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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 12, 2018 7:30pm-7:48pm EDT

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so that's it's kind of a baseline ok i already did richard i did i would i if you gave me i already gave you that i already gave you that ok but why i'm just why is holding on to anybody clinton doing it go ahead. i would urge your viewers peter to watch the entire interview people like you would support donald trump and others i tell you that one i don't support. i don't well then listen to the whole interview she said we want to be civil but what she's saying is when we're being dealt with in a way that's uncivil when the rules are being broken you know bill clinton famously said it's better to be strong and wrong versus weak and right and i think what she was saying is we democrats have been we can write and we can't do that anymore that's what she's talking about this notion that she's suggesting that people be uncivil again is wildly out of context please i totally and viewers what's not out of context that is poor by the way she did ok. the democrats that is what it is not
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just one letter in the seat in really really nice warm fuzzy things and now they're going to play tough go ahead christopher. i was going to say first off it is hilarious for us for us to pretend the democrats have always been so civil look it was hillary clinton who took the unprecedented step of actually running not just against donald trump but it's running against the people who supported donald trump never before have we had a major presidential candidate campaigning against voters not against her opponent not against his policy won by the kids million she was completely unprecedented and . she's not president i know you guys are so upset about the rules but every time we win you guys want to change the rules here's what i would recommend you do i would recommend that you guys not try to outrun trump because you're never going to be able to do it sort of really really want to have a discussion about the policy that's fine that's just like the questions i sent out through my producers as
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a asymmetrical thing this is what donald trump and that's does and the democrats don't understand can't comprehend it and don't know how to fight back against it ok . it's also about job in washington here i mean if you want to talk about civility i'd like to know what brett kavanaugh its opinion about what civility is in washington today go ahead. well i'll just start by injecting my own opinion is that civility really is dead here and twenty thousand in the united states i as i've traveled the country since two thousand and sixteen i've just found pockets where people seem to be more than just angry they literally feel like they've been wronged and something needs to be done about it and i see that on both sides i'm a centrist at heart and what i saw with these cavanaugh hearings and essentially the confirmation was just all that coming to the surface again a very visceral response from both sides and people just not willing to see the gray area here this was tough for two people dr christine blasi forward and judge
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kavanagh. undeniably judge kavanaugh want out he is now a justice on the highest court in our land and he was able to prevail but you know republicans are willing to leave it alone they're sort of saying you sullied the good name of a man who worked his whole life for this democrats are stomping mad feeling like you know this is just the worst thing that could happen in our lifetimes i'm sitting here saying that when are we have americans going to start acting like americans again and seeing each other for who we are our differences but under saying that there's more that unites us than divides us i'm going to save time and not ask a question go ahead richard go ahead richard go ahead. i'm not sure if this is the single worst thing that's happened in our political lifetime but it makes people gag when the president says at his swearing in ceremony he was proven innocent that's a lie it makes people gag to have him say they were roundly making fun of this woman who years ago told her therapist about this incident and told her husband and
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told others it makes people gag but a present united states already mocked a handicapped reporter mocked john mccain for getting shot down by the north vietnamese mock swum in because when she was fifteen she couldn't remember who drove her there she remembers the bed she never having a hand over her face. remember that music being turned up should remember the laughing at her she remembered having to run out of the house you remember all that and donald trump the president's they mocked her the day is not over yet and i mean right all right lot of going by the way by the way but you know what chris what hang on here you know it wasn't a he said she said it was she said and they said and they did not cooperate or ok fine only one other person in the row there was no one corroborated and no one going and even i you know that was a life you guys long ok i know you i know the democrats want blood revenge ok we'll see the midterms christopher go ahead. if you want talk about
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a victim of sexual assault who were corroboration at the time contemporaneously who told people it's what he did broderick who i spent a week with during the cabin are here and who was viciously raped by president bill clinton and by the way we still have democrats out there today defending bill clinton so i don't want to hear anything about what dr forth went through i don't want to hear. about totally the president trying to. look i'm tell you right now it is a discreet what was done and what is continued to be done by juanita broaddrick ok let me go back to you i think she was under oath when she was under oath sheets and i did christopher go check the record why do i need a brother who is put under i know exactly by the way i do exactly what i don't want to do but i don't want to do that very first time the only time she i don't know we're going to how we're going to hear about the clintons after the election on their tour ok let's say that for them ok in washington also they're. you know one of the things and being a centrist because i appreciate that it seems to me when i look at the democratic
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party's friendly media c.n.n. amisom b.c. washington post new york times i mean do you think that it's in their favor to just continue this trump rage because that's all it is ok and i think that you've already made your mind up about donald trump i mean who in the world hasn't by now ok it seems to me it's counterproductive i can't even watch those two channels because that's they say the same thing twenty four seven i haven't heard from them two years ago go ahead read it. yeah you know so this is where we're at it goes to my earlier point of us just not being able to listen to the other side i grew i was born and raised in southern west virginia which is country how many rallies has the president done out there i go back every few weekends and my family enjoyed great prosperity and the southern part of the state and we still very much love that part it doesn't matter to me that people say to me that donald trump is. the next you know he's sort of like
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a demigod around there let's just admit it and i couldn't be further from supporting this president but look the thing to me is i understand that these people felt depressed they felt like donald trump offered them something and offered them so lucian's to their woes now that's remains yet to be seen right now in this moment the economy's doing great we know this may not last forever but people in my home state of west virginia felt like they wanted something else and clintonian policies and they just didn't feel that hillary clinton like i did really could relate to the plight of the average american woman because she'd been out of touch with it for a while now the great irony there is that donald trump with his billionaire commodes in trump tower. you know looked like he was the guy if you asked me could it really relate to the average west virginian either but we have to understand all the points we have to take all point and that's what america is that its core is when we listen to each other and come together to craft solutions when i was on capitol hill as an aide things only get done when you work with the other side in
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this moment i was so disappointed to see democrats do you're on the judiciary committee acting the way they did during the kavanaugh hearings because it was it was pure theater and this is what we're doing we're doing a disservice to american people when we get on platforms and just talk about really again the ugly side of things let's talk about what we can and if. my. you know or a hard work will work or not you. know and so they want to relieve their stress of how do they relieve the stress. these men that outlet. that comfort these many. people have been murdered up here people raise their massive drug issues up here you have a broom you have everything else that comes along with money. except some. for who they are not what you want them to be this is the advice the
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therapist might give to a couple in a relationship crisis it apply this wisdom to geopolitics and you'll see that trying to change the weakness of the other is the norm can geo political actors ideology aside and learn to fully accept each other. welcome back to crossfire we're all things considered i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing whether the mob rules. let's go back to remain in washington one of the things that's come out from this
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whole spectacle i would call it because it was pure theater and it was really quite disgusting and i think you know i can and i can agree or variety of reasons why it was disgusting and fair about that there but you know how are the how are the american people supposed to accept this because it seems like it's you know not just chaos on one side but it the entire political process is here i know richard for example has been very critical of the electoral college that's a fair point but it's part of our system it's what we have right now can we have a normal conversation say wow it's kind of a two hundred years ago when the country was very different and maybe we should date our institutions here i'm not saying should be done because it weren't then you just have these archipelagos blue archipelagos on the west coast on the east coast and they'd run the country that's not the whole country but i'm open to a discussion but we know here that go ahead. well the middle of the country is why i think we have donald trump entirely is because there were mistakes made by the
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clinton campaign and sort of discarding those states the fly over states right and when you discard and dismiss exactly some of america you just don't understand you don't understand what it's going to take to be institution how it works it doesn't work for you because you want power you're dismissive of it oh you want to change it or get rid of it go ahead christopher well and by the way that's what that's what we've seen from democrats and first off donald trump won seven of the ten largest states in the country so this idea that he only won because of west virginia and kansas is ridiculous secondly we've heard them say that the electoral college is flawed we need to do away the electoral college it's not fair it's not fair how the senate works we should have more proportional representation it's not fair the way the supreme court is currently but you know compromise we need to stack the court you know expand it to eleven or thirteen justices at the end of the day democrats should try winning by the rules that we have in place now and if they can't they should admit that the reason they want to change those rules is because
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they can't win by the rules that we've all agreed to play by for the last couple of hundred years it's simply absolute ridiculous to me here the democrats come up with excuse after excuse after excuse after excuse about how fundamentally the problem isn't them or their candidates the problem is our institutions i think that is fundamentally wrong. recent polls have shown let's go ahead with that saying go ahead that's the point of the program jump in go ahead. you know i just have something as something constructive to talk about and i certainly don't mean to sound a jest or at all sexist but i mean there is a problem with women being represented in our federal government especially when we are comprising more than half of the u.s. population so i've been working on a lot of things to get just more women across the political spectrum involved in u.s. politics at all levels because i think more women will lead to a stronger democracy but something constructive we could do when i was sitting here watching all this in the u.s. senate and i just thought to myself we need term limits i mean a lot of these people are so out of touch and just not with it they don't either
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they're not using technology the way that most americans do they've been comfy in their jobs for a very long time so a lot of the they're not willing to take risks a lot of the decisions i make are rooted in can i cut back or not but you know they haven't been able to be fair these people are elected if you like them or not people do. and i think that will slowly but surely have to do maybe on a slightly different point i remember when. facebook was testifying in front of congress most of the country didn't even understand how facebook work so i get your point of not being up oh i had a thousand questions ok but we're rapidly going to richard richard here. going towards the midterms it looks like the democrats are going to just double down on everything they've done since two thousand and sixteen is that wise is that winnable go ahead well. i would say every pundit and i take myself out of that in
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washington if you just look at the polls district by district the democrats look like they're likely to win control of the house of representatives today only something that would have been impossible and hillary clinton won we wouldn't be talking about the democrats flipping the house in question would be because republicans get sixty votes in the senate now looks like they may be going to struggle to kind of hold their own i think what democrats are going to talk about is not impeaching not impeaching kavanaugh but about health care. and whether people with preexisting conditions will or won't get coverage donald trump would have the answer be no going to talk about corruption add more importantly i check on donald trump not about how horrible it is and i'm mocking the handicapped people or women it's the fact that they feed him and gauging in a way that they want somebody in washington looking over his shoulder and right now there is not so that i think white democrats are going to win control the house ok chris threw away the end on that because there does seem to be an indication again
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i'm holding my breath because the polls got it all wrong in two thousand and two thousand and sixteen so who knows what's going to happen here but there seems to be the republican base is seems to be coming out of it slumber ok it's getting a little bit more energized the kavanaugh thing certainly energized a lot of people for me personally it was one of the most horrific thing public spectacles i've ever seen in my life i could not believe my eyes it was so horrifically horrible in so many different ways christopher. yeah i would say one thing if this election were held in july democrats would of picked up sixty to seventy seats in the house it would been a complete and total wipeout the democrats can't get any more juice out of that lemon essential either my voters were as motivated as they could possibly the cabinet hearings were a complete and total political mess played by democrats i talk to campaigns all across the country republicans are seeing a surge in enthusiasm they're seeing motivated republicans something that by the way not many republican voters have been motivated yeah it's almost certain not to
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by the way i don't banish oxymoron that's almost an oxymoron imo to motivated republicans. right now yeah absolutely like yeah i was going to say look republican voters are motivated by trump and trump space is not motivated to go out and elect a whole lot of republicans in the house and the senate who quite frankly haven't done a good job of pushing the president's america very good general the cabinet hearings motivated and mobilized people i'm telling you i'm seeing it all across the country from campaigns i'm talking to where they are getting inundated with volunteers people who've been sitting on the sidelines who are finally stepping up and see what is really at stake in this election and i will tell you this much if the democrats win back the house in november you can guarantee donald trump gets reelected in two thousand and twenty it is the absolute best thing for the president's reelection is a speaker pelosi. that's a rigid one had thought about that go to everybody with the i want you to go see you last minute go to bury him on. he really wants that donald trump wants democrat
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take over the house so he can blame it on a polo say ok let's be honest and i will i just want to lay it out here donald trump is not a repugnant republican donald j. john i already publicly and i agree it's for himself and what has happened is that americans across the country felt the energy i remember driving in two thousand and sixteen and getting nervous when i was working against the president and again i'm a lifelong republican what i thought hand. facebook steps up its fight against fake news actually hundreds of pages and
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accounts. moscow opens its arms in a warm welcome to the two astronauts who escaped death on thursday and aborted a rocket launch into their journey in midair as they crash landed in kazakhstan. and a special operation by the crown prince u.s. media reports that riyadh planned the detonation of the saudi or the french rather of the saudi journalist who disappeared in turkey last week and of that american intelligence was aware of that spread.


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