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on a range one such as the prime minister i think dropped the ball to restart because she accepted that there are there was a problem with the border and stead of kicking back and saying there isn't a problem there is need to be a problem we have to we can find ways of monitoring tree and across the border collecting taxes about be connected and everything else but chichi doesn't of course that's why we're not at the impossible and you look at many times the government has moved its negotiating position to accommodate the demands of europe out of some possible than to do a deal with someone when you show such weakness on them i think that the prime minister has at this stage now i got to consider does she take her heels and does she even back some of the compromises he's already offered to the un say ok what we're going to fight a fight that's mine and we'll get the sort of i mean not in march you will finish up paying the consequences you have german carmakers will pay the consequences lances french winemakers will pay the consequences the irish economy will pay the consequences because it will lose its me in market in the g.d.p. and g.d.p.
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were were up for a fight fighting talk there from sammy wilson now by one single independent unionists all of northern ireland's m.p. sitting in the commons are democratic unionists this is because it has been a long standing tradition of northern ireland second largest partition fain to abstain from sitting at westminster despite the election of seven m.p.'s however there is no such part of them taking their seats in the door island dublin or in the european parliament. fifty earlier this year to alex so you think we don't need a limit don't know what explains their stance an abstention isn't with mr another push to ireland in europe it's a new leadership in fear and when you look at the the strong influence the decisive position of the democratic universal formula one hundred full of m.p.'s not having the house of commons you take to reverse the abstentions policy maker for the into the past westminster and upset the apple cart no we don't take our seats we
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continue in that tradition because for us irish political decisions are to be made rightfully in our land for irish people thirty years of troubles twenty years of peace but of course a breakthrough process which some people believe is a fundamental danger to the peace process how do you evaluate the braggs is the good friday agreement are mutually incompatible you cannot have brags that you cannot have a forcing of the north of ireland i was of the european union on the one hand and still claim to honor in word and spares and last are the good friday agreement it is in our view as stark as the us and i listened to theresa may and i listened to others from the english tories saying that. don't
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worry about the border in ireland ireland will be fine on the one hand and then insisting that britain will leave the customs union leave the single markers and so on and of course the reality is that those two positions are completely at odds with each other i think the tories have played a very dangerous game no way can arland or show daryn and or will argument be the collateral damage in the midst of all of the us. the idea of reimposing a border on the island is not just economically disruptive it's potentially jeopardizes the entire political infrastructure of the good friday agreement the executive itself in the north and the assembly the northern institutions are built on are premised on the notion of european standards and regulations and law so this is a big problem for us bragg says is a disaster and i would not say that the d p have what i what i would understand are
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considered to be a position of huge strengths i think they they find themselves as a particular moment in time with a particular mathematical relationship don't get me wrong i think this confidence and supply arrangement between the tories and the day is is wrong i think it absolutely compromises the british government's claims to impartiality or independence i think it is highly problematic from that point of view it's one of the political consequences of bricks of this provision of course or from the peace accords for a referendum or my own under certain circumstances or not we should have to is it your opinion the blood makes such a referendum very likely or than. never trouble at some stage i think it
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demonstrates very clearly just how vulnerable the north of ireland is in the within the union because let's face it the people in the north voted to stay and yet that could be totally disregarded and i know for roots a scenario where investment into arlen's the economic activity right across the island people born on the island of ireland. who take for granted the fact that they can do simple things like travel throughout europe like europe is people's hinterland now people have grown up with the access for education for work and so on but even unionist politicians of advising people who get are if i were precisely precisely because these are things that people value i wouldn't go so far as to say that it makes irish unity inevitable but i certainly think it underscores the common sense of the united are and the common sense of actually managing our
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own political affairs and not allowing other forces beyond you to actually overrule and override decisions democratic decisions made by the people i think that it's sets that are very clearly i was speaking to mary lou mcdonald in dublin earlier this year but this week she was buck in front of the house of commons delivering a press briefing after a meeting with the prime minister she turned to the subject that one unintended consequence of or no deal blitz that could be to provoke conditions for the poor irish unity in northern ireland i have to say three some a took her fees really to say nothing terribly new. i think it's worth remembering that. from the outset when the article fifty process was triggered and when the negotiations started everybody accepted including the british governments that
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there was a particular case to be bait for ireland that there is a particular. the border about the entrusts of our island north and south and that there was a common and shared to objective to protect the good friday agreement and all of its parts to avoid any hardening of the border and to ensure no to me a new of citizens' rights mrs may for that i'm very high on happy to record that since that time the british government have rolled back on those commitments and we can only surmise that passes on the say so of the d u p a parsi who do not represent all right to kill a did you of the majority of people in the north of ireland who voted to remain so we've heard this evening mrs may talk about a temporary backstop a temporary answer that we need to be absolutely care that breaks us itself is not a transitory events the consequences of us will be long. and will be deep
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and so the backstop arrangement the answers to the questions for ireland have to be ensuring the idea of a time bind or a temporary little arrangement simply will not cut the mustard and if mrs may hitches her wagon to the most extreme rags to tears including the d u p i think this history will judge her very badly we're now at crunch time these are times of history these are times of big decision and it would not be acceptable for mrs may to act purely for political expediency whether that's to hold her go for months are her party together what's your. now from his big leadership at long term leadership she has to do the right thing by irene and nothing short of will suffice and let me also say this too to those of a unionist persuasion who perhaps mice wish for
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a hard. end to misguided belief that that somehow resolves the issue of the border in ireland let me say this if there is a crash if there is a hard spraggs what then there will be an immediate demand for a referendum and i appreciate. it would not be. in any way acceptable that all of the damage of a hard break be visited on the island of ireland and for the british government to accept. north and south to simply take that on the chin and be philosophical about it so if there is a section of unionism and i've heard this articulation very irresponsibly by some who believe that actually are hard breaks this is a good day out for the union i would say to them think again think long and think card is clear but both shouldn't. mean business in terms of this struggle so join us off the brake on the little democrat the unionist party
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i think scuppered last week's don't know. anything in which they appear to settle. and you. don't pound up on a flower. i am cold cold enough. to know more my. in film than there is a trade in young girls sold into an underground sex in the street sometimes but the people they trust the most.
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over the last decade russia's foreign policy has been deeply related to the united states senate approach at the wall when the american political reality became stranger than fiction mosco was the bilateral relations to give thanks to normalcy but what exactly should it do. pranking gave americans a lot of job opportunities i needed to come up here to make some money i could make twenty five thousand dollars as a teacher or i could make fifty thousand dollars a year truck so i chose a truck people rush to a small town in north dakota was an unemployment rate of zero percent it was like the gold rush is very very similar to a gold rush but this beautiful story ended with pollution and devastation a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here in the mountains
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and the slowdown so much they lost their jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. it's a tough reality to deal. welcome back after the dramatic intervention of the d.p. last week threatening if necessary to vote that in the government's budget next month the fall of the week and the confusion and threatened resignations and not just in the usual bricks suspects but from some peta slick considered loyal to the prime minister and a statement on monday treason a tried to buy time still under pressure from all sides but in particular from the d u p which he confirmed it's single market customs union the u.k. leaving the e.u. to. gather with our i lived off either in the single market or customs union different in the u.k. leaves the united kingdom when the u.k. leaves the european union it will be the u.k. that leaves the european union we will be leaving the european union together i'm
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very clear there should be no hard border between northern ireland and but as we've put forward proposals we can deliver on that and maintain the integrity of our union and of course what we're looking at in relation to the and we made that very clear when the european union made their proposal that would effectively have carved northern ireland away from the rest of the united kingdom in their backstop proposal it's precisely because we cannot accept their backstop to a backstop because they continue to want to want to see that in fact what we want to see in a backstop is a situation where northern ireland business is composed export the great britain and the european union actually that would be a good position for the northern ireland this is alex spoke to senior d.p.m. ph and shannon to have his assessment on whether the crisis is past. committee you're back to last design. democrat unionist party the prime minister of
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the dangers of the so-called backstop do you believe this last week. of come home to roost for dining street it's a disappointment we are where we are because we felt that last december we had made our position very very clear unfortunately we've had a lot of a lot of discussions. rumors and. all there are legations and stories put forward but the thing's been pretty clear this week has been a difficult week this week probably will be the combination of of where we are we're not happy with where the direction that the prime minister is indicating. and we're very clear we are that we are totally the bikes that we want to be treated nordan. everybody else. you would be prepared to withdraw support from the. serious.
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political. leader we met last week we. on the agricultural. work. because we need the government and we can tell them in advance we were very clear that we are prepared to push. in the wrong direction. but. told us last week. what i would suggest to the prime minister that.
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we only have one option and not one option unfortunately it's not the one i want to see. as a whole despite the opposition. the other. i'm not represented in the house of commons either because. the. position does not give you a response ability to represent all of the opinion of. not just be position which was only supported by a minority a sizeable minority but still a minority. i never. committed a. majority. vote.
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but remember that as. the. regional vote. taken. and. so do we had to move forward some of my colleagues and some of my friends would be of the opinion that we should be trying to get a date with what i want the prime minister of my party leader. to do but if we can't get them we have to look at the consequences that. can bring a conclusion successful conclusion. and those talks can finally. complacency . is that they believe you
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wouldn't general election and the potential. for you to be less. many of your colleagues would be the. reason the government up until now. i'm not sure. but. we're not afraid of elections. we get the people and the people. from either side with a few exceptions to the. i don't have any wish to see jeremy carbon and the position of rb a prime minister or government whatever it may be i believe the prime minister at this moment pain if he looks at where she is gone and plots course tediously and
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carefully and in cooperation with the d p i think we can find a way forward but she's got to respect this is going to trust us he's got to build the trust of shannon thank you very much i came in with a liking. to provide an analysis of the week where island has once again dominated the bracks it better ask alex spoke to john tongue professor of british and irish politics at the university of liverpool john welcome back to the alex salmond show pleasure. some people because it surprised by the the vehemence both puts the democratic unionist party state the position of an alim force that would be show last week samuelson on this program last week or even nigel dogs in the in the commons with the prime minister on monday what lies behind strong statement of position. i don't think we should be surprised that the u.p.a. has always been an undersea european union party and that the u.p.a. has always believed that northern ireland must be an integral part of the united
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kingdom in constitutional and economic terms of course that the piece of ports divergence in other respects on issues like same sex marriage or on abortion but in constitutional terms that the u.p.a. fears that anything that aligns northern ireland more closely with the e.u. and in this case the republic of ireland given what's proposed in respect to the border that's the slippery slope to united ireland and the d u p as the hardline yunis party that it is will not countenance anything like that to spite the fact that no other when voted as a whole in favor of remain the do you feed don't seem to have tempered of policy against the european union at all nor do they seem frightened of another of general . election certainly not fright of an election because the have medically sealed boxes the northern islands ethnic blocks the day you people still be top dog among tunis if there was to be a general election tomorrow the d.p.
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would probably return with ten seats possibly eleven seats so that the peace and don't fear the general election secondly the outcome of a general election may well be a hung parliament again so the d.p. could potentially still have influence certainly the conservatives with the largest party and the d.p. are bluffing when they say they will vote things down or like a budget conservative budget i think that's part of the reason that treason may won't conclude any sort of agreement with the anyway given that cannot get its budget through the house of commons is frankly a government paralyze you can't do anything you can't approve any expenditure you can't even approve payments the european union that will form part of the divorce settlement so the d.p.s. position is very very very important indeed the only way they could be bypassed would be of treason may could come up with a leave package that attracted the support of labor m.p.'s on the opposite side that was up a moment just a moment in the prime minister's statement last monday where she seemed to suggest
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to be that they could actually end up in a preferential position to the rest of the united kingdom with. the u.k. market and preferential access to the european market but that's not something even a preferential position that they do you be interested in northern ireland could actually enjoy boom time if people relent on this position but the d.p. have this almost paranoid fear which you know admittedly is partly a consequence of the legacy of the troubles that they are being you know the deeds of trans fair. been placed upon them to force them ever closer to the irish republic and eventually united ireland that they're being shipped out of the united kingdom of treason. goes down the road that she has tentatively proposed and certainly hinted at to nigel dodds in a statement last monday so if you're thinking about this dual alliance developing between the scottish conservatives and the democratic unionist party would it be
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fair to say that the scottish conserves and the do you have in common that they will never never never except economic profound because the fear of the political consequences to the union yes constitutional politics from everything else for both of those parties that the u.p.a. talks about northern ireland's position in the united kingdom being threatened on an almost daily basis davidson say she never wants to hear anything more about an independence referendum but she daily talks about constitutional politics and has tried to mobilize the anti independence vote behind her party thinking about the developments or lack of them from a fein perspective that the second largest party in northern ireland the third largest party in the public. people in shouldn't fear a toll jealous that the influence that the do you have at westminster which they can never have a substantial us party or do they think the way things are the slog might work to
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the benefit of their ambitions for a united ireland. chavez been hugely critical of the d.p.'s relationship with the conservatives at westminster they argue it's a partisan relationship which isn't any good for the people northerners or as a whole and it's to the detriment of the nationalist community yes there have been voices that have said why don't the shin fein why don't you take your seats at westminster your your seven seats to which you're entitled on the basis of sheen feigns mandate but it's too big a step fashion for him to swear an oath of allegiance to a british monarch it will be very hypocritical of him fain to do that it would also be very divisive within shin fein you need a two thirds majority within the party for them to take their seats so it certainly isn't going to happen in the short and medium terms if it ever happens professor john tong thank you very much indeed my pleasure. in the run up to last christmas to resume
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a thought she had clocked the first phase of the blacks at the girl she actions only pulled up short by a flag of convenience friends in the d. you be in the said that she ignored the vase for them blacks are said to david davis by keeping our allies out of the loop until the very last minute the ghost of christmas past let the prime minister off of a humiliating delivery a warning and some big u.s. words on the backstop. it seems unlikely that the ghost of christmas present will let off so lightly the images presented to the prime minister for this winter are not appealing there is no commons majority for the checkers fudge or anything that resembles that the only way to avoid the unpalatable choice between an eye this border and an eye they see barbara is to stand the single market and the customs union ironically the may be a parliamentary majority for the us but it would split the conservative party asunder meanwhile to pursue
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a basic trade deal of color the plus might itself good though to defeat in the commons and it would represent the final political humiliation of facing defeat on someone else's policy conservative m.p.'s might conclude if that's to be the direction of approach it would be better advocated by someone who actually believes in it for it to be some h.r. between a brussels backstop and some northern irish hard cases life is far from easy she would be forgiven for believing that things could hardly be more difficult. she should remember that the most terrifying spectacle that the can see in store today is not the ghost of christmas past or present but the spirit of what is yet to come . now if that wasn't enough for the embattled prime minister next week shall we examine for all of us a fall the looming celtic problem for these a me is the good ship but i know steaming towards the scottish iceberg in the form of a legal case which could blow the european debate white open. unity and reform group
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will be choking on g n t's not only is it a wash night me of the utopian court that they saw despise has the love of it but it's been brought by the jocks well it's certainly ok you often blacks that we'll see you next week and so it's goodbye for now. on the what are. your total.
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oh you are going to go to post pieces that move for you. and your i still don't pal. i'm not the. type i am talking. to them while i. well. in film plan there is a trade in young girls sold into an underground sex in the street sometimes by the people they trust the most. i'm not a cub. i
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don't have faith in this government official love president i don't have faith in the system. of god i'm too liberal the system is not designed for people like me who move. as bloodless. different people who are here for different reasons but also job loss. most people in philadelphia are only about two paychecks away from homelessness.
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legally the moment that it was over that i thought. about. the headlines here on r.t. international people born in the crimean city of coach after twenty people were killed and up to seven injured in a shooting and a bomb attack.


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