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tv   News  RT  November 14, 2018 9:00am-9:31am EST

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and with pollution and the bus station a lot of people have left here i don't know too many people here in. dallas for much the last two jobs got laid off the american dream is changing that's not what it used to be. it's a tough reality all. the headlines on r.t. donald trump again lashes out at his french counterpart emanuel who wants greater independence from washington. should work for me the ceasefire deal reached yesterday combined with the long term deal with the mass is a surrender to terrorism israeli defense minister resigned just a day after palestine militant groups and to cease fire in the term to stop an escalating conflict which has claimed eight lives in just twenty four hours and cancer patients in iran find it increasingly difficult to get life saving medication as washington's reimpose sanctions begin to bite. comes to light to
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begin training summer camp my children are treated like young soldiers and tried by far right activists to fight russian threat it's. a welcome just gone five pm here in moscow you're watching international now it seems the burgeoning bromance between donald trump and the man you're macron is a thing of the past there has been a sudden sharp cooling relations with the french president talking of putting distance between europe and washington while trump has taken his favorite platform twitter to lash out at his counterpart with more details his shot at the sky let's take a look at some of those international headlines now the bromance is over this hour in the bromance the saying that the french come to you. and that's what's being
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discussed in the international papers here in france if you take a look here this is le parisien it's basically saying that trump is making fun of mark corn and that's something that's being discussed across the papers talking about those tweets which attacked french wine which attacked much corns popularity it's have a look at those tweets that trump made and say exactly what he said but it was germany and world wars one and two how did that work out for france they were starting to learn german in paris before the u.s. came along pay for nato not france makes it very hard for the u.s. to sell its wines into france and charges big tariffs not fair must change the problem is that emanuel suffers from a very low approval rating in france twenty six percent an unemployment rate of almost ten percent make france great again well for so long the two presidents had been having this beautiful romance that started here in paris just around
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a year and a half ago hugs and kisses but it's all gone sour as a result of this interview that much gave. that can defend itself without depending only on the united states in the way that exhibits great to sovereignty well it's not the first time that much corn has spoken out against trump's policies and being in stark disagreement with them remember when trump pulled out of the paris climate accord this is what mcconnell had to say back then . i considered a mistake for the u.s. and its people and a mistake for the future bob pointed then of course who could forget the fact that trump pulled out of the uranium new clear record something that really riled president might call on if it is a new one it was a proposal that after the americans root of the agreement stock has been seen. as
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a catastrophe it. was the most part it seems that trump has let all of those criticisms slide but not this one when it comes to the creation of an army or why is that will some experts are suggesting it comes down to one thing and one thing only money the idea that if a new era pay an army was created that could mean less cash in the pockets of the usa and donald trump as a businessman the idea of losing money is a kin to a capital offense he may also be unhappy that map corn could incite others to join this revolt already we know that the german chancellor angela merkel has said she is fully behind this idea so this idea of castigating mcallen twitter could be just serving another purpose of trying to keep the troops in order to devinsky their political expert nor for mom believes that crown has been played by trump.
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trump before to come to paris was. shocked and angry but out of these niggas she tactic. strong statements in order to make it spark notes took a different position on each works on the following day. just repeats what the americans once from europe and he said re europeans sure spending more we've been made to for our security he works for the united states once you got french president who was not strong enough to keep his own position. now israel is defense minister has quit slamming his country's response to palestinian attacks week or monday israeli fighter jets struck palestinian targets after militants in garza launch rockets and mortar shells of liberians resignation does come. palestinian armed groups in israel confirmed to cease fire he's branded the
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truce a surrender. for me the cease fire deal reached yesterday combined with the long term deal with hamas is a surrender to terrorism there's no other word no other meaning but surrender to terrorism. meanwhile residents of an israeli town on the border with gaza strongly oppose a ceasefire with a mass and claim its government is caving in to militant violence heavy cross border fire has killed one israeli and seven palestinians. i. was. was.
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ok well let's discuss this further now with. his from the beginning said at the center for strategic studies at israel's bar land university thank you very much for your time mr cater firstly let's just talk about the resignation mr leiderman says that he's stepping down because he feels that israel's response was too weak i just wondered does he have much support for that stance in israel. yes i think the overwhelming majority of the israeli population says this agreement or the ceasefire with hamas is a surrender to a toe organization and we are sick and tired of this organization and what they do to us it's time to end it was a good opportunity to do something decisive against this organization which two guys over and unfortunately the prime minister decided to finish this clash. after only one day of israeli retaliation
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and people in the south even in the south are very disappointed because they are willing to suffer if the government is doing the right thing but if the government is doing the wrong thing why should they suffer so this is what the overwhelming majority of israelis feel and liberal man did what he did because he hears the voices which come from the israeli street yet there are two questions one is will he withdraw also from the coalition means if he leaves the position in the in the government usually he withdraws also from the coalition and this way and in turn you know is losing very majority which he has in the knesset and now we are entering a new election. new elections. period which might take some months
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and this is naturally what i believe will happen. i think mr heins there's another and i might ask how do you think the resignation then could affect the elections. well if if there is ignition is accompanied by a living the coalition as well which is naturally is the elections is almost only a matter of time it could be in three months of four months but there is a possibility that another party will jump in right into the coalition and will replace liberman's party and this way let the neocon keep his majority in the in the knesset and continue until the next election which should be next year as it was able to do been actually. in this case isn't it and you know will serve also as a minister of defense or you can ask somebody else to be the minister or the face
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of defense. and i think that the natural candidate is enough taliban and who is today the minister of education so this could be a really shuffling its own foot high government if other party is complicated could actually play to a hollering at least rallies on the against palestine. yes this is definitely because. little man in his speech of resignation he mentioned not only what happened yesterday of the cease fire which he was against he mentioned at least four events connected to other things which he had a dispute with when attorney oh but he swallowed it and remained in the government as a minister of defense this time was the straw which broke his own back if if
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if i can say it and they decided that enough is enough is enough and he's leaving the level men and it might actually bring him to a position which he would be better in the elections because people know what he did and people definitely a good with what he did and this actually might play. to his cards in the coming elections ok now look while this was going on the u.n. security council was holding an emergency meeting on the conflict the israeli and palestinian representatives were heads in that we can just quickly have a listen to what was said at least some of that security council must only condemn hamas we condemn in the strongest possible terms this aggression by israel there is no such a thing both sides. that attacks and fires the result of this blockade which is immoral and illegal and it is inhumane and we will continue to take any
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measure in no measure necessary to protect our people that this round of violence was created as a result of a botched. bizarrely military operation in the gaza strip mr kay when you listen to the strength of failing from both sides there it does seem that any hope of of pace is a long way off. well look what we face in gaza is definitely the organisation which took this area and this is the fact nobody can deny it and we now have to deal with this just like how russia dealt with terrorists who took large parts of syria ok so this mall is the same as situation the tourists are taking a nearly over an hour now a normal state has to do with this. the reason this is ceasefire at the moment what
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are your hopes that that will last. it could be while we are speaking it could be all of the bridge by some gang who doesn't like it or will wants to retaliate the situation here with gaza is very fragile and can blow up every given moment ok we'll have to leave it there we've been at a time we appreciate your thoughts i want to start with more the child care. plan university in israel thank you. now the president of the iranian academy of medical sciences has sent a powerfully worded appeal to the u.n. secretary general over the reimposition of u.s. sanctions he describes how the lives of many patients in iran are in danger sanctions may have put off drug firms from working in the country we visited one cancer treatment center in terre. my husband is a cancer patient and we are worried about his medication and their costs
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medications used to be available before but after the sanctions they have become more expensive and rare and we are worried about the future and what will happen. on my blog this is the second round of my chemotherapy off to sanctions before my chemotherapy used to cost two hundred eleven euro but now if each round i need to pay four hundred and twenty two year zero and drugs cannot be found easily like before we have to search them in different pharmacies with every single one of them not having a specific kind of drug. i. know when they impose sanctions on our banks the money cannot be transferred easily to a foreign country in order to buy medication.
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that we're not allowed to bring in many devices and some of them like components it's obvious that without these parts the devices simply won't work. we're going to do everything we can dissuade iran hard as the british say to make to squeeze them until the pips squeak. i want to. here we have nine minutes which are full every day of the this health clinics with the sanctions are just not able to respond to half a million patients. so she a professor of political science can develop believes that washington's ultimate goal is to bring down uranian government at any price the united states is going to see we iraq and to all of its glory will it collapses of course the
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iranian people will be harmed with any type of economic blockade the whole by the members of the ministration the trouble ministration is that this will cause the iranian people to rose up and overthrow the current government in iran so even though john bolton regime change is not with us is seeking there is simply a euphemism because what he really wants to do is to bring their currently writing government with an economic pressure and economic sanctions. had fever sat cities five for amazon's affections as it searches for a second time for its headquarters the company isn't being welcomed by everybody would have a look at why just after the break. you
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know world of big partisan movies a lot and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. make this manufacture consent to the public well. when the ruling class is to protect themselves. with the famous merry go round
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the sun be the one percent. we can all middle of the room sick. welcome back and i write freedom policies organize to some a camp for kids which looks more like a big camp journalist from the associated press visited the site where children do live under strict rules and learn how to be soldiers if a friend picks up the story now that's what i call a legit summer camp. for the early morning wakeup calls.
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chance that kids will remember for the rest of their lives. catching march. welcome to the temper of will summer camp in western ukraine it's pretty much a boot camp hidden in the forest the people who set it up are from the national socialist svoboda or freedom party so who can get enrolled officially it's for teens but a.p. journalists who went there say they saw children as young as eight here they're being taught how to kill. you know they can still move that seal unless you call it then that insists it but it used to know what it was as though he should post fun things when one of them only to see what is mostly . but not only do they get to learn how to take down those who adults are calling
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russian invaders the kids are also taught to stand up to what the instructors see as degrading trends in the west. west that was. what may seem as an ugly display of far right saw the brainwashing appears to get full support from the local administration well earlier this year kiev splashed some of its budget on youth projects the goal is to prop up what they call a national patriotic education some of these projects are run by the stream far right. even the nato backed atlanta council think tank tried to raise international
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awareness with this article and indeed we didn't write that amnesty international's pointing out the issues more than just critical ukraine is sinking into a kill sort of uncontrolled violence posed by radical groups and the total impunity principally noone in the country can feel safe under these conditions and if you're wondering if any of this could actually spill beyond ukraine well just lately and f.b.i. agents criminal complaint said ukrainian neal nazis were believed to have trained white supremacists in america just wait till some. of these youngsters grow up. well in january ukraine passed a law recognizing russia as an aggressor state and last week the training vice prime minister said that the country is trying to build a strong democracy whereas the kremlin supports populist nationalist movements but
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independent journalist martin summers as think that the western media is waking up to the growing nationalism in ukraine the people who set this up are connected to civil border a so-called freedom party was actually bridging the. neo nazi organization they are quite radical and quite militant not just against to russia but also as in relation to things like gay rights and see semitism in seoul and of course that's in many ways not really acceptance of the western public opinion and there is beginning to be nor mainstream media in the west an understanding of the sort of the extremist ideology behind the ukrainian nationalist movements and investigation of this summer camp for some very young children is part of this investigation was gradually seeming to appear. obviously there's no awful awful lot of information about osce going on in ukraine in the western media puts some more realistic
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assessments do seem to be beginning to appear. now u.s. cities have been battling it out to win the affections of amazon after it announced plans for a new secondary headquarters although not everybody thinks that having the mega-corporation move into town is actually a good thing overall it's kind of mopping explains. the mega corporation an online retailer known as amazon is looking for a place for its second headquarters a competition of sorts began with cities across the country offering tax incentives and making cringing videos in the hopes of luring them in how the proud amazon customer. amazon. amazon or amazon your smart sexy city that thinks outside the box. please join us. where should amazon locate h q two in fiscal texas so who wins the big prize of having amazon set up shop in their backyard well in a plot twist that's worthy of
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a bad reality t.v. show there are now two big winners not just one the new offices will be in arlington virginia just across the river from washington d.c. and the new york city borough of queens now at this point jeff bezos the owner of amazon is presenting himself as your friendly neighborhood billionaire the team did a great job selecting the sunny sound we look forward to becoming in the even bigger opponents of these communities but not all new yorkers are exactly thrilled many are concerned the already high cost of living will increase and others worry that small businesses will suffer the newly elected democratic socialist congresswoman alexandria kazuo cortez is ready for battle amazon is a billion dollar company the idea that it will receive hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks and it's a time when i was subways crumbling and our communities need more investment not less is extremely concerning to residents here we decided to talk with some locals
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and see how they feel about amazon setting up shop i'm not happy about this i think i've read a lot of articles saying it's not great super excited about amazon coming in and i think there are other cities that can use the extra job more to put their movie to new work they do they're the ones that do the jobs i'm. not sure what effect it would have on small businesses but i'm sure they'll try to print up the extra burden everything's already club without them so it'll be a lot harder let's not forget that new york state governor andrew cuomo promised to legally change his name if it would convince amazon to move in i'll change my name to poor moore and a time when talk of the low wages income inequality and money in politics is everywhere nothing is more reassuring to a frustrated public than seeing their elected officials grovel and beg before huge multinational corporations they look up on r.t. new york and that's how the news is looking say fostered
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a hero not so you could have a company as always but back again at the top. when elvis chose seemed wrong. when old rules just don't call. me old yet to shape out these days become active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. it's hard to imagine after the war a nazi doctor was still active rich in the nineteen seventies cretonne had as the
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chair of its board a man convicted of mass murder and slavery. a german company developed the denied a drug that was promoted as completely safe even during pregnancy. it turned out to have terrible side effects what has happened to my baby anything. you know she said is just. minutes a little mind victims have to this day received no compensation they never apologized for the suffering that not only want the money i want the revenge. time after that they were going underground ahead of tomorrow's apec forum bringing together russian american and chinese leaders in papua new guinea prone to
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catastrophic impact from climate change according to the asian development bank coming over the show the end of tourism is plans we investigate whether it is legal to precipitate food and medicine stockpiling with britain's former attorney general morris and we asked renowned palestinian journalist abdel bari atwan about what's next up to this week's serious military confrontations in israel by britain and others killed or wounded thirteen thousand in gaza and the twenty fourteen plus i've left by scruffy looking coffin right back at home this week so it's just me and that chain going through all the top stories or you can call this a more coming up in today's going underground but first what is it with nato nations in journalism these days now it is up to saudi arabia to show the world that all these stories that we're reading about in the press that are causing such concern. implications for freedom of expression freedom of press. for the direction saudi itself is taking as a country before get what direction the u.k. and saudi arabia is taking when it comes to
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a free press let alone another saudi journalist reportedly tortured and killed since chris shoji turkey be enough i'll just what about the usa and time warner c.n.n. suing trump over its white house correspondent i'm going to speak in defense of jim acosta this morning because i don't think there's anybody on this set who hasn't gotten too personal during this presidency and i don't think that's just our fault i think this has been one of the most disturbing moments in history except that none of the same outrage in nato nations accompanied monday night's bombing of a t.v. station in palestine in the latest air raid it's israeli warplanes targeted a t.v. station belonging to the palestinian resistance movement hamas at least three palestinians have so far been killed during the israeli air strikes aerial bombardment of a t.v. channel al aqsa t.v. by an air force by the u.k. is not unprecedented though you're looking at the radio television serbia headquarters in belgrade yugoslavia bombed today by nato forces the attack not the
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state run station off the air killing ten people and wounding nineteen with twenty believed to still be buried in the debris according to an associated press report amnesty international called the bombing of the t.v. station a war crime noam chomsky called the terrorism bill clinton and tony blair arguably more guilty of crimes against journalism when donald trump will have more of the week's atrocities in u.k. armed israeli and saudi military action later in the show first after the british government's de-facto defeat in the face of german corbin's onslaught of a brics it legal advice i'm joined by former u.k. attorney general lord morris is the prime minister approaches a so-called end game morris how is the largest democratic exercise in u.k. history ended up with your we call be in order to be next prime minister demanding the publication of bricks and legal advice well because. you are the new.


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