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tv   News  RT  October 12, 2018 7:00pm-7:15pm EDT

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among those to face the pages exposing alleged corruption states are violent and police brutality and facebook have explained the pages broke the rules engaging inspire and inauthentic behavior something we've heard before and what makes this purge different to previous culls is that this is no secret kremlin bot operation as previously alleged by the media some of the biggest pages of all run by americans in america for americans the accounts removed express the whole spectrum of views both conservative and liberal pro and anti trump and the page owners are scathing facebook page with over two point one million followers has been published along with eight hundred other pages and accounts the purge of old media is upon us i've been memory hold from facebook three hundred fifty thousand followers who've
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gone there is a dangerous precedent been sat here where the big tech companies have appointed themselves as the gatekeepers are political thought an opinion this intervention comes ahead of crucial midterm elections in the united states it's a sign of social media giants waiting even further into the minefield of free speech versus fake news and could be seen by many as a sign of meddling in itself. we've spoken to some of those who have been affected by facebook's latest purge they say the tech giant is taking aim at dissenting voices. this is clearly a political move when you have these major tech companies appointing themselves as the gatekeepers of political thought i was told that this was because of spamming that we are mass collectively pushing our information on people or that it was operated from a fake account all of these things are on true the information that i've used to post on facebook was information that i produced on my website which goes against
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the government it goes against the status quo it doesn't matter left right side of the political spectrum and anybody who goes against the status quo right now seems to be a target they felt they were being run by fake profiles and we were doing spam but they didn't really say anything specific about it yesterday our page was just down and i was my account was actually deleted off facebook for a few hours along with the other admins of the page it's so obvious that they hit everybody at once like that it's obviously messed up they don't think highly of independent media in addition to the criticism over its policing of online content some have been questioning whether facebook is doing enough to protect user privacy the firm said back in late september that almost thirty million users had their data accessed by hackers in a massive security breach the attackers already controlled a set of accounts which were connected to facebook friends they used an automated technique to move from account to account so they could steal the access tokens of
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those friends and for friends of those friends and so on totaling about four hundred thousand people. the hackers started with a group of accounts totaling four hundred thousand people but harvested the data of twenty nine million accounts they used an automated program to steal the digital keys they keep you logged into facebook so that there's no need for you to reenter your password. fifteen million people had their names and contact details accessed and another fourteen million had more severe data breaches including profile information and check in locations facebook said the f.b.i. asked them not to disclose who was behind the attack but political commentator lionel believes the ultimate responsibility lies with the tech giant itself. they're the main suspect their negligence the fact that they're paying attention far too much to what somebody is saying then to the internal security of their system they are to blame they're the ones to me to tell me that in the year almost
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twenty nineteen they have not figured out how to protect names yet this also screams out for the internet bill of rights all over the world you see that's what facebook should be paying attention to but instead oh oh no no it's worried about shutting down society and pages that nobody would have even known about had they done this. facebook previously went about blocking accounts with alleged links to so-called russian agents and while a growing trend has seen russia fend off a number of accusations lately foreign minister sergei lavrov says moscow can't take them seriously when they're produced in the media and not diplomatic channels russia is constantly subject that their position is from western countries and the media including about interference in elections and cyber attacks from the un to do pick edge and see who they're going for the prohibition of chemical weapons most
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recently the united states the united kingdom canada and the netherlands made similar dania sic izzie shantz and their own so provided information to the media six months ago what is this a planned effort to put pressure on russia and introduce new sanctions what do you think about the evidence presented. you know that but you will see it is very difficult for me to talk seriously about this topic because all the evidence is provided to us through the media if you will and with all due respect to the media in the journalistic profession we have serious people cannot consider the every accusation thrown at the russian federation of confined the scape system thanks to them came back to. us i don't think it was a miracle i think it's professionalism i think it's actual technology tested proven over many many years and also the actual humans just the emergency crews as you heard. the to get there in time and i'm sure what was
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happening in the council was very slow you see these. you know the ground zero it's been around forever it has proven it so repeatedly. and i think it's probably wonder if not the safest human spacecraft in the world. every moment of the brief tense of flight was being closely watched from the ground as well our jim but i've got to have takes us through what happened. by could cosmodrome fourteen forty local time lift off in five fool during. the one engine and lawyer i do a meet and internet right clicked on. the new and she's always the most breaking pots the energy and stress involved the colossal eyes of the recent dangers on the stock everything proceeding as
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intended for today's quite near the two minute mark the first stage boosters begin to separate you could do something. now. all right and i cheated. there's no time to wait think that one hundred twenty one seconds and merge and see protocols engage will dramatically the mission is compromised they're on their way in milliseconds to get the crew away with. the families of the crew with the heads of course morse and nasa watch on as the ejection system jettisons the crew module away from the rocket boosters the for the tons of high explosive fuel detonate and we have plenty of scape tower for this three years now and jettison the ballistic trajectory their arm is rougher than anticipated the crew is shaken and battered but stay conscious with room for
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a little humor. sixty. three minutes in emergency systems function as intended they begin their descent back to earth within minutes as search and rescue operation is underway helicopters assume airborne powering towards the landing site wealth a mix families praise and hope. at first i watched the launch on t.v. but at a certain point i turned it off you can understand my feelings at the time there's no telling what medical condition the crew or even what we might cause luck others would call professionalism the crew trained for years for this the technicians who engineered the safety overrides the rescuers and medics who arrived in record time ross cos most nasa teams wasn't that miracle but it was the next best thing when it
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comes through space nothing is left to chance there's contingencies for everything sail safes protocols and provisions as checks double checks triple checks and so is this track record the best in the world proves it's as safe as can be but that only gets you so far space is after all the final frontier. former astronauts we spoke to say crews are always well prepared for such emergencies and praised of chinon and hague for their quick thinking actions. i flew on to the space station aboard a sleeze rocket myself came back in this well used capsule on my fourth mission and you know it kind of brought me back to what it's like being in that vehicle and imagining going through this kind of emergency aboard but as you heard from the transmissions the crew was very calm very professional and they did everything
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right and so. i know they're talking about different kinds of sanctions but they're spending one hundred ten million dollars on military. things they. like. others for this country so he did go on to say that u.s. investigators are looking into this situation but left it at that conflicting reactions there on the walked kind of investigation should we expect jacki well on thursday a turkish presidential aide did come out saying that there is going to be an engine a joint investigation with turkey and saudi arabia and reports say that a delegation from riyadh has already landed in turkey but it's unclear how well that's going to work given the harsh accusations that we've had coming from the turkish side it's been alleged that turkey actually has audio and visual recordings of the incident that prove their claims that he was killed inside the consulate on
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october the second and certain articles quote people with quote unquote knowledge of the recordings recording saying that you can hear him being tortured and question interrogated and then killed but these recordings have yet to be released previously turkey had claimed that there was a fifteen man a hit group that murdered and dismembered the journalist while he was in the consulate and then removed his body from the site now there has been no concrete evidence of that yet and that's something that does need to be stressed this point and saudi arabia does flat out deny all the accusations saying that they are baseless their position remains that he left the consulate unharmed later that day saudi arabia. constantly barbarically violate human rights human rights of its citizens it has no legitimate breed of oppressed the speak of however the united states keeps giving saudi arabia billions in military aid and other foreign aid just as the united states turns a blind eye to its own violations of civil liberties including freedom of the press
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they constantly turn blind eyes to the violations of basic civil liberties and freedom of the press of its allies this is exactly what the us has been doing. the saudi journalist jamal khashoggi has been missing since the second of october let's take a look back over the moments leading up to his disappearance and the events that have followed.
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a new survey has revealed some europeans are starting to doubt the necessity of the e.u. nearly two thirds of the people that responded to the poll say things wouldn't be any worse without the blog brussels based a think tank behind the survey also found that forty nine percent consider the european union irrelevant findings go on it indicate you citizens want more transparency transparency and are divided over the primary role of the block but those in power in brussels don't see it that way the use of foreign policy chief for instance said recently the world wouldn't survive without the twenty eight state union. close your eyes and imagine for one moment the european union disappears from the global scene right now let's say for a month or a week even for a few days the world will simply collapse the world is not in
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a good shape through much without the european union into a been a much worse situation. independent journalist a look of a told us why there is such a noticeable divide between the ears leadership and ordinary citizens the last story of europeans with europe this coming to it and that people still feel your parents find but it's second rates not very important and they don't realize that all directives all their own legislation in their own country comes from brussels through the direct is produced by the european commission and approved by the european parliament so it is a strange situation into which europe is very important for european citizens but they don't perceive it you know and they say they prefer that national identity they keep their nationality to the day now want the borders back because they see that european borders don't function after four years of problems so that's the situation now and mrs morgan any can say whatever she she wants to say but she's
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not the hero for the europeans and that does it for me i will be back in about thirty three minutes before q newswatch march international it was. i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes have been. eighty five percent of global wealth you want to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent minus one is your home with four hundred to five hundred three per circuit first second and it going.


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