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an investigative documentary. ghost war. when i was a child small seemed wrong wrong but all the girls just all. the world to get to say power is they become educated and in gaining strength because of the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground.
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greetings and salutation. well well well well well talk watchers we've gone from make america great again to make america cold again cold war that is this weekend united states president donald trump and his usual eloquence and candor declared to the world that the united states will no longer be honoring one nine hundred eighty seven is intermediate range nuclear forces treaty or i and the trump told reporters quote we'll have to develop those weapons we're going to terminate the agreement and we're going to pull out this comes our good friend national security adviser john bolton begins two days of meetings this week with russian officials in moscow for those not familiar with the i.n.f. treaty it was one of the biggest end of the cold war agreements between russia and the united states and its signing resulted in the destruction of over two thousand short and medium range missiles between the two superpowers signed by u.s. president ronald reagan and the soviet union president mikhail gorbachev back in
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one thousand nine hundred seven the treaty required the united states and the soviet union to eliminate him permanently forswear all of their nuclear and conventional ground launched ballistics and cruise missiles with ranges of five hundred to fifty five hundred kilometers and other words my friends it helped end it nucular proliferation in europe and keep armageddon that bay. to live course u.s. president trump a national security adviser johnny the chicken hawk bolton in the united states congress decided we needed to make nukes great again and include in the two thousand and eighteen n.b.a. fifty eight million for a conventional road mobile ground launch cruise missile with the range prohibited by the treaty but we're going make it anyway. all you dems out there i want you to take a big big where you hashtag resistance corporate democrats because this my friends is what you're russia gape fear mongering looks like an impending nuclear arms race
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and armageddon fears all in time for breakfast now let's start watching the hawks. to. get the. real thing we. need to pull out of this. like you know that i got. with. with. this. because i. welcome everyone to watching the hawks i am tyrrel ben turner and joining me just to discuss the latest on the trump white house moves to end the island of treaty is the host of news views q you're on r.t. america good man scott you know when he was an r t correspondent sarah month thank you so much for both coming on sarah want to start with you you've been blown the
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story of where are we at at this point i know my good buddy bolton but. i desire to have the right now is that all sarcasm are they are going to start and those that can't i don't know he's a chicken hawk i know he's in russia right now clucking away what's the latest what are we hearing on this so it was some russian officials today still no word as to where we are with the treaty i mean president. i'm just dropped the ball on them on saturday saying that russia is violating these the agreement and that he's going to terminate and pull out and the he's not going to do business with russia like this so he's he's trying to really step it up one stick it one step further and today in front the white house he did tell reporters that that that's exactly his plan to. kill people this bill. will leave them in the. dark not it here to the agreement they should have been done years ago but still
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people come to this as we have more money than anybody else by force will build it up until they come to their senses when they do then when the old guard and the old and well fed by the way not only will we do which i would love to do but right now they have done that here did the agreement they are doing it right whether you want it john i did it right i did it with anybody else who wants to play that game. so so he's saying that he's not going to play that game includes china and russia and until they all meet and come to an agreement he says his plan is to go full force and and continue to build or start on the other hand building nuclear are in the saw here in the arsenal here in the u.s. interesting interesting. what's been the political reaction to this here i mean when you hear this over and over again in this kind of cold war rhetoric of donald and all we're going to end this treaty and we're going to build up to go i
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was never going to come to me it makes sense or not really or whatever whatever it is kind of saying at the moment. you know what what does he have political allies outside of our body bolton i won't fight in vietnam because it's we're going to lose it and they're well let's back the story up here because i think when we get a look at timing and how this assault us we knew bolt was going over to russia but was told to us that he was going to go over there and try to convince russia not to . deescalate their terror their pressure on tariffs with north korea he's doing exposed to save their china that's what we were told that was the justification for this mean that almost on saturday the nukes were involved i'm sorry were the first two years was trying trying to get rid of nukes in our world to deescalate the nukes threat and now of a sudden we're going to bring it up so on one hand you're telling north korea that they mean to denuclearize on the other hairs and guess what we want to build big bad news that's not going to work so well when you're dealing with the egos that we're dealing with kim jong little man and president putin and president trump all
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three of them right now i feel like we're just in there with a chess game where none of them actually want to actually move a piece rather they just want to blow up the entire board that's dangerous speaking of moving pieces server wards moscow's response to all those well after the u.s. accused them of violating the treaty russia did the exact same thing and is also accusing the u.s. of also violating the treaty so they're both pointing the finger at each other the u.s. hasn't officially ended the treaty as of yet the kremlin does say though that if the u.s. and the treaty it's going to make the world a more dangerous place and there are some countries that are backing up the u.s. and others backing up russia so u.s. european allies are concerned and are underlying the importance of the treaty france and germany for example in the european union commissioner have come out and said that voiced their support for the importance of the treaty while britain the u.k. is actually in agreement with the u.s. saying that they should pull out or they should revisit the negotiations of this
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treaty in order for them to move forward though what's also interesting scotties is you know since trump took office we've had you know russia good russia good russia good from a corporate. you know the screams for trying to get tough on russia i think this would probably be pretty tough on russia i want to get out of the treaty when i was there we got. what i'm wondering is you were up political this week. you know how the corporate dems truck themselves are they actually stirring throat of the. or proliferation maybe we've pushed too hard on this anti russia thing maybe we shouldn't be pulling out of treaties like this maybe we've you know motivated to listen to bolton to do this guy is there any so that it's just thought that's what everybody is missing right here outside of maybe the beltway and the people that make money off of war like the ones the neo cons that are surrounding president trump right now most people don't want war most people want the united states to bring their soldiers home from afghanistan most people want us to and that the korean war so majority of people here in this corner wait a minute no no no no no we voted for trump we crossed over didn't vote our own
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party democrat because we knew the truck promised to get it to retract our policing of the rest of the world so all of this to them are going what is going on here and with trump here here's the question i have to wonder why is president this we know why bolton is doing it we know why the neo cons that have bought into this industrial military complex around it because in the end it's all about money and they're going to make a lot of money they made a lot of money off of the raising of the defense budget weapon about actually making our world safer because they want to go buy a new mercedes several of them and fortunately the rest of america at least have a fact cats on wall street now we got the fact cats and waltzed in the white house and it's not the president himself i think he's being told some very bad information but ultimately it intimate him he's got to understand going to war with russia is not as a businessman at the end of the day and so he's going to think like a businessman so they're selling it to him on a business level he might buy into it regardless of what he says on the campaign trail at the end of the day we learn from it my mind is
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a couple of titian just like all the rest all right scottie sarah so much thank you so much for coming on today always a pleasure having you here. at the wall of forgotten natives of the time city of over two hundred homeless native americans in minneapolis minnesota if you only watch to read mainstream and local loop is the most important issue affecting the citizens in the campus drug addiction heroin use in particular and yes while drug abuse is. factor in life at the camp there is a lot more to that story than meets the eye a story of connection that most news agencies choose to ignore or too afraid to touch and a new installment of watching the hawks co-host of the waltzes look at the wall of forgotten natives tab at the spoke with the people on the ground there about the issues of heroin in their community and just what lies beneath the story that everyone outside the camp loves to tell about them.
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it's chemical warfare people been surviving it's in fourteen ninety one the drugs are not the answer it's never been the solution they are part of the pharmaceutical companies but bargemen to keep people asleep to keep people keep using the words conspiracy theory because nothing is a conspiracy is a conspiracy theory when your truth my truth his truth is truth everybody's truth is truth we all are experiencing a different way some people experience it this way some people experience it this way but when they all have similar aspects and they all come together then obviously it's happened just because certain people don't want to accept that this is reality and do something about it doesn't mean it's not but the power that people give away every day by consenting to the process that gets that is fraudulent that is oppressive that is you know the gentrification of this country in a mass scale all the way across the board. in the tent city known as the long forgotten natives in downtown minneapolis minnesota the issue of opiate addiction is on the
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front of many minds and despite the fact that less than a third of residents at the encampment are struggling currently with opiate addiction or abuse their struggle is money many understand and are well aware of how it got into their community on the sort of call you know call the news telling their doctors the post post course and then they have to. stop and stop pushing it if it was being held accountable for. or wherever they were providing the people. is or goal that heroin was fallen and then it became apparent that the families the while a forgotten natives has had help from one group in particular seems to want natives against terror when american indian movement. are supported not your first to jump on it just right away. so we're just supporting them doing what we can one day is going to sound started when our money was twenty fifteen was having
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a lot older than gas so all being in this field of you know i see the harvard option for going to a lot of meetings instead of being intel want to do ads because they actually make those darted or started talking struggle with don cornelio. curriculum so that we interact with dolls and they and then our way and to the stately c.e.o. native american community clinic had this to say about the heroin epidemic and why it's hitting indigenous populations particularly hard the heroin epidemic of course caught everybody and the entire nation by surprise but the conditions for this situation here were really apple fired by the heroin epidemic because you have a group of individuals and a community that are already on significantly franchised and oppressed and excluded from almost practically every opportunity that exists for the rest of the nation right we have the highest rates of poverty we have the highest rates of lack of
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education we have the highest rates on joblessness we have the highest rates of practically every social and health in at economic indicator that you can think that that prevents us from being able to be successful well i think that the heroin epidemic is a lot of people know that we are or they live in probably where we have a lot of drug use and they're. entrepreneurs. couple for called or the troika really and all that they can make a profit off of. is going to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered our facebook and twitter are full shows at our t.v. dot com coming up there have been new moves towards peace of the korean peninsula offer us repair or joins us to discuss these moves ever more so stay tuned to watching the hawks.
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what politicians do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. more some want to. let you go right to be precise this is like the full story in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the water as in the how. things should. is this is hotter than kentucky. overall in this movie the employee says he was very funny easily. a co money since he was almost no co mines left. the jobs are gone all the
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polarizer said that's that it was a drive to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. all right welcome back why u.s. president donald trump and his cabinet stoked nuclear arms tensions by walking away from the i.m.f. treaty with russia on the other side of the world north and south korea been making even more significant moves towards peace on the korean peninsula the two koreas along with the u.n.
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command agreed on monday to withdraw firearms and a number of guard posts in the militarized zone community of drawn this along with the announced suspension of planned joint military exercises between the united states and south korea and we might be seeing a road map to peace finally taking shape there you know for once it makes me happy hawk watchers of the possibility of good news is on the horizon it's refreshing feeling here to discuss the latest news out of the korean peninsula and the potential for peace there is author of education department chair at the hampton institute thank you for coming on again. there are going to start it looking at this latest news the potential you know closing of these eleven guard plosive posts along the d.m.z. the withdrawal of firearms and. how significant are these agreements between north and south korea towards peace. i mean i think they're incredibly significant and you know it's definitely important to a context allies the moves that you know that this isn't
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a new initiative that there has been a a you know a decades long desire for peace and for you reunification on the korean peninsula and there have been numerous practical concrete steps that have taken place you know this is kind of the third iteration that we're seeing right now sense the. june fifteenth two thousand agreement between the. north in the south and i think that what's unique right now is the repetitive with which events are taking place you know it was just january first of this year that kim jong un in his new year's address you know reached out to south korea and initiated this entire process and so in that sense i think it's quite remarkable what has happened these last you know ten months that's a really great great observation to how how fast this is moving is really struck me
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that's why i keep coming back to the subject as i figured it might be one of those things that we're going to see keep moving faster for the good the u.s. and south korea also agreed to suspend as i mentioned recent joint military exercises in light of the peace negotiations going on i want to ask you what is your opinion of the united states' role in this peace process so far you know based on what you've seen you know you were also on the ground in north korea but based on and what is the u.s. done right and what have we done wrong in you know up to this point. yeah well i think that there are there is clearly not a consensus within the washington establishment of about. the d.p. r. k. or north korea and i think in many ways trump is like flying solo and has a lot of the establishment a lot of the pentagon working against him and trying to undermine him i think that the in general i would say that the united states and
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its you know it's sort of tool which is the united nations command has been a primary obstacle towards towards moves for peace and for reunification i think that were it not for the united states i keep asian thirty thousand troops in south korea. the intense intense interlocking sanctions against the country that are to have prevented north and south korea from taking concrete steps towards integrating for example the railways. i think that things would be moving even more quickly and i think that really i mean the primary thing that the united states has to do is really just get out of the way and let the korean people determine their own destiny i mean there's the will for it there is the knowledge and the intellect and the know how and you know in the dr you know how we got a lot of the way like you're saying would we have seen this peace between north and
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south korea would we be seeing this pastor was would you know how would the world for this priest really begin just to give people kind of some context of those first sure yeah well i mean here's the thing you know korea is a nation with five thousand years of history and for all but like seventy of those years it has been a single nation one people you know one language it still is a single nation the fact that it's divided was the result of. the united states in the soviet union in august of one thousand nine hundred five at the end of the world war two the beginning of the cold war and at that point and indigenous government took power in the north and the south and the united states set up a puppet government in the south military dictatorship which ruled brutally over the south for decades until the people were able to overthrow that dictatorship and
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finally realized democracy in the in the one nine hundred eighty s. and so i mean i would locate the drive and the desire. you know. sense the you know thirteen hundreds when when korea was founded as a nation and it's only you know it's intensified over these last decades but there's always been the desire i mean there's you know ten thousand families are separated from each other have been for decades and that's you know i mean it's hard it's hard to really understand you know the impacts that that house. and it's that kind of context i think we're missing a lot from the public debate we see here in the united states you know no one's talking about that kind of history no one's talking about look this is you know the supply of thousand year old country that you have this is we think of it in terms of our involvement there u.s. involvement there what's interesting is according to reuters south korean president moves said that the north was ready to invite international experts to watch the
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dismantling of key missiles of a key missile site and would close the main. nuclear complex if washington took reciprocal actions they mention these reciprocal actions could include declaring a formal end of the korean war a little over do i think we should do that opening a new house liaison office or office in north korea humanitarian aid you know bringing that in and i'm sorry none of these things seem outlandish yet the u.s. is continually dragging its feet there why are we i know you talk a little bit about why is the united states so hot and cold what it comes to finding some kind of peace on the korean peninsula. yeah well i mean i think that it's the there is a hard line in washington you know a hard line grouping that is the dominant grouping and has been because sense one nine hundred forty five i guess nine hundred forty eight when. the north korean state was officially founded as a response by the way to the republic of korea being founded that that came first
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sent that time the united states policy has been one of absolute animosity and. and has been driven by the desire to overthrow the government in north korea and to. to you know it part of it this is part of the cold war and it's you know we still see the legacy of that today i think that there's a couple of reasons for that today i think for one the united states needs north korea as this kind of. presented as this threat in order to keep japan and south korea from uniting with china so part of it is about sort of keeping east asia divided another part of it is to justify u.s. presence in. in asia because i mean if you think about it right i mean what are u.s. troops what are you know what are all these warships doing in these seas in these
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waters that are you know quite far away from the united states the other thing i think is that you know north korea beat the united states in one thousand fifty three they force the united states to sign an armistice this tiny country. you know and beat you know the world's most powerful military and i think that that is i think that that is significant also i agree with all those points actually it was a great point. you know well educated right there and so i mean it really makes me wonder for peace and rebuilding on the korean peninsula you know what is what is the biggest roadblock at this point is a really just kind of u.s. involvement if we get out the way is that smoove cycling you know really says. yeah i mean you know i'm not to overstate it but i do think that's the case and to be a bit more specific i really think that. the sanctions regime against north korea is probably the single the single greatest obstacle at this moment in time in fact
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earlier today the north korean mission in new york city released. released a statement. sort of denouncing the sanctions which is not new of course for north korea but i think that it's it's a sign bit you know they're sort of asking for more for more i mean they north korea has done so much and you know they've gotten really really little in return so it's really time for the united states. to start making some real concessions to what i ask you this you've clearly got a lot of study of this going to put the hat on you if you if you're in charge of u.s. foreign policy of the you know of the korean peninsula at this point what is the first move you make to see the region you know sub chile five years you're in charge yeah well yeah well a couple things i mean first i think. withdraw thirty thousand troops from korea. people in korea don't want them there. and shut down all the military bases the
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other thing is i think the united states should pay reparations to both south and north korea one for the for the war damage for the damage done during or by the united states to north korea during the war between one hundred fifteen one hundred fifty three when the us dropped so many bombs that there wasn't a single building taller than one story left standing and i mean in pyongyang alone they dropped more than one bomb per person so i believe that reparations need to be paid for that and also for the damage done to south korea as a result of the decades long occupation of that country oh man i gotta say always a pleasure having you on thank you for illuminating us and making this going to very always a pleasure for thank you. thank you. well there is a hot new shiny talent and it's hit the scene hawk watchers and us with great excitement we welcome to the watching the hawks stage the youngest known pulse in
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the milky way galaxy named as seventy five located just a mere hop skip and a jump away from us at nineteen thousand light years away seventy five according to nasa is not just dazzling scientists with good looks but thanks to some amazing photography work from nasa is shondra x. ray observatory it's also giving scientists valuable information on how some stars and their lives because as we know from astronomy class a pole star actually comes from the collapse of a supernova explosion of some truly massive stars out there. as i always say the beginning of the end is the end of the beginning in the beginning of the year and so on and so forth because that's true in the universe as well all right everybody that is our show for today remember everyone in this world we are not told we are so i tell you all i love i am a rover and to keep watching the hawks never great day and night everybody.
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rush definitely on the deep dollar is a camp they are warning gold they're building a gold play to dollar eyes they are looking for the dollar. trade significantly in the. that's about.
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president putin the u.s. national security adviser in moscow i made tensions over american plans to quit the nuclear arms treaty. saudi royal family meets the relatives of killed journalist jamal khashoggi despite being suspects in the ongoing investigation says the turkish president says the murder in the saudi consulate in istanbul was planned well in advance. and a british man sues the u.s. army after being exposed to toxic chemicals while working as a contractor at a military base we speak to the whistleblower. just a blood vessel just as medical shakes. just in the winds as well as just.
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