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tv   News  RT  October 14, 2018 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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right. three minutes in. a quick thinking cruel force. for a nail biting. still no clarity over the fate of. speculation that he was murdered something riyad. to win back the house and. that's when civility can start again.
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with democrats and republicans. between them in next month's high stakes vote. with the week's top stories on the main headlines of today welcome to the weekly. and while space industry experts investigating what went wrong during the launch of a soyuz spacecraft the crew of. thanking their lucky stars often. just minutes into the. delete it.
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why don't you just. write your should there not to let you know about it. the same. thing please.
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we were at the launch site doing live coverage of so i use m s ten's blast off into the cosmos we saw the rocket go into the sky the tourists that were watching friends and family other journalists they were taking pictures smiling clapping congratulating the crew on their successful blast off into the. sky but then we started getting signs that something was wrong because i'm not alex a chain in and astronaut nick cage had to make an emergency landing emergency services arrived at the scene within ninety minutes of their landing for something that hasn't happened in over thirty years it's really
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a miracle that these two came out on injured and alive donald corridor r.t. baikonur alexy option is forty seven years old and holds the rank of reserve lieutenant colonel in the russian air force his flight was supposed to have been his second journey to space his american colleague forty three year old nick haig is a colonel in the u.s. air force and his case it was to have been his maiden flight. now of course when you've got more than a half a million pounds of burning rocket fuel behind you in a booster that's going faulty you need to get away and get away fast experts and astronauts are applauding be a scape system that propelled the path to safety. thank
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you thank you but of course i want to thank the rescuers and those who designed these keep systems thanks to them but our guys came back to earth safely it's a very dangerous situation and it's. impressive. about the design and how they built the escape system that it works so very well but you're in a very volatile situation with lots of rocket propellant around you going to areas very fast very very high so things could have gone much much worse and it's just great that the escape system works so well i flew out to the space station aboard a sleaze rocket myself came back in the soyuz capsule on my fourth mission and so you know kind of brought me back to what it's like being in that vehicle and imagining going through this kind of an emergency aboard but as you heard yeah from the transmissions the crew was very calm very professional and they did everything
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is actually right the crew on board the international space station had more than a bird's eye view of what happened and capture the moment on camera we can show you these images are taken by the current a space station commander alexander the ghost you can just about make out the white streaks of smoke from the rockets and his team were readying to welcome their colleagues on board but only their now watch helplessly as they saw the astronauts incredible the sky shortly after commander jumped on to twitter to express his really. i'm glad that our friends are fine thanks to more than a thousand rescue workers this day has again shown how great the soyuz is despite a fall start the crew was safely brought back to earth space travel is tough but we must go on for the benefit of humanity alex is doing well i had some contact i think some gas into space and he is in a good shape he is not at all afraid he trusts into this so us as he did in the
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past and so therefore now he will he might or might have to stay a little bit longer in the stations and plant there is no change of plans so we're looking forward to not only using soyuz for the next astronaut's but also for some of our economics and so. we do not see that is it seems and. still no major breakthrough in the case of the prominent saudi journalist who vanished almost two weeks ago. g. was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul on october second and no one's heard from him since turkey has not officially accused riyadh of being involved but some reports claim its intelligence services have evidence that not only was kidnapped but also tortured and killed by saudi arabia strongly denies the accusations and has offered to help investigating this case now the lack of information on a sensitive topic like this prompted multiple media reports of course some news
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outlets allege that the u.s. intercepted saudi discussion of a plan to capture the journalist claiming the saudi crown prince ordered an operation to lure and detain. others say the turkish officials have an audio recording of the journalists murder said to have been recorded on his smart watch though some say that's unlikely. breaks down details. where is journalist jamal. what happened to him. for an entire week nobody has been able to answer that question and vesta gators on the ground who might be the closest to solving the riddle believe he could have been brutally murdered behind the walls of the saudi consulate in istanbul alleged details of how it was done include sending over a fifteen man hit squad from the kingdom to make sure the man's dead anchor was
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shocked something so horrendous could have happened in istanbul prosecutor in istanbul is investigating the issue there is both a security investigation and an intelligence one it is extremely thorough the news that this incident took place in the country i knew to move through a long time so i still hold. good willing we will not find themselves in the situation we do. still. riyadh says it's got nothing to do with it all the claims are absolute blogs and official at the consulate general of the kingdom of saudi arabia in istanbul dismissed the report by reuters which cited fish rules the saudi citizen jamal khashoggi was killed in the consulate in istanbul he fishel strongly denounce these baseless allegations and express his down to that they came from turkish officials they were informed of the investigation or authorized to comment on the issue the saudi kingdom is transparency record has been poor to say the least but in
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a rare display of openness there officials even invited warders on a tour around the consulate. demolish the lives and works in the u.s. but to obtain a license to get married he had to see saudi officials is definitely been to the consulate twice on september the twenty eighth and when he disappeared now here's what's crucial mr has shoddy writes about the saudi government and it's not exactly glowing actually had been worried something bad could happen to him before the second visit to the consulate the journalists left his cell phone with his fiance with instructions on what to do if he didn't come out soon the woman called turkish police four hours later when jamal was nowhere to be seen saudi officials say his stay at the compound was very short they were sure the journalist vanished once he stepped outside now they're looking for him too mr his fiance is full of hope he's
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not been killed but kidnapped rather the story's been picked up by media all over the world one of the newspapers jamal wrote for the washington post came out with a blank column where they were supposed to print his piece but that hasn't helped there's been no trace of the man. washington says it's also worried about the incident however it was not the u.s. president who voiced concern for us what rotha some u.s. senators who are urging tough action if saudi involvement is confront. if we find though that they were complicit or director of the senate anyway this election shit like that is appropriate this is serious we need to get the facts and i know that's a startling proposition for the united states congress that we should get the facts before we act if this did happen it is increasingly likely that something bad happened to this man at the hands of the saudi government and it shows contempt for
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us this disrespectful to. meanwhile the president on hold trump has promised to punish saudi officials if their involvement is proven but also stressed his desire to protect america's multi-billion dollar business with the gulf kingdom. terrible to discuss thing about that if that were the case so we're going to have to see we're going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment we don't like it and we don't like it even a little bit but as to whether or not we should stop one hundred ten billion dollars from being spent in this country knowing they have four or five alternatives two very good alternatives that would not be acceptable to break the attitude of trump is told to live here and he you know his attitude is as business when i think it affects a little bit the relationship between the united states and so if you're not gonna go flap it doesn't affect where well because the problem is that now americans
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wants to do something against russia and iran and turkey in the middle east and they need. to be on a gulf countries and in need some money and best buy i think it you know doesn't change anything. is very important to the u.s. in terms of the reserve status of the dollar in terms of the petro dollar is very real they're tired and they're tired and hand in glove with them i really don't think anything is going nothing is going to happen the maybe people will be calling for something to happen nothing is going to happen. people on the caribbean island of martinique off stuffing up coals for the french state to accept complicity in a major health crisis that i say the failure of success if administrations to end the use of a highly toxic pesticide has left the french overseas territory polluted and has caused cancer rates to skyrocket.
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in the nineteen seventies this kind of found i was banned in the usa the second year in this period plus started using it in martinique until ninety ninety four so the question is why.
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the years we have sworn i am a hailed as pesticides not one yale two it was for years on a regional health agency officials knew and no one not population this is very. soon it's not possible to get an estimate of the number of patients who are victims of florida congo the priority is to determine the number of farmers who were working in the banana plantations i don't know hundreds and many of them have died of prostate cancer many have premature babies why did they let french people sleep speak take chase because they contaminate us but being let off eat the same type tasting same period tomato when one is aware that a product of toxic a stone he said is assassination and such is not up to the french state is complicit in this assassination because they will slice police toxic i. love.
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the lives of the state must take its share of responsibility for this pollution must make progress on the path of for abrasion and project i hope that collectively will put our efforts towards zero core dako and food that's the only thing that makes. not. that it is unfortunately irreversible. i expect the culprits to take. the road just ahead of the us. bill and hillary heading out for the democrats.
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so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development that only. exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical. you see. you know world of big. and conspiracies it's time. to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door. and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks.
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be with us today and straight to america with the midterm elections are less than a month away now with both the democrats and republicans appearing to grow increasingly animated and outspoken and there is a lot at stake polls this week show only a six percent gap in support between the two parties with right now the democrats leading with forty seven percent so want to kill them off and looks at how our campaign protocol is being torn up in this current political climate. i may not agree with what you say but i shall defend to the death your right to say it now that used to be the favorite quotation of americans but not anymore civility is passe just ask hillary clinton you cannot be civil with
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a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for what you care about if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and or the senate that's when civility can start again remember back when everyone hailed this motto when they go low we go high. well now barack obama's former attorney general has adjusted it just a little machine always says that you know when they go low you. know. they go low we keep it right. and some sectors of the u.s. public are pretty clearly ready for battle. was going. to be.
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because. some republicans are now warning that the chaos could turn deadly i fear that there's going to be an assassination i really worry that somebody is going to be too and that those who are ratcheting up the conversation they have to realize they bear some responsibility if this and a face to violence after the senator's personal information was released online his family is on edge you know i felt incredibly threatened and frightened i had been frightened when rand left for d.c. that monday because you know at the new messages get in their face get in people's face but republicans are also out for blood to do. mcgrath's every come to extreme too dangerous to govern they've gone wacko you. have matches to an arsonist and you don't give power to an angry leftwing mob and that's
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what the democrats are. so civility just forget it it's likely that even after the midterm elections americans aren't just going to get over it divisions are getting deeper and r.t. new york. a big tour is about to kick off in the united states starring. couple the clintons which some suspect is a precursor to hillary clinton preparing for a third shot at the white house. if you're looking to get up close and personal with bill or hillary clinton you're in luck you know hillary clinton are going on tour thirteen city tour with former president bill clinton former secretary of state hillary clinton.
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america is great because america is good for. the upcoming may twenty nineteen around the time that twenty twenty presidential contenders are expected to start announcing that he plans to run for the white house. she does not look presidential she doesn't have to stamina stamina tremendous stamina for every time i think about two of my youth allergic. to the basket of deplorable she's guilty. what was his response to that was. being . rather have as president and.
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british m.p. is a calling for an inquiry into reports that some doctors in the u.k. have been secretly charging couples for choosing the desired sex of the child gender selection through in vitro fertilization is legal in britain only on medical grounds britain's regulator has launched an investigation into the. we are confident the vast majority of the u.k.'s fertility clinics do not recommend six election either at home or abroad however we take allegations of sex selection seriously and will investigate any specific cases brought to our attention according to british media couples have paid up to fourteen thousand pounds for the illegal procedure several senior doctors have allegedly set up appointments at private clinics in the u.k. for clients and then they complete their medical treatment abroad in countries like cyprus and the u.a.e. and we spoke to were u.k. t.v. star don't you know lloyd who has been criticized for her decision to use the procedure in the united states i think obviously some people got angry because
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there is women out there who can actually have children and i think they were angered because they think i should just love the children that have gaar which i totally understand and i do love them my everything my kids my life for i think if this science is out there for may make other people choose to use gender selection in a way where as if i was having my first child i would never want to pick the sex of the baby i was quite happy to go along and whatever the health of the baby selflessly the most important thing. for obviously for may have been for children and them or being boys i just couldn't grow old and feel i have not have that mother daughter relationship so we discussed this issue with a pair of guests. conditions which either only affect boys or only affect girls and it's actually fairly standard practice in lots of places around the world for couples who have a family history of those kind of conditions to be given i.v.'s and given the
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opportunity to select the gender of child that is less likely to suffer from those conditions i think we would all take steps to try and make sure that children were less likely to have problems later in life in all sorts of different ways the idea of just choosing the sex of your child based on a whim i think you know i think to me it sounds horrifying but what we should be asking really is the question what kind of cultural reliving it if people have a really strong feeling if people really really only want a boy should we be forcing those people to have a girl do we want a girl raised in a family that really only wants a boy and in a culture that evidently values boys much more strongly by rejecting the embryo you don't want on the basis of that six and i think that six discrimination give women the vote i believe in women's rights etc i think women are quite capable of accepting a pregnancy and do not need to go into this nonsense of i want to boy or i want to girl you can suggest i might like one i have five lovely sons i might have at some
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stage four wouldn't it be nice to have a girl i've now got four lovely granddaughters you know boys and girls in my opinion are absolutely equal and i don't think you should do anything deliberate to make. a choice because the price is that you need to do is to discard the embryos of the wrong six when i.v. after is done it is absolutely standard to create more embryos than you intend to implant the spare embryos are normally kept in a fridge freezer or whatever to be used in the future if they're wanted every year lots and lots of embryos are discarded because people have i.v.'s i'm actually don't want to have ten children they want to have one or two children it's absolutely stan that if you are against discarding embryos then you are against i.v.'s and you welcome to campaign on that. personally i think it's a very fantastic process and it's brilliant that it's available to couples and if couples have a strong feeling about what the woman does or doesn't want to be president. want
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what she wants to go on and it is inevitable that they're going to follow up when you're choosing what schembri are you want you're going to analyze which is male which is female you're making a choice and this is what i'm saying i don't accept that because in choosing my eyes i'm not going to even get into indiana that already on many occasions these issues come to light because some conditions pass through the male rather than the female and and families that are hard to miss in the diseases go down the i.q. route in order to to to see how they're going to solve that problem but just in a on a purely basic choice position you cannot just randomly choose one without discriminating against the other. i thank you for sharing your sunday with us here at r.t. international plenty more of the weekly to come your way if you can join us in about half an hour.
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with more make this manufactured consensus stick to the public well. when the ruling class is one project themselves. the famous merry go round be the one percent. time doing the whole middle of the room signals. going around million more you don't need.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. is over twenty trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crimes happen each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to the ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent rise last year some with four hundred to five hundred trades per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china is building a two point one billion dollar a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only numbers you need remember in one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only. join me every thursday on the alex salmon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the wall the politics small business i'm show business i'll see that.
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and. there was very agricultural community it was mostly just cattle and farmland. and. you had this small little town of walk heard and then all of a sudden all of these people move in.


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