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investigative documentary. ghost war on r.t. . that was. it was it was and. it. was a live. look at. the diplomats to come on those ships a little bit in the one nine hundred people were killed and at least seventy injured in a shooting and bomb attack at a college in the southern russian city of carried out by an eighteen year old students be atrocities left those who survived and shall. i must leave you sorry i'm old paul if you are the good you thought. even want to see you could you believe. that the similarities are being drawn to the columbine
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massacre in the u.s. almost two decades ago when fifteen people died. u.s. secretary of state mike pompei over heads home after visiting saudi arabia and turkey to find out what happened to missing journalist jamal khashoggi. and a german kindergarten provokes an outcry for promoting itself as having hardly any migrants. to. a warm welcome you are watching r t international broadcasting to you live from the russian capital and they care and good to have you with us. now a gun and bomb attack at
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a college in crimea has left nineteen people dead zones more than seventy injured it was carried out by a students who later committed suicide here's the moment of the attack obtained by a video agency replica. thank you very much of a. book for you. to talk with so cannot i should talk about it before i got the silver thank you. oh. are. you going to the scene because. you. are one of the students who was at the college during the attack spoke to us say.
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it is you know those that have all your. clothes that you're good value. but the father did during the visit go. through. i'm of the views that i know if you are the boys you thought. me you know why do you. r.t. correspondent maria for national anthem coach with the latest on the tragedy we are right now meters away from the polytechnic a college chain russia's crimean city of courage where a terrible absolutely shocking tragedy happened earlier on wednesday a gunman opened a wild party inside the called age during the break between the classes at the time when the students were have in the line chairs were chatting carelessly happily to
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each other than he did to native an explosive device with metal parts inside it to increase the damage and shot himself dad fourteen people died at the scene and now there are four died had the hospital dozens of others were injured in this mass shooting the latest right now is that at least three of them are in coma ten are in intensive care and doctors right now off fighting for their lives trying to save them to as you can see the road leading to the college is cordoned off right now the best gate as are working at the scene they suspect that the gunman was an eighteen year old student off the same college where he opened far here you can see . the cars are coming from the scene of the entire country and broke the hearts of so many people and his you can see right now the reason the moral side
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organized here people come here to. to think about those who died and they bring candles and flowers and. toys. all those who were killed were aged between eighteen and twenty stories we know but this information is not yet confirmed because identification process is still on the go and look at this very touching moment nineteen people dad is what really makes these tragedy very special in a very bad bloody way. it literally. explode when you look at looking.
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at the small. bust in the field in the we just said it's come out of a list it's janja of share list if i can trust it if can for if we go talking. which came to jim has been or was inches of water fittingly isn't it was that it means every way to start the book prosequi the girl what the and also it's my vision a little more than that eve question choices now. if you do that that we go to commercial you are watching mother up in unity. because the the dogs are some of the energy work i should like of of the capital city at least the last bit of the game makes you more directly device got you know the. new jeeps year if you. buy new most of the singing because of my new i
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just read book that on my trip when you go to another girl you when you look at it go. with them but i mean i would really check you choose to be able. the gunman is believed to be a student of the coalition and aged eighteen he was found dead in the building off the shooting himself similarities of being drawn to another atrocity carried out almost twenty years ago we did a collection of has the details two words that come to mind after a wednesday tragic events copycat attack the scenario of the school massacre in the crimean city of courage as old but our carbon kopi off another school shooting that took place in the u.s. nineteen years ago columbine became perhaps an inspiration to a young shooter from crimea the similarities are chilling one of the columbine shooters and the crimean gunman are all of the same age only eighteen years old
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they were even dressed in similar black and white and they acted as if from the same playbook explosives placed in the canteen a serious of gunshots suicides in the school library the difference there were two shooters in the columbine attack and they killed thirteen students the crimean gunman was acting alone but somehow he managed to kill even more but what's even more disturbing he wasn't the first one to draw his inspiration from the columbine pair earlier this year two students attempted to carry out a similar attack and the city of perm they too were lots of aces by the american massacre the question is how many more will follow the gruesome example.
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you know such talk out of me are seems more of those kinds of attacks which week or mass shootings this is something that we look at sometimes called a copycat crime united states and certainly been struggling with this issue of mental illness of violent offender with moncho most recently we're seeing shootings at schools. this is not that uncommon of you know really in the united states that you know when there is one kind of in a chart you're more likely to see. carried out in the same words what he
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would r.t. will be keeping across any further developments following the attack in crimea and will bring you any updates. or who. are. now moving to other news the u.s. secretary of state has just concluded a visit to turkey and saudi arabia focusing on the international uproar over a missing journalist turkey accuses a saudi hit squad of murdering jamal who shot j inside the saudi consulate in istanbul two weeks ago and claims to have a recording of the incident my pompei i was asked to comment on that alleged recording. i don't have anything to say about that well we know what they could have discussed they could have gotten to the bottom of whether or not jamal khashoggi was indeed killed tortured and then dismembered as the consul watched as reports seem to indicate
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however it seems that they focused rather on what seemed to be almost perfect about the u.s. saudi relationship we have lots of important relationships and then to relationships between us saudi companies government relationship things we work on together all across the world the efforts to reduce the risk to the united states of america from the world's largest state sponsor of terror ron those are elements of u.s. national policy that are for our in americans best interests. if you don't treat. it as if you. do. you. now pales comments referred to saudi arabia as a purchaser of american goods primarily military hardware and he seemed to talk
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about saudi arabia as an ally against what he sees as the primary source of evil in the region iran now this is not so much different from what we heard from mike pompei i was boss of the u.s. president so i did arabia has been a very important ally of ours in the middle east and we are stopping the rain and trying to stop with stopping over everyone a big step for we took away that ridiculous deal that was made by the previous administration and they are an ally we have a very good allies in the middle east but if you look at saudi arabia they're an ally of tremendous purchaser donald trump's comments come as there is a huge amount of pressure mounting on the administration in response to outrage about the shoji incident president trump is. criticizing the condemnation of saudi arabia over the case of missing journalist jamal khashoggi residence stunning statement as three sources tell c.n.n. that a high ranking officer with the saudi intelligence agency oversaw the saudis are
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now claiming was an interrogation and he wanted to a building in never came out of the building what are we talking about in the building was saudi if he's dead said republican senator marco rubio today the u.s. must respond or it risks its own standing the administration assures us that saudi arabia will get to the bottom of what actually took place eventually we're going to give them the space to complete their investigations of this incident when they issue their report will form our judgment about their next step in the decisions they make about accountability connected to this so the world just needs to sit back and have faith in the kingdom of saudi arabia former u.s. diplomat jim believes washington will do anything to keep the saudis on side against iran let's remember that the trumpet ministration for a number of reasons but i think primarily influence from israel and saudi arabia has a vendetta against iran that iran is responsible for everything wrong in the world
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or iran is the number one sponsor of terrorism iraq is is is a regional threat of course this is all nonsense but this is what the israelis and the saudis want and that is the primary policy that it unites washington with riyadh and i think they find it want to find some way to preserve that so i think this is a way of emphasizing it in american context of that we somehow need the saudis in order to confront this very very evil threat coming from iran. back after this break.
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i've been saying the numbers mean something they matter the u.s. has over one trillion dollars in debt more than ten white collar crime stamped each day. eighty five percent of global wealth he longs to be ultra rich eight point six percent market saw thirty percent just last year some with four hundred to five hundred trade per second per second and bitcoin rose to twenty thousand dollars. china's building two point one billion dollars a i industrial park but don't let the numbers overwhelm. the only number you need to remember is one one business show you can't afford to miss the one and only.
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a comeback u.s. warplanes have accidentally struck a kurdish convoy and east in syria killing six allied forces as according to russian military ounce diplomatic sources. has the details. a fifteen fighter jets belonging to the u.s. led coalition in syria have mistakenly bombed syrian could units in the eastern province of the early hours are near the town of now the syrian units were carrying out an offensive against the last of what remains of islamic state in that part of the country and we are hearing from a military diplomatic source that the mistake was the result of a lack of professionalism and coordination between the united states and the syrian kodesh fighters on the ground but at the same time we are hearing that this did not
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disrupt the operation that they were however a number of defections among the ranks of the syrian democratic forces and some islamic state fighters did manage to take over some new territories but that the operation continued now for more than six months the u.s. led coalition and syrian kurds have been involved in offensive against the islamic state stronghold in the area but this has been largely unsuccessful so certainly a very alarming situation unfolding on the ground was the u.s. central command to comment on the alleged bombing in syria and are waiting to hear back from them meanwhile human rights lawyer down kovalchuk believes the case could further complicate u.s. relations with the kurds. i have every reason to believe that it's true that they are. these kurds it may very well been an accident but that's the problem. with war and this is an example of the many disastrous unintended consequences
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that the us has brought about by its intervention in syria the kurds have always the cannon fodder and pawns for the us gains in the middle east when will the kurds finally decide the us is not a reliable car that is hard to say judging from the past i have to believe that will just disappear and be forgotten and frankly i doubt it will even hear about of much on mainstream media ever in the united states. as a woman can gotten has the box control of a safe while promoting itself as a nursery with hardly any microphones and he says that they has the story. when hunting for a daycare center for your children what tops the list great teaching good cadmus not mr well how about hardly any migrants one can say cotton in the wealthy town of hamburg promoted just that leaving some parents moved to fight in
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a promotional price they highlighted the following. of the families with the migrant bank ground only a few take care they've since deleted the sentence was deleted one sentence that accurately describes the fact that there are only a few families with a migration background the kindergarten few families does not mean no families at all the kindergarten also insisted it stands for inclusion and this is equally a pencil children of german origin and families with a migration backgrounds but that's not the kindergartens only statements that true criticism it adds that the financial situation of parents living in the kindergartens area is actually a large number of parents pursue self employed activity such as lawyers doctors organizational consultants brokers business owners the backlash was quick to follow . yeah enough money you can do as much stay decades in until you have them let the stupid plagues mingle with you these are the nazis in the guise of clean pure
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democrats should lead in mosques itself with an immigrant free daycare center and the villa neighborhood the socially leitz we decided to say what germans think about the issue as a mother i would not accept it i mean you should and you could use other ways to attract people so one thing to do because if you don't know each other you can't live together you can only understand each other when you grow up together from the your list moment people will have international meet people from all of that evolved so i think it's. really really important already young. people can go different cultures different ways of living and so on that also parents favor a multicultural society when it comes to words on their children they start bringing attention to the proportion of needs of nationals in the schools and so forth so there might be discrepancy between what they say or do our daughter was in
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the kindergarten for spanish germans and so there were a lot of nations latino nations and germans together and they spoke spanish and german and their kin their god so she learned both languages thinking about everyone wants the best for their children whether the best means having non migrant classmates and why the school should be bragging about this issue is another matter altogether and i'll say bell in. the native americans have expressed outrage over what they see as the politically motivated hijacking of their identity by senator elizabeth warren she took a d.n.a. test to rebuke donald trump. being a native american has been tart my story i guess since the day i was born we have
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a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago she of the great tribal heritage what tribe let me think about what they call or pocahontas i've got a war in the blood in me that pocahontas. dollars your favorite chad hates a black child if you take that test if it shows your. lists . that warren releasing results of a d.n.a. test showing she has very distant native american ancestry the reports suggest warren has just a trace of native american heritage d.n.a. tests prove white woman white woman the people questioning whether this revelation
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really did when her and the point do you think that the president owes elizabeth warren a million dollars or whatever it was a little bit more i would make sure that when i walk out pay me what you call me. the problem with the d.n.a. test is that it proves nothing of relevance the ought to be respected in terms of what it means for example had to be a charity. tom can say whatever he wants and not. mocking native americans or in any order to try to get me to snuff american students for. so regular everyday sane people the argument about well who's a percentage of this race and their race is naturally important people are just worried about how am i going to get to work every day you know my car is broken
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down i need to have a job to begin with you know i want to be zero to have a secure life for myself i want to have food to eat a nice place to stay there word of bo basic tangible things that people have to have every single day but sort of frames extremist that are out there the far left to far right is a maybe and to the media it is very important because that's all day if he were to us he would love to hear your thoughts on all of us stories that i didn't get in touch by following us on social media and join us again at the top of the alkaloids . after repeated denials the saudis are now expected to change their story on the fate of jamal khashoggi was he the victim of abduction and torture that went too
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far donald trump has expressed concern but little more some are saying riyadh to get away with murder. in a world of big partisan movies. and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the back and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. china is in the software it's in the hardware as opposed to this so-called threat from russia where they're spreading needs that influence people to vote against
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their better interest they put in me a bernie sanders as a. bodybuilder and this worked the mines of america to vote against their interests but china is actually infiltrating the hardware with actual chips try this actually paper train the soccer with actual malicious software that's ok we'll talk about that. later. this is boom bust broadcasting around the world and covering the world of business and finance and the impact upon all of us i'm bart chilton in washington d.c. we're glad you're aboard thanks for being with us coming up today there is significant business fallout with saudi arabia over the revelations are related to the disappearance a potential murder of washington post journalist him off the show the party's alex my halal bitch is standing by i will give you the latest plus we speak about
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markets all the time and give you our weekly market wrap up well today we take a little different look at how to diversify and cushion your investments as some say a bear market is either here or around the corner brian livingston the author of muscular portfolios joins us for that discussion and even you leaders have just finished meeting with british prime minister theresa may regarding rex that look at the latest developments with the c.e.o. of throw mark hilary forward to our breakfast expert plus later the biggest selling drug in the world will become less expensive all over europe as a patent expires but will others outside of the e.u. see similar benefits molly farrow is a contributor on american morning will tell. us the details all that directly ahead but first we had some headlines go. major news in the energy sector leads our global report today as general electric has taken a big bite out of
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a fifteen billion dollars electrical equipment contract in iraq that had seemed set to go to european rival siemens a g. of germany under the contract g.e. will supply equipment sufficient to power the homes of three hundred thousand iraqis the truck of ministration diplomats meeting earlier with iraqi officials reportedly invoked the deaths of seven thousand u.s. soldiers as part of the iraq war which began in two thousand and three as an argument for giving the contract to a u.s. company by the way in two thousand and six the lancet medical journal published an estimate of six hundred fifty thousand iraqis whose lives were lost in that war the contract win is especially good news for g.e. because it shores up their ailing power business as their c.e.o. considers radical restructuring including selling off major g.e. divisions g.e. stock shot up in trading earlier today by forty cents per share on the news. japan's fourth largest publicly traded company is visibly reconsidering the risk of
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business ties to saudi arabia after the alleged murder of journalist jim off the show get a saudi consulate and istanbul turkey more than two weeks ago whom busters will recall that softbank group previously unveiled a one hundred billion dollar investment vehicle they called the vision fund with forty five billion dollars of that total coming from saudi arabia just a week ago saudi crown prince mohammed bin solomon said the monarchy might invest another forty five billion in a second vision fun but now soft bank chief operating officer says the group is anxiously looking at what is happening in saudi arabia and there is no certainty about a second vision fun much less a furred as had previously been suggested by softball. officials softbank is also currently slated to build a two hundred billion dollars solar plant in saudi arabia at least for now but soft bank isn't the only business reevaluating their business ties tooth the saudi kingdom here with more is r t correspondent alex the hell of it you joins us from
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toronto alex we've seen a lot of people pull out of these so-called davos in the desert this financial conference taking place in riyadh saudi arabia due to the circumstances surrounding this or could show be there are some really big names here both people and businesses that have or were looking to have business and economic relations with saudi arabia even with billions of dollars at stake it looks like many people are picking principles above profits what do you make of it alex of are set to see that an alleged dismemberment of a journalist is what it takes for people to start focusing on what saudi arabia is doing in this world the famine and the genocide in yemen doesn't seem to be enough or we can even go back to nine eleven but it seems that maybe the governments aren't looking at this hard enough but some companies are and they are pulling out of this conference which is very important to the future of saudi arabia and i'm going to give you a pretty long list here of companies.


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