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tv   News  RT  October 14, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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mean you're going to be. in the top stories of the week just minutes south of blasting off and hurtling toward space of rocket malfunction forces a quick thinking crew to abandon their mission and face a nail biting plunge back to work. almost two weeks on the still no answer as to what's happened to a prominent journalist who vanished after entering the saudi embassy in istanbul turkey claims he was murdered something riyadh denies. and the office for german chancellor angela merkel's conservative allies in bavaria the risk losing their majority in regional elections says the far right in the green
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smoke historic gains. for joining us this evening and this is the weekly. investigations underway into what went wrong during a failed launch of a soyuz space rocket two man crew narron the escape disaster on thursday just minutes into that flight. all right i know you didn't. really notice or care to do and if you did a. little bit. i think.
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you were thinking. well we were at the launch site doing live coverage of so i use m s ten's blast off
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into the cosmos we saw the rocket go into the sky the tourists that were watching friends and family other journalists they were taking pictures smiling clapping congratulating the crew on their successful blast off into the sky but then we started getting signs that something was wrong because minot aleksei off chin in and astronaut nick cake had to make an emergency landing emergency services arrived at the scene within ninety minutes of their landing for something that hasn't happened in over thirty years it's really a miracle that these two came out on injured and alive donald corder r.t. baikonur. the next of kin in his forty seven years old holds the rank of reserve lieutenant colonel in the russian air force as they flight would have been his second journey into space his american colleague forty feet old nick hake is a colonel in the u.s. air force it was his maiden space flight. with masses of highly explosive
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rocket fuel right behind you when something goes wrong while you need to make a fast getaway the next person applauding the escape system that propelled the pad to safety. thank you thank you but of course i want to thank the rescuers and those who designed these keep systems thanks to them our guys came back to earth safely it's a very dangerous situation and it's. him impressive. about the design of how they built the escape system that it works so very well but you're in a very volatile situation with lots of rocket propellant around you going very very fast very very high so things could have gone much much worse and it's just great
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that the escape system works so well i flew out to the space station aboard a soyuz rocket myself came back in a soyuz capsule on my fourth mission and so you know kind of brought me back to what it's like being in that vehicle and imagining going through this kind of emergency aboard but as you heard from the transmissions the crew was very calm very professional and they did everything's actually right. well the crew onboard the international space station at a perfect view of the unfolding events and captured the moment on camera we can show you these images taken by the current space station commander alexander guest you can just about make out the white streaks of smoke coming from the rockets on here guests in his teen they've been getting ready to welcome their new colleagues on board soon after commander guest expressed his relief. i'm glad that our friends are fine thanks to more than a thousand rescue workers this day has again shown how great the so uses despite
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a false start the crew was safely brought back to earth space travel is tough but we must go on for the benefit of humanity alex is doing well i have some contacts. and a gas into sage and he's in a good shape he's not at all afraid he trusts into the so you was. just so therefore now he will he might or he might have to stay a little bit longer in the stations and plant there is no change of plans so we're looking forward to not only using so use for the next astronauts but also has some of our allies so we do not see there is a change in plan. almost two weeks since the mysterious disappearance of a prominent saudi journalist them no definitive answer as to what actually happened to him foreign ministers from the u.k. germany and france they've issued a joint statement calling for
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a quote credible investigation into the case and they verge the saudis to provide a detailed response. so marcus showed she was last seen entering the saudi consulate in istanbul that was on october second no one has heard from him since turkey's not officially accused of being involved but some reports claim that its intelligence services have evidence because saudi was tortured and killed so i do strongly denies those accusations though and has offered help in investigating the case of a lack of information that has prompted multiple media reports and some news outlets of even claim the u.s. intercepted saudi discussions of a plan to capture the journalist claiming the saudi crown prince at all did an operation to lure and detain you should other say turkish officials have an audience recording of the journalists murder is said to be recorded on the smartwatch though many say that he's unlikely. to has more. where is journalist. what happened to him. for an
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entire week nobody has been able to answer that question and vesta gaiters on the ground who might be the closest to solving the riddle believe he could have been brutally murdered behind the walls of the saudi consulate in a stamboul alleged details of how it was done and clued sending over a fifteen man a hit squad from the kingdom to make sure the man's dead anchor was shocked something so horrendous could have happened in istanbul a prosecutor in istanbul is investigating the issue there is both a security investigation and an intelligence one it is extremely thorough the knew that this incident took place in a country i knew move for a long time so i still hold out hope god willing we will not find ourselves in a situation we do not want and still hope riyadh says it's got nothing to do with it all the claims are absolute blogs and official at the consulate general of the
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kingdom of saudi arabia in istanbul dismissed the report by reuters which cited turkish officials the saudi citizen jamal khashoggi was killed in the consulate in istanbul he fishel strongly denounce these baseless allegations and express his down to that they came from turkish officials they were informed of the investigation or authorized to comment on the issue saudi kingdom is transparency record has been poor to say the least but in a rare display of openness there officials even invited warders on a tour around the consulate. g lives and works in the u.s. but to obtain a license to get married he had to see saudi officials is definitely been to the consulate twice on september the twenty eighth and when he disappeared now here's what's crucial mr has a right. it's about the saudi government and it's not exactly glowing actually had
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been worried something bad could happen to him before the second visit to the consulate the journalists left his cell phone with his fiance with instructions on what to do if he didn't come out soon the woman called turkish police four hours later when jamal was nowhere to be seen saudi officials say his stay at the compound was very short they were sure the journalist vanished once he stepped outside now they're looking for him to mr his fiance is full of hope he's not been killed but kidnapped rather the story's been picked up by media all over the world one of the newspapers jamal wrote for the washington post came out with a blank column where they were supposed to print his piece but that hasn't helped there's been no trace of the man washington says that it's worried about the incident it was not the u.s. president to voiced concern first some u.s.
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senators called for tougher action if saudi involvement is confirmed. if we find though that they were complicit or the rest of the city is way. over the edge of what was appropriate this is serious we need to get the facts and i know that's startling proposition for the united states congress that we should get the facts before we act if this did happen it is increasing the likelihood that something bad happened to this man at the hands of the saudi government has contempt for us. disrespectful to. me while president trump has promised to punish saudi officials if their involvement is proven bunts he also stressed desire to protect america's moti billion dollar business deals with the gulf kingdom. terrible to discuss thing about that if that were the case so we're going to have to see we're going to get to the bottom of it and there will be severe punishment we don't like it and we don't like it even a little bit but as to whether or not we should stop one hundred ten billion
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dollars from being spent in this country knowing they have four or five alternatives two very good alternatives that would not be acceptable to be. tromped is told to live here you know his attitude is as business when i think it affects a little bit relationship between the united states and yet i'm gonna go flop doesn't affect where well because the problem is that now americans wants to do something against russia and iran and turkey in the middle east and they need. to be on a gulf countries that didn't need some money and i think it you know doesn't change anything. is very important to the u.s. in terms of the reserve status of the dollar terms of the petro dollar is very they're tied in there tied in hand in glove with them i really don't think anything is going nothing is going to happen the maybe people will be calling for something
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to happen nothing is going to happen this week also saw the announcement of another high profile departure from the trump administration on tuesday the u.s. ambassador to the united nations the key halley many by surprise when she revealed she was stepping down is a look back at her time with the global organization. in front of the united. against all enemies foreign and domestic against all enemies. i will not shut up rather i will respectfully speak some hard truths. the dictator of north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war the assad regime and its enablers russia and iran have a playbook for this war it's
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a playbook of death. it's one more example of the united nations doing more harm than good the european union has this so wrong and it's all because of their ego and their pride. what we witnessed here today in the security council is an insult to the united states is locked and loaded and if war comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed. america will put our embassy in jerusalem that is what the american people want us to do and it is the right thing to do. now the united states is respected countries may not like what will we do but they were special. things on the
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way in bavaria which has been holding a reads in the election we'll hear from our correspondent and get reaction from a guest after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. period dramatic. i don't see it. very critical. to sit down and talk. except someone for who they are not what you want them to be this is the advice a therapist might give to a couple in
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a relationship crisis it apply this wisdom to geopolitics and you'll see the trying to change the weakness of the other. geo political actors ideology and learn to fully accept each other. voters in bavaria have inflicted a heavy blow to chancellor merkel's key ally in the christian social union its worst election result for decades polls are suggesting it will now lose its parliamentary majority in the region with just thirty seven percent of the vote the greens there on track for a historic result to become the very second major political force of the far right
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party getting nearly eleven percent meaning that they will enter parliament for the first time in what has been a hotly contested election. the
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region election also so rather big is the left and the liberal parties each taking less than five percent of the vote and mr sethi breaks down the implications of a potential shake up in german politics. i'm hit in meminger and they all tend to fit him in the election party on the results of showing heavy losses to them in the system party the c s u especially compared with last election the c.s.c. nice to have dominance head in the region of the various since the second wells was used to be unthinkable that they could get anything less than the majority on sunday ladles this majority and surely this is a big blow to the mccall it's good news safe for the ass day events of the regional parliament for the fans times one day member high stakes a set that he was happy with their face progress today well it's a great success arianne took the now off to going to start european parliament than all the others parliaments in the country also the biracial montauk and you see here is
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a celebration and big party this is the end of the old fashioned parties and there we are living in a front of a century this is now the time for blue parties what i have to so we are. the party of tomorrow now this will say bring in another problem the problem of it forming a coalition now the c.s.u. been vocal about not pairing with the f.d.a. will the greens who came second in the dairy and prime ministers also just said that they'll be no tolls with day to day but it does look like the voters have been moving away from the centrist policies to the left on the right and is still the voters have been pushing the party a base use such as immigration some people say that the c.s.e. the whole civil folks might be to blame for the polls i see how it's been arguing with medical evidence a shave over the mike the crisis in the house schools negative press around chimney and be on for months saying should he stay or should he go now a loss to the c.s.u. could put the government in a volatile position the only two possible government instability.
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damon is the spokesperson for the bavaria policy and joins me live on the line now good evening to harald we got a good idea of the results coming in are you surprised by what we're seeing. oh actually not really surprised at the polls. actually except. your direct quote exact. time and therefore surprised yeah. well i'm actually a surprise to learn. the world turn out increased by me turned person to transcend there's of course a little bit of a surprise and new salads you know you have to wait it out. the last of us of the democrats aren't. there where i but on the other hand i also expect. is this just an anomaly in bavaria or do you think this could be more reflective
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could it ripple out across the country how this affects the big picture in terms of national politics. well. i think the time of the big ten carson or. teleports like a christian democratic or christian. democrats. i think there are. a and then i turn as a you know. we have of course germany is also very. little polluted. left and right and. therefore. it's of course they're off. and the means of the federal or politics. to turn. into these special
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election as regional elections and it's legal. it's more about the federal. politics earth. loose good turn of the original tree. the c.s.u. their worst regional before with a bit over sixty years and. often getting a majority down to what thirty seven percent i think that the latest figures from the exit polls is a disaster for them why is that what is it the voters are unhappy about what is it they want we've seen gains for the greens and for the f.d.a. so what is it the voters want now that they didn't want before well i can't speak for. your earth. of course.
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the as unique lease difference is probably a good problem to know a. issued in a little. different. way since you have to. use treated not. of course. to support us. for nothing. and there's an unseen. earth look. straight. how to appreciate you coming on and joining us to save you my guest howell de mint is the press spokesman for the bavaria party thank you very much. stay with the theme of elections because the u.s.
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midterms of less than a month away now and the latest polls are suggesting there's everything to play for with the democrats enjoying only a marginal lead over their republican rivals more pain takes a look at how the traditional campaign rulebook is being torn up in the current political climate. i may not agree with what you say but i shall defend to the death your right to say it now that used to be the favorite quotation of americans but not anymore civility is passe just ask hillary clinton you cannot be civil with a political party that wants to destroy what you stand for what you care about if we are fortunate enough to win back the house and or the senate that's when civility can start again remember back when everyone hailed this motto when they go low we go high. well now barack obama's former attorney general has adjusted it just
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a little machine always says that you know when they go low you. know. they go low. and some sectors of the u.s. public are pretty clearly ready for battle. i was. worried because. some republicans are now warning that the chaos could turn deadly i fear that there's going to be an assassination i really worry that somebody is going to be. too and that those who are ratcheting up the conversation they have to realize they bear some responsibility if this and a face to violence after the senator's personal information was released online his
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family is on edge you know i felt incredibly threatened and frightened i had been frightened when rand left for d.c. that one day because you know what the new message is get up in their face get in people's face but republicans are also out for blood to the democrats every come to extreme too dangerous to govern they've gone wacko. matchups to an arsonist and you don't give power to an angry left wing mob and that's what the democrats are going to. be so civility just forget it it's likely that even after the midterm elections americans aren't just going to get over it divisions are getting deeper and r.t. new york. is part of the midterm campaign the clintons are about to set a phone tool though some suspect it could be a precursor to hillary preparing for another shock to the white house.
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if you're looking to get up and possible with bill or hillary clinton you're in luck bill and no way hillary clinton are going on tour thirteen city tour with former president bill clinton former secretary of state hillary clinton. america is great because america is good. the upcoming total wrap up in may twenty nineteen around the time that twenty twenty presidential contenders are expected to start announcing their plans to run
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for the white house. she does not look presidential she doesn't have the stamina stamina tremendous stamina for every time i think about trust my is allergic. to the basket of deplorable she's guilty is out what was his response to that was a lot to talk. to rather have a puppet as president and no props today no you have the right. ok how about the latest for you just over half an hour see that. when lawmakers manufacture consensus instead of public wealth. when the ruling closest to protect themselves. when the financial
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merry go round lifts certainly the one percent told. to ignore middle of the road signals. being relieved is really. join me every thursday on the all excitement show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that. what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more somehow i want to be. that much right to be crossing the slug of the flag tree in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of our. first sip
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may. contain errors that i'm not. it. all depends on the price of oil what's your best price of their lives i think right now we're about the best on a good loan debt seventy five ish dollars.


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