occupy syrian territory of the golan heights so into israeli occupied territory and then on to jordan is what i was told around fifty percent were actually terrorist leaders no surprise leaders and isis fighters coming in from beyond the race and all of these of course some have been resettled now in the u.k. there is huge secrecy over those that have and to pay and where they are being resettled
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they told me that while they were not affiliated to us or front despite the fact that their center was actually in a no sort of front complex the notes from front headquarters were directly next door to the white house center that i visited they told those that while they had no if any ation to mr front it was very likely that every other white holik group in syria did have affiliations in us were from were led by no sort of front militants but of course they had no warning the big part of a lot of us and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time. for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks.
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and your own palin. come up that. time tell us. why even. in some plan there is a trade in young girls sold into an underground six in the street sometimes but the people they trust the most. and it sounds a lot. better .
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this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covered in the world of business and finance and the impact on all of us i'm part children in washington thank you for being on board we appreciate it coming up today as markets around the world are reeling from yesterday and today's terrible tumbles we are joined by professor of economics a marriage is at the university of massachusetts and hers richard will to discuss emma why ask him what and when will the next for i could financial crisis occur some say it may be starting now and there's more big media do's as a fresh streaming service is just been announced and newsweek the iconic magazine is involved in an alleged fraud veteran media consultant the host of the big picture here at r.t. america on foot helps us take a look at the details and lay. we look at artificial intelligence and machine learning with breakthroughs weissmann with billions of research all of that directly ahead but first we had some headline a show. yesterday and today's market actions have plunged the dow jones industrial
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average one thousand points and intraday today the dow was down six hundred ninety nine points nasdaq hasn't been this low since may and is down ten percent which is considered correction territory and the s. and p. five hundred is having the worst month since august of twenty fifteen and the lowest close yesterday since july sixth and the volatility index the vix which some call the fear and x. is trading at the highest level since february and globally in china markets were down five percent at hong kong's hang seng the drop was three point five percent and in taiwan markets took a drastic drop of six point three percent tech stocks in japan were down four percent and even in europe the e.u.'s stock six hundred was down one percent that's the lowest level since february and while technology stocks took it on the chin
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more than other sectors all eleven sectors of the s. and p. were down with tech energy and industrials losing the most and utilities energy and dust and others fairing better than the rest for president trump part he blamed the market rout on the u.s. federal reserve here's what he had to say thank you thank you thank you thank you it is thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you a lot about it thank you thank you thank you thank you but i know thank you thank you the way no but that's no thanks. and here to discuss what's been going on in the overall economy and more is professor of economic americas at university of massachusetts amherst richard well
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professor great to have you back again thanks for joining us thanks i'm glad to be here so i have this theory and it's not some learned theory that i would learn in the class that you teach certainly but it involves reasons for a major market moves like this that we've seen in the last twenty four hour and my theory is that folks on t.v. radio and investment advisors who we pay if you make it in.


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