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tv   Cross Talk  RT  October 16, 2018 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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most people in philadelphia are only about two paychecks away from homelessness. and the merkel says voters have lost confidence in politicians the chancellor's k. allies. various regional elections. turkish investigators searched the saudi consulate in istanbul over claims that a journalist was murdered by a hit squad inside the building. denies all accusation. and sources close to you know songs can see that he's been given instructions on how to behave online having his internet access partially restored by the ecuadorian embassy. told the latest on these stories you can head to our website www dot com coming up next to talk looks into turkey's accusations against saudi arabia a missing journalist and if you're watching in the u.k.
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stay with us for political talk show renegade. hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered. a tyranny you too can be disappeared in broad daylight also the fate of a saudi journalist is testing washington's relations with riyadh is the crown prince's rule in doubt and much much more on this edition of. crosstalk in some real news i'm joined by my guest here in moscow and he is a professor at the higher school of economics and all. author of the decay of
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western civilization and the resurgence of russia we also have exclusive for o. he is the director and writer for the duran dot com and we have dmitri bob and he is a political analyst with sputnik international all right german crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciated. the purge his com long expected what do you think of the extent of it is this the beginning because we had alex jones was the was the tip the tipping point now the rolls around and alex jones was a trial balloon alex jones have self said it's that they're going to come after everybody once they're done with me and they wipe them off the internet map and now they've come after at the media they went after the freethought park project it's important to point out these are not just conservative sites these are also progressive sites and it's up to three weeks before the midterms so there's no coincidence that you brought that up because one could make the argument that facebook is injecting itself into the political process here because they're saying
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they're required to protect the political process from these three quote unquote fringes but they are the ones that are meddling it's also important to point out that it's not just facebook twitter also suspended the account so there is obvious collusion between the two companies so i mean what you have here is facebook in my opinion has put the final nail in their coffin we could look at that now as a big company but believe me in a few years facebook we're grette this disorder any millennial is are leaving in droves here what is the significance for you because it seems to me that there's an enormous amount of cool lucian going on here and it's the mainstream media that is cheering this along because they want their monopoly back they want to be able to push their competitors to the side because their ratings are way way down their business model is failing this is a big favor favor to the establishment definitely think that's how it's the vote does so and i think you're right the point of the. it was largely something that
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they will regret because when this purge of. alternative voices began in issue with so that said this tech companies are now established themselves as this new minister of truth they essentially came after the foreign media first so r.t. for one where they start to manipulate the algorithms to get fewer hits and then we saw that it began to talk internal enemies as well because they have american society become quite polarized so of course the conservatives began to complain that this very left leaning companies are now coming after them as well and censoring. censoring the. conservatives. again it continues and i think now they're going after both left and right so this is unbelievable opportunity offender even with you taking this well i think we said that a long time ago on this program for many decades humane to expected fascism to come from extreme left or from which to my right it came from the center where it was
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least expect it and look at their reaction i mean let me call. for all their free fought project you know which had more than three million followers gun right he says that this is it. and their work that expression also i just followed but that's in the service it is not in the service of democracy it is not in the service of ideas when it is too narrow the field and where they have the facebook is injecting itself actually picking winners well i just love this expression. memory recall phrase book memory caught a lot of interesting articles a lot of interest in autos it is becoming what people call a digital native state you know people complain in a name you state for many decades well and then you. that will be going to you.
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no one will be against such a state but they're the more down ultra liberal naina state it doesn't go to eight in economically but it certainly watches out that you will not be influenced by politically incorrect facebook and twitter and others they are determining what your value system should be they don't mandating it and they are punishing people they don't toe the line they are much more than a platform where you can place ideas there to turn their editors now their editors of social media of the social media space they are acting as publishers so they should be to fight as publishers not platforms that should not have the protection of platforms they should be responsible for what content goes up they should hire thousands of editors to moderate the content they should be liable to any types of lawsuits for the content they publish you can't have it both ways facebook and
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twitter in my mind are are finished there's a lot of alternatives coming up now gab is crushing twitter as far as growth twitter is losing users it is month to month if it wasn't for donald trump twitter would not be what it is today donald trump is the one that's going to twitter a lot of what has to wonder if he has shares in the book but i wonder if this isn't a profound moment here in social media because it seems to me that this is you know when it was these things were first invented and it was kind of left of center everyone has a level playing field everyone can participate everyone's ideas will be accepted if they face value that era is over and i don't think there's anything to continue it those of first argument to in the into the came up in the ninety's this would be the ultimate expression of democracy is so people could express themselves share and you know this without any government. troll so this huge power which was.
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drifting toward the individual and at the same time you saw the state coming in as well who wanted to harness this so you see this with n.s.a. and china obviously is also how did. some formidable efforts in terms of controlling the internet and i think though in the center you see the tech corporations really having this huge power and coming essentially with their own agenda i would necessarily agree with them or said that they're in the center because they are they are politically very left or if you look at the executives at google the interesting thing is that these these platforms want to determine what the center is exactly ok that's what i think is really very interesting here and in what it'll do when a people will go elsewhere all right and the interesting thing for me is that there's always been this talk about turning them into a utility regulating it but i think these powers using the misery in the
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center they want to harness it for them. that's why you don't hear talk of a breakthrough anti-monopoly talk because they want to capture it for themselves well when they use this what they use it to kind of calm people down ok that's this is the mainstream this is the center we have been living with it for so many years everything's fine but they are sensory and not only drum support at their center and some some of the site called punk rock libertarians on facebook doesn't sound like nazis or you know of that and sort of like a leftist extremist to me and some statistics five hundred fifty nine pages and two hundred fifty cults removed. i have these all just you know extremists are these all people attracted readers with short in political news well politico and you'll see how short and the difference with china is that in china the mainstream press
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is not calling for war in the united states and the european union the mainstream press very often and off switch that self into a wall mort and we have them in that war against iraq the war against leave there that war against syria although this is the big prize into you know this is the outsourcing of censorship we unite heart about this earlier with the atlantic county council is that facebook they did it well we'll have these fact checkers take care of it for us first of all they get any kind of responsibility what we were our advisors you know so that and you know for the mainstream the atlantic council has a sterling credentials i don't think they have sterling credentials around this table and for many of the our viewers watching this program outsourcing censorship yeah and that's why at the end of the day facebook is now essentially a publisher even though they claim to be a platform let's not forget when they first started they were saying they were a platform for communication for ideas they live. in exactly exactly they lie to
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everyone let's not also forget i've lived in silicon valley these people that work at these companies the facebook the twitters the googles these guys are not progressive they're not conservative they're not libertarians they despise all these call these groups they are neo liberal elitist these guys at the elite of the leet they make huge salaries they are the royalty they are the tech royalty of the world and everyone else we're just a bunch of service and they want to keep that but i. think it's a spot on because in the united states media freedom is sort of list has been quite the sacred and the but the whole argument is that these are private companies they can choose who's going to be on their side and they can choose the rules. for the platform so but obviously they link themselves to sort of opposed to what happens is that i don't know if this was the original goal but they are the public square now i mean they're much more than
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a platform they are the public square where ideas are exchanged and they are unilaterally without giving anyone any recourse is that you're out ok no explanation that it's creating a lot of waves in the u.s. the fact that they are sold brazen this company so that's why you're very interesting on the on the right in the united states you see traditional free marketeers conservatives now arguing that facebook should become utility so essentially the states should absorb it because that's not a good solution that's not a good solution it's a might even compound it depending on who's in power ok how you could use it but we do need some kind of a solution a because companies there will grow and they will continue to grow in the future that's where the main joke anomic power will come in the future especially now as we're going into this new industrial revolution so i think. we have to choose what do we do we have this huge corporations become more more powerful are they going to be aligned with the state if so how do you have chinese
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system where they control it or they have the corporate states of america or they let them run free in the central challenge the government like the oligarchs in russia in this program don't think we have any solutions. before we have. people have been talking about madelyne during the last two years i think well i liked the cold nickles burnaby the fall down type media that will take and he said well if we're talking about meddling removing eight hundred politically. oriented media for deletion you know isn't that in elections right before that never meet terms that he's meddling and it's and they determined who's in it in the middle here we're going to go to a short break guys and after that short break we'll continue our discussion and some real. important to say without.
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one else chose seems wrong. when all quotes just don't hold. any gold yet to shake out just to become educated and in the game because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. franking gave americans a lot of new job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose to drive truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent like gold
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rush is very very similar to. this beautiful story and with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here and just slow down so much they lost their jobs that laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. it's a tough reality to deal with. welcome across the uk where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle to remind we're discussing some real news. ok let me go to glenn here let's shift gears to saudi arabia and the mysterious disappearance of a dissident saudi journalist this is a big story. yes it's definitely created. it's become a very awkward component of the awkward you're always good for understatement.
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there is no we didn't blood i think i think it's apparent that he was murdered and of course this doesn't bode well for the relations between the united states and saudi arabia but at the end of the day this a lot of strategic and financial interest in maintaining this partnership so my best guess is the the saudis also a lot of money at this we will eventually see it go away. but i guess coming to the defense of the americans i would say that they are put in a difficult position because. they do have this strategic interest they have to pursue and at the same time. to harmonize this with what appears to be moral values or out of the logic only just like you know that. turn of phrase or you have a comment geo political interests but not values ok i think this is going to continue for a while here we know that president. one is in some kind of joint investigation
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well i tend to think this is a one way negotiation if no one is going to extract a lot from the saudis because apparently it's the turks that have all the forensic evidence that communications all of this is far as we know it has not been released to the media but that's a very powerful card they're playing and i think the crown prince has to be very worried mostly about his reputation and i think the turks share that information with the us judging by trump's sixty minute interview trump also knows this is a huge huge story is going to get a lot of leverage for saudi arabia is going to get a lot of money from them the u.s. is going to sell a boat load of arms to saudi arabia dekker through the are going to reconcile but m.b.'s most likely as we're talking before the program may be on his way out good riddance that guy was a sociopath he has been doing this for the better part of a year he's been bombing yemen he's been taking other saudi oligarchs and
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billionaires locking them in hotel rooms torturing them and it was it not three or four months ago peter that emmis n.b.c. washington post new york times c.n.n. were hailing him is what the lower the performance rates the liberal prince who's who's bringing who's letting women go to movie theaters and letting them drive and he's the savior of saudi arabia and it took you said it best it took the murder most likely the murder of this journalist and the only reason it's opening up the eyes is because he was working for the washington post took this mr president it was one of their own here but john brennan this yes came out and i'm glad. you pointed out the article to me and so i won't be a spoiler go right ahead well john brennan published an article in the washington post isn't he a brave man you know he published an article headlined the u.s. should never turn a blind eye to this sort of inhumanity can you read the last sentence or have it i have it you know read it here if you're going to the message would be clear here we go the united states will never turned
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a blind eye to such in you mean behavior even when carried out by friends because this is a nation that remains faithful to its values absolutely that was john brennan he was one of the darth vader of droning about john brennan as he admits in his article has walked in saudi arabia for five years with the same regime that destroyed mr and he basically says that according to my information it couldn't be done without the prince knowing it and the court well for whom better than bradman to know such things he'd want permission from president obama every night for killing hundreds of people by drone attacks and suddenly i would have these orpen in moment from mr brennan he says as he writes in his article we saw that well publicized detention of more than one hundred princes senior technocrats and businessmen in the ritz carlton hotel well i read in the new york
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times that it was needed forty four there was almost friedman who came in person to talk to mohamed bin so i was going to sit by as a crown prince i want to do so you said he was more know by his reform agent that he has been listening to during the fall that i you know you know these are real probably the most the most expensive p.r. campaigns ever done ok in the history of p.r. and then also just a moment mr brennan also noticed that m.b.a.'s or that their arrest of activists some of whom were actually we've been here all of that we meant to drive home with thought it was just it was six years ago. for anything he or that some of them are it's that well this is the point of all the ultra liberals they are privileged groups but if a member of that privileged group of person and woman or and represent all of the sexual minorities is against them then you can crack down on that person more than anyone else if he is so concerned mr bradley
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a bald women in detention why doesn't he remind us all. who is just seeking their woman activist. and who like to speak to the media she is now in detention in doing so this journalist. he's put donald trump is his fate whatever it is is put donald trump in a very uncomfortable position because of course we can't you know he says the u.s. can't stand for this but as we've all agreed here there's a lot of money at stake right here it's possible and i think that alex has already alluded to it. the west may be looking for a different partner in saudi arabia. well that could be because it's not that we have to remind our viewers it's not a country it's a it's a family ok and there are other members of the family in it without the saudis ruling if there would just be arabia so it is a family enterprise but i think that trump put himself a little bit in this difficult position because during the whole campaign he
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pointed out that the saudis were the main sponsor of terrorism and you know he would not bow to the saudis unlike his predecessor and then he had to flip will he did recognize the strategic interests also the commercial interests in maintaining good relations with the saudis so he went over there and you know paid his tribute like any other american president. i think he's put in a difficult position i suspect this being a lot of domestic issues because obviously the people of britain would not have come out against obama in this kind of way so he called trump's treasonous in the past for a meeting with putin so. again his i think that it also reflects how american politics of polarized so the if the opposition can really put trump in a bill i think they're likely to jeopardize the relationship with saudi arabia by calling him out and essentially they're going to challenge this partition all heart of a by any means. necessary i think what's really interesting is that one of the things
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the mantras that you hear about middle east politics is a rand is the. chief supporter of terrorism in the world ok but you have if in case in this case. shogi was killed by. saudi intelligence personnel. in a foreign country in a consulate that is nothing less than an out of state terrorism so it's kind of like the pot calling the kettle black here when we do find the truth behind all of this and like we said we pretty much know what i think most people are hinting at what happened the saudis the family will survive they will they will throw b.s. under the bus in order to survive at the end of the day the world family are survivors so i think m.p.'s his days are numbered i think trump was hurt by what happened i forget that jarrett cushion or spoke to m.p.'s they said they spoke almost a whole night together and they were discussing policy and stuff so i mean all of
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trump's media family also got burned really bad you could tell that trump did not like it and you don't cross trump i think at the end of the day trump will take action if and when they decide to publish or to come out with the truth of what happened is the interesting thing is stressing the fact that it is a royal family saying the crown prince is sanctioning the entire family that's what makes it complicated well let me remind the viewers who was the main any me or president and mohamed been so long the president you know. bashar al laughs so tell me about your in the mist and i will tell you who you are maybe if mr austin has such terrible images the people who are able to commit a murder and then hide it maybe he's not so bad after all that's what we have been told by the western media for so many years and again i think the western media now will try to sell us the story that all of the trump support that the saudi family
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it all started i think you john brennan is already right and i think his article to alter the. u.s. moral readership on the global stage now well well i would remind all of us that it was a bomb of course support that. haven't been so months intervention in yemen which mr brennan is now calling the disastrous for a into yemen and of course quote brennan was in power when the foreign took it to yemen start at all because the it started with his former support it's very interesting and really anything else because glenn was absolutely right to bring in the domestic politics in the us about this is that it is the images that here i guess history started two years ago because everybody else there's a need to talk about what would have been beforehand you remember we have stressed on this program over and over again i've always talked about the the envelope the drug has in his pocket he checks everything off for his reelection he inherited all
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of this ok it was not of his doing i'm not defending donald trump i think his relationship his enhanced relationship with saudi arabia is toxic to the core and he's going it's coming back to haunt it was the first country to what turns country let's not forget that so so trump does have some responsibility there but i think he will take action as far as bread and goes is not the same brand that was trying to overthrow anti thrown trump is not the same bread that started you created it because it's not the same bread it. that started syria is not the same bread in there that we started to run through russia russia russia russia and cuba brennan and killed thousands of people in yemen by groups everybody's you can read together exactly yemen was the first victim or the drone campaign and now brennan is criticizing mohamed bin song for the sounds of this foray into yemen but also mr
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mr i think mohamed bin solomon has given us kumi six eat he has nothing but praise article for muhammad bin nayef the former head of the saudi intelligence who was basically removed by muhammad bin so much recently he says that this person was due pulled by the vig to crawl in prince out of court well that reminds me also we have a retired cia and involved in another regime change this guy ever retire. or do it all the time for many things a very good singer in moscow and thanks to our viewers for what.
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obama codified the worst honesty's of wall street institutionalized the kleptocracy john a blind eye to the excesses of the really don't the wraps on on on financed in america are still frank with impunity and this is draining the swamp unfortunately i must say that it does mean that interest rates are going to start going higher and this is for the first time in thirty two years the bond market bull rally we've had with thirty two years or longer this looks like it's coming to. and that is a fundamental shift kids change in the economy for the world and for the united states going forward so that will be the big story of the next twenty four months. i know. palin.
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i. haven't.
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officially getting rich. trade investment and tourism have all increased over the last few years. but this is a country that's still in recovery from the genocide by the committee rouge in the one nine hundred seventy s. . millions live in extreme poverty survive your own little more than a dollar a day. homelessness is a constant threat. and children are especially vulnerable. unicef estimate that a third of the country's sex workers are under eighteen.


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