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them got a tiny fraction of the twenty four seven because showed you treatment so why is the media doing this is it that they really have it in for you know saudi arabia you want to make them look bad you know if that were the case they would have covered any of the countless horrific acts by saudi arabia a country that publicly behead people for crimes like being gay is fairness and accuracy in reporting made clear the mainstream media hardly mentions the saudi perpetrated genocide in yemen supported by the you would have us they hardly talk about our massive weapons deals with straw boys so proud of you made a little crayon poster of. ok we just interrupted our programs that because of the needs of russia turkey france and germany in our addressing the press following this summit in istanbul they have been working on finding a solution to the syrian conflict so let's listen to what they have to say. and.
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the special envoy for syria to the united nations security secretary-general mr stuff on the. distinguished members of the premise i would like to salute you will start to filter motions. and with respect it gives us great pleasure to be able to host. friends in istanbul on the occasion of this very important meeting. also would like to thank president mccone president putin and chancellor merkel just for having positively responded to our invitation to come to stumble to have these important constant stations as my personal self and i'll be on for the entire nation. is an improvement that our meeting along with the decisions that we have made. will eagled suspicious results for syrian brothers and. there's that.
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our fundamental cruelties in this process is to ensure a full ceasefire in the field and render it prevalent in order to stop the bloodshed once and for all i did yes we all can make it and. in the light of the legitimate demands of the syrian people a political solution should be produced so that stability in the country can only agree stored and we had so extensively discussed as to how we can cheat we could achieve that gets you know and we have to underline this one fact. one of the fundamental reasons as to why the syrian conflict he came in a global problem. made is that the international community side in adequately mind it owned up to this conflict for
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a very long time and the problems introduced as a result of the syrian crisis for a very long time it had to be borne by the syrian civilians and the neighboring countries many of the countries came to understand the severity of the situation only when the ramifications of the crisis reached their own borders and i think this is the time to stop this indifference humanitarian political and diplomatic initiatives should be undertaken or else the tragedy in syria with unfold even. worse than that the main reason that brought us together in istanbul is they say that the cooperation within the framework of the astana format had been exemplary for the international community along with the participation of france and germany. we thought that the synergy created must on a can be brought forward. and the more countries still contribute to this very
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positive cooperation. set and as many stakeholders as we can win over i think we can expose this recently garner a very permanent solution to this conflict. this english to members of the press we were very effective efficient and sincere when we were having our consultations we have pledged. our commitment to the territorial integrity and political unity of syria and we have once again confirmed our faith that the conflict can not settled through military methods sold in the program solution can only be produced. with the observation of the united nations and the negotiations which will be conducted under the leadership and the ownership of the syrian people . we have signed a very valuable m.-o. you with my distinguished friend putin and we had also confirmed the need to
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further advance that and more us respecting the m o u is crucial to it preserve the existing ceasefire in a deliberate and to stop any any other military and crisis from breaking out. that if i did it hope start to flourish in a face to the silence that was created in a clip but it should be supported with political and concrete steps forward. within this framework we have launched an appeal to them and conclude the establishment of a constitutional committee that committee as soon as possible hopefully by the end of this year ladies and gentlemen that are that the terror threat that was resulting from the crisis in syria was another important aspect that's without step on and whether it be amongst the four countries whether it be up the level of the international community we have agreed to turn the. increase the solidarity and
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cooperation more wrong did it thirteen shares a border line of nine hundred eleven kilometers or syria that's why we are the foremost countries in the region that is heavily impacted because of terrorist organizations harbor at their own time so far and many attacks were conducted by terrorist organizations such as diet and p y d as a result of which hundreds of hours citizens and the low in force meant were wounded and we have also seen martyrdom that it kind of in order to eliminate both of the terrorist organizations of sores we had undertaken operations euphrates shield and the only credits as a result of which we have neutralized seven thousand five hundred guys and be right the terrorists and we have secured an area of four thousand square kilometers. we're going to liberating that area and tiredly of terrorist presence and our
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country rendered cities such as jet up loose blood into safe places where peace security. and well good flourishes and furthermore to say hundred and sixty thousand syrians returned to these lenses and we believe this number would increase anytime. we will never allow terrorist organizations to gain strength neither inside syria better nor near our soldiers and we will never accept a new threat but you know that under the disguise of fighting terrorism just like in the western part there few free. we will keep on eliminating on the threats up the stores which are imposed upon us the eastern part of the phrase nice little dakota we have also discussed the humanitarian intervention of the syrian conflict and we have agreed that the humanitarian aid to syrian people should be sustained
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and we have also discussed the prospective return of this era in refugees to their doctor their country and their return process should be handled in full cooperation with the united nations in a safe and secure fashion on the basis of volunteering in compliance with the international law and standards turkey is housing more than three point five million syrian refugees and on a delta three we are the pioneering country in that regard and we have spent thirty three billion dollars for the syrian refugees until israel thought which is showcasing the sekret feiss made by turkey openly and in the fair burden sharing principles we expect the pledges of the european union to do the honored. and i want other country is going to consider the forthcoming harsh winter conditions and increase their support to the syrian people to cater to their needs
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dear friends the bodies of children washed washed ashore are the most bitter symbols of the conflict and the pain that has been raging in syria and the lasts for the last seven and a half years. ok primarily these countries here all of the countries around the world should join him fully fight to stop this tragedy once and for all and at the summit meeting today i know that we have conveyed a very significant messages to our syrian brothers and sisters and the international community and as the participants of this summit we will increase our efforts in order to improve the situation and lend and advance the political think that process and i launch an appeal to all of the international community and the countries to support these efforts as turkey. we will sustain our efforts in order to. contribute to the political solution both in astana
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platform and other different and more expensive platforms this determination is. very important and our commitment is. something of a close interest to iran as well and we are providing information to our iranian brothers and sisters of the discussions in the talks with that in order for this process to continue even more positively and i think it's a necessity that we share with our european friends this determination is a necessity of our solidarity with these of the syrian people and if there is a duty of us to the syrian brothers and sisters i conclude my remarks with these thoughts and i would like to once again extend my gratitude to our valuable guests i hope and pray that our summit meeting will flourish the hopes of solution in syria once again thank you. but
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there is a future i would like to thank you very much mike. dear colleagues and you ladies and gentlemen but if you do it will be a few hours if the discussions within the four night without of it the quadruple summit were very positive and i agree with the remarks of my colleagues and i would like to congratulate the turkish government and the turkish state for work so when you would of making this occasional possible get in we have this custom the syrian question in every aspect and. i thought i was ready for try to come furch our stances visa v the syrian conflict for a possible political solution to prevail russia and germany turkey and friends. will contribute tremendous efforts in order to help normalize the situation in syria with that we have here but as i would. agree to
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a final declaration within the framework of this summit today and other relevant a reform should be undertaken but i see in syria the. conditions which would allow such initiatives to take place to two hundred feet avail themselves and with them the framework of the discussions were fed until so far am you thanks to our joint efforts and in the last lines of the syrian territory were liberated from terrorism presence every party agrees upon the fact that a permanent peace can only be established through political methods and political principles you'd use the resolution number twenty five fifty four i don't think is quite significant in that regard and we highly value the principles of syrian territorial integrity and political union and in the meanwhile the syrian people should decide on their future upon their own free will we just like it is
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possible to lead us down a group of efforts shouldn't be this if syria but it will become combined with the efforts of the small group meetings human us so that the political transition process the political solution process can be accelerated by him are just as up of this syrian authorities which are who are constructive in this effort should be incorporated within this process we need to keep on focusing on the geneva talks as well and this is going to come from these discussions will also focus on the seat structure of syria in the future as well as one of those and weak but he's been you know this such a congress decisions should be taken into consideration as well all throughout this process also with them some of them were able to discuss with me this process should be recognized as legitimate by all the segments of the syrian. people so that this process can be
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a be effective and as much as i want to put satisfactory it's there in the future the syrian people will be strengthened the syrian state will be strengthened and the people will be united once again and we are expected to undertake. a very extensive and in the letter written ordering the cd of cd so she's doing this nation. process and all of the stakeholders will actively get involved in the political solution through process and the radical quickly by elements in a serious should be eliminated once and for all and it still is there are important goals or is it about what is that when you go but if the music. these terrorists can keep on employing in their supporters in our own countries and they can pick a place extremism in our own nations and it is unacceptable. the russian and turkish the m o u with regards to its limit was very significant and we have
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provided information to our partners here this afternoon about this and more you have made a show in the deescalation a zone which has been introduced and they are temporary reprieve cautions in a very short period of time but they disarm treason and that the escalation zones will. flutie yes they keep on benefiting from the withdrawal of heavy artillery will the theater should our turkish partners are heavily invested in ensuring safety and stability there along with us or that used in the by your school that he shoot in and. he's go but i just don't believe in that seeing if any attacks shall emerge out of it literally minute russia will. in a very determined fashion help the syrian government to eradicate this terror threat once and for all we've also focused on the united terry in zero eight is you and the return of the refugees back to syria. and turkey spending tremendous efforts on the refugees and in order to improve the situation in syria we have to
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invest in a social problems and how to put the economy to develop and i believe you that can only be achieved through joint efforts by the international community when you've got it. i'm a shit was too sure. russia will go with them go any friends if you wish them is not a she provided humanitarian aid to the eastern good short while ago most of them by doing it and we have to expand the definition of what humanitarian aid stands for and this is something we've agreed upon to become a medical issue of the net so that when is the president into the medical help and that seems to be when you weigh in preparing and the maintenance of infrastructure and superstructure facilities should also be considered when we are planning to organize mini summits of this nation and nature in the future it is a challenging issue but challenges need to be measuring it. handled for which
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progress to be achieved to make any progress you would usually have semitone us to tell you the syrian government has been getting real and you is ready to provide all forms of commitment to ensure the safety and the security of the people who will be going back to syria if you will but if you can with time to bilateral talks with people who do you need the chancellor merkel president and i don't and we will sit down together with president micron as well i would like to thank all of my colleagues for these very extensive and fruitful discussions along with the special envoy that i think you can stop on the mistruth up this was a very professional effort and i'd like to thank everybody involved in the realisation of this. meeting them especially stefan the mr newman was very productive all throughout this process and in the meanwhile i would like to congratulate the republic day of turkey which is the forthcoming celebration which
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is all about the forthcoming celebrations marking the ninety fifth anniversary of the founding of the turkish republic i would like to congratulate the president and congratulate the entire turks nation thank you. he missed it but he don't again this year but he don't but he made them i thank you very much president i won it was not on president putin this was in chancellor merkel met with the again special envoy to the un secretary general staff under mr ladies and gentlemen i would like to take this opportunity to thank president one for receiving us this afternoon here in istanbul we had to be. on deliberations on a very important issue. but i mean again it was it is tricky so at the time mr president provided valuable information about the situation in syria. i would like to. speak to me if you can convey my condolences to the people of the united states and the president of the united states to julie for racist that's not going through
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place in pittsburgh in a synagogue and we are by the side of the american nation for mikey's on this summit that we have conducted here you don't hear people keep getting. this threshold the necessity of converging many as i'm latina this process is which had already been underway just like the sochi and the stana and the jiang about. discussions and talks many months ago that we have decided to work together about a year ago i founded it with our international said that these processes should be associated with one another they should be brought closer to one another in order to support the efforts of the united nations and in this summit. we have taken another step forward it also in the past on a group members just more. that we would be on christmas eve he demanded. he. said in a simple can the united states such
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a group as well as the small group stakeholders will all be notified and we are walking we are working again we know this is an ongoing thing. challenge but not the political solution is our number one priority in syria we are fighting terrorist organizations and these terrorist organizations should be eliminated once and for all those they have undertaken very for racial attacks in our nations in our countries and while we are very committed to fighting terrorism at all costs or even people well we will focus in our tremendously after it's in a political solution to prevail. so suppose that point which brings us to the concept of deliberate it we were very open not securely and in our deliberations this syrian regime perspective from military evidence if on even later along with the supporters of the regime will never be acceptable we are
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a very open about this and all humanitarian issues we are talking about the regional stability of the stability of turkey and the entire globe with he knew what tracks a new immigration influx will break out which we have previously seen as a result of the previous attacks russia and turkey reached an m.o. you should all be followed and implemented from aid to sects without any question and this is something that we have once again pledged to really affected our findings and our commitment within our final declaration as a noble and a permanent since fire should be protected. at all costs you know as if. this is something that we highly value. you also your mom you see sort of. the turkish president's legacy. suggestions on intelligence sharing and the expansion of humanitarian aid are not things that we fully aggregate and there we believe our
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russian friends capability of exerting pressure on the rich and i must say something else both in the region and anywhere else in the world the dizzy use of chemical weapons is unacceptable regardless of. it was the few who made their whom and will be using them to go see the the political process again in the something that we should never forget there are two wars waged in syria so that they all together we are fighting terrorism and the terrorists in syria against all terrorist organizations and at the same time there is the less secure syrian conflict where by the end of a guilty opposition is fighting the syrian regime and vice versa resulting in heavy influx of refugees and migrants this is not sustainable this should be settled once only for all through political methods so that all of this you know your fiji's going to go back to their motherland is not suitable we have to. emerge and
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reconstruct and get a comprehensive and inclusive syria not. listed here he didn't see the syrian. regime him what i noticed is you could be equal to that is acting in a concrete way but it's not going to contribute to the stability and the security of that little syria nine months after the sochi some into the constitutional committee had not yet been formed and until the end of this year we open pray that the lists will be approved for the prospective members of the constitutional committee so that they can have a summit but it doesn't depend on the four of us we have the will in place for that to be possible and we want an inclusive political solution to the march of the people of the syrian people will determine their fate off they have to have a say. in the matter is that
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a free and transparent election should be conducted under the provisions of the international community i mean we haven't seen any just a series in that regard or any favors in that regard which are the concrete. fact that we are trying to mobilize the international community. we have. a good weekend evers just like this one and until the end of this year as all of the stakeholders we will launch an appeal to have a summit of the constitutional committee committee to be held as soon as possible that you know the need our will is to feel strong we owe this to the people of syria to those who have lost their lives and to the ones fleeing the regime. seeking a new life somewhere else i believe that khomeini and another issue as a quarter of legally final declaration as president putin touched upon is the issue of humanitarian aid with russia and the united make the united nations we have
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undertaken a joint effort. eastern. it was an endeavor of focusing on the end you know these are the lands under the control of the regime. every day people said that's from the engineers in the region at your local volunteer they get work closely with the people mold or badly need to keep on working with russia and turkey the sex. pistols he along with chancellor merkel get this sort of deal the only service it really is this is the community should benefit from expended humanitarian aid. on this if you make the most of the humanitarian aid convoys assure it is this encounter no hurdles no interruptions whatsoever and they should be dispatched to those in need without any delays and there are certain hurdles as we speak some of mentoring aid convoys are
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being stopped which is unacceptable to get. google to within the framework of the united nations and within the mentality of solidarity and cooperation we will keep on working together another issue out of the final declaration it is about the return of the refugees to their mother lands people and we highly appreciate the efforts of turgeon the jordan and lebanon. said he for many years now these countries have assumed a great responsibility rose up to the occasion that housed millions and millions of syrian refugees fleeing the regime falls will get what they could have in your build tools if you but we have to speak clear. today and he's pretty and the president getting. thin if you want to feel the return of the refugees to their motherland saying that it will be never be possible unless if you
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as a convincing political solution is achieved because these people are fleeing million euro cim we are seeing a new influx of immigrants and the refugees since the beginning of the year. if you are doing if we can't. replicate the efforts in italy elsewhere in syria we will keep seeing your influx of refugees and immigrants that's right to terry. in some something i'm all because trying to conceive in the light of the principles identified by the un i'd see are safe secure. dignified and good will it will be that he just wait till it gets old to his fear of the new day on the young days look at all interior returns should be observed to do did it i'm underlining once again with sweet deep very safe and voluntary returns depend on a convincing political solution and the infrastructure such as water and
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electricity should be established for the people this has been a very productive and a very efficient meeting i'd like to thank the president and once again president everyone once again our discussions in our deliberations under this roof were very important bringing forward new on responsibilities for us to assume. that you see the humor we're talking about on millions of refugees but this is a matter this is a conflict that is of close interest the need for the entire region with people. but i mean everything we have discussed will render us responsible and we have to be fully alert for the months and weeks to come thank you mr president. live police. yeah. they get the cooling man a dumb one tell me my dear colleagues ladies and gentlemen and first and foremost i
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would like to thank you very much. i'm grateful for his invitation to istanbul all the common it has truly been a very. officiant summit site we might have our differences but. we have reached an agreement and we have released a trying to clearing pointing out to the thought i'd have a strong group and a common will be out to get from astana group from the small group and media nominees over there we have representative cedar gathering. and now terms of. achieving. any eventual solution. it will not be enough but of course we are confident distance forward in doing so and. getting on you well so the regime is waging
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a war to the opposition a vast majority of their own people unfortunately and their military solution will not be enough a political solution should be established once and for all within the principles of the united nations on the relevant resolutions we have seen them in tragedy ending slavery and we have the experience disasters they are millions and millions of syrians are in jordan in the levanon and in many european countries in the germany. thought and. in order for humanitarian crisis not to be repeated again that we will have to do everything within and beyond our keep leddy's. that other stuff is a ceasefire. this signing of the between russia and turkey to be very effective and in order for this is fire to be sustainable we are ready to do.


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